A history lesson – JFK, Secret Societies and Silver Certificates…

Since the Bilderberg Group, a group that is made up of 125 of the worlds richest people are having their annual meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark this week, I thought that you all might find the videos posted below very interesting.

While I don’t know what happened nor do I have any “inside information” from secret sources like some claim, I do find the below chain of events interesting and a clear indication as to who really runs the world…

President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech

Executive Order 1110 JFK and Silver Certificate

Five months later… JFK was Assassinated…

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  1. Nebraska Woman says:

    I have been aware of this link for some time now, MD. There is a lot more to this story than the government will ever admit to because the Bilderberg group will never allow it.

  2. Hunker-Down says:


    Thank you.

    We must not forget why.

  3. patientmomma says:

    The more we uncover, the more information which surfaces, the more dots which are connected,,,,, provides knowledge to society and hopefully instills the desire to fight for freedom. These are dangerous people, but so is the resistance movement.

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