Ak 47 vs M16 Power


  1. Chuck Findlay says:

    I like how this guy does his testing, he makes a well reasoned explanation of what he’s going to do and gives you a realistic expectation of what you would reasonably expect to happen in the real world.

    Personally I like the 223 / 5.56 round more as I have it in bolt action and a pistol. I like the soft point ammo for game, but as he stated “both are a good round.

    One thing that may be an issue (don’t know how much of an issue?) in a on-foot bug-out is that 5.56 ammo weight is ½ or so per round so you could carry more of it.

    Good job on finding his videos MD.

  2. Again a lot of the resultant decisions are going to be based upon personal experience. I have AR’s. DW insisted on one. We are both retired military with 20+ years of experience with handling that platform.

    I also have a bolt gun in 7.62×39 as a back up hunting rifle (i got a real good deal on it). I’ve had several bolt and single shot 223/5.56 rifles for varmint shooting in the past.

    I prefer keeping with the 223/5/56 due to ammunition availability. This round is used by the police and military and as such in a case were all regular authority and resupply has broken down the likely hood is that more of this will be available than 7.62×39.

    I did not get on the 7.62 bandwagon when we started prepping, so I missed the $100 SKS and $300 AK’s, along with the cheap ammo.

    Again look at your why and where and the overall cost of what you are trying to do if you have not already made your choice.

    Also remember that if the trained enemy is 300+ yards away, you should probably just hide rather than engage. They will probably be better at getting you, than you them.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Back in the early 1990’s, I saw semi auto AK’s and 1000 round cans of ammo going for $89.00 each. I was already shooting 7.62×51 (.308) and 5.56×45 (.223) so I missed out. With my vision issues I’ve gotten away from both platforms for rifles; but, my contender in 5.56 is still a tack driver. As for a long distance fire fright I concur with you that the best strategy is to not be a target.

      • I also saw this. That is why when I was over in Desert Storm, and some of the younger guys were talking about how they could get an AK home by hiding it in this or that fashion, I pointed out that they were risking life in prison for a hundred dollars. I advised them to just buy a legal AK when they got home, and put it over the mantle, and just tell everyone they got it in Kuwait. 99.9 % of the people who looked at it wouldn’t know the difference.

  3. Former short-timer military w/multiple SEA deployments and former LE on urban night shift street patrols. Now semi-retired as we can never retire completely now. I like the AR based on experience and as noted above for ammo availability and cost factor but also like my Ruger Mini-30 running AK ammo w/H-Bar and folding stock, excellent vehicle rifle.

    And a shout out for LuckyGunner’s ammo; great prices and fast service, plus they do very good instructional videos.

  4. I don’t usually subscribe to the “gun expert” channels,but this guy reviews and compares in the most honest way possible. I had to subscribe.

  5. I like youtube. It has some valuable videos. How to’s, neat ideas, good discussions, etc. But for some reason too many people do not know how to make a video. 20 minutes!!! To show one rifle may be better than another. Could you do it in 30 seconds? Or maybe even two minutes if you really really wanted/needed to get face time for your ego? But 20 minutes??!! Yawn! Why not two hours? Or maybe make a dozen videos each an hour long? Surely we need to see this guy talking for hours and hours droning on and on…
    Anyway I never got past the 30 second mark so I have no idea what his biases were. Which rifle is better? Anyone spend the entire 20 minutes to find out?

    • Gary, RN says:

      You missed a good informative video with that attitude.

      • It may well be a great video. He may have done a great job. But because it started off so slow and because it was 20 minutes long I didn’t watch it. That is my point. It would be to his benefit to make his video more appealing and I was peaking in broader terms regarding the many videos on Youtube that are simply unnecessarily long. Usually because the person wasn’t organized and didn’t think through what they were d oing but often because it was in their opinion all about the face time.
        I really like the video format for learning. Look at a lot of youtube videos and consequently I have to make a decision early on to watch or not waste my time. I suspect most people have to do this too. I can skip the 30 second intros of overly loud music a typical youtube video uses. I have even been known to put the speed on 2x to get through a long video. But I shouldn’t have to. That’s the point. Have you ever wondered why movies and action TV shows start right in on the most interesting part of the story? They want to hook you in, keep you interested, give you what you want. I was simply trying to impart the same advice to potential video creators. Keep it interesting and don’t drone on and on.

