America At The End – Economic Collapse Warning Financial Dollar Crash


  1. The causes of the 2008 recession have not been addressed. The big, risky banks have gotten bigger and riskier. With the voters blessing, the central planners have been putting off an inevitable crash,by printing money. This will enslave future generations with debt. He’s right about PM’s. I say get ’em while they are cheap (less than $100 per oz for silver). At 25:00 his comments on good debt are spot on. Stay Strong with Divine Love.

  2. M. Biccum says:

    I tried to “read” this, but there was nothing there. Was that the way it was supposed to be?

  3. gthomas says:

    Hard to watch. Not Faber; but the idiot interviewer with the…I got gotta get through this and is my hair presentable because I paid up for this cut, idiot.

  4. M. Biccum says:

    Finally got it to download.

  5. Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

    It is the afternoon of 6/20/ 2016 when a friend emailed me that the EBT cards are not being refilled or they are being reduced.