A truly Innovative way to hide your money while on vacation

hiding your money.

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  1. With a little care you can also keep the platform on which the balm sits, just keep like 1/4″ of balm on it or make fake balm out of hot glue if you don’t want the grease. Then when you take the cap off it just looks like balm. That would be an extra step to take if you think someone else might actually take the cap off your lip balm.

    • Southern Blonde says:

      Good idea, PP. I wonder how much money can fit into the lip balm container?

      • I guess it depends on the denomination of the bills.

        Note to self… just because someone is blond doesn’t mean you have to be a [email protected]

        • Southern Blonde says:

          My wonderful Daddy used to leave me ‘dumb blonde jokes’ on my answering machine and I would come home and listen to a new joke each day. I have heard jokes all my life.
          I’m a business manager with an MBA, and not a dumb blonde.
          I wasn’t being a smart a$$, I was just asking a legitimate question.
          Thanks for making me feel like a dumb a$$.
          I will not submit posts here again.

          • S Blonde; I do hope you read this. Because 1 or a few commenters say something offensive, real or imagined, is no reason to drop this or any site. I’m not even a serious prepper and I find usefull tidbits all the time.

            • Southern Blonde says:

              Thanks EthanP!!

              It really hurt my feelings, but you are right. I also love this site and read it every single day. I need to grow thick skin. I’m going to wipe my tears away. There are good folks left out there. You made my day.

              Thank you, Dear!

          • I believe that Mike was trying to make a joke. See where it says “Note to self” . No need to feel bad.

          • worrisome says:

            Southern Blonde, I don’t think Mike meant anything by it. Once in a while peeps say things that don’t come off without being able to read the expression on their faces. Please don’t give up on the site, there is too much good info here for that.

            • Southern Blonde says:

              Thank you so much, Worrisome. I had a very, very stressful week at work, and I think I was just super sensitive. Thanks again for taking your time to make me feel better. I just love to read your posts! You are one of my favorites. You are so sweet showing you care.

      • 5) $1
        5) $2
        5) $5
        5) $10
        5) $20
        5) $50
        5) $100
        0) Obamas Titanium Coin

        • OH!
          it would also hold …
          5) $500
          5) $1000
          but we no longer have those denominations ……that is way too much for our responsibility ….and the electronic mentality will eliminate all our wealth soon!

          Southern, don’t be upset, …..our gov’t thinks we a re all dumb blondes! love too you!

          • Southern Blonde says:

            I like you, Unleashed!

            You put a smile on my face, and made me laugh out loud!

            • Hey there, I forgot I actually left that smart a$$ reply.

              I really was trying to poke fun at myself with that “Note to self” thing. I thought it was friendly.

              With the number of times I’ve nearly killed myself with all the dumb stuff I’ve done… I never suggest others are dumb. Beam in my own eye… Just today I was thinking to myself. People may be born intelligent or unintelligent but we choose to be dumb and/or ignorant and I got pretty disappointed with how many times I’ve chosen DUMB in my life.

              So, sorry to you SB and actually sorry to all the regular posters if I’ve given the idea they aren’t friendly and helpful at this site.

            • MikeM

              I got it! from get go, with the ‘note to self”…..I thought you made an attempt to flirt with SB……just my stupid interpretation ….lol

              I don’t plan it, but I’m sure I’ll release my DUMDA$$ opinions most days.

              ya’ll should hug an make up…:)

              But, MikeM …SB likes me !!

            • Southern Blonde says:

              OK MikeM

              I like you too 🙂

              No hard feelings. I must have misinterpreted your post because I had a rough week at work I guess. No worries!

  2. I used to know a guy who hid things inside his bicycle.

  3. riverrider says:


  4. Good idea

  5. When backpacking across the country, I kept $300 tucked inside my pack frame. Had to remove the rubber boot to pull out the baggie held in by the pack pin. Not sure I’d try that these days, though: too many people who’d steal the pack soon as I put it down.

  6. Also remember not to make yourself a target by flashing too much cash in the 1st place.

  7. Texanadian says:

    Nifty idea.

  8. I’ld always worry I’ld lose the “tube” money and all. Done it before.

  9. Great idea! Thank you very much.

  10. With alittle imagination, you can come up with many ideas. I like that one though. I have a popup camper that when I use it, I have a receptle box that is just a fake storage compartment built in. Works nice.

  11. MountainSurvivor says:

    Or your diamonds, drugs, tinder or waterproof matches.

  12. My mom used to do this with lipstick. She kept lipstick tubes with a folded-up bill inside them everywhere. She was terrified of getting robbed, getting stuck somewhere, running out of money before payday, not having enough money for gas, etc., so she kept “lipsticks” in the car, her purse, her desk at work, several places in the house and garage, etc. Brilliant idea!

  13. I use an empty Leatherman pouch for the same thing.

  14. In some flashlights there is enough room to wrap an FRN around the batteries. I had stashed a folded $20 in the battery compartment of my old cell phone. There are lots of places something as small as a bank note can be secreted. All it takes for us to find them as to be tuned in to the possibilities. For someone who doesn’t know that we’re hiding things like this they may never find them.

  15. When I was younger I used to visit head shops. They sell all kinds of sneaky doper hiding containers. You would just unscrew the bottom of say a fake coke can, spraypaint can, peanut can, etc. You could probably find those online somewhere without actually having to visit a head shop. I think the smell of incense would give me a headache now!

  16. I think it would be cool to have someone do a post on unique places in your house/apartment that you can hide your prescriptions when gone, money, guns/rifles etc. Maybe fake walls or safes etc. Come up with as many things to hide stuff in plain site. They always say not to hide all of your preps in one place lest you get over run and they take all your food and things. I plan on hiding some food and ammo and supplies underground under where we keep our small boat parked and other places that look normal.

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