Lets Call it For What it Is – Another Attack by Radicalized Muslims

PrintI was not surprised when Obama and Hillary both started calling for more “gun control” within minutes of the shooting in San Bernardino, California being reported… They didn’t even wait until the victims bodies were cold, before using the tragedy to push their agenda of disarming law-a-biding Americans…

They and the anti-second amendment mainstream media are like vultures circling the dead bodies of the victims, while salivating with thoughts of furthering their agenda, and that is the total disarmament of law-abiding Americans. It’s a sickening display but one I’ve came to expect.

Obama’s main objective is to be to ban the sell of any firearm to anyone on their “watch list” no judge, jury or conviction. Just a secret list that anyone can get on for any reason without notice, charges or conviction for any crime.

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? What happened to a fair trial? But as we’ve seen the Obama regime could not care less about the law or the rights of American citizens. And once such a law is passed what would stop him from putting his political enemies, or the whole country on the “watch list” effectively nullifying the second amendment?

But then aren’t we all already being watched and listened to throughout every aspect of our daily lives?

What they fail to mention is that the state of California has the strictest gun laws in the country, including universal background checks, a ban on so-called “assault rifles” and magazines of over ten round capacity… Yet the mass shooting yesterday in San Bernardino, California happened, and the strict California gun laws and out-right bans did nothing to stop it…

And let’s not forget the recent mass shooting in France where over 120 people were murdered by Muslim extremists despite the fact that french guns laws are some of the most restrictive and limiting in the world. And yet those laws only severed to disarm law-abiding French thus making them easy targets for their killers.

According to the The Guardian:

The country has extremely strict weapons laws, but Europe’s open borders and growing trade in illegal weapons means assault rifles are relatively easy to come by on the black market.

Military-grade guns are banned in France, and even people who want to own a handgun or hunting rifle have to go through strict checks on their background and mental health.

But in recent years a black market has proliferated. The number of illegal weapons has risen at a rapid rate – double-digit percentages – for several years, according to the National Observatory for Delinquency

So it should be obvious to anyone with even an ounce of commonsense that more gun laws and restrictions only restricts law-abiding citizens and, makes them an easy target for mass shooting attacks.

It was also reported by CNBC that police found 12 pipe bombs at the attackers’ home:

The suspected San Bernardino attackers left behind 12 pipe bombs and more than 2000 rounds of ammunition at their home, San Bernardino City Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said Thursday.

So even without guns they would have been able to attack and murder their victims, and probably would have taken more lives in the process…

But the rhetoric spewing out of the mouths of Obama, Hillary, and the media isn’t really about protecting anyone it’s about furthering their agenda. If they really cared about the safety of Americans, then there would not be a wide open southern border, nor would they be demanding that we ship in and pay for hundreds of thousands or new radicalized terrorists, refugees to the United States…

Also as expected the Obama regime and their controlled media have been jumping all around the obvious that it was  another act of terrorism on U.S. soil that was carried out by radicalized Muslims, instead, I keep hearing reports of “a possible case of workplace violence” and to early to say if it was “terrorism related” I call bullshit.

Let’s look at the facts, the male shooter Syed Farook, identified himself on his dating profile on Arab Lounge dot-com as Allah fearing and looking for a girl who would wear a hijab. He had also made several trips to the middle east. He had also spent several weeks in Saudi Arabia in 2013 on the Hajj, the annual pilgrammage to Mecca and eventually he brought the other shooter Tashfeen Malik (his wife at the time of the shooting) back to the U.S. in July 2014.

Enough of the “politically correct” B.S. already, lets call it what it was and that is another attack by radicalized Muslims. I’m also wondering what happened to the third suspect that eyewitnesses reported seeing?

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of TheSurvivalistBlog.net. He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. 3 muslims shoot up a hospital employee Christmas party, with guns you can’t legally buy in CA, but leftists blame white Christians.

  2. The inimitable Mark Steyn once posited a near-future newspaper headline: “Muslims fear backlash from tomorrow’s terror attack.”.

    • Hildegard says:

      “Radicalized” muslimes??

      A radical muslime wants to saw off your head.
      A moderate muslime just wants to watch.

      Rare is the muslime who is willing to coexist with non-muslimes.

      MUCH rarer still is the muslime who would defend a non-muslime from such an attack, even if such a defense carried no personal risk.

      You fools with your “coexist” bumper stickers on your Priuses are as hated by muslimes as me. Will you wake up to that fact even when you see your own blood spilling onto the ground as your head is sawn off?

