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Okay here we go…

What event or series of events will lead to “the end of the world as we know it” in your opinion? And what would you do if you knew that, that end of the world as we know it, causing event was going to happen in only 30 days from today.

Looking forward to the discussion in the comments below…

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  1. There will be run on the banks or a bank shutdown similar to the beginning of the Great Depression. Buy chickens and goats and feed for them, more tubs for acquaponics system and move full time to my BOL.

  2. China refuses to buy any more of US debt – hyperinflation leading to a crashing deflation. The government responds to “the emergency” by doubling down on regulation and oversight of the people. There are many calls to “pull together” as a nation. Everything you need exists somewhere in the country but you can’t get it. Shipments are hijacked so you can’t trust ordering anything. Companies used to nationwide business models can no longer stay in business and good “stuff” gets wasted. Panic in the cities. A real gritty urban existence of some sort (many possibilities, none I want to experience). This is my personal SHTF nightmare. I think it’s slowly begun and somedays feel like I’m racing to get the big rocks done up here (we need solar on the well this year). I would not be surprised at all to hear one day that the country really belongs to China or the Saudis (ie the Federal Reserve Bank) and no way do I believe in conspiracy theories. I would get the solar on our well done and might even try to get another propane tank in, even if I have to go into debt to do it. We won’t be able to afford electricity soon with all the regs coming; the power plants up here burn wood to make electricity. Wonder if they’ll stay in business?

  3. It is already going on now, but slower than 30 days given in this scenario. The public just are not aware it is occurring, only those who’s eyes are truly open see. When a so-called president is changing laws to suit his ideas of what the world should be, well it has already begun. Americans are being dictate to every day but are brain dead to what is occurring. If we are given an in your face 30 days, the shelves will already be bare!

    • +100

      • heres a scenario along those lines…
        2016 Elections
        Obama: “Because there is still a large economic disparity between the social classes of America, I am hereby using an EXECUTIVE Order to cancel new presidential elections until which time I feel the division of wealth in our country is fair”
        The birth of Emperor Obama

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Don’t even joke about that.

        • Never happen. He doesn’t even like being President and the Clinton machine would knife him.

        • Jay: “I am hereby using an EXECUTIVE Order to cancel new presidential elections”

          John Boehner and friends would whine a bit, once they had satisfactorily answered the question “Is my federal pension still OK?” they would quietly go home and tell each other what Statesmen they are.

          Then they would call Holder and tell him which Republicans aren’t whining, but planning to defend the Constitution. Because, hey, that’s what Statesmen do.

          • grandma bear says:

            I have floated this before, so believe it is a possiablity. He is that bold and after all it is all about and his agenda! Hope I am wrong but…

  4. riverrider says:

    yeah, i’m with banking crisis that precipitates world war last. if i knew i’d max out the cards at lowes on building materials. treated 2x and plywood, tyvek, plastic rolls, fencing, fasteners of all types. then run on over to the farm supply and order up 2 dozen hens and a straight run of chicks too and a truck load of feed, fertilizer and lime. oh, and order a couple truck loads of sand. if there was any cash left over i’d get a bunch of those concrete barriers like they make out of leftover concrete.

  5. Founded on Christian principles, over a long period of time America turns away from God. Greed, rebellion, causal sexual experimentation, drug use, become the norm.

    The Christian Faith is pushed into the background of culture as prayer is taken from our schools and murder of the unborn is made legal. Next will be the aged, and useless eaters like people with disabilities.

    TV shows like Will and Grace, Friends, and 2 1/2 men set the tone for a lost generation of people. While heros like our soldiers, police, pastors,and doctors become “the bad guys”.

    Men are told to act more like women, and women more like men by the culture. Or to act out in binge drinking and drug use. Porn becomes a huge source of money for Hollywood.

    What one “feels” and “thinks” becomes more important that what God says about a matter. Pastors are too afraid of being put out of their jobs to speak out.

    Meanwhile Islam is being slowly inserted into our “new” culture to replace Christ. A select few see that persecution is coming.

    What would I do if I saw this happening, I’m doing it!

    • Hunker-Down says:

      I think you would enjoy a book, “The Harbinger”.

      If you have already read it, or when you do, please share your thoughts on it.

      • patientmomma says:

        Hunker-Down, I read the Harbinger and Four Blood Moons and Prophecy-the key to the future. All together they paint a horrifying picture of what is coming. While some of the commentary is conjecture of the various authors, I have found the majority references in these books are quoted correctly as I checked many them in Christian and Jewish scriptures.

        While I am a Christian, the 2014-15 shemmitah year is power packed for the Jewish religion and if you study the Old Testament (Torah) you will find the Jewish traditions related there and God’s covenants with the Jewish people.

        There are too many events lining up for the coming shemmitah, too many historical events which happened during previous shemmitah years, and too present political issues and events happening to not give serious thought to what the above three books convey. Happy reading!

    • Encourager says:

      Well, that about sums it up. We are already there.
      Thanks, Ghost.

      Wake up people!

      • I am halfway through the End of America. The author makes a compelling case that we are living in the Daughter of Babylon nation. He walks through many of the items you list above. I am convinced he is right.

        I like the Harbinger as well.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      This has brought me to tears.

    • This is an itemized list of what is going on right now as most of the pack is aware of. And like you Im doing things like the is the last day I have to prepare. Shalom

      • I just finished a book for history class that discussed in depth the “Russian Pogroms” which were basically the accepted and somewhat organized murder, rape, and burning out of Jew’s from Russia. To be honest the early 1900’s Russia was no better than Nazi Germany for the Jew’s. I see a time coming where evan here {been happening in Africa and the middle-east for years} the Christian faith will be persecuted and pushed to the point of extinction in the very nation that founded freedom of religion. Unfortunatly tolerance is not universal through-out. It has been written that Christians will bear the brunt of oppression and it is closer now than I can ever remember in my 36 years on this rock. Our Govt. wishes to be godless the masses choose indifference, the lord may not turn his back on us but god help me I don’t know why!

        • Encourager says:

          This is Bible prophecy being fulfilled, hvaczach.

          Keep the faith. You know where you will be going at the end! Heaven is our home – not the earth; we are but sojourners here, right? (hmmm…that might make a nice hymn…lol)

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Yes, heaven is our home BUT we have a job to do or we wouldn’t be here! Let the glory of His love shine thru us and show a kindness whenever possible. Prepping for emergencies is only one of our responsibilities.

  6. I have two fears that I feel are the most legit same and highest likelihood of happening. The first is hyperinflation coupled with bank runs and ultimately a complete loss of any value whatsoever to the dollar. If I had 30 days notice I would empty my bank account and buy dog food and chicken feed,lumber and roofing tin to make a smoke shack to preserve the meat that will be quickly thawing when electricity stops.
    My second fear is emp,most likely from a CME event but there is always the threat of a nuke emp. I would take the same actions for that as I did fro the first.

  7. Hunker-Down says:

    Just as a sweater can be unraveled from pulling on a single string the federal reserve will orchestrate a banking crisis while protecting their own and a few politicians; enough puppets as town criers for their agenda. Then banks will capture as much cash as they can and one way is to shut down electronic cash machines. When truckers run out of cash their trucks will run out of fuel. When the trucks stop running, grocery stores will not be resupplied. Hungry people will start killing each other over food.
    Gangs will grab supply depots like Walmart, Walgreens, Home depot and surrounding territory. Families in the middle of that chaos will be in grave danger. Government and utility workers will not go to work and those businesses will grind to a halt. Then disease of several kinds will be common.

    To prepare I would buy small animals for brood stock and meat and food to get them through a bad winter. I would buy every garden seed I could. I would buy protective survival tools, building material and fencing for the animals, fish antibiotics as far as the credit card can allow, masks tape and bags for daily hygiene, more water filters, propane and charcoal. I would buy a wagon to carry water from its source back to the house. I would buy every car battery I could safely get home.

    I would seek out any neighbor I saw doing the same.

    Along the way I would buy as much of anything I thought would be a good barter item.

    So,,,,,,,I better print this and get started NOW.

  8. Thomas The Tinker says:

    1.. communicate with the family and see what ‘understanding’ they had as to this/these event(s) and gather.
    2.. discover that all these ‘well laid’ plans we have been making are indeed full of the holes we suspected but could not see when we had the time and money to ‘plug’ them.
    3.. remove all ‘cash’ from all accounts and purchase what real assets or commodities are available with…. cash. (see lists)
    4.. Oh……… Gotta Go……. the fan is slingin poop.

    • TTT,
      Sounds like our plan. Would be time to close out the IRA’s and complete filling any of the numerous lists as fast as possible, while moving the kids (all adults) to the homestead.
      As far as the catalyst for the crisis, I suspect it will be monetary in nature.
      BTW, any of this only works if we really have a precognition of 30 days.

      • Millie in KY says:

        Exactly. And money may actually be given out but will it be worth anything at all? I’m thinking Germany in the 1940s, nothing to back up the value of their money and so it cost a zillion marks for a potato….Keep some cash but put the rest into things you need and will use…..

  9. It is going to be an economic crises, of this I am almost sure. Me and mine would be in great shape if we had 30 days to do it. We are so close now that it would mean just speeding up the time table. In our case what I would concentrate on.

    Finish getting the necessary building supplies to finish the cabin and I am close at the present moment anyway. Gather the cash, buy some pm, but some more ammo, fill the chicken and rabbit coops, buy the goats…………..the cattle the neighbor is going to do. Make about 4 trips up to the bol with stuff at the house…………

    Kids would gather the stuff in the garages that they have set aside there, gather some cash, buy some pm and some more ammo, take a couple of trips and move into the bunk house.

    OH and buy the quads my bil and nephew have been wanting, get all the vehicles tuned up and top off all the gas tanks on the property.


    • Rider of Rohan says:

      That must feel so good, worrisome. My heart tells me to hunker down and shelter-in-place, but my mind says get the H out of Dodge. Those who stay in most of these scenarios don’t do well, it’s those who move out of danger’s path that survive. I know one can’t run from danger forever, but time will lessen the danger, I believe, if for no other reason than there will be less bad guys.

      So, time and distance will be your friend. The further one is away from centers of population, the better, and the longer one survives after an event, the better the chances of getting through such a thing.

      If I had 30 days, I would be getting our retreat stocked up, buying more food and other supplies, and heading out at least a couple of weeks early.

      • I understand what you mean Rider……….make sure that if your don’t have everything yet, that you have as complete a list as you possibly can so that if you have some early warning you know the priorities you need to follow in order to bug out.

        We are talking about some kind of camper or motor home now. After we get done with this project, we still think we want to go North for something more hidden yet. If we get the time, and who knows when the chips are gonna start falling, we will be checking out eastern Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana………for something really back woods and rustic. We will see.

  10. I feel it will be financial. We are on an unsustainable spending path. I don’t know what will actually trigger it, but when it comes it will take up apart. I figure 3 days from the event until the “average” person understands there will be no going back. The”entitlement” people will be joined but the “just plain scared” and scramble for whatever they can get their hands on. I see grocery stores, liquor/cigarette stores, and electronic stores being the first to be looted.

    I want to be set up and away from “civilization” at this point. 30 days notice will only insure that after day 25, I am away from people. I personally do think we will get that much notice.

  11. Well I think that there will be a banking crisis when the house of cards collapses. Then there will be some kind of false flag attack.Tdl will declare martial law. Tdl will iether outlaw religion or pronounce islam as the official religion of Amerika.Acorn will be in charge of enforcing tdl`s mandates.

  12. The economy gets worse worldwide. Runs start on the banks and the general population starts to hoard food. As people get more desperate a few cities begin to burn and in the countryside we Rednecks use Papaw’s old turkey gun to protect what we have.

    Barry writes an EO to “collect” all firearms as a safety measure, the SHTF!

    What would I do? Pray…a lot!

  13. having lived in extreme poverty and hardship in my past I prep to avoid it in the future. once knowing cold and hunger I stockpile fuel and food and keep replacement and redundant parts to accomplish basic needs on an off grid homestead.