        • Ah the New American Standard, give it to me instantly or I can’t be bothered. And people wonder why this country is in the toilet.

          • Still missing the point aren’t you? If your selling something (and that’s exactly what a youtube video is) you have to appeal to the buyer. Don’t waste my time. Don’t do 30 second openings with loud music and still shots. Don’t drone on in a monotone. If you have a point then make it. If your reason to be on youtube is to get face time then I don’t have the time to watch it.

            • No, you miss the point. you get something for free then piss, moan, whine and complain about it like a spoiled child. I hold nothing but contempt and disgust for such attitudes. And people wonder why I say this country and the world in general needs a really good pandemic.

            • Chuck Findlay says:

              I don’t think he missed the point at all, he is right on point.

              As far as appeal to the buyer and intros, did you ever watch a TV show? EVERY ONE has an intro, might there be a reason for it. After all TV time is to say the least EXPENSIVE and every second of it is intended to make money. Intros have to pay for themselves or else they would not be there.

              And on U-Tube a person can skip the intro quite easily if it really bugs them.

              If your reason to be on youtube is to get face time then I don’t have the time to watch it.

              Then don’t watch and therefore be a much less informed person, and less prepared because you have no attention span.

              MD found a guy that has good info about guns and ammo, but as the saying goes.

              “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink the water.”

              • I just don’t agree and I still think you are missing the point. If the video was twice as long would it still be just as good? How about 10 times as long? I took speech classes in school and I had to prepare my speech. I took the leadership/NCO classes in the military and again effective communication was stressed. And it isn’t to make it pretty it’s to make it understandable for the target audience. IMHO what I’m doing is giving constructive criticism. Improve the quality of the videos and more people will watch them and benefit from them. I do understand no one likes criticism, I get it. So fine, disagree and make 20 minute long videos and fall into the many other faults commonly found on youtube videos. That is your choice and any videographer’s choice too. Just as it is any consumers choice to not consume a product that fails to please. Simple as that.

                • Chuck Findlay says:

                  If the video was twice as long would it still be just as good? How about 10 times as long?

                  Your debate skills are not very good as the video is what it is. And what that “is” is a 20-min video that delivered a good message.

                  Your twice as long and ten times as long have no meaning as (I will print this real slow so you can understand it) it’s a 20-min video, not an hours long video.

                  You are talking about made-up magical numbers that don’t apply to the reality of a 20-min video.

                  Try this, don’t ever watch a video over 30-seconds for the rest of your life, problem solved…

                  • Chuck Findlay says:

                    I took speech classes in school and I had to prepare my speech. I took the leadership/NCO classes in the military and again effective communication was stressed.

                    Custer probably went to West Point, did he learn anything useful? History would say NO.

                    Being a student means very little in the real world.

                    Intros (be it TV, movies or even U-Tube) build brand loyalty and recognition. And that leads to a connection between the producer of content and the viewer. And that leads to money being made.

                    You are an expert?// If so go to TV-Land ant tell all the networks how an intro isn’t needed because you learned this truth in school. Get back to us on how well they listen.

                  • Chuck, Please look up the meaning or rationalizing. At this point all you seem to care about is you are right and the other guy is wrong.

                • OhioPrepper says:

                  So I have a solution. I’ll make a video where I hold up an AR and an AK and tell you which one is better. Trust me because I kept it short and to the point.
                  His video demonstrated real world tests of the platforms and the cartridges and in the end let you decide which would serve your needs best; but, then you would have had to watch the entire free video to learn that.
                  OR you could invest in the two rifles and ammunition, set up the scenarios and perform your own tests. All I suspect in much less than 20 minutes of your time.

              • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

                RIGHT ON CHUCK ,………the only thing I think is the most important is: “MD found a guy that has good info about guns and ammo.” I do not look to be entertained about survivalist gun use. The video gave us good gun comparisons to be added to each of our vast pool of gun knowledge. He did not have complete knowledge on both guns and left us with our own responsibility in choice. If MD is going to continue with these type’s of video survivalist information then I am going to watch them knowing they are not going to be perfect in everyone’s eyes. With much respect to all I would hope that each of us going on about how the video could be better if this was changed or if that was deleted (because I am not happy about it…and of course I have to be happy all the time) are also going to understand that we have at this time the luxury to criticize how the content is given to us because when the SHTF the content of the video will be the only thing that matters. I have no schooling on video production and can only speak from my 71 years of scurrying around on GOD’s green earth. Lastly, If we all end up in many different survivalist groups my experience says when it comes to protecting our families we will not be all that concerned with video production as to the content of the above video. To all have a great weekend.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            Unfortunately, I see the same thing with people who want a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) class. Most want the shortest class that will get them the certificate to qualify for the license application; but, we would rather teach (for the same cost) additional training in tactics and handling, that would serve them better in a real pinch where they need not only the license and gun; but, the proficiency to apply it quickly and safely.

