An example of the effectiveness of “gun control” at stopping crime.

gun ban

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  1. Just read this exact article yesterday. Still a good article.

  2. Shared! I’m sure some of my friends will share it even more.

  3. Encourager says:

    Gosh, FB gave me grief posting this…took three attempts!

    • Dean in Michigan says:

      This is ONE reason I quit facebook.

      Now, anything anybody posts on facebook belongs to them, whether you like it or not. LEGALLY!!

      Did facebook ask if that was OK with you? Were you, or anyone else, given a chance to vote or voice your opinion?

      I can only imagine the list they are compiling.

  4. Where is the source… That would make this more credible…. Anything can be said but without a source it holds no weight

  5. David: San Antonio says:

    Ah, yes…”effective gun control”. Not only do the Aussies have a problem, but Europe does, too. Here in the U.S., FBI stats show an increase in violent crime in areas(States) that have very restrictive gun laws.( go ahead, look it up) The move by various “lawmakers” to further restrict the 2nd Amendment or wipe it off the books entirely is nothing more than their own political agenda. The 2nd Amendment is a “basic right” as our Founding Fathers intended. It is also the ONLY right that can help keep tyranny in check. Every Country that has disarmed its’ citizens has become or IS becoming a dictatorship. One of the ideas behind the 2nd Amendment was for everyday citizens to be able to protect themselves from a government “gone mad” with power. A young Marine(former, I believe) sent a letter to D. Feinstein about her proposal on gun control…it is an EXCELLENT letter and one that every American who wants their liberty should read…and take to heart. I know I did, as a veteran myself.

  6. Just could not keep quiet and wanted to share some thoughts with the pack about that business in New York where the newspapers published the interactive map of ccw license holders. According to the information I have garnered (from various news reports, etc) the editor tried to even obtain, the number, type and serial numbers of all guns in the home under the FOI act. Her ruse apparently failed as the only threat she was able to induce was not an overt threat according to the police. I think her motive was to gather some threats from the persons she had exposed but did not realize the fact that being responsible gun owners who had the necessary training and mental comportment to acquire a ccw permit also precluded the possibility that one of them would issue a threat proving her point. She so sadly missed the point even though i expect her to actually receive a threat but not from the persons she so exposed. Now she is trying to insinuate that she must hire “gasp” armed guards to protect her precious person. If she is so adamant that no one needs guns for protection let her dispense with these guards and call 911 in case of a problem like she expects everyone else to do.

  7. Rodger Ramjett says:

    I’m an American who currently lives in Australia. I had to come half way across the world to find love and I’m trying to come back to the U.S. The press and government down here loves to tout the lack of gun violence, but the average Aussie knows better. The 1996 gun ban didn’t do anything to decrease the violence. The only people who turned in their guns were the honest sheeple.

    Last year in Sydney, gun related crime was 20% above the national average. The number of gun related crimes and suicides are increasing. My wife keeps commenting about how drive-by shootings were almost unheard of, but now they seem to be a weekly ocurrence.

    I did some checking and if you take the number of incidents verses the population, Australia’s gun crime is only .02% lower than the U.S. Now this applies only to the major cities here, but it’s the same in the U.S.’s major cities. Crime in the rural areas here is less, just like in the U.S.

    If you want some interesting reading, got to Another article to read is:

  8. Uncle Charlie says:

    I did a web search and couldn’t find anything satisfactory. Every article seems to be slanted one way or another. Wikipedia (a neutral source?) gives an explanation of Australian gun laws. It’s a war of statistics from both sides there too. Remember, there are lies, damnable lies and statistics.

    It is best not to compare the United States with any other country because all countries are unique with their own culture and history.

    Most importantly, we are the only country with a Constitutional right to bear arms. The Constitution says “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” That’s it. Forget statistics! If we didn’t have this right, we could be discussing statistics until we were blue in the face, but that is not the case.

    We have the right to keep and bear arms and that is that. All other arguments are irrelevant. If the anti-gun people are so opposed to guns, let them try to repeal the 2nd Amendment (which would be legal) rather than attempting to violate the constitution which is not. Very few people would be in favor of that.

    • Rodger Ramjet says:

      Well, since I live Down Under, I can tell you that gun crime is rising dramatically in the cities. Drive-by shootings have jumped like a sky rocket; robberies, rapes and murders have jumped, too. I wouldn’t trust Wikipedia too far since the author of an article is often biased in one direction or another.

      However, that being said, here are the official stats from the Australian government.


      363 Murders
      Of those only 13% were by firearm, but 39% were by knife.

      14,582 Robberies
      18% were by firearm while 47% were by knife

      17,757 Sexual Assaults
      Although no stats are recorded if there was a weapon used, it should be noted that 60% of them occured in the home.

      216,886 Burglaries
      Again, no stats as to weapons, but 61% were at a house.

      These stats show a 19% decrease through 2010. However, recent raw data shows that these crimes are on the increase.

  9. It would be helpful if ya’ll would put links to the articles ’cause I have no problem putting them on FB.
    You’ll never hear about these things if they aren’t posted in places where people like to read stuff.

    • Dean in Michigan says:


      I thought people liked to read stuff here. Why should it automatically be sent to them? Do they not have the ability to do their own research?

      Has facebook done anything to further your position in life?

      Just wonderin’……….

  10. As an Englishman who has lived in Oz for 12 years, I think you’ll find that almost all of the gun crime stats you show above have been between criminals, bikers, organised crime families and the like, who shoot and kill EACH OTHER. There hasn’t been numerous school shootings or massacres of innocent people in Australia in the last decade as there have been in the US. If criminals want to use guns to thin their ranks over here, I say more power to ’em! Over in ‘murica, well, if you people actually believe that arming school teachers is the way to go, I truly feel sorry for you.

    • Dean in Michigan says:

      Thx for the input Piers……..

    • it is no wonder that we in the U.S. had to step in and keep the treacherous Japanese from overrunning you in WWII. If not yoyur women would be wearing kimonos and cooking on habachis! I guess your men? would have been rounding up kangaroos for tucker.

    • 17,757 Sexual Assaults
      Although no stats are recorded if there was a weapon used, it should be noted that 60% of them occurred in the home.

      Criminals raping criminals in their own home? I think not.

      I’d arm the dog if I it had thumbs and would keep it from being violated by an Englishman or Aussie.

  11. Rodger Ramjett says:

    I made a mistake with my first post. I got to checking it, so now I have three of them.

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