The Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat

My new book “Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat” has officially been released and is available for purchase through Paladin Press. I hope you will buy a copy…

Five Uses For Old Tires Around Your Retreat

uses for old tires

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, drivers in the United States generate nearly 300 million used tires each year. I think you would agree letting such a mountain of a resource go to waste would be a bad thing and since I love using “free stuff” around the retreat, I’ve been brainstorming ideas on how I can put them to […]

What Did You Do To Prep This Week

Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat Cover

The past two weeks have been hectic, I’ve worked eight nine hours a day burning copies of my “ITEOTWAWKI – And I feel Fine” survival cd and filling orders – a lot of orders. The first week saw over 400 orders with over 600 orders total, I did not know if I should laugh or […]

Should You Invest In “Junk Silver” and Other Precious Metals For Survival

Investing in Junk Silver Coins

I’ve noticed a lot of comments from readers asking about investing in precious metals as a hedge against inflation. Since this is a subject that I’ve not covered before on The Survivalist Blog, I thought I would share my views on the topic for you in today’s post. But before we get into the how to do […]

A Self-Employed Carpenter’s Thoughts on the Future

This is a guest post by Jim Kearns of Rustic Structures LLC The world is changing. Currently, as a nation, we have a large and well-trained section of our work force dedicated to residential construction. Unemployment within the construction industry now exceeds 20%. That number takes into account only workers getting unemployment compensation. There are […]

Follow Up: Hybrid vs. Heirloom Garden Seeds

by Jerry Hi Everyone!  Well, I definitely got some feedback on my last guest blog, Hybrid vs. Heirloom: One Man’s Perspective.  While some of you agreed with my ponderings, some did not, and that’s totally fine.  As I had stated in the blog, this was my experience with hybrid vs. heirloom seed, and everyone’s experience […]

How Much Time Do We Have Before TSHTF?

This is a question I’m asked at least once a week : [poll id=”1″] Please let us know why you chose your answer in the comments below – thank you…

Free Ammo Giveaway From Lucky Gunner

The following is a guest post from the crew over at ~ M.D. has been a long-time advertiser here on  As a result, we recently reached out to M.D. with an idea to do a TSB-specific contest related to ammunition and preparedness.   He’s a nice guy and agreed, because he wants his readers […]

Donated Book and DVD Round Up

One of the great things about running a blog with more than two readers is that, I sometimes, get free books from authors and vendors. No, they’re not sending me free stuff because, I’m a swell guy, but with the hope that I will give a  positive review and my recommendation for their product. Nothing wrong […]

What Did You Do To Prep This Week

Before we start today, I would like to thank C Farley and   Benjamin R for their donations this week – thank you. While I greatly appreciate your support, please be sure you can afford to do so before contributing, I don’t want anyone putting themselves out to help me. Since releasing my survival CD this past […]

Afraid of Wasting Your Time With Your Preps?

You’re not alone. I mean, just imagine… You spend money building your survival food and gear stockpiles. You take months, even years to build up your knowledge of survival skills. You may even leave the city for a safer home in the country. You may be up at 5:00 AM seven days per week, working hard gardening, building, fencing, […]

RV Bug Out Vehicle

One man’s solution to the economic situation in LA – what do you think and what advice would you offer to him? His firsthand account of the economic situation in LA is worth the time required to watch the video.

Wise Food Storage – One Man’s Solution


This is a guest post by KGC. If you like to wrote for The Survivalist Blog, do read How to become a guest author at The Survivalist Blog. Your browser may not support display of this image. With so many choices of food storage products, I decided to give (Wise Food Storage) a shot because […]

You Don’t Have to Be a Gourmet Chef to Cook With Food Storage

One of the most common food storage questions, readers ask me, is “what do we do with all those grains and beans you suggest we store in our pantry”. This is a good question and one that I’m sure has been asked by many while facing their buckets of grains and wondering what to do next. To be honest, when […]

You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Have A One Of a Kind Survival Library

Now Available! Join us and Kick-Start Your Preps and Broaden Your Survival Skills With Our Complete Survival, Emergency Preparedness and Homesteading Library on One Convenient CD. If you plan to survive TEOTWAWKI but have put off building a survival library because of the cost or time involved – you’re not alone. It’s The End of […]

What Did You Do To Prep This Week

It’s been a long week, a week with a lot of stress and more than a few tears, but the funeral and burial are over and it’s time for everyone to begin to healing. My girlfriend has taken the loss of her father better than I anticipated  – I think the nine months she spent taking care […]

Other uses for Vinegar, Baking Soda, WD40, Coca Cola, Fabric Softener Sheets and Paper Towels

This is a guest post by John M Vinegar When it comes to grocery store products, vinegar is liquid gold. People have been using it for ages – and not just for cooking and preserving foods. Vinegar’s versatility is virtually unmatched; there are literally hundreds of potential applications. Aside from its primary applications, here is just […]