  6. Thomas The Tinker says:

    SweetPea … I did not notice a bias nor an expression as to “Which rifle is better” and I had regular coffee this morning! I’ve spent more time running the vacuum cleaner in the attic so 20 odd mins…. no biggy. His non-scientific demos got to the point.

  7. Chuck Findlay says:

    SweetPea I don’t know what areas you feel you are an expert or even a talented amateur in.

    Lets say it’s canning tomatoes (could be anything) and you decide to share how to can tomatoes and make a video.

    Can you do it in 30 seconds or would it take longer?

    It’s clear you don’t see value in comparing the 2 rounds and also see that he did a great job explaining how the test were done, what kind of bullet, the speed differential the bullets are going.

    But others will see value in the video and it will make them better preppers.

    There is a limit, but most times it’s better to have more info then less info when making a decision. 20-min is not a long time to be exposed to a subject like this. I thought he did a great job and kept on subject and made easy to understand test. Even a non-gun person can understand his test. But you have to watch more then 30-seconds of a 20-min video to make a good judgment on it’s content.

    As to (Why not two hours? Or maybe make a dozen videos each an hour long? Surely we need to see this guy talking for hours and hours droning on and on…)

    The answer is he didn’t need hours or a dozen videos to do a good comparison, he was able to do it fine in 20-min. It’s not his fault someone has no patience to only watch 30-seconds of a video.

    Conclusion: The video was not meant for you, but for others with an open mind that wanted to learn more on this subject.

  8. M.D.

    Thanks for sharing this channel, I think this is the second video you posted? Excellent channel I’ve been really enjoying Paul Harrells videos.

    • Mike,

      He has some good videos – worth subscribing to.

      • Axelsteve says:

        I skimmed the video. I kinda liked what I saw ,I will look later when I have more time. I do not claim to be a expert on anything except maybe double cheese burgers with bacon and a chocolate shake.As far as survival or prepping goes I have not jumped on the poodle round or platform yet. I have a relative with a ar and I might get to know them better soon. I do like the lack of recoil with them. I do like the m1 carbine though those things are cool.I think the ar has its place but I do not think of it as a be all end all ,my background is hunting not tactical.

  9. It was a good video I would have liked to see a comparison between the light armor piercing. The green tip verses the black tip. I tried that before with an AK and a mini 14. The target was a 1/2 inch thick piece of angle iron. The 223 SS
    109 went through the angle iron like a drill leaving the copper jacket laying in front of the iron. The black tip 7.62 X 39 only cracked the angle iron making me believe the smaller diameter projectile was better suited for the task.

    • On another note, I shot a 44 Magnum a an old 64 dodge dart chrome bumper. The first test was a 210 gr JHP, the other was a 300 gr soft point. The 210 jhp put a nice sized dent in the bumper,the 300 sp went through it like butter. Hollow points do what they are supposed to and expanded. Everyone has to love the dirty Harry gun!!! Lol

  10. Seems to me that so much of this gun stuff is just like pole vaulting over tic turds.

  11. Chuck Findlay says:

    I never really owned a 7.62X39 (AK-47 round) so from a shooting point the video may not seem to apply to me. But given the popularity of the round come SHTF I could be in a position of having them shot at me. So while I don’t shoot it, the info on the video is still of value as it shows me what I could face.

    Just because many of us don’t have an AK doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from understanding what it can do.

    I do have a few 5.56 guns and already know what it can do, but still there is good 5.56 info in the video for me.