    I’m guessing it would be hyperinflation and massive unemployment, being the most realistic teotwawki event I can see happening, I would likely become the go to guy among everyone I know. since none of my farming tools need gas to run I would probably help establish gardens for people I know (providing some seeds and doing the tilling) I would spend the 30 days getting more seeds and maybe 10-10-10 fertilizer and canning jar lids.

    other than that a pandemic virus would be possible, I would go buy chocolate and other luxury stuff and then just sit at home ridding it out isolated from the rest of the population

  14. Civil war breaks out in the US. Not having the US as an active part of NATO, the French/Brits/Germans cut a deal with Russia.
    Meanwhile with Russia’s backing, Iran attacks the Saudis before they can get a nuke put together. Also India and Pakistan start dropping bombs on each other with China coming in on the Paki’s side. Japan, and the rest of the Asian tigers become allies of China, the new bully on the block.

    • Makes sense but the Japanese and the Chinese hate each other worse, than the crips and the bloods. I see with no U.S. in the picture the Chinese becoming the bully and they and North Korea trying to become the dominant power in the far east. Iran and Hezbollah strike Isreal and the Isreali’s left with no choice go nuclear on Tehran, then it gets interesting, most of the muslim world declares war on the Isreali’s. India and Pakistan engage in brutal conflict, eventually China will invade India as the war with Japan and most of the remaining allied countries presses them for a need of resources. India acts as a gateway to the oil fields of the Mideast and very fertile farm land to feed their masses. Turkey falls the Russians mop up the pieces and gain a foothold in former Turkey and Northern Iraq. Iran ceases to be a legit military threat in the Mideast as the Isreali’s destroy their military might, however the constant barrage of terrorist strikes and constant combat wear isreal down to a nub. By the time the U.S. puts the pieces back together we stand as the lone source of sensibility in the world. The Russians influence has spread to the point that they now are the sole military dominant in the globe, as constant war for a decade renders the Chinese broke and vunerable, but they have destroyed Japan the Korea’s and Taiwan. India is under partial Chinese control and never recovers. The middleeast not under Russian control descends to anarchy like that of the 12 century and tribal holy wars decimate the wealth that once existed. Pretty much the destruction of the world map we know.

  15. Economic failure and it’s already happening. But if I knew that it was only 30 days from full on flatline crash then I’d top off the pantries, propane tanks, buy even more gas cans and fill them, grab all the bottled water I could cram into nooks and crannies. I’d get the kids and grandkids up here, then set us all to work filling the switchbacks with the pre-positioned rocks and laying down the abatises (abati?) so there’s no easy entry from the road and transplant privy hedge to cover the gate and first 10 feet of road. Then assemble the outhouse (uses rolling trash bins so no digging) and set the pee tubes. Then everybody starts gardening, gathering and collecting firewood. The grandkids lessons in trapping begin as well as in making leather, sharpening saws, knives. axes and other tools and the thousand other needed skills like primitive cooking, laundry and soapmaking

    • Millie in KY says:

      Tommy I would like to hear more about your outhouse! Is it something you climb a few steps to so the trash can fits under it? thanks!

  16. I agree with most here. It will be financial and is already happening. We probably won’t have 30 days it will just happen overnight and all access to money, ebt , and atms will be cut off then the free shit army will start burning down what they can get their hands on.

    That being said if I had 30 days and knew I would stock up on some items I need more of. Lot’s of building materials to secure the house, ammo if it is available and otc meds, food , and anything I can get to store and purify water in.

  17. I do not fear one particular scenario. I see many different possibilities of what could happen. My DH tends to say that something big will happen because it is time to thin out the population. It could be a natural or a manmade disaster.

    I do not have a credit card so I cannot max one out. All I can do is to keep adding to my stores and to learn as much as possible for self reliance. If we can have two more years then I will be in real good shape. I am beginning the 3rd year of a 5 yr plan to be self-reliant. My initial plan expanded as I learned of more stuff that I need to buy and to do, but I am also farther along than what I had initially planned.

    If nothing major does happen then I will still be self-reliant and eating healthier. A few years ago God placed on my heart that I needed to start preparing for a disaster. Hopefully He will give us the time to be better prepared.

  18. My biggest concern is economic collapse leading to civil war. I am reading the 299 Days series right now. It is so strange. I feel like I am having a fellow woofie over for coffee and just chatting.

    We have a friend who owns an investment firm here in town. He is going to give us the signal. When that happens, I will close my retirement accounts. Then I will max out my credit card.

    My dh would drive to Texas to meet up with his nephew who owns a guns store. He’d pick up four AR-15s and 20,000 rounds of ammo. (OMG, I just had a talk with my dh about this scenario. I said that you could get an AR for $600 now. He is going to call his nephew and see about getting a couple. I said, “Let’s put it on my credit card.” Maybe I want one AR and one Kel-Tec 9 mm carbine.) I think I would like to increase our ammo supply as well.

    Next, I would buy more food, more medical supplies, and more pet supplies. I would order more coffee and tea. I would place a large order from the LDS Online Store and make charity boxes for family and neighbors. I would get a couple extra filters for my Berkey.

    My dh would go to U-haul and get a trailer. We would be ready to load up and but out to my family farm. (I still have a bit of convincing to do here. My dh thinks we will be fine here. But we’ve got a major interstate within walking distance to our home–not good.) My brother’s farm is so out in the boonies that all the roads are dirt roads and they are not mapped. (The radio stations have great commercials–“We have more fun than X-county has dirt roads” and “We cover South Georgia like just covers your truck.” The only store within 20 miles carries milk, cigarettes, beer and bullets.) Ya got to love the South.

    Let me think on this some more.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Bam Bam, I too am reading that series. There are a lot of scenarios in that story unfolding in real life. So I echo you, Worrisome, Hunker, and all who are talking about an economic collapse. If I knew I would max out my credit cards with more of the preps and just dig in.

    • Hey Bam Bam,

      When your friend gives you the signal… please don’t forget to clue in the wolf pack.

      Unfortunately… I doubt we will get 30 days warning. I think we will be lucky to get a week!


      • Kannin,

        Yes, and I will post his reasons.

      • My dh called our friend who owns the investment firm. The guy expects a 20 percent market correction during the second quarter. He said don’t worry about TDL trying to get his hands on people’s retirement accounts–that TDL cannot make a unilateral decision and then the feds grab our money. He would need authorization from Congress. And Congress sure as hell is not going to let TDL steal our money.

        The difference between what happened in Greece and Spain, and what TDL might try here is that few people had guns in Greece and Spain. We have guns in America and we are locked and loaded.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Bam Bam, please give MD the signal so he can give it to us, too, please. What is interesting is a story I will share with you. My Grandfather, Will was a banker in Jacksonville, Florida early in the 1900s. He was a self made man, owned shipyards on the St. Johns River and thousands of acres of timberland in FL and GA. He owned the People’s Bank at that time. His banker friends called him and said “get your money out NOW”. They knew the crash was coming, they knew it was here. Which makes me wonder if it was not totally planned. I feel sure it was and probably this one will be, too. Anyhow, Will did not take his money out. He lost everything. Except the house and the furniture and Grandmother’s engagement/wedding band set. He paid back every single depositor. He was a man of honor and I am proud that his blood runs in my veins. Anyhow, Will could not, would not sell out his depositors and I’m sure many were able to survive the Great Depression much easier with their money in hand.

    • My tendencies are to believe the Scriptures when God says, “Their calamity fell in a night,” so getting 30 days’ warning would be a blessing to sit back and watch since anything I get now is just gilding the lily. I hope. 😀

  19. I tend toward the economic collapse . Through a power grab on the federal level is a possibility . Sell off as much of my shop contents as I can. Then turn this cash into canned food , sugar ,vodka and more ammo. Maybe a little more cement in a few spots. I have 7 year around springs and with enough sugar I wouldn’t need the vodka.

  20. I think the most likely although it will be a more gradual decline, would be a complete collapse of the U.S. monetary system. I think over the course of several month’s we would be cast into a third world country and violence over food water etc. Alot like developing nations in Africa or the middle -east civil war countries. The thing is if our system collapses the waves would be felt across the globe and there is no answer to immediate help coming. To me the most likely immediate impact event would be an EMP and then its the worst parts of the bible from day one. If I saw it coming and had 30 days canned meats, more seed, buy chickens and feed, push to complete remaining well project, and ammo. I really wouldn’t do much different than I already am, just hasten it abit.

    • “I think the most likely although it will be a more gradual decline, would be a complete collapse of the U.S. monetary system.”

      I agree. I think the reality will be much more gradual than this week’s scenario. Rome did not fall in a day, and a lot of decent people did just fine for centuries. Others…well…they did not do so well.

      I think the decline would be created by and met (and made worse) by the government responding with even more controls, more taxes, more regulatory and cash subsidies to favored industries [think along the lines of : “We must have CLEAN energy, therefore we MUST subsidize solar power. We Must make solar panels mandatory on all new houses (as Hawaii has actually done.) We must reward solar panels with cash credits on income taxes (as Hawaii has already done). We must subsidize local agriculture by having the State buy farmland and lease it out below cost to local organic farmers (as Hawaii has already done).”]

      All distortions in investments lead to bad investments, in this case over-investment in things which are probably good things at some level, but wasteful of resources when government prods us to make more than proper. Or less.

      However, in this week’s scenario, which posits 30 days notice of a big event (“Lucifer’s Hammer”?) I would talk with as many family members and friends as possible, and tell them how important they have been to me.

      I don’t think the people here in Hawaii or the government they elect will tolerate the freedom necessary to meet TEOTWAWKI successfully.

      All the tendencies will be toward massive increase in our already massive government interference, and when those policies make things even worse, the people will rise up and demand the filthy capitalists, developers, and hoarders be arrested and executed.

      The culture here won’t tolerate freedom, and the culture will not tolerate those who prepare to benefit from their foresight.

      It will look like the villagers with pitchforks, axes, and sickles chasing Frankenstein through the mountains.

      And we are the monster.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        This isn’t any of my business….but what the hell are you doing still in Hawaii? Sounds like a death trap.

        • My DW’s job is here.

          When she retires, I hope we sell our remarkably over-priced house and move to a state filled with people who like being part of America.

          Did I ever mention: When the 50th Anniversary of statehood came around a few years ago, the REPUBLICAN Governor did not have the courage to ‘celebrate’ statehood. She explicitly said that admission to the union would be ‘commemorated”, not ‘celebrated’ because celebrating would offend too many people.

          The worlds I have for former Republican Governor of Hawaii Linda Lingle are not fit for this blog. You’ll just have to imagine them.

  21. People forget what has happened in the past, mostly in the Wilson administration and in the FDR administration. Executive orders are something to be really afraid of, remember ex. order 6102? imagine if that was declared today during a crisis? and if that one was pulled off what if something more sinister regarding firearms was ordered? what would you do?

    • patientmomma says:

      rjarena, The US govt made owning gold illegal before and they will again. That is why many immigrants are buying 24 c jewlery; they have seen these types of things before in their previous homelands.

  22. Frank Bennett says:

    It has already started. Please read this article. Donald Trump and others are already warning of economic disaster.

  23. Mountain girl says:

    I’m with others – a financial collapse. I picture happening (already happening) more slowly but if I knew I had thirty days, I would the rest of the money out of the bank and max out our credit card in order to buy more building and livestock supplies, some bulk meat from the local farmer, and more ammo. I would be making lots of phone calls to family members to see what their plans are (they all live in cities). And lots and lots of praying. I guess I would keep doing what we are now doing but more quickly.

    • Mountain girl says:

      Interesting – I wish it were possible to ask some people who survived the Great Depression what they would have done if if they had known years or month or days ahead of time. Guess I can ask my grandfather but he was a child. I could ask my other grandfather but he was a hillbilly boy and I doubt they would have done too much differently. People down here tell me most people didn’t know there was a depression because they didn’t use money much anyhow.