  3. 1. The call for more gun control: Show me what your new “gun control” measure would have done to stop this last attack. My personal opinion is NOTHING.

    2. Again I will say that if you feel that your future needs might include a “military style” semi-automatic rifle, a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds, or ammunition in quantities greater than 20 rounds I would work on purchasing it very soon.

    IMO this is going to get more and more common.

    • j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

      I agree, the movement to ban ‘assault weapons’ and/or hi-cap magazines will be accellerated due to these attacks. I’m also guessing that purchasing ammunition over the internet will also become much more trouble.

      • When the guy (I won’t say his name) shot up the church in the Carolinas they were screaming for a AWB even though he used a 1911.

  4. This current attack misses the mark on several levels.

    They had enough reported equipment to do much more, yet it has all the ear marks of “work place violence” buy too much prior planning to be WPV. But one thought makes some sense: This was a practice run on people he had a beef with.

    • JP in MT,

      They had planned on getting away…

      • That’s one of the things that make me think it was a “practice run”. But why hang out in the area?

        • Just another “red flag”? Or a scopalimine-induced event?

          Either way, it’s all part of Obama’s agenda. But he is just the puppet for the “power” that pulls his strings. Take away the guns so when they unleash the Syrian “refugees”, American’s have no means of fighting back.


          • Pat r; Truth be told, the left will never take away ALL our guns. I think they know it. There are simply too many weapons among citizens now.

            I do not believe any “scopalimine” or any other drug was used in this attack. It was 100% premeditated weeks and weeks in advance.

            • Izzy, if jihadi johnny & jane can prep, can the lawful?
              Yeah the guys & gals in black hats perpetrate the violence, the guys & gals in white hats ought be shackled.

            • probably precipitated an argument on purpose so that obama could call it a work place ‘incident’.
              just like a moslem to shoot the unarmed and the disabled. the moslems are the biggest bunch of cowards i have ever heard of.

        • My thought on that is that they want to watch (film?) the pipe bomb going off.

      • Hildegard says:

        So much for the “ready to die” myth. muslimes are cowards. The fabled ISIS “warriors” flee in the face of any substantial resistance.

        Look up police radio chatter recorded during the attack. The male muslime was on police radar and had probably interacted with police the week before the attack. Another epic fail by the “heroes” in blue.

    • What was the beef JP? He was treated very well at his place of employment. He was given time off every day to pray. His coworkers gave him and his wife a baby shower. He was also given a month off to travel to Saudi Arabia. People said he was “nice”. They complimented him.

      The ONLY beef would be something manufactured after the fact. And his wife wouldn’t been included because she wasn’t there. But then, she was Muslim and would follow the dictate of her husband in this attack.

      • Izzy is right what problems could he possible have with his job they went out of their way for him some one posted radicalized Muslims I would bet money on it and let’s not forget the weapons they used and magazines where not legal in the state of California so how did they get them and where I smell bullshit no one’s asking that question

      • Izzy:

        I really don’t know, just trying on various narratives to see if any fit. I heard that there was an argument right before he left about how Islam was not a religion of peace, but that might just have been a trigger not a premeditated reason. But I don’t know how his work was. Just what was reported, which is all speculation and 2nd hand information. Unfortunately when the perp ends up dead it’s hard to try to know what the issue was, we just have to do a lot of guessing.

        • JP; What has come out today was …he went into the party and didn’t say much, but then left. IF there was some sort of argument, I would have to say it was a ruse to leave. He and his wife were waaaay too prepared.

          The entire crime scene is so different from Sandy Hook. Some things are just hard to fake. Sadly, we get too much disinformation.

          However, there are terrorists getting into this country. They aren’t here to assimilate. We need to be concerned about them. Read the little jewel below.


        • Hildegard says:

          Yea, JP, he went home and whipped up a dozen pipe bombs and tied them to RC cars in 20 minutes.

          They modified the rifles to get around the “bullet button” arrangement.

      • Anonamo Also says:

        He had an argument with a christian over the peacefulness of Isl m. Was on MSM, Looks like the christian man was right and the i’ist proved him right. The christian man had discussed it with his family. so no guessing.

    • Anonamo,

      This shooting in San Bernardino was staged for pushing the gun control agenda. These false flag events are always tied to previous LE drills within the area. What appeared real was only a illusion. When CNN first reported the “shooting” they called the shooters “Actors”.

