The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks

The 3 Coming False Flag Attacks

Ron Paul Warns People of possible False Flag Attack

(NaturalNews) “Another false flag attack appears imminent from July 25, 2012 – In the tragic aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado shooting which has all the earmarks of a staged “false flag” event, a follow-up false flag now appears imminent.”

A brief history of false flags : “As false flag operations gain further ground and frequency, the better you know their history, the sooner you can recognize when they are about to happen or as they occur.”

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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    This may not have anything to do with false flags but then again it could very well.
    Boxer has said that the national guard should be put in the schools to guard against another shooting of children.
    Control the ability of you to have easy access to your child. Control of your family, control of you.

  2. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I just don’t know what to say except:
    I don’t doubt there are contrived events in the world but no way do I believe every bad thing is orchestrated to control the world. In one word…b***s***.

  3. All I can say is “I hope these are wrong”. They problem is I’ve met some of the “true believers” and I put nothing past them if their keepers let them off their leash.

  4. MountainSurvivor says:

    The corruption in our Government is like it was when the U.S. Constitution was created.

    • MountainSurvivor says:

      The orchestration will end when the corruption is done away with. Only those who fear God, respect the U.S. Constitution and love this Nation can do that job.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Mountain Survivor
        It’s too late. I doubt if 1 in 10 know the definition of integrity, much less have it.

  5. Hunker-Down says:

    The federal reserve answers to NO branch of the government. Congress can’t touch those people. Methinks the top 20 levels of this group, which is not limited to the U.S., pulls all the strings.
    That’s a very powerful invisible army. All armys’ have false flag plans on the drawing board for whatever scenario they think is a threat to their goals.
    Obummer is a minor player in that group.

  6. The idea that America is the evil country in the world is pure crap. Sure the U.S. has done some things wrong especially since the end of WW2. Then America’s foreign policy was properly based on the principle of rational self defense where our goal was not only to destroy our enemy’s ability to fight but to destroy their will to fight. That is why we fire bombed Tokyo and mercilessly bombed Dresden and Berlin. That is the only way to secure true peace. Our nation has not had that kind of moral clarity or courage since. That is why our enemies are growing in number and strength.

    • I have to agree with Ron Paul on this one , if you recall , before WW2 , we were a non interference nation . After the war we felt we have the right to interfere in everybody’s business …….WE DO NOT !. The British and the Russians have one thing in common ……..everywhere in the world they went , the people couldn’t wait to get rid of them . The US is now the modern version of that . Just pray that we dont get into a full blown war with either Russia or China , as you pointed out …..we not only dont have the will , we have forgotten HOW to win against an enemy that can keep pace with us militarily . The Douglas MacArthurs and George Pattons are not in our leadership , most of the generals got their stars being a desk jockey . Not to mention we cant afford the conflicts we are currently in now , and I say conflicts because congress never declared war on anybody .Just sayin

    • Mike-

      I’ve lived in Canada, Germany and Australia. You should view the U.S. from their point of view. Yeah, the U.S. isn’t the worst on the block, but it is rapidly gaining prominence in oppression of its citizens. It’s worse than budding socialist countries like Australia, which exerts a LOT of social control. And it wasn’t just the liberals/progressives that did it. It was the NWO Republicans working with the NWO progressives.

    • Miramonte Mike says:

      Governments are more alike than the are different and the same is true for empires. Nationalists have a hard time accepting this. The US government inherited the British Empire and is now spread across the world spending away its substance to maintain its borders. Like the British, the US will go broke, as well. Empires behave in similar ways. None see themselves as bad and they readily accept propaganda that there is a good reason for all the war against other nations and the growing abuse of citizens’ rights. Like every power before it, wars abroad and the loss of rights at home are justified by fear, i.e., if we don’t take these actions we will never have peace and security.

      Continual war is not peace. A police state does not give security. Both destroy the economy and liberty.

      I am a proud patriot of America. I will gladly defend my fellow American and this land. But I will not swear allegiance to or defend the corrupt government that rules her.

  7. Good old Ron , the last hope for this country with a population too stupid to take him seriously . Perhaps we can groom his son for the next run , if nothing else , the Pauls are good people to call them out on their BS , when nobody else will .

  8. Warning Class III Woo Woo Alert

  9. I wouldn’t put anything past our guberment.

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