    Bottom line we all can always learn more if we have an open mind…

  12. Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

    The gun video was a good presentation of the different ways a 556 and a 7.62-39 can compete. I think he was balanced in his approach to both guns and not favoring one over the other leaving (and I think this is the most important part) the observer to decide. One of the reasons the 556 tumbles is because when it hits the enemy going into say his wrist the 556 will travel up the arm bone and come out say his shoulder. If the enemy got shot in his butt the 556 would travel down his leg and maybe come out his knee cap. The m16 was designed to fire fully automatic and the concept in Vietnam was to put a wall of lead out to your enemy. Later they found out this was not cost effective so the m16’s grandchildren only fired in 3 round bursts. The Ak47 was not as accurate as a AR15 and when the first AK’s came out the Russian peasant were not given the tools to adjust the front sights and were expected to simply adjust their aim meaning if their AK shot center mass 12 inches up and to the left then they just adjusted their aim 12 inches up and to the left-no problem. There was also a 556 AK47 test comparison on youtube shooting a large concrete block at 50 yards. The 556 bounced off like a BB and the AK just like above exploded the block. There is an assault rifle now that just came out that shoots 556, 300 black out (different barrel) and a 7.62-39 using different barrel and different magazine configuration.

    • Curley Bull says:

      The .556, .300BO, 7.62×39, and 6.8SPC can all use the same magazine. Changing out the follower, the .450 Bushmaster can also use that magazine. Pretty nice that you can have so many different uppers and use one magazine . . .

      • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

        Yeess Mr. Bull it is a sweet world when you have so many caliber options particularly if one is in a firefight with your neighboring group who is trying to take your water because they did not plan correctly and you find all sorts of ammo laying around on the ground. (battlefield pickup is what I think it is called).

        • Curley Bull says:

          “Battlefield Pickup” is where my experience with the AK came from and most of my M-16 use. I carried a 12ga. pump and a 45 most of the time. Well, I also had a shoulder holster with a S&W 357, but that’s another story.

          • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

            Mr. Bull, with much respect and because I have been told I am not the sharpest knife in the kitchen could you please reference your statement saying that a 7.62-39 mag can be used in a 556. We could not use 7.62-39 mags in our 16’2 in Vietnam and just talked to my gun store and they do not have any 556’s that will take a 7.62-39 mag. Are you using an adapter or something on your 556 to take a 762.-39 mag or were you using a special modern day 556 to use 7.62-39 mags? A different gun store worker had a 556 that would take a 7.62-39 mag (not shoot) and he could not explain why. One 308 platform can use an adapter to use 556 (down sized) and most all changing calibers in same platform means there is a change in barrels and or a change in the mag well. I ask this of you with much respect because I take the word “survivalist” in the title TheSurvivalistBlog.net very serious and it is my humble opinion that the gun information that MD’s membership receives through his web page be correct simply because the unexperienced gun user in a survivalist situation or worst case scenario may not stay alive when trying to put an AK mag into a 556 platform. Correct me if I am wrong in this observation besides if I am wrong then I do not need to buy an AK47 and will not worry about which mag I am using in the worst of situations. Again with much respect I thank you for reading my reply.

            • Curley Bull says:

              What I said (I think) was that the 7.62×39 ammo could be loaded into a 556 magazine. But before I would respond to your remark, I had to go for a swim and recover a 30 round AR mag and some 7.62×39 ammo. Yep! It works! I do not have a 7.62×39 AR upper so could not field test function, but believe it should function. A 20 round 556 mag will only hold 16 or 17 rounds of 7.62×39. Like you, I may not be the sharpest knife in the Kitchen, but I ain’t dull . . . (I don’t think)

              • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

                It is my opinion , Bull, that MD’s membership have correct gun info any way they can get it. Some of MD’s membership are getting into guns for the first time as I am being forced to do also again (I don’t even like guns that much) because of what some of us feel that there is something wrong in the direction that America is heading. I believe these first time gun owners need all the help they can get from us more mature gun owners with correct gun info. I thought I knew a lot about 556 magazines because I made a 26 0r 27 round 556 mag in Vietnam. Cutting off the bottom of one mag using one spring and taping both mags together with a big wad of packing tape. Everybody on the fire base had to shoot their 16’s in an organized shoot with a big bunch of observing officers. When it came time for us 11charlies to shoot I sneak down at the end where my field expedient 556 mag creation was not seen including kneeling down on one knee. We all are popping rounds out slowly until everybody is out of ammo and then after a silent deadly pause I let loose with my extra ammo on full auto. I intentionally walk back through the officers showing off my extended taped mag and they are all shaking their heads and all I hear is “Jesus, S…. (my last name) is at it again”. My gun knowledge of AK’s,and 556’s, is old gun knowledge and may not be right for MD’s membership today and I stand corrected, just the same, MD’s membership needs to know about our gun experience and our knowledge (and if it needs to be corrected so be it) just because we are living in scary times. Bull, you have a great Saturday.