      • Anonamo Also says:

        that makes it much worse because some real people died… accordin’. to contact with mutual friend who lost family member. That shows how much they do think of us,and what they wish for all .

        • If someone Died, I apologize and they have my condolences. This has all the earmarks of a staged event. There was no reported gunfire within the building until the police got there. There were nurses on the same floor of the reported shooting took place but with no gunfire. The Nurses thought it was another “active shooter drill”. Every place they have these drills, they stage a event and report it as real. I have been following these drills up to the point of them shutting down the web sites for hiring the actors for these government drills. Some of the tragic events have had the same actors in different events. Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing used several of the same actors. Remember the Boston Bombing and the guy supposedly had his leg blown off by the bomb? That guy was a actor and lost his leg years ago before the Boston bombing in a accident. These False Flag events are real staged events to strike fear in the populous.

      • Anonamo Also says:

        Yes, I do believe .. most all, of current is is staged to a point…. to try to get the stupid and unintelligent to rise up and throw away their ability to protect themselves, because it will make everyone safer… being too dumb to know that, then you are just a sitting duck. AND CRIMINALs don’t care what laws they break….give someone a few thousand and a chance to go to have their 42 virgins, some people would kill anyone.. and have a few soft targets, know no one is carrying…anything become an excuse to someone who wants one… regular drills will desensitize the masses from seeing / desiring to protect self.

        • They will use fear to make the unknowing give up their rights. We lose our free rights and they will dictate how we live our lives, even slavery. Disarming the populous is their main objective and then we lose our freedom. The rabbit hole is very deep and how far our country goes down the hole, no one knows. We are being tricked and deceived. We are mere barn yard animals to the ones in power. I learned that one when I was in the U.S. Marines.

  5. think4once says:



    Wake up…………………………………………..!

    • CountryGirl says:

      You cannot possibly be that stupid. Everything is a crazy conspiracy theory to you. The people who crate youtube videos like this and those who trumpet it are mentally ill.

      • CountryGirl,

        Did you see real dead bodies? Perhaps the so called shoot out between the suspects and the police? Like the one back in the 1990’s where those bank robbers where shooting it out with the police? There were no wounded police officers against Automatic gunfire at San Bernardino. That is impossible! I have been in real combat against Automatic gunfire and there is always wounded in that type of fire fight. No one died at San Bernardino that day. CNN first called them actors on live TV and suddenly changed it to active shooters. Also take a hard look at terrorist drills for LE personnel within the area prior to the shooting or bombing. Nearly every traumatic event has had training drills prior to the shooting or bombing of a staged event.

        “You Must Find The Truth. Remember, Not Everything Is What It Seems. If You Don’t Stand For Something You Might fall For Anything. From Here, Survival Is Up To You, Choose Your Decisions Wisely. Change Starts with Us. The End Is Where We Begin.”

  6. This question has me confused. If radicals believe they will be honored in death with virgins, etc. Why are they leaving the scenes instead of dying for their cause.

    And how do they really think they will get away?

    I would also like to ask how much U S terrorism is increasing. I only recently began to pay attention. Was all this info available at the time of 9 11 and Ft. Hood?

    • No We Didn't says:

      Just ask all the ones who placed the thermite in the towers that melted the steel framework,?…. removed the gold from the basement prior to “attack”?…and the ones who specifically completed insurance papers to cover a terriorist attack 2 weeks before the “attack” ? ..pretty conveineient since the towers were half empty and loosing money, Don’t you think?… and ask the Brits how they knew of the second plane, and Posted pictures, several minutes,before it happened.
      Then you will know who the ones who wish to incite terror are.
      Of course the ones in control of media have erased as much info as they can, and manipulated it to make it difficult for anyone who would answer these questions.

    • Aka me, That question you asked of where the Islamic Shooters fled the scene should raise a very big red flag. They all want to die for their cause. Also why they did not have bomb vest strapped on. They are suicidal and had tons of bomb making equipment “reportedly”. Why “pipe Bombs”? What does not make sense is where the director went too far for the drama. Also to fit the “Active Shooter Scenario” they could not use bomb vest because collateral damage to the buildings/structures and a blast would evaporate the AR 15’s.