      • patientmomma says:

        Mountain Girl,
        My grandparents were poor southern farmers; all they had was the land, an old house and 14 kids. They didn’t have indoor plumbing or electricity, shoes or health care, but they they had a garden and a few animals which they bartered for the property taxes during those years. They managed to keep the farm and raise the kids through plain old toughness, sacrifice and the will to survive.

      • SoCalPrepper says:

        My grandpa used to talk a little about it, but he was a kid. They literally lived in a canvas tent (in Oklahoma) and would hunt squirrels and frogs for food. He HATED turnips because one year they worked on a turnip farm, and the farmer gave them all the turnips they could eat.

        He was big on holding property you could grow things on…and when I was younger (my grandparents raised me) we canned and preserved everything.

  24. 30 days to teotwawki !!!

    I agree with most of those that have posted so far ………. total economic meltdown with resulting mass rioting, mayhem, and worse. The Government may try to use martial law as a means to forestall a total collapse ………. won’t work. Other governments, seeing things going from bad to worse, may decide to strike out at their enemies as they see themselves losing control. Total world chaos.

    I am assuming that the scenario means I have information that is not yet general knowledge. If I had 30 days to make final preparations I would first try to get as much cash as I can from our accounts as soon as possible. One of the first things to happen will be a run on the banks. The Feds may even close the banks declaring a bank holiday. Since there are things that we plan to accumulate when we believe that the “end is here” the cash will enable the purchase of those goods ……… for a while.

    This advance notice puts me in a position to implement our “short notice” preps. We have discussed this scenario many times and made a list of those items that we want to get, where they are most easily and reliably found, and the sequence in which we’ll go after them. We’ve got locally held accounts at most all of these businesses so, even if the cash is not available, we can simply sign for the purchases. Our list has a variety of goods including animals, feed, lumber, medicines, fuels, etc. We are in good shape as far as ammo and weapons go but if the opportunity presents itself to increase those supplies we will do so. We’re living at our bug out location so having to consider getting ready to move is not an issue. In addition to getting those things on this last list, we have several security projects that can be completed most effectively while the grid is still up and providing juice for the power tools. We’ll begin getting those things done. I’ll buy a horde of my essential drugs (already talked with the pharmacist) and other OTC products. The 30 days will be a time to shop and stock up without regard to cost. I will order things online during the first few days. I’ve got a huge “wish list” set up on Amazon that only requires the click of a few buttons to order. If the stuff manages to get here, good ……….. if not, oh well !

    • LongWinter says:

      I absolutely love the idea of starting a short notice preps list to have handy. Would love to hear more about what’s on the list for you. Great, great idea.

  25. Well hopefully if it’s an ecomonic collapse It happens before I mail in my bills for that month. Depending on the actual date I could just withdraw the money before the checks reach their destination and let them all bounce. LOL
    Anyway we would purchase, beg, borrow or steal a wood stove.

  26. A little off subject, my wife read something an economist wrote about a month ago. The woman wrote that a ” red flag ” was if the banks said there was for instance, “a computer glitch”, and had to shut down say starting on friday, that after 72 hours of bank shutdown it is automatic martial law.
    This coming weekend is a supposed bank shut down on the 15th and 16th, followed by presidents day. Which could give the 72 hour period for ML to be declared.
    If you “search” : “72 hour bank shut down automatic martial law”
    things will come up that I am speaking of.
    There is so much crap on the net, and with my work schedule I have not had time to research this, but we should be aware.

    • Thanks for the heads up. We looked it up on the web and are seeing quite a few hits for these dates. Maybe we don’t have 30 days – but I certainly hope so.

      • mom of three says:

        We took money out, and usually the bank never questions us. This time around they did ask my hubby questions, why he wanted so much so he lied, and told them we are going on a trip. So if you take a large withdrawal, make sure to have some kind lie ready. We are at a credit union I don’t know if that makes a difference.

  27. I wonder why so many of my comments are “awaiting moderation”?

  28. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I’m also betting it will be a financial crisis, though I wonder if a ‘terror attack’ would be created to excuse ‘temporary emergency measures’ for our safety (of course).

    What to do ? The essentials – water and more food storage. Essential medications.

    Saving the money for the future is almost moot, unless you make a it by the ton. Interest rates are in the toilet and if they were to rise, who would control what you could buy items with anyway ? Banks will certainly be closed due to bank holiday.

  29. Easy answer here for me, since I’m not going anywhere… max out the credit cards on my “wish list”. It’s pretty ecclectic, so no listing stuff. Fuel up the vehicles, refill the spare cans, and finish up the projects. Get all the family together on our farm, and finish out the livestock requirements. Lastly, get that old diesel truck and tractor I found in the old barn running again…

  30. If it was 30 days from today… We would contact my sister and BIL who have been prepping since before prepper was a word (over 20 years) to see what they needed extra of and try and get it. It has already been discussed since I entered the mindset that we were welcome there.

    Then rent a uhaul and pack as much preps here as we could and head back to Oklahoma.

    However, I am prepping as if going home was not an option as it may well NOT be.

    For here, I would ramp up the gardening supplies, buy chickens and supplies then beef up the armory and medical preps all the while try and store more food. Oh and the FIRST thing would be a generator and fuel. Hopefully in four more weeks we will have one!!

  31. Donna in MN says:

    I think it will be a socialist-made economic collapse. This will be followed by attacks from terrorist states because we are weak, and domestic chaos because most people weren’t prepared and some 50 million people too dependent on handouts that will cease. No gas, no money from banks, no food deliveries.

    I will be ready with a couple years supply of what I need on hand within 30 days, and if it drags on, I have developed skills to trade and supplement my food and needs from all those years I lived primitively. I have an advantage living in the wilderness with plenty of lakes, firewood and wildlife abounding around me and I don’t expect hoards of people walking 300 miles to come way up here to strip the national forests and lakes. Most of them will die in the fighting, riots, robberies, and from hypothermia.

    I am not so sure “good” people will be left in the cities. Survivors will live because they are hardened and have been cruel to get what they need. Even now, criminals and murderers run Chicago— there is no epic event to cause it, and police can’t stop them. Those Chicago hooligans run this gov’t as well, so I don’t expect martial law to keep crime down for they will confiscate property as declared by “Martial Law” and become as bad as the looters. Just a warning for city folk.

    • @Donna
      Dang woman, I thought the cold had gotten to you, how are things?

      • Donna in MN says:

        I had to take a breather of all the bad news bombarding me. I wore down all my enamel from the teeth chatering up here-low on fuel and saving as much as I can until spring ☼ 😉

    • You think like me, Donna. I think most the horde will be heading south to warmer climes rather than in my direction, so I’m staying put. I’ve got a lake within spitting distance and many more a hop skip and a jump away and two rivers out my back door. What? Me worry about eating? Not in this life. I’ve always taught my sons there’s no reason for them to ever be hungry in MN, even if they become homeless.

  32. mom of three says:

    If we had 30 days, we would be spending a lot of time getting our property, more prepped. O.K. then the challenge is on I want to see where we are at by March 11th. We have started but would need at 6 month’s to accomplish it.. let me tell you we have owned this place for 10 year’s, and in that time accomplish very little not by my doing but the better half, not being on board with me. Contractors, you love them or want to bury them up to their necks 🙂

    • Mom of three –

      I can relate – my better half is not on board either- ugh. I don’t know about you, but I get frustrated.

      On a happier note, my 16 yr old is on board and my 13 yr old is pretty close to being there (he tends to stay in my better half’s corner). I have a feeling your kids are younger?

      Blessings to you and yours – keep hanging tough ! 🙂

    • Mother Earth says:

      Mom of three, right there with you. Dh has his head in the sand and I get so tired of beating my head against a wall!

      We could be so set if he was on board.

      • mom of three says:

        He, is on board but he just enjoyed soaking in the hot tub, that is on the property, more then cleaning it up:) It has a MOLDY trailer on it that we want to move. One of the inspector, he knows told us to wait until we break ground then pull it off. If you take it off you have to start over and all the fee’s are more.
        We have a VW bus, we stay in during the summer and I do cook in the trailer, only with all window’s and the door open.
        After everything gets a good bleach wipe down 🙂

  33. Hillbilly Hank says:

    I believe that we are already in the beginning of the Global economic collapse. I continue to try and gather as many like minded people to be in contact with locally. No one gets through the coming times alone.

  34. I fear a fast collapse brought on by China publicly dumping the Dollar or by OPEC killing the Petro Dollar. I don’t think we will get thirty days notice but, let’s hope there are signs for those of us who are paying attention.

    1 month is not enough time to sell my piece of the cul d sac and head for the hills so I would plan on bugging in. I live near a state highway about 20 miles or so from the food stamp hoard. There are plenty of juicy targets for them between here and there… so hopefully it would take a while for them to get here. And, hopefully their numbers would be depleted by the time they arrived.

    Here are my top priorities:
    I would make sure my solar was finished, for refrigeration.
    I need a heat source incase of blackouts.
    I need a backup cooking source… like a rocket stove.
    I need to fortify my shooting positions incase the hoard gets to my neighborhood.

    If there is time and money left… I would add to my food stores, clothing and fuel. I would also stock up on perishable goods such as cheese, OJ, eggs and sandwich meats.

  35. After reading the comments that others have made I realize that a lot of folks believe as I do that an economic situation is going to be the break down of our society. I am prepared as much as I can be with “Stuff.” I am constantly practicing the craft of “Hunter and Gatherer.” My suggestion to all you good survivors is to practice your craft. Go out to the forest and make a few snares, try catching some fish, get a book on edible plants in your area and practice, practice. My last comment is a question: Is there any like minded people in Northeast Connecticut that would like to communicate?

  36. “What event or series of events will lead to “the end of the world as we know it” in your opinion?” In a sense, I suspect this is going to vary among us b/c I suspect we readers here experience the current world in different ways. We have different income levels & are connected into the social system in a variety of ways. I’m guess some here are from other countries (besides the US).

    I myself believe that it’s going to be a financial crash or series of financial crashes, but it seems impossible to predict w/ any certainty what kind of crash(es). -May be related to the Fed, high US debts, stock market, certain industries, maybe those on Soc Sec or SSDI or unemployment suffer the most, bank-runs, etc, etc, etc.

    • A financial problem can also be caused by the loss of USD as the world currency or petrodollar. China is currently promoting its new currency exchange to Asian nations.

  37. LongWinter says:

    I don’t fear China.
    To quote Steve Forbes, ed. in chief of Forbes Magazine, “If we and Beijing ever engaged in a mortal confrontation, how much would China’s holdings in American government bonds be worth is we said the paper was no longer valid? Beijing is a hostage to our willingness to honor these obligations” and “China has not been a big buyer of our paper for several years because of its concerns about the dollar’s integrity.” – Feb. 10, 2014 issue.

    Again, I don’t fear China, unless it’s they that start a pandemic that causes TEOTWAWKI. Although that’s not the scenario that I’m prepping for, which is seasonal weather disasters, a viral pandemic would drive me indoors for months. If that were the event that happens in 30 days, I’d head south to my BOL where food can be raised year round. It’s convincing the rest of the family to come along that is my biggest concern.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Worthless bonds would give China a claim on the land and resources of the US. Don’t for a moment think the $123 trillion dollars of resources(oil, gas, shale oil, shale gas, minerals, etc.) in the US won’t be the collateral for the worthless paper our debt is written on. I fear China a lot, especially since they are developing a new class of weapons(hypersonics) that make our missile defenses worthless. An EMP from a hypersonic missile would be the perfect sneak attack.

  38. barberbill says:

    For the events that will cause the collapse just turn on the news. The obamanation of this country is happening daily. Primarily the destruction of the economy and the Constitution, will lead to collapse and civil war. If I had 30 days warning, the first thing I’d do would be to max out my credit cards to stock supplies. I call this pre-foraging. I know credit cards are bad, but we need credit to function in today’s economy, and just because you have them doesn’t mean you have to use them. It’s worth the fees to have thousands of dollars of instant credit available. When the S hits the F, they can just bill me. And during a collapse there won’t be any difference between a debter’s prison and a FEMA camp and either way I’m not going of my own free will. I live in a rural area so I’m a bug in guy. But I’m going to use those 30 days to set up extra caches. Store extra water/food/ect. Bring my family closer to home. Y’all know the drills.

