Agenda: Grinding Down America…

This is a must watch video that brings a lot of what we see on a day-to-day basis into perspective, revealing the true agenda of the left – I have Agenda: Grinding Down America on DVD and this is an option for those with a slow interment connection, because the video is a full one and a half hours in length and would take forever to download on a typical dialup connection…

Let me know what you think in the comments below…?

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  1. This is one of the single scariest documentaries I’ve ever seen. You can get the book, “The Naked Communist” in pdf here:

  2. I am going to give this a peep. I was reading through reviews of this film on Amazon, and a single phrase in one review jumped out at me:

    “Beware the righteous with power–the power to tax and the power to damn.”


    • axelsteve says:

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      • Stealth Spaniel says:

        That’s BakerCreek Heirloom Seeds-they also have a spot in Mansfield Missouri. Great people, great company. Heirloom quality seeds that your great grandmother knew. They have a good catalog, and this weekend-a super festival in Mansfield. Worth doing business with.

        • axelsteve says:

          Stealth Spaniel. Thank you I forgot the name of the place.It was to much to read driving by on my way to the wedding. I am going to have to stop by there sometime.

  3. Mystery Guest says:

    Has been my OPINION and I have seen this going on for years. Like anything else no one listens to me.
    All should take heed and watch this.
    Keep resisting and prepping.

  4. Sounds like a “must see” for all Patriots who love their Freedom.

    In a similar vein, the Renew America site has a short piece written by a Sylvia Thompson titled “Identify the problem”. It is the best written/thought out argument for Civil Disobedience against the Marxists currently in power I have ever read.

    A true call to arms.

  5. Ugh, that was long. Need to write them to send me the closed captioning data so I can read what they’re saying.

    The education system does need to be worked on, greatly.

    With feminism and gay rights, take them away and you make two groups unhappy. Keep them and you’re just making the people who hate those two groups unhappy.

    Hating on everything environmental… Figure out ways to get to the future without destroying the quality of air and water.

    And do these people group Buddists as evil?

    • You seem to throw anyone with a conservative point of view into the “Hater” group. Maybe you don’t understand that such issues as “gay rights” is being used by Marxist Ideology to further their agenda and take away YOUR freedom.

      Given the 100 million+ people Marxism has murdered within the past 100 years, I would say that it is them who should be considered “Hate Filled”.

      Having served in S.E. Asia during the 1960’s/70’s I can tell you that Communist killed the followers of Budda along with any other religions piece meal.

      Peace, (through superior firepower)

      • No legitimate government should have the power to selectively enforce the law by having different rules for different subsets of the population. This is why discriminating against gay people is wrong. It’s also why favoring people of a particular race/gender/ethnicity is wrong. We might not agree with how a certain group thinks, or with the choices they make. However, that doesn’t mean it’s OK for the government to treat them differently under the law.

        Personally, I think the government should get out of the marriage business altogether. Have civil unions for everyone, and let churches marry whoever they want to (or don’t want to). It’s God’s business, not the government’s.

    • You seem to have missed the point of the documentary. All what was foretold in the book, “The Naked Communist,” is precisely what has happened step by step. What does it matter who thinks it is hating or making a group happy or unhappy? I think it only matters what God thinks is right or wrong. It is a matter of calling good bad and bad good, just like it says in Isaiah.

      It also goes back to the scripture 2 Tim, 3:7, “Ever learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.”

      “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Josh 24:15

    • If being a conservative is considered a hater , we were stronger as a nation and people by being haters . Not everything or everyone is acceptable . Just sayin .

    • Kelekona says:

      The people who made this documentary are strident, so much so that it made my skin itch.

      And you’re going to have to go outside of the bible for why letting gays swear to monogamy is a bad thing.

      What about female rights? There was a time when I could work. Should I have instead spent my time looking for a man to support me, only to be cast aside when it turned out I was infertile?

    • Pineslayer says:

      Kelekona, ugh is right. Pick your poison. I choose freedom, from all hypocrites and controllers. May the next revolution send them all to Detroit. Apologies to the good people stuck there.

  6. One of the few documentaries that refers to the Fabian Socialists. I have never met anyone that has even heard of them (part of the public fool’s system “education”, I suppose). I learned about them from the book: Fabian Freeway High Road to Socialism in the U.S.A, R. Martin (Author).
    The book is about the history and methods of their brand of Socialism (Communism), but is very difficult to find.
    For What It’s Worth… General Mills Company is a political and financial supporter for a gay marriage amendment in Minnesota.