                • Curley Bull says:

                  “Bull, you have a great Saturday.”

                  Thank you, kind sir. I DID!!! My buddy Jack and I went to the Civil War Symposium in Jefferson, Texas today. Four other members of our unit showed up. Two drove all the way from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to be there. The Captain drove from Alexandra, Louisiana. We had quite a turn out, an excellent catered BBQ lunch, some GREAT comradery, and I won an 18”x24” serial numbered and signed print of a battle scene.

                  Yes! We must do our best to share what knowledge we have that can improve the circumstances of others. Due to health issues, I gave up the Wilderness Survival classes almost five years ago and the Hunter’s Education and Firearms Safety classes almost four years ago. I haven’t taught a Disaster Preparedness class now in almost a year. I am hoping to start the preparedness classes back up if my health keeps improving. I still do some teaching on an individual basics’ and will try to answer any question that I can.

                  I’ve come to realize that most of us on this blog haven’t seen 35 in some time and what we do is more for our kids and grandkids than for us.


                  • Curley Bull says:

                    PS: just got home a little while ago and have I got some catching up to do on comments before I even look at the WDYDTW topic.

                    • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

                      Yeesssereee, Bull, I am way beyond 35 and cannot run and jump like I use to. On the other hand I can contribute to group first aid and I am drawn to stopping tramatic blood lose because as I understand it this bleeding cause more deaths. Do you have any suggestions about internet classes (maybe on suturing) or any books you have used in the past in your classes? I ask these things because after jumping all over the internet I become snow blind “like” because of to much gray hair. I have “the want to” do something in a survivalist group, it just ani’t going to be running and jumping any more.

                    • Curley Bull says:

                      RiR WiW, I used very little written material (other than an outline to be sure I didn’t miss anything) when I taught Wilderness Survival. It was all off the top of my head. One of the requirements of the students was to have notebook and pencil. I felt if they had to write their own notes, it would stay with them better.

                      Naturally I taught the rules of three and thus the first skills were to build a fire and make a shelter, followed by obtaining and purifying water. Then get into finding and cooking food. I rarely taught edible plants because there are so many that look similar when one is edible and the other is dangerous. I did not want the responsibility of them choosing the wrong one and paying the consequences.

                      The only handouts I used was in Disaster Preparedness and that little booklet in no longer in print, but can be downloaded. “How to Prepare for Any Disaster” (Your easy step-by step Preparedness guide) from areyouprepared.com

                      Well, I did use some blank forms, but have lost those files.

                    • Curley Bull says:

                      RiR WiW, There are a couple of books that I and someone else on this blog recently acquired; Surgical Knots and Suturing Techniques by F. D. Giddings and Emergency War Surgery by Dept. of the Army. Please use MD’s link to go to Amazon for any purchase. If you don’t have it, Where is No Doctor is also a good book and The Survival Medicine Handbook also available through MD’s site.

                  • OhioPrepper says:

                    Where there is no doctor AND Where there is no dentist, and a host of others can be downloaded from the Hesperian website

                    When teaching wilderness survival I did the same thing, using a note card to keep me on track and my kit available for demonstrations while the students took notes on their own.
                    When I teach hunter education or firearms classes we teach as a team, which allows fill in if someone turns up sick and allows many more items like firearms and equipment to be available for the class demonstrations.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        A few friends also have the AR-10 which is the same platform chambered for 7.62×51 (.308). It’s another nice platform and the controls work just like all of the AR’s. Yet another friend has one in 12 gauge. It’s another interesting long gun using that extremely ubiquitous and versatile platform.

        • Curley Bull says:

          Wish I could justify the money for BOTH of those, although I’m seriously looking for a .308 bolt action or lever action.

          • OhioPrepper says:

            I had a Rem 700PSS and an M1A in that cartridge; but, with my vision, I had to be realistic and scale back, I now have several 9mm handguns and the CG Scorpion in 9mm. It’s a nice rifle that holds a good group @ 100 yards and although it doesn’t pack quite the punch of the rifle cartridges, it suits my needs and situation.

  13. Chuck Findlay says:

    Bottom line is both can do bad things to you…

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