    • I’ve never heard of debtors prison in the USA, unless one had committed fraud or serious theft. Is that possible in the US? One of my spouse’s ancestors went to debtors prison in Europe in 1800s & was brought to the US in a prisoners ship.

      • People are being served summons by creditors in other states- (proof of the summons being served is often scanty or goes to wrong address)- Then, when the debtor fails to appear the judge orders a bench warrant for the debtors arrest for ‘failure to appear’.
        You can google it for more details.

      • barberbill says:

        As the U.S. becomes a police state, debtor’s prison could become a reality. Prisons are a billion dollar industry here. Law enforcement and courts are a way of squeezing income from citizens that are over taxed already. Local government writes tickets to children for having lemonade stands and threaten parents with arrest. In Florida, many prisons were privatized, because the governor at that time had investments in the companies that took over the prisons. As we are denied our rights, the oppression expands exponentially. 50 years ago no politician would have dare stated that Congress has to pass a law before citizens can read it. (Pelosie reference to the American Health Care Act.) When we stop being treated as citizens, we become peasants, and we will be at the mercy of tyrants.

  39. What would I do?
    Add to our water supplies. Order some dehydrated food & MRIs. Get a kerosene stove, burner, & fuel. Liquidate our retirement funds. Maybe order more PM’s & ammo. Get certain foods like powder milk, powder drinks, charcoal, flour, sugar, rice, etc -although there may be shortages of these.
    Start a garden. Order some more prepper seeds.

    Review ways to defend our home. Tell our daughter & bf they can move in w/ us. Take them to the range to practice w/ my guns. Warn our adult children living in out of state cities, & offer to fly them home.

  40. I have tried 4 or 5 times now to post about feeding livestock. They either just disappear – or it tells me it’s a repeat. So, if they all show up – forgive the repeats please.

  41. The author has 2 trays for sprouting grains, each of the trays takes 2 lbs of sprouted wheat, and within 6 days (the max nutritional value) you have 12 lbs of fodder. (so you would do this daily)

    It takes between 1-3% of body weight per animal, so a milking goat would require 2-1/2 lbs per day and chickens or rabbits would require 1/4 lb each daily. (a 1,000 lb horse would require 10 lbs per day). You’d get 25 days feed for your critters out of a 50 lb bag – so just under 15 bags of food would feed 3 milking goats and 18 chickens/rabbits for a year.

    from Backwoodshome magazine

  42. Strange, but I guess I am the only one so far that doesn’t see an economic collapse as the end of the world scenario as we know it. Even during the depression it was SHTF for some people and others did just fine and even prospered.

    For me TEOFTWAIKI is a virus/plague or to a lesser degree but still a. possibility an EMP solar flare event along the lines of The Carrington Event. I believe just about anything else will be regional instead of impacting the entire world or Country. I don’t think either of those things would provide 30 days notice. But perhaps if the virus begins in the cities and doesn’t incubate so quickly that it gets here before we learn the truth which I believe the government will hide and downplay.

    If I had 30 days I would get my adult kids here. My biggest fear is they won’t have time and even with bug out bags it will be nearly impossible given one son will need to travel a tunnel and 3 major bridges. There is no other way by land. (I want a bigger boat, but can’t afford it) The other kids have to cross one major bridge but we could get them by boat if we had means of communication.

    Otherwise with 30 days notice I would buy goats, chickens and rabbits as well as feed. They can all be kept in the house as needed. I would harden more electronics and put away more fuel. At this time of year I would stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables, and meats since they can be kept frozen outside. I would also secure my boundaries more than they are now. I would also max out my credit cards and withdraw cash from our local accounts. Our other accounts would likely be frozen or take too long to liquidate so I would kiss those goodbye with regret that I hadn’t turned it into bullets, beans and band aids sooner. But I have to live with one foot in the possibility that TEOTWAWKI won’t happen in my lifetime so I have to prepare for that scenario to be well rounded and prepared for if it does and if it doesn’t.

    • Hillbilly Hank says:

      The Generation that endured the great depression was used to working for a living, America still produced things in factories. Almost half of our current population is currently on some level of welfare. How will they survive without the largesse of our dear leaders. I suspect chaos to be right around the corner.

  43. Likely EOTWAWKI in 30 day time period?
    The current financial collapse accelerates drastically, likely coupled with Famine, Diseases, and finally War- with the number of players with nukes now, one will resort to nukes when pressed too hard (Pakistan? N.Korea? Iran? Israel?) and things will spiral out of control from there- likely involving some player using a nuke EMP weapon to knock out power.

    And that is just the predictable stuff, and leaves out major black swans like a CME, Asteroid impact, Surprise attack, or new super flu…

    Barbwire, Sandbags, cement / lime and shovels- I doubt I could get a front loader or backhoe with current funds and debts. But those would be all that I need to build a complete shelter using the ‘earthbag’ building techniques to make a minimal shelter on my BOL (roof and all – although I might also want a real door or windows). $3-4k could get it all with extras for friends.

    Other Actions?.
    I would call and invite my closest family and friends to the BOL with the understanding that they will have to pitch in to make there own BOL shelters, and to bring the necessary supplies.

    I would also print out every useful book and guide I currently have in electronic version.

  44. Encourager says:

    I believe it will be one of three things: 1. EMP 2. Collapse of our economy 3. Pandemic

    I only get 30 days? Well, guess that is better than no lead time.
    Hopefully, we will be able to:
    1. pull all our $$ out of IRA’s and sell the stock we have.
    2. buy small gold and silver pieces.
    3. buy chickens and a Dexter or Red Poll milk cow that is pregnant and a couple young steers for future meat.
    4. buy fencing/poles and hire someone to dig fence holes and put up fences.
    5. put stalls in our pole barn.
    6. buy lots of hay and straw!
    7. put in another propane tank of at least 1000 gallons and get it filled.
    8. buy and install a new whole house generator as ours is over 16 years old.
    9. bring my sons and all their stuff home.
    10. remodel the house so sons will be comfortable with their space and everything will have its own place/space.
    11. make sure I have at least 4 years of food/supplies in storage.
    12. buy cultures, equipment and press for cheese making.
    13. build an outdoor kitchen with a wood burning cook stove.
    14. cut and split at least 10 full cords of wood, buying if necessary.
    15. stock up on extra clothing, boots/shoes, gloves, hats.
    16. dig an outhouse.
    17. get up-to-date on any medical/dental issues.
    18. buy extra Rx’s, antibiotics and other medical supplies.
    19. buy enough dog food to last two years.
    20. get a puppy, maybe two, to train for defensive purposes.
    21. practice shooting every day.
    22. make sure our ammo is sufficient.
    23. buy lots of material for clothing, bedding, blackout curtains.
    24. Learn to use treadle sewing machine and buy repair parts for it.
    25. buy screening material

    Some of these things are going on my current to-do list. Thinking this through has brought to mind there are a lot of things I have let go and not done/learned.

    • Nice list! But I have to ask about your #2 item: I know lots of folks that have your #2 on their list. But, I wonder why they think that gold and silver is going to be a good thing to have post teotwawki? To follow that logic a person would have to believe that teotwawki would be a short term event. If you believe that all paper currencies will have no value, then why would gold or silver be an exception? Like all fiat currencies, the value of anything being used as a currency is only present if there is general public acceptance of that currency, AND an active market that sets a relative value. If/When a catastrophic event occurs there will be little to no worldwide communications and therefore no widely accepted and established markets to set trade values. Gold, Silver, Diamonds and other currencies will only be worth what you can get for it in a local exchange or barter situation. People struggling to survive will be reluctant to the point of refusal to take mere metals or precious stones in exchange for anything.

      I expect that most all trade will be done by barter with food, ammo, weapons, water, shelter and so on much more valuable than soft metals that are not even suitable for making bullets. Maybe the value inherent in these items will return eventually but I don’t think it’s likely that that will happen in my lifetime. Just wondering!!

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        Bear: To a degree, I agree with you. My Grand parents and parents lived through the ‘Great Depression’, Aunts & Uncles… The depression was ‘Hypo-inflationary’. Those with cash had what ever they wanted or needed as long as the ‘CASH’ held out. My Aunt & Uncle purchased a large chunk of what is now Toledo, Ohio for cash in 1931 & 32. Farm land then. Cash still had nearly %100 gold backing then. People accepted it as good as gold until FDR and the Fed. Flushed out PMs a little later. Google up ‘inflation rates and charts’ and you can see the move from deflation to inflation.

        We keep PMs as a percentage of our ‘liquid’ assets. During the start of any financial event, Cash will be king for those that have it. How long….. to many variables to trust any time line. China…. He who has the gold makes the rules. China and Russia are working at enough physical PMs to displace the USD.

        I’m thinking History will re-run economies as economies have always re-run. A reset of the Dollar…. devalued via inflation by well over 90% already.. devalued due to No Physical PM backing… proly. If this system takes a worst case ‘dump’ and we all reset… Once the survivors have a surplus of goods to sell.. barter.. a medium of exchange will… will.. appear. Would you accept carved stones, beads, knotted ropes.. faith.. or an amount of PMs that makes both parties happy with the deal.

        Heck.. if you have eggs and I have goat cheese and we both want some 22long rifle and the guy with those has chickens and goats…. odds are he’ll accept silver or gold in some amount for the 22s.

        No society on this planet has failed to revert to PMs as a medium of exchange… yet.

        • What I see as the main reason not to put a lot (or any) of my funds into precious metals is simply that it will be too difficult for people to establish a standard for worth. That, and just how are people going to go about with the actual trades? Is everyone going to walk around with a chunk of gold and a scale? I agree that eventually what is left of society will end up reinventing currency of some kind but think that that time will a long time coming.

          • Millie in KY says:

            I struggled with this, too. But figured that for now, at least the silver has some value and will have for some time in the minds of many. If nothing else, it can be melted and worked into jewelry and bad as things might be “after” there will be some who will desire even that. I am big into quarters and dimes. If I have a silver dollar and want that bag of potatoes you have for sale and you have no way to give me change, then I either have to take a huge amount of potatoes that I may not be able to haul by myself. If I have a dime, that might be acceptable to you as currency….

          • Yeah, that’s the dilemma of currency when there is no entity around to guarantee a common trade value. When this is the case hyper inflation quickly follows and then even your precious metals will lose significant value.

            Put yourself into a pretend scenario: You have silver and gold (in minted coin and bullion form) but you have run out of food (substitute ammo, medicines, fish hooks, whatever). You’ve ventured onto my property and told me you want to trade for whatever it is you need. If I’m inclined to trade I will ask you what you’re looking for. My second question will be to ask you what you have to trade. After hearing all you’ve got is gold , silver or coins and I tell you I’m not interested ………… how do you sell me on your proposal to accept your trade goods? What can you say that will make me think there is a value to me in trading for your metals? If I have what you need, and am willing to accept your gold or silver, you can bet that my estimation of your metals value will be far lower than yours. You may get what you need but you will pay dearly for it!

            For me, surviving teotwawki is all about managing to make it through the first few months in one piece and being prepared to live off the grid for how ever long it takes things to stabilize, if ever. I’m not preparing for a partial meltdown but a complete, back to the dark ages (almost) situation. I think that once teotwawki happens life will not return to anything close to the old normal in my lifetime. Maybe that’s a bit fatalistic or doom and gloom, but that’s where I’m coming from……….. and preparing for.

          • Big Bear,
            You stated, “It will be too difficult for people to establish a standard for worth” and I think history shows us that the statement is incorrect. Individual people will be able to establish a standard between them as they always have, based on what they have or can afford and what they need. A low end Honda and a high end BMW will get you from place to place, yet both of these cars have buyers. If you have food and I have PM’s, then the PM’s are worth whatever we agree on, probably in your favor if I am starving, and less so if I am well fed and looking for luxury goods, like oranges in the northern climates.