  7. WOW… Granted, it was done in 2009 and Hugo Chavez is now history, so ‘maybe’ Venezuela can turn around, but if you look at history over the last 50-60 years, it really did occur just like that. I saw it, lived it, but was oblivious to it until my eyes and mind opened up to believe it.
    Biased media… every day!
    Teach the young children… line them up and force them to sing Obama praise songs!
    Destroy from within, covertly.
    There will be naysayers as usual, but if they really view with an open mind, the writing IS on the wall.
    Very scary!

  8. It all makes sense now.

  9. I agree with much of what this movie has to say about the dangers of Big Government, Socialist agendas, and the decline of education and the family.

    However, I find it interesting that the speakers seemed to rely so heavily upon God to justify their points of view. I believe in God, and I very much value the Judeo-Christian foundations of our country. However, I recognize that religion has been used by “Christian” governments in the past to oppress people. Our Founding Fathers recognized this, and it was one of the reasons they established freedom of religion and prevented the establishment of a State Religion.

    I think that the speakers in the video would have strengthened their argument by equally emphasizing the importance of individual liberty, freedom from oppression for all people, and how damaging “spreading the wealth” can be to society in terms of decreased productivity and individual self-responsibility.

    I believe that the government has no right to control me, or to redistribute the fruits of my hard work to other people. I believe that I should be free to live my life as I wish, so long as I am not infringing upon the freedoms of other people. Those are things that can be logically supported by all free-thinking people, regardless of their religion/gender/sexual orientation/race.

    • worrisome says:


    • There we go, I would have waited to comment if I knew J Smith was going to say that.

      Though without redistribution of wealth, someone should be able to either guilt-trip the millionaires into tithing to charitable servants or convince them that they really do need an army of human servants that are well-kept. (No starving slaves.)

      • The thing is , the argument was that the millionaires created the jobs , and for a long time it was true ……… they outsource the jobs ………so I say tax the crap out of them . That is also assuming that our money has real value that is backed by something ………which it is not . When your money is worthless ( unbacked ) there is no longer any reason to tax ……..except as a controle measure over the population .

  10. This is a great video! I have it in my collection & highly recommend it-particularly it is produced as an ‘overview’ of the crap going down in our (once) great country! The comment on ‘The Naked Communist’ is also right on! Preeminent in this book is (author) Skousen’s list of commie agenda items for this country. It dovetails EXACTLY w/above video’s overall theme. Thanks for info/comments!

  11. private idaho says:

    oh damn i’m officially scared now remember the saying better dead than red!!

  12. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I was enraged about half way through and had to shut it off.

  13. Kelekona says: I wandered across this by accident.

    ‘Equality and Brotherhood’ ‘so that no longer the cow with the bull and the mare with the stallion’

    So are the anti-Marxists trying to use the same hot-buttons and the Communist party?

    Here’s the explanation from Wikipedia.

    Antisemitic version
    Van den vos Reynaerde (About Reynard the Fox) was an anti-Semitic children’s story, written by the Dutch-Belgian Robert van Genechten, and named after the mediaeval Dutch poem. It was first published in 1937 in Nieuw-Nederland, a monthly of the Dutch national socialist movement NSB. In 1941 it was published as a book.[3]

    The story features rhinoceroses, neushoorn in Dutch (literally, “nose horn”), referring to the perceived typical Jewish nose. One of them is called Jodocus, which refers to the Dutch word for Jew, jood, pronounced somewhat like the “Iod-” in Iodocus. The story also features a donkey, Boudewijn, occupying the throne. “Boudewijn” happened to be the Dutch name of the contemporary Belgian crown prince. This is a reference to the Belgian Nazi leader Léon Degrelle, leader of the Rexist-movement (“Rex” is Latin for “King”). In the story, Reynard rounds up and kills most of the rhinoceroses, including Jodocus.[4]

    Van den vos Reynaerde was also produced as a cartoon film by Nederlandfilm in 1943.[5] The film was mostly financed with German money. While lavishly-budgeted, it was never presented publicly, possibly because most Dutch Jews had already been transported to the concentration camps and the film came too late to be useful as a propaganda piece, possibly also because the Dutch collaborationist Department of People’s Information, Service and Arts objected to the fact that the fox, an animal traditionally seen as “villainous”, should be used as a hero.[6] In 1991, parts of the film were found again in the German Bundesarchiv. In 2005, more pieces were found, and the film has been restored. The reconstructed film was shown during the 2006 Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht and during the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival in 2008, in the Netherlands.[7]

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