5 Signs We’re Living in an Orwellian Police State (Now More Than Ever)

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  1. Jesse Mathewson says:

    Couldnt agree more sadly…

  2. Ronald Beal says:

    It is used by all who wish to gain power without a frontal assault:
    two steps forward, one step back. Apologize. Three steps forward, two steps back. Apologize.

    Old definition of Apologize: To explain, provide details of an incident; nothing to do with ‘asking forgiveness’.

  3. patientmomma says:

    Orwell was way ahead of his time, but at least his book and concept survived. It is sad that the book was taken out of high schools and colleges, where it was required reading when I was younger. Some of the kids today have no idea what “Orwellian” means, have no desire to read a book, even if it is on a ipad or a kindle, and few can concentrate longer than 60 seconds on one concept. When I was managing people, I had to give new hires a 2-week remedial training session in concept identification, critical thinking, problem solving and business writing before I could give them work assignments.

    • American Pacrat says:

      That is just sad, not being smartie about the ‘remedial training’. I see it all the time now. Young adults that can not use the brains God gave them to figure things out, they have to led to the solution’s.

  4. Let’s say you have a car accident. You go to court. You tell the truth, i.e. the facts. The other guy gets up and gives an “alternative fact” that you were on your phone when the accident happened. Hmmm! There really are alternative facts.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      So maybe purchase a $40 vehicle camera/ and keep that thing on…

      • The point I was making is that Ms Conway was right and there were indeed alternate facts that the media left out. Cnn used phony pictures to support their claim of low turnout. The rest of the media failed to mention that the Democrat brownshirt rioters prevented people from attending. And the last fact was that this was the most heavily viewed inauguration in history but most viewed it on-line. Alternate facts. The media’s intent was to obfuscate and throw out charges of lying and Ms Conway wanted to point out the facts the media was hiding.

    • BlueJeanedLady says:

      Thank you, OneGuy. 🙂
      I agree with you completely as I’ve been thinking the same thing since the liberal left media decided that “alternative” facts must be considered as lies, make-believe fodder, myths or downright “false” facts. The word “alternative” is not necessarily an accurate synonym for the word “false.” KellyAnne Conway was indeed trying to address alternative (different, but true) facts that the media types were purposely ignoring.

      Alternative and yes, still true, facts are all around us. It’s the deceitful among us (some media members / outlets perhaps) that intentionally take such out of context to deceitfully support their group / personal agendas. Just a few simplistic examples:

      *The glass is half full.
      *The glass is half empty.
      News based media video shows a person with an empty glass in one hand as the other hand is turning on the water faucet. Huh?

      *The house was painted white.
      *The trim on the house was painted dark green.
      Media pictures a yellow painted house with dark green painted trim, thus choosing to ignore the first of these two facts completely.

      *It was a giant evergreen tree.
      *It was an 80 foot tall blue spruce tree.
      Media refuses to use the video taken of the tree, also refuses to use stock, still photo of a blue spruce tree and chooses to picture a wide angle shot of a forested area with many varieties & sizes of various evergreen trees, thus muddling up both facts.

      See how easy that is?

      Beware friends and be aware!
      The deceitful will do whatever they can deceitfully accomplish to advance their deceitful intentions.
      JMHO of course. 🙂

    • These alternative facts are used in many other areas as well today.
      Case in point: Global Warming……errrrrrrr, Climate Change.
      While no one wants our water ways, lands and air polluted today, this cult of Wacked-O environmentalists that twist any giving information to push their agenda is beyond anything to do with actual Science today.
      It’s this very “fake science” that the IPCC has depended on to push for a global reach of law over all nations.
      And what does this IPCC want to do? Collect a carbon tax.
      A “tax” on people for the output of CO2……..natural breathing!
      What is this collective tax used for, you ask?
      To “control” a climate????
      A punishment & payment to those they deem most effected by the poison CO2 from those the deem is responsible the most.
      In other words, a redistribution of money on a global scale.

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