          • I believe that post- teotwawki there will be virtually no trade in any precious metals, paper currency, or gems. Of course there are exceptions to everything, and people can barter however they want, but the intent of my original comment was to state my opinion on whether or not a person should spend their hard earned funds on gold and sliver …………. at this time.

            I find it hard to believe that any rational person is going to trade any of their own security (food, ammo, shelter, etc. established as a result of their own planning, sacrifice, and foresight) for a bit of metal in the hope that that metal will increase their odds for survival. This attitude may change over time, and people may become more accepting of precious metals as a trade item, but I believe it will a long time before that happens. I often remind myself that it was the bankers, not the farmers, that were jumping off buildings when the market crashed!

            I certainly won’t be trading any of my goods for precious metals, thus my take on stockpiling gold and silver……. but then again that’s just me!

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            No man is an island, no man can produce everything he needs. A medium of exchange will develop quickly, I believe, based on what has happened in the past. Gold and silver have been the 2 most desirable mediums for centuries, I doubt that will change no matter what happens here. If one can buy it, do so, once you’ve taken care of the 3 Bs. They come first.

            And quite frankly, that’s all we have to base the future on, what has happened in the past. I just wish some would look back at the mistakes of the past before moving forward with the same mistakes.

          • RoR,
            Currency, whether PMs, paper notes, wampum, or tulip bulbs have always existed as a form of liquid barter. If I have corn and beans and you have chickens and eggs, we can easily establish a value and trade items. If however, I want beef and the cattle producer doesn’t need my grain, then there is a problem. This is in essence where all currencies come from, representing a defined store of wealth to allow barter between those who don’t have items each other need. It’s basic economics, throughout history. Here in eastern Ohio, we have a place called flint ridge, which contains some of the best flint deposits in the east. Flint ridge flint has been found in archeological digs from MN to FL, displaying that a required commodity has value wherever it can be traded.

      • NWGhostrider says:

        Nobody knows to what degree the collapse will be or what people will be willing to trade for. Putting some of your assets in pm is just a way of covering yourself, just like you stock up on beans, bullets and band-aides. A well rounded supply of items is your best bet, myself I don’t try to make us secure for any one event, but to cover ourselves for many. To think the only thing that will happen is descent into a mad max scenario is short sighted. Financial collapse happened in Germany in the 30’s, pm would have been a good prep then, just don’t think one dimensional.

        • NWGhostrider,
          I agree, and this is why I often talk about a threat list or matrix. Prepare for the most likely event first, add to those additional items, for the next threat, and do the same down the line. The farther down the line you go, the fewer items you’ll need to add, and eventually, you’ll have enough resources and skills to cover most if not all threat scenarios.

    • Nice wish list! I don’t think I could get all of that done if I were given a year’s warning, worked full time at it and had an extra $100,000.

      • I agree. That list made me exhausted just thinking about trying to get it done at all……much less in 30 days. For us I have realized that in any SHTF scenario our lifestyle will need to change. I don’t think there is any way to prepare realistically to live the same way we live now. That will mean keeping our large hearth room for cooking, sleeping and indoor living quarters. The master with bathroom for a sickroom since it has a bathroom (I have unlimited water and a septic tank with drain field) and easiest isolation possibilities. The garage for animals and wood storage. The bedroom closest to the hearth room will store sleeping pallets and blankets as well as other storage like weapons when not in use. I have had to rethink how we would live in our home.

        • Encourager says:

          It is an ambitious list, isn’t it? But I would not be the only one working hard. And some would be hired out to local young men…sheeple, actually, who want extra $$ for ‘recreational use’. They would be doing the fencing, stalls, hauling and putting away hay and straw, cutting wood and stacking, and probably help put up the outdoor kitchen…which is a priority. They would not be in the house for any reason.

          As far as the gold and silver, I may rethink that…you have some valid points, Big Bear.

          • It takes a bit of thinking outside the box of “established” thought to get to the point where you can go against the flow. Nothing wrong in having some gold and/or silver if you’ve got everything else stocked away ……… but I think most of us are still trying to get our supplies purchased to divert funds to precious metals.

  45. 1st: Economic collapse, which will likely snowball into martial law (also global monetary collapse). 2nd: I believe one of the many foreign, crazy-butt countries that hate America will ‘EMP us’ as we will be even weaker. It will be ugly all the way around.

    I don’t think we will get 30 days notice to prepare. I wish we all had a friend like Bam Bams for inside info 🙂 but I am thinking The Pack will be posting here if they know something too. Anyways….I would max out my credit card for misc foods & barter items, ammo, building supplies, the goats and rabbits & more chickens, a truckload of all livestock & pet feed, and build up the wood, fuel and water reserves. At this point I would take most of my emergency cash stash and purchase PMs. I would do everything possible to refortify my property and house.

    No need to BO as I am already at BOL #1 and have two others to fall back on – either several miles deeper into high country or 20 miles towards town for a “safety in numbers” concept – really depends on what occurs. I am trying to think ‘flexible”. I would also be scenario planning with my group of trusted like minded friends.

    I would be double checking every aspect of my preps until tshtf.

    • patientmomma says:

      WYO, Multiple BOLs within 20 miles of each other. Nifty idea. How do you protect them from “squatters”?

  46. Hunker-Down says:

    We sure do learn a lot from the Pack!
    I have over 200 items on our Amazon ;’wish list’.
    Based on some of the above comments I am going to add as many items to that list that will add to the preps anyone would need for todays “Conflicted” question.

    Then, if we ever get a heads-up that appears to be valid, I’ll order everything on the list in batches of 20 items per order. Keeping the items and dollars low should not be noticed.

  47. Get dental work double checked off, extra pairs of glasses for everyone, start ferrying the last of the stuff to BOL. Notify the family (most of them). Stock up on some extra feed for the chickens. Buy as much food (beans, rice, pasta, etc.) as possible and keep buying it until can’t buy any more. Everything else, pretty content with. Then I would settle back, have some tea, read a book.

  48. Financial meltdown…Empty my 401 and bank accounts. Apply for 20 brand new credit cards based on my stellar credit rating. I’d take all that and buy building material, especially nails. Tin is easy to come by down here. We have hundreds of unused chicken houses that are covered with it. I’d barter or trade to get my hands on it.

    I’d also get some powder, primers and bullets to reload. We have a BUNCH of brass. I’d buy string to make trot lines for fishing. I’d get wire to use as snares. I already have 75 cable snares and a bunch of leg hold traps.

    I already bought a bunch of heirloom seeds so I’d also get some material for a greenhouse.

    I’d also call a meeting of the residents of the mountain to discuss the next step. They have cattle and they usually can produce from their gardens so I think we’d be ok. We’d need to set up secure perimeters and guards.

    There are a few worthless folks up there. They live in grandpa’s old house and use the ebt card for their support. While I wouldn’t harm them, I also wouldn’t feed them unless they were willing to help. If they don’t help they’ll have to leave the mountain to find food. I’d move one of my people into that house just until order is restored. Then we’d return that house to the owners if they come back.

    By the time the 30 days is up we’d be set up very nicely.

    • Survivor,

      Keep in mind that during the Great Depression many folks lost their homes and farms because of debt. An economic collapse does not mean that all of your debt will disappear or be forgiven by the creditors, in fact creditors may be even more aggressive when it comes to collecting debts owed to them. Collection would probably mean a repossession or foreclose on your property.

      • Encourager says:

        Agree, M.D. That is why we have no debt, no mortgage. Just paid the taxes; I guess we should have enough cash on hand to pay the summer taxes early.

        • Encourager,

          Good job… you are in a much better position than most folks reading this…

          • Encourager says:

            It was a choice, M.D. We did without a lot of extras, and even some necessities, to pay off the mortgage. We save some of our SS checks every month so we have a cushion. Last year we had some serious roof problems, car problems, and it ate up our savings. But we paid all bills and taxes.

            I wish OUR taxes were only $200 a year!!! Wow!!

          • Except for a small loan on a used car, we’ve been essentially debt free for more than a decade. Paid off the homestead years ago, against the advice of all of the money managers. If we can pay the taxes, utilities, and insurance we’re good to go, and the insurance could be dropped if push came to shove. It took sacrifice like driving old cars, and no extravagant vacations, but it is doable by anyone who really wants to do it.

      • M.D.,

        Laws have been passed since then protecting consumes. Banks can put a lein on your home but they can’t take it.

        • Bam Bam
          Yep, some creditors must first sue you and win a money judgment (a court award) against you before they can legally take your property in some cases. But, there is a big exception to this rule: Creditors don’t have to sue first if the debt is guaranteed by collateral. Common examples are a car, property or home loan where the property itself is pledged as collateral for the loan. In some states the lender has to do the foreclosure in court, but that is pretty simple for them to do, because the full force of the law is on the lenders (banks) side. Trust me the law is on their side and they will get paid or take everything that you have in an attempt to do so…

          How Big Banks Can Steal Your Home From You Even If Your Mortgage Is Totally Paid Off – this is why I have put back enough silver coins to pay my property tax at the current rate for the next 20 years if needed (my property tax is less than $200 per year…

          • Chicken little says:


            200 a year. Crap, my property tax for a 1800 sq ft home here in MASSHOLE are 5,000. a yr. We seriously considered moving but due to all our family and new grandchild here we decided to stay.

            Decided that I would not be happy out in the middle of nowhere if I were alone and couldn’t help them. Elderly relatives here too.

          • Chicken little,

            Property taxes are low here (I have 5 1/2 acres) and no income tax in TN, plus I can drive across the state-line into KY and pay no tax on food purchases.

          • mom of three says:

            Oh my goodness, I thought our property taxes, were horrible. We pay 2600.00 a year for 1500 sq feet, on a 45×90 lot. We lost 15 feet due to a ally way, and fences being put in.

          • MD,
            I have an acre and our property tax is $203/yr.

            I agree with you on the credit cards for the most part. One thing I have been seeing this year is 1099-C’s which is a cancellation of debt. I have seen one where a lady was injured in a car wreck and her student loan was cancelled. She could not understand why she has to pay taxes on over $7,000 of cancelled debt. Another one had debt cancelled on a credit card. Neither one of them had property in their name otherwise what most likely would have happened is a lien would have been placed against the property so that if the property is sold they get paid. But of course for any debt that is backed by collateral the lender can take it.

            A side note, I am so glad that I am more prepared than what I was this time last year! 🙂 It has been sleeting most of the morning and the news keeps telling people to be prepared to be self sufficient for at least a week as we will most likely have severe power outages. The grocery store shelves were bare yesterday. The only thing we did was to make sure that the generator was cleaned and ready to start and to buy a little extra gas. 🙂 It is nice to know that we didn’t have to face the mob at the stores.

            Stay safe and warm pack!

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        MD is on the mark Survivor. Even the Bank you took your money out of or the one that issued you topped out CC, will have enough clout to hire any and all the legal and enforcement talent to take what you have to pay your bills. Juzz cuzz the money is worthless doesn’t mean the bums cooking the books don’t have every aspect of our Lords in the Government to back em up.

        We’d have to revert to the near stone age before the Fed. Government would let go of control.

      • mom of three says:

        Yes, you are correct. We bought our second property and own it out right, if we can’t make payments the bank can have our home. Get your titles to your homes, and cars too.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        +1000 MD. People in debt will be especially vulnerable. Their assets will be in grave danger as the banksters panic.

  49. I also believe the most likely scenario is a financial collapse. If I had 30 days notice, this is what I would do.
    Take maximum loan on my 401k of $50,000. This is the only way to get money out of my plan without quitting my job and my boss is an asset. Plus it is not far from home and I can get my deliveries there. Buy a cheap piece of dirt to fall back on if needed and cache some stuff there. Order some more junk silver and silver rounds.
    Build or buy a cover for the pool that doesn’t look like a cover and spread a rumor that husband emptied the pool. He threatens to do it constantly.
    Hit the depot to buy materials to further harden my home and add to coops, build an outhouse, a rocket stove, etc. Maybe even get the floor in the attic built. I would also get extra hand tools, blades, food safe buckets, galvanized trash cans and tubs. Install solar to my RV and buy several back up batteries for it. Install outdoor sink.
    Get rid of excess mementos and paperwork and golf clubs in garage to make room for additional supplies.
    Get more chickens and figure out some sort of brooder. I have housing for at least 6 more chickens. If I put a small addition between the two coops, I could house an additional 2, plus a couple of roosters. Stock up on layer feed and feed corn and rabbit pellets. Stock up on dog and cat food. Secure a second rabbit hutch and breeding stock, if available, if not trap some wild bunnies. I have a trap I got when the possum invaded the coop.
    Double my veggie garden and add more fruit trees. Double my water storage. Order a couple more just water filters. Order everything on my amazon wish list. It is mostly extra medical and things like hot water bottles. Place a large essential oil and herb order.
    Tune up all vehicles including dirt bikes, and buy an atv for mom, if available. Freshen and double fuel storage. Get extra wood. Pick up twigs at the local park each day on my walk.
    Get to Temecula and buy at least a side of beef. Or better yet, get a friend to go get it for both of us! Order some additional freeze dried fruit and veg. Order a large load of canned bacon, cheese and butter. Get more powdered milk for mom. Get more staples and OTC meds at costco.
    Buy all the canning jars I can find. Order more tattler lids. Keep a canner and dehydrator going as much as possible with fresh foods as available and foods from my freezer when fresh becomes unavailable. Blend much of what I dehydrate into powder while the blender works. Even babies can eat that.
    Buy all the bottled water, oil, canned food, wine, vodka and vinegar I can carry home. Shop at multiple stores, never filling more than one cart at a time. Stock a bunch of soda stream soda mix so I can taper off my soda addiction gradually.

    • I read somewhere, but don’t know if it’s true that wild bunnies and domestic have become so different they cannot produce viable offspring.

  50. Like many here, I can “see” an EMP and/or an economic collapse as the instigator for Major Problems.

    My main next 30-day preps would be to go ahead and get a well drilled on my property and to buy a wooden storage shed to be converted into a chicken house. I could build one myself; but, it would take more time and profanity than I would be prepared to commit to the project. Also, the chickens would be laughing so hard every time they looked at it that we would never get any eggs out of them.

    I have had something else on my mind this past few days. If an insane “leader” were to declare an insane law, would it not be insane to follow it? At what point do all of the executive orders become senseless babble? Surely, common sense would appear at some point?

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Buy rather than build in that 30 day time frame is a very good idea.

    • “At what point do all of the executive orders become senseless babble? Surely, common sense would appear at some point?”

      Hi Ozarkana,
      Nope. No necessity for common sense to crop up. Extreme violence on the part of the government seems more likely to me.

      Remember: People who ignore whoever is our Exalted Leader at the time can very easily be portrayed as law breakers (because they are), radicals, and terrorists. The whole history of the world if full of people showing up in shallow ditches, thumbs wired behind their backs, throats slashed or shot in the back of the head. Or sent to the Gulag. Or sent to the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

      My apologies for being so gloomy today. Not sure why I am.

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        +10 on what he said. History shows us no shortage of thugs willing to do whatever.. to whomever in order to maintain a higher station in the food chain… or a better set of conditions in Heaven or Hell…….

        Oh yeah.. I’m repeating myself…..

  51. Encourager says:

    Now don’t mind me as I am super excited!!! Complete change of subject!!

    A few minutes ago, a female bluebird flew up to the window. She looked just like the picture of the ‘mad bluebird’. She was joined by another female and then a male. They are NOT happy we took down the houses!

    We have over 20″ of snow on the ground and it is 15 degrees! But spring must be just around the corner – why would they be back so early?? Also saw a huge flock of robins two weeks ago. Dozens and dozens of them!

    If I see or hear a Redwing Blackbird, I will be in heaven! Don’t care if we have 30 more inches of snow – when the bluebirds and blackbirds arrive, spring will be here in weeks! Whoooo-hoooo!!

    • Damn! Send those birds my way! I don’t think winter’s ever going to end this year. We were spoiled the last few winters, so we were bound to get hit.

    • I have had a flock of redwinged blackbirds at my feeder for a week or so. I have never seen so many at one time before. If they signal spring, they may stay! I do need to get them another bag of birdseed this week.

  52. I think the start of the mess will be a financial crisis and things will snowball from there.
    If I knew I had 30 days, I would stock up of fish antibiotics and vitamins/supplements, and as much as possible of water, food, ammo, and other things I usually work on stocking. The day mayhem breaks lose, I might try to get my hands on human antibiotics, etc. before the gangs take over the pharmacies.

  53. Wow… hmm… 30 days… start with the 45 second panic and run around silently screaming before getting down to work… realize that we will never leave The Rock again and know that we have been planning for it anyways.
    The very first thing to do would be to send The Great Lake back to Ontario to collect our belongings from storage. While he’s out there doing that and kissing my sister and her family in the big smoke goodbye, I would be…
    1. Everyone to the doctor. All prescriptions filled with as much of a repeat as I can get.
    2. Everyone to the dentist. All work done.
    3. Huge buy at Costco – rent a U-Haul and fill her up.
    4. Get 2nd well drilled
    5. Install green house.
    6. Get septic tank cleaned out.
    7. Get a load of topsoil brought in
    8. Get a load of fertilizer brought in
    9. Get the propane fireplaces pulled out and replaced with wood stoves.
    10. Remove the electric stove and replace with a wood cook stove – I dream of my own Princess!
    11. Close off the vaulted area in the kitchen, and use for storage.
    12. Install doors on stairs to 2nd floor bedrooms and to basement
    13. Turn the fancy living room into a bedroom
    14. Get as many cords of wood delivered as possible.
    15. Drain lines to all un-used bathrooms
    (As you might have guessed this was a fancy pants house on a golf course chosen by The Great Lake but completely impractical for life off grid. Ah well, his money, his choice, but with 30 days notice…)
    16. Road Island Red and Wyandotte chickens
    17. Tamworth pigs
    18. 3 unrelated Short Horned Milk cows, preferably covered, and an unrelated bull. (You can see what the golf course is about to become).
    19. Seeds
    20. Long guns and amo
    21. Animal feed – chickens, pigs, cattle, dog…
    22. Tin lizzie with oars (our lake and river are a major salmon run)
    Oh Lord the list is endless…
    23. Run through the Sally Ann and get every piece of clothing that isn’t nailed down and any additional items that might be of use
    24. Go to the fish processing plant and buy big and smoke
    25. Finish the smoke house
    Take a few minutes for a mental breakdown and then get back at it…
    26. Wash every piece of clothing owned, all linens
    27. Hang the heavy drapes downstairs – both for heat and privacy
    28. Dog to vet for shots and stock up on any veterinary meds we can get
    29. Go moose hunting – we have more moose than we know what to do with but they’ll vanish fast when the ferries stop running.
    30. Pray. Our Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us and it is our job to be prepared for it.

    • Lake Lili, I like how you think…very practical. I am new to prepping and, honestly, would be in for some difficult times if I had only 30 days from now. It makes sense to obtain some type of boarding and screws to protect windows if necessary.
      Thanks for the list. I will take from it what applies to my situation and get started. I like #30 Pray. Just like the Moravians did, I would get a 24 hour a day prayer vigil going.

      • Hi Mindful,
        Thanks for the compliment. I have been the voice in the wilderness in my family since before Y2K. You are quite right about boarding up windows and unused doors – slide some insulation in between, and vapor wrap before putting up the plywood on the outside and drywall on the inside. When ever possible use that mold resistant dry wall, just incase a window leaks. Alternately, you could take out the windows/doors and store for future usage and reframe the space and close it up. If I had longer, I would take out all the soon to be useless base board heaters. Replace some of the large windows with smaller ones. Stock lots of screening materials. These fancy houses have lots of French doors, or as I call them, invitations to the world. They need to be replaced… Really there is so much to do. Just take it a day at a time. No. 30 is really an everyday thing. If you have concerns about where to start, look for the 100 First Things to Disappear list. Its a great starting place.

    • Encourager says:

      Oh, the vet! I forgot! Heart worm pills for at least 3 years. Worming meds for cattle, pigs, dogs, cats. Flea meds for cats and dogs. Ear antibiotics for our dog who is prone. Whew. Add to my list!

    • Encourager says:

      Lake Lili, why do the moose vanish when the ferries stop running???

      • They become the principle source of food. The Province of Newfoundland produces only 5% of its food needs on the island. Everything comes over by ferry. They stop running and the food stops coming. Moose were introduced in the early 1900s to help supplement fish as a food source. There are about 115,000 moose on the island and there are few homes on the island where there is not a moose in the freezer each fall.

      • Encourager:

        You should be careful on your reply comments. I don’t always get all of the comments, so when I read yours…….

  54. Mother Earth says:

    Well if this info became available and my dh believed it, I think we would head for the hills. Will need some building supplies to fix up house down there and haul my stuff from down there too. Would like a smokehouse and greenhouse built and bulk up on some meds and get my military sons (they have arsenals) and the rest of the kids all down there. More soap making, sewing, canning supplies and extra clothing/shoes. A lot to think about!

  55. Pineslayer says:

    Go get my shoulder worked on, then to the dentist.
    Spend all my money on more beans, bullets, and band-aids.

  56. GoneWithTheWind says:

    I don’t think another great depression or economic collapse will be the end of the world as we know it. It will be tough but most of use would/will make it. The real threat has always nuclear war or on a much smaller scale a few nukes in large cities thanks to the terrorists. When the radical muslim terrorists get nukes (and they will) they will want to use them in large Western cities to do the most damage. I think they would prefer Tel Aviv but the Israelis are too careful so they probably cannot smuggle it in there. London or Paris would be easier for them and almost as satisfying. New York City would be a prize as would Chicago, Dallas and a dozen other American cities. Unless something changes radically in the next few years it will happen. Just like that morning we all watched the WTC come down on live TV we will sit and watch replays of the big mushroom cloud over NYC caught on 100 different cameras around the city.
    Much worse would be WW III with 2000-4000 nukes lobbed all over the U.S. from Russia (or China) with love. Unlikely you think! No. It’s always been inevitable, just a matter of when.
    What would I do with 30 days notice? Rent a backhoe and dig a large fallout shelter, build a stock pile of food and necessities at the shelter and a couple of caches of food and other supplies in more remote locations. But it may not matter. After the nukes start falling it will disrupt their navigation system and instead of falling on your nearest large city or military installation they will land in the backyard of your farm. Hmmmm, Maybe plan A should be a one way ticket to Australia…

  57. Schatzie Ohio says:

    Well, if only 30 days it would depend if that is in the winter or summer. In the winter it would be hard to find laying hens. We already have alot of what we need. But in thinking about this I would want to buy fencing that the husband doesn’t want right now and a 2 man cross cut saw, a scythe, more fire extinguishers, more propane, and more charcoal. Hens to fill the now empty chicken coop and a lot more feed for them. I really would like to get a new pump to replace the rusty old one that is in our front yard. Oh, I also would get chimney pipe and cleaning brush for the wood stove that is sitting in the basement. With enough time maybe even replace the house roof.

    • Schatzie Ohio says:

      I forgot, I would also go buy a couple of German Shepherd puppies because our current GSD is not so young any more.

    NOTICE: Subject: Here’s the exact day the U.S. dollar will collapse
    Write down this important date: July 1st, 2014
    We’ve been writing for several years about the problems of the U.S. dollar and our government’s insurmountable debt obligations.
    But now, for the first time ever, our lead analyst believes we can accurately predict the exact day of the U.S. dollar’s official collapse.
    He says this collapse will coincide with a new Federal law that goes into effect this year.
    On this date, U.S. House of Representatives Bill “H.R. 2847” goes into effect. It will usher in the true collapse of the U.S. dollar, and will make millions of Americans poorer, overnight. You now have just several months to prepare…
    I strongly encourage EVERYONE to take a minute to learn about this law and the exact date.

  59. patientmomma says:

    The Pack has come through with just about every angle available. I’ll throw my thoughts in, for what ever they are worth….
    DL is bent on destroying our country but he is too shifty to come right out and announce it so the zombies can understand it. Consider the next US natural disaster, whatever, where ever; (earthquake, hurricane, volcano). It would be the perfect “natural” event for DL to declare martial law, bank holiday, import foreign troops, etc. from which to spread from one region to the next region. Of course the state govts would declare emergencies to receive federal aid, so DL could send in his goons to take over and never let go. This philosophy would make it easier to get the sheeple to accept martial law with less resistance. The elitists have been using this little at a time philosophy for years; part of their master plan.

    Thanks for all the ideas Wolf Pack!

  60. I think a total meltdown of the US dollar, followed by WW3, because the US government wont let go of being the issuer of the worlds reserve currency. There will be a major breakdown in the inflow of goods from other countries, because we wont be able to afford it and because some of them will stop selling to us.

    Its all about money and power folks. Get ready.

  61. I truly think that this will go a little quicker than 30 days. I have made no secret with everyone here that I think that we are in the end times. This does not mean that it is the end of the world. But it does mean that we are in for a very hard time – especially for Christians. To me, this means that financial collapse with some nuke/emp combo is in the cards. Not sure which will come first.

    I apologize for always being the downer. I am trying to tell you what I have found so that you are aware because the ending works out so well if you know what is happening. I supposed that I could just state that I am prepping for an F5 tornado (already done that one). Believe me when I say this, an F5 is cake compared to what is before us.

    The powers that be have been working on this for a long time. They want, No NEED a financial and societal collapse to consolidate power to the New World Order. They also need to blame it on someone else (China and or Russia) to reach their goals and serve as a savior as we beg them to stop the chaos. They will gain total world domination over a much smaller population which is governed by the new babylon (UN). The lies that we are going to be told are going to be some of the most egregious lies in history to get what they want (as if they haven’t already told us some whoppers). The Pope and many other religious leaders are going to help keep the masses in line. They will get their chip ( and load it with the new one world currency and records so we can easily pay taxes to the one world government or donate to the one world religion. You know, because the old systems don’t work…

    Sounds depressing, no? Well, we know how it ends. And that part will be awesome. In the meantime, I am driving my wife insane on prepping and notifying her of the latest developments.

    The plan depends on the order of events. Financial collapse first is the best scenario as it will afford more time to accumulate items before everyone freaks out. Nukes first means that we’ll be indoors and shelter in place for at least a week and then bug out. EMP still scares me, and probably means that we’ll be stuck. I can only hope that they would do a lot of cage rattling before hand.

    I read a lot. First step is Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Matt, Luke, Rev. So it would not be a useful exercise to list every book I read about this subject but I mentioned above the End of America book. In it, it walks through the biblical references to what happens to the Daughter of Babylon. Four Blood Moons makes a case for the the timeline being this year for activity. It makes sense to me. But who knows, I am just paying extra attention starting April 15 (the 1st blood moon). Joel Richardson books (Islamic Anti-Christ) demonstrate in painful detail how the Biblical Anti-Christ matches up with the Islamic Maadi (they are almost and exact match). Anything by Joel Skousen, the Strategic Relocation book shows you all of the major target sites. Also, if you have the time, I recently watched the Fuel Project on you tube and it is a summary of the how’s and why’s of what is happening today and why it relates back to the beginning of time. There is no way to check every reference on that project but a lot of the items up to Babylon and after the French Revolution I knew pretty well and agree with and have checked before. I struggle with some of the Catholic conclusions they reached on Mary yet agree with the Jesuit history. If you like biblical history, it is really interesting. If not, it will be painful.

    One item of note that I am watching for and the time to pay attention is when the U.S. betrays Israel. That is the biblical deal killer for us.

    I know it sounds crazy. I would have never believed it if you told me 3 years ago it someone told me this stuff. I would have laughed. But here we are. I only have one motivation – I want me and my family and friends (including you) in the book of the living. Back to driving my wife and kids insane…

    As for those that laugh and dismiss this stuff immediately as conspiracy theory, I just caution you to not reject an idea because it sounds crazy. It is absolutely crazy talk. Please investigate for yourselves. It is all out there in plain sight.

  62. Beans-N-Bullets says:

    I agree with Alex, total melt down of the $ followed by WWIII this will thin the heard as the powers to be would like it. Or a virus could substitute but more money would/could be made from a war.
    If you had 30 days notice then so does the hardware/grocery/warehouse store and the prices would be unreal.
    The maxing out the credit cards would be a bad idea as M.D said you can still loose your home even if its paid off. (good link M.D thanks)
    This was a good question for ME today, not sure why but it really has me thinking about pulling some $ out of the bank. Liked a lot of the responses here today as well.
    Thank you to everyone

    • Agree. They will instantly know you’re a hoarder and you make yourself a hot target. Heck the black helos may even beat you back home. On the other hand, if they want your house (or anything else) they have many ways to come and get it anyway. They are already working on that after your IRA’s and 401Ks disappear into thin air. After all as their big mouthed buddy Father Pfleger said, that money really isn’t yours anyway. “401(k) accounts are inherent representations of white..R…ism. It’s not fair that some people have 401k’s to fund their retirements”

    • patientmomma says:

      I think many of us are near or at retirement age and have to deal with 401Ks, IRAs, etc. Unless you previously transferred your funds to a ROTH IRA and paid your taxes up front, you’ll be paying taxes on that money. Depending on your retirement fund, the banks will take out a minimum of 10% but IRS will tax you at your current tax rate. They are very aggressive about getting their share of your retirement savings. Plus, it takes some time, depending on your fund requirements and the company. Count on at least two to three weeks to get it transferred and in your pocket. Some places take up to 6 weeks. So start now!!

      • Definately agree with Patientmomma,
        If your money is invested with broker, or self invested thru investments firms, ie Schwab, Vanguard, ect, your funds will be deposited into your checking account, or you will receive a check by mail.
        If you think you can walk into your local bank and withdraw larger sums of YOUR money, say over $5,000.00, or cash that investment check, you’re misinformed. Banks actually have very little cash at any given time. Recall 2008, the long lines of depositors in Calif, attempting to withdraw part of their money in their accounts?
        FDIC deposit guarantee is a security blanket to depositors.
        Not beneficial during any disaster or sudden run on banks.
        Planning to cash out your investments or savings accounts, might consider starting slow, now. Checkout FINCIN report, online. Withdraw small amounts per month, multiple increments.

        • Lyn,
          I don’t have to cash out several hundred thousand in cash. Once it’s in the checking account I can write checks (or use my debit card) and make internal transfers to pay credit cards. Some of the CC purchases could be at the local coin shop for PM’s. There’s always a way around most things if you think out of the box.
          I could go in to the bank every day and withdraw whatever cash they will allow and accumulate it over time.

          • OhioPrepper
            Thank you for responding.
            As I read your response, I asked myself, why are you preparing now?
            You may wish to check out: CSPAN on TV, Department of Defense testifying to Congress the #1 Threat to America is Cyber Security effecting U.S. power grid, U.S. financial institutions and U.S. infrastructure.
            Don’t forget the increased attempts on the grid, exhibited within the past 12 months, including last week.
            When the grid goes down, it’s back to walking, horse and buggy, and what’s stored at home. No banks, no stores, no gasoline, no phones, no cars.
            Debit /credit card purchases leave paper trails for anyone and everyone to know what you have.
            Once this occurs, prepping changes to surviving.

            No sarcasm intended.
            Best of everything to you and your family during these
            periods of severe winter weather.

          • Lyn,
            My plan above might need to be changed if the event would be a complete grid down situation; however, if I knew what the event was 30 days in advance, even a grid down would allow time to perform the actions I described. The scenario states, “that, that end of the world as we know it, causing event was going to happen in only 30 days from today.”, seems to imply that I know what’s coming and when it’s coming.

            Keep in mind that there are actually 3 grids. One east of the Mississippi, one west, and Texas, which has its own grid, separate from the rest.

            Also, what happened last week? I think I may have missed something.

  63. I read some reports that were supposedly leaked that February 15 & 16 a training exercise here in the U. S. in regards to a hacking of the national banking system. ATM’s will temporarily be shut down?????????? Just a rumor guys BUT????

  64. If I knew for sure I had 30 days:
    Sell all stock and buy a M1A1 I found at a shop and all 308, 5.52, 12GA 00 Buck, & 762X39 ammo I could.
    Buy silver coins while price cheep
    Buy rice, beans, wheat and other food
    Buy stove able to burn both coal & wood to cook & heat
    Find old water well on property or dig new one
    Buy seeds & potato seed
    Buy solar panels
    Not in this order

    It’s pretty clear here, isn’t it, that Obama is making the Conservative Constitutionalists Patriots out to be viewed in the very same light that Hitler painted the Jews.of the 1930’s. Both of them being fascist dictators.

  66. ladyofthelake says:

    WOW! Does anyone have friends in the armed services; if so what are their thoughts on what is going on today in the world. I know several Lt. Colonel’s in the area retired they have moved out into the country. What do you think the military would do in a crisis situation? This would be might useful information.
    Now the question. Put the steel containers down in the ground at least 10 feet under soil. One for people and one for animals one for food etc and pray the ravine (back door) is not found.
    Why does the average person not get it??? Wish there was a way to get to know others of like mind in our area.

  67. I can hear George Noory now “Looks like it’s time to pray, folks. We have a series of class X solar flares headed right toward us less then a month from now. Time fo the prepper trio: God, garden, guns.

  68. Many folks are planning on maxing out credit cards and even taking out more credit to get everything they want without intending to pay it back. Please think this through! Isn’t this called stealing? Also, debts may not be forgiven and you could possibly face harsh punishments in the future for this. Have been reading of a return of a type of debtors prisons in some places.

  69. I agree with those that say don’t max your cards out. There were people that bought really expensive generators for Y2K and lost money when they returned them after January 1,2000. The companies charged a restocking fee. Y2K was suppose to be like a lions Roar, but was actually a mouse squeak.

    Also going all in on gold or silver is not good, since you can’t eat it. In fact before Y2K I watched a guy try to buy out a coin store of all of its silver dollars and rounds with a check. I am not sure the place accepted it, since I left before transaction was completed.

    Concerning the cause of the collapse does not matter. Whatever it is “The powers That Be ” will not be of help and will cause thing to be worse than it needs to be especially if it was a Major disaster. So the best thing is just to be ready for the small stuff like loosing your job. If you can live on your preps until you get a new job, which could take months will make life easier. If something Major does happen you will still be as ready as you can be.

    In closing I would like to pass on this wisdom
    ” If the SHTF happens keep your head down your ass covered and your powder dry. When you shoot aim true and if all else fails keep You and Your blade sharp. And Pray that it Never happens.

  70. Tactical G-Ma says:

    The question was 30 days til TEOTWAWKI. I say take out any unsecured debt that you can. If the courts are working well enough to attach your property, then they will be working well enough for you to declare bankruptcy! I know we have been programmed to pay our bills…if there is a major event, if companies can’t recover major loans, and there are no public servants available to assist in serving and processing, do you realy think $50,000. credit card debt is going to be acted on?

    • Tactical G-Ma,
      Why go to the bother of getting unsecured debt when you can use your guns to simply take anything you need. If you think this would be wrong, then I’d like you to tell me how this is different than planning to default on unsecured debt. In one case it’s robbery, and in the other case conspiracy for theft. In any case it’s taking something that doesn’t belong to you with no real intention of paying it back.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        I guess I didn’t think that thru that well. But if I can’t get my money out of the bank and the government will no longer be sending our social security and the companies we retired from can no longer send our retirement pay which by the way is direct depositted, isn’t it safer to use plastic now than guns later? I’m not talking about a SHTF situation but a true End-of-the-world-as we know-it event.

        • I have to agree. It’s one thing to steal from your neighbor, quite another to steal from a company that basically does what it wants with your private information, makes BILLIONS in profits on the backs of working people and is heartless when it comes to getting it’s payments. They’re stealing from us now. Time to turn the tables…

          • Survivor,
            You state, “They’re stealing from us now. Time to turn the tables”. Which company is doing this? Why is stealing from them any different than stealing from your neighbors? We either have principles, ethics, and morals, or we don’t. Taking anything from anyone is theft, no matter how the person you steal from came by their wealth. Perhaps one can justify it in their own mind; but, that simply makes them no better than the entity they’re stealing from.
            BTW, I own stocks of companies in my IRA and some of their profits become my profits. If I borrow something from you, be it a tool, cash, or a cup of sugar, should you not expect it back, perhaps with interest, simply because I’ve decided you somehow have harmed me or don’t deserve it.
            One of the most troubling things I’ve been seeing about the scenarios in Conflicted Tuesday is how those whom I expect to be hard working, self reliant moral and ethical people, all seem to have a selfish darker side. Maybe time for each of us to take a long hard look in the mirror.

          • Ohioprepper,
            That is one of the points to this “game” . It lets you see what those you thing you know are really instead of what they appear to be . The other is to prepare you with the pre-thought out plan mentally for this or that situation.
            I don’t go into debt as a rule and haven’t except for a small loan for a used vehicle in needed in over 25 years. It is true I don’t have all the toys some people have but I have a good name in the community . I have been surprised by the number of people on here who would defraud others by going into debt that they did not plan to payback. It is not a matter of what our governments laws are but what my lord and God law is. If it is wrong to do it now it would be wrong to do it with a 30 day teotwawki notice.

          • I can’t argue with you concerning this being theft. It point blank is, but let’s list it all. I’m also planning on selling my military pension, which I know will be worthless in 30 days. So, I’d be stealing from JG Wentworth, as well.

            During this time period of post-SHTF I believe it will be near total collapse. I believe there will be civil unrest. I don’t believe these companies will be around to collect.

            A few countries have been toying with the idea of not using US currency in international oil trading. I believe that’s the real reason we invaded Iraq, Saddam was wiling to take other currency for his black market oil. Mr Bush couldn’t let that happen so went to war on trumped up charges. When our currency is no longer the world currency of choice we will experience hyperinflation on our debt like nobody’s business. The interest alone couldn’t be paid on credit cards no matter how we try to pay them off. So, whether intentional or not, the credit card company gets it in the shorts. Remember Carter and inflation in the 70’s? 26% or better interest rates….

            What I can argue with is the ‘selfish darker side’ label. As I listed below in my other post, I’d get building materials, work clothes, bullets and lots of sugar. These will be used to help people other than ourselves…Darker? Maybe. Selfish? Nawww

            You have my utmost respect, sir, if you’re able to pull off surviving without having to break some kind of law.

        • Tactical G-Ma,
          Maxing out your credit card and not being able to pay it back because the banks or government has frozen your legally acquired assets is one thing; however, planning up front on not paying it back is yet another, since you stated in part, “then they will be working well enough for you to declare bankruptcy” seems to imply that you’re planning on either not paying it back or going bankrupt, which is ethically no different.

  71. honestly,i would preform tasks as fast as possible.i would spend life savings on food and bottled water,sandbags for fortification,and living quarters. how the 1950’s dealt with nuclear radiation is that if you didn’t have a bunker, you down a floor and sandbag the floor above the room entirely. this room must be a room with no windows. once top floor is sandbagged you take materials and make a 90 degree angle leading to the living quarters, out of the thickest material you can find. you have a quick fallout shelter in a day! shelter in place and hope for best!

  72. 30 days…I think it will be a financial meltdown. I would also think that if I knew there were thirty days before SHTF so does a lot of other people. Maybe just like minded folks, because the believers of the TDL won’t understand what’s happening to them until their EBT card quits working. So, there may be a quiet run on food and sporting goods.

    I would apply for as many credit cards and accounts as I could. I’d sell my military pension to JG Wentworth for as much as he’d give me. I’d go on a shopping spree.

    I’d max out cards and accounts buying building supplies, sturdy clothes, gloves and boots. I’d buy every bullet I could find, regardless of caliber. I’d get medical supplies and sugar…lots of sugar.

  73. Tactical G-Ma says:

    OP, I am a practicing Christian. I have never stolen anything greater than a government issue ball point pen. I have only been late on a payment of ANYTHING once in my life. I have never written a bad check. I respect others. But I know that I will have to do some things that I am on the line with so that my family (and extended family) can survive if the Yellowstone super caldera blows or something as devastating. Thanks Survivor for clarifying what I was trying to say.

    • Tactical G-Ma,
      If you are a practicing Christian and know in advance that you are willing to cross over the line in some situations, then perhaps it is time to reevaluate your life and your faith. Flexible morals and ethics are what a politician may have, but principals should always be firm and unbending. You say you’ve never stolen ANYTHING, but you response, given the right situation is to steal, but only from large evil corporations; which BTW employ people and allow them to provide for themselves. Situational ethics seems to be a large problem in our society, and IMO one of the reasons we’re headed into the dustbin of history.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        OP, You make some very good points. I threw in the bankruptcy thing because someone said a creditor could take ones property. Which I think would not happen in a country where there is a total collapse.
        When I joined the military I took a psych eval exam and there were questions asked that troubled me. One was could I shoot someone with intent to kill. I said yes but prayed about it and finally went to my father whom I believe to be one of the most Holy people I have ever met. He assured me I would be able to do so. It seems contrary to some denominations teachings. We have had the luxury of living in the United States because people were willing to kill, steal, lie, and whatever else it took to sustain freedom. This is a hypothetical question, in truth I haven’t a clue how I would act if forewarned of impending doom. But I hope it would be whatever it takes to help my community, my family, survive.

        • Tactical G-Ma,
          Killing another human being is by definition homicide; but, I think most people see a distinct difference between murder and self defense. I teach firearms classes and the attorneys that teach the legal section discuss this at length. Use of lethal force for self defense in most cases requires that you are in immanent fear of death or severe bodily harm, and even in that case you only use enough force to stop the threat. One never “shoots to kill”; however, if death is the outcome as a result of stopping the threat, then generally one is legally and I believe morally in the clear.
          Even theft has its grey edges, since in biblical times, there was a legal practice known as gleaning. If you were truly hungry, it was legal to come into my field or orchard and eat some of my crop without fear of prosecution; however, if you leave the premises with as much as a grain of corn or a fig in your pocket, then it was punishable as theft.
          Getting in debt and going bankrupt is a bad situation generally involving either poor planning, or tragedy, such as high medical bills or destruction of your home, car etc., by natural causes, and is an unfortunate thing for the debtors. If however, you plan on bankruptcy and default ahead of time, then this is conspiracy to commit theft at a minimum, and is IMO not only legally, morally, and ethically wrong.
          Often the difference comes down to intent.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            OP, I have been respectful of your comments while you have made it clear what you think of my views. I am very okay with my beliefs and what I have done or might do. I wish you nothing but the best.

          • This conversation between G-Ma and OP (and others) has been very interesting to follow. It kind of reminds me of the old tale of the 3 blind men asked to describe an elephant after touching it once. The fellow touching the trunk said it was like a snake, the guy touching the leg said it was like a large tree, and the guy touching the elephants body said it was like a barrel. All were right but each held a different vision of the elephant!.

            As I have read the posts it seems that there is a wide difference in peoples view of what teotwawki will be like ………. and that difference in opinion drives each of us to approach an uncertain future from different perspectives. I happen to believe that such an event will result in chaos of unprecedented proportions so I am planning for my family and group to be totally independent and self sustaining. But, not everyone appears to have a view of teotwawki similar to mine. That’s okay with me as I don’t pass judgment on their comments. There’s no right or wrong ………. only a personalized fear of the unknown and our own beliefs that motivate us to be Preppers.

          • Big Bear:

            Our plans and understanding seem to be similar, although I do put away a few “cheap” things for barter later on. I just don’t plan on that happening for a couple of years.

            I’m one of those “worst case: people, it’s what works for me. Things are never as bad as I plan for and that’s good. For me and others. Just means I’ll have more res courses left over than I planned. And if nothing happens it will give the children and grand children something to complain about – “What are we going to do with all this #%^&*%$^&* that Grampa left us with.

          • Yep, we do seem to be in step for a lot of things…… suppose it’s that excellent Montana air that makes is so smart! 🙂

            Those of us that live in places that tend to cull the weak from the herd are used to being prepared. If we don’t use the stuff we’ve put away what a great garage sale it’ll all make.

          • Bam Bam,
            My point has little to do with anyones view of what teotwawki will be like; but, how one will handle preparation for it. If those preparations involve the pre-plannd stealing or cheating someone out of money, goods, or services, then it IMO shows that character of the person or group, and I don’t see them much differently than an armed group of raiders. It’s easy to have principles, morals, and ethics in good times. The real key to character is how we behave in the bad times.

          • Tactical G-Ma,
            I don’t mean my comments to be disrespectful and if you read my post directly above I think you’ll see that in areas like haveing to kill in self defense is something we would agree on.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            OP,This has been a good dialogue even though I winced once or twice. And you certainly made some very good points. We each have to make some tough decisions in days to come. There will be renegades, thieves, and pirates if a major event occurs. We have them now. I pray that I make the right decisions. I did not mean to leave the impression that I would steal or hoard food and supplies. I will be judged by God for my short comings and not in this blog.

      • OP, let’s give you a Conflicted Friday event….

        A person approaches your domicile and proves to you beyond a shadow of any doubt he is a representative of the current government, regardless of its current state of governing. The person tells you a bum they rounded up had told the authorities that Mr OP, and a bunch of other folks, had food and guns hoarded. He goes on to say that a fine upstanding person such as yourself would never do anything like that. The sentence would be harsh and swift what with the Constitution being suspended and all. Additionally, the person says they just had to come out and cross the i’s and dot the t’s and they turn to leave.
        Now, do you
        A. Say, “wait officer, the bum was right. I have food and guns. Here ya go.”
        B. Give them some rice, an old .22 rifle and a handful of green .22 shorts.
        C. Tell them you ain’t got nothing and if they did would they share.
        D. Other – please explain.

        • Survivor,
          This one is easy and the answer is D, based primarily on one item in your scenario, where you stated, “what with the Constitution being suspended and all”. That constitution is the only thing that creates and holds together a legitimate government. When those in power, because of their constitutional authority, suspend the constitution, then IMO they suspend any and all authority granted to them by that document. Saying you represent the current government in this case is not something I would be concerned with; because they are by definition merely thugs, with no authority other than the possible threat of violence.
          In short, one does not suspend the mechanism that grants you authority, and then try to exercise that authority over others.

          • Encourager says:

            +10 OP.

            What type of government is this so called “representative of the current government” representing if the constitution has been abandoned? A bunch of bullies that want everything under their control or a dictator who wants the same. If the constitution of the United States of America is gone, there is no United States of America.

          • You can call them thugs, bullies, dictators, political officers, US Marshals, state and local police… call them what you will. During the troubles we will most definitely be under martial law. Martial law was declared in New Orleans after Katrina and the LNG rounded up weapons, enforced a curfew and locked down the city. These are the guys that have approached you. Doubting their authority won’t stop them from kicking in your door, taking everything you have and leaving you to starve defenseless….

  74. grandma bear says:

    If you are waiting for the 30 day signal I think it may be too late. Yes you may be able to pick up a few things but I really think if you have access to this info so does the majority. If I have not already put my plan into play this info may be a mute point. I think a better plan is to not put off to tomorrow what you can do today. If you are going to tap that 401k or IRA in the future to do what you think may be important, If this plan has merit why are you waiting? I would think the peace of mind knowing you are already prepared would be worth any penality you may incure. Just a thought!

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