  7. It’s unfortunate what happened in California, the state where this isn’t supposed to happen because of the strict gun laws that are already in place. But, the “bad” guys will continue to get their firearms regardless of any law that’s in place. Where there’s a will, there is a way. A “bad” person will do what they need to do to carry out their “bad” agenda. There is a movement to disarm the American people. Incidents like this add fuel to the fire. I am fearful of the direction the world is heading in, mainly for my children. In my opinion, I wouldn’t be surprised if a war is fought on American soil in the very near future. The outcome may depend on and fall on the participation of our armed, law abiding, citizens. I don’t want to see it happen. But, it seems like outside parties are determined to bring the fight here regardless if we want it or not. I can only hope for the best.

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Gil look at Judicial watch site…The war IS coming here, info IS being manipulated

    • One of the main reasons why the U.S. has never been invaded is for the fact of all the armed citizens. Japan during WWII wanted to land a invasion force on our Western Shores. One of their admirals warned the Emperor of Japan there is no way we can invade because there are rifles behind every blade of grass in America. Once we are disarmed we will be primed for an invasion. Our military now after 8 years of obama will be overwhelmed even if China decides to take the U.S. for themselves after we civilians are disarmed.

      • TY/Thumbs Up….. Adm Yammamoto? Ranking officer in attack on Pearl Harbor. Anniversary is tomorrow…..12/7/41.
        Who’s advocating the not PC position of red china being aggressive & wanting more territory? Jeesh,I thought we were told they are our friends now?
        Just like putin is a born again?
        5th column if we are attacked, our muzzie buds?

        • let’s not 4get ms13 & barrio18 as 5th column alongside hmic/minions…..

          • Uhmmm bobbo; I’m not too sure about MS 13 (or 18th) joining with anyone. They don’t go outside their cliques and they don’t share. If the Jihadists think they are the all time bad asses, then they haven’t played with the Mara Salvatrucha or 18th Street.

  8. It’s all absolute CONTROL by the government nothing more nothing less…..

  9. test dummy says:

    this is why we prep. leave the main stream media to spread terror, oh i meant fear. stay strong and trust in God! take csre of your own and others who cannot care for themselves. this is a holy war! prep
    and pray and remember who will win.

  10. People have to realize we are at war and it is now on our shores.
    keep calm and carry fellow pack members.

    • carry a vid recorder, too. Even when we protect ourselves, the federales & courts will be waiting to attack…. got civil suit lawyers?

      • Bobbo; I just received my new pocket video recorder. It is a dandy little gizmo. I am going to try it out tomorrow. It will stay in my bag along with my stars, Kubaton, tact pen and red pepper spray. Like American Express, I don’t leave home without my “toys”. 🙂

      • Hildegard says:

        If possible, shoot & scoot!

        The ‘just-us’ system will try to crucify you anyway.

        Go ahead and add ‘flight to avoid prosecution’ to the charges resulting in my death sentence or life imprisonment.

    • I pack all the time. Colt .45. I’ll send them to their maker. I can’t promise they will be useful when they receive their virgins.

  11. Anonamo Also says:

    On gun control….by the standards of the noisy politicians. All their security details need to be disarmed to test the effectiveness of disarming the public, …about 2 years to try it… Let’s see how that works for them.
    ….Laws do not prevent killing. Thugs have guns and don’t care how they obtain
    … Ask Venezuela, their violence is so bad people are afraid to leave their homes and hotels.
    … Switzerland is the opposite, requiring certain people above military age and below retitement age to have and maintain weapons and accurate marksmanship. They do not have many mass killings or any kind, not by any kind of weapon, and crime rate is minimal They were not invaded by Germany because every fighting age male was known to have a weapon and proficiency…… Now i’ vote for Switzerlands policy here, for those mentally able to defend themselves and their families. Some will never be able to defend themselves and they will perish sooner rather than later.

    • Country Vet says:

      I could not agree more.

    • Hildegard says:

      Look up the huge percentage of violent crime committed in USA by black males ~15-35. They are 1-3% of population, but commit about half of the violent crime. Switzerland has few blacks.

      Yea, I’m raysis…

  12. It us amazing to watch them.with egg all over their faces dance around this. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find that the wife was as a jihadist recruiter from Saudi Arabia. He comes from a moderate Islamic family and was born in IL. He falls for her online and goes to Saudi Arabia to get her where the radicalization process begins. I bet she turns out to be his jihadi handler. A year goes by, she trains and radicalizes him further and the two of them martyr themselves killing his state controlled and unarmed co-workers. Yet another hit on the softest target possible
    The end.
    I’m dying to see how close I am.

    • SH,
      What is really bad is he had to pay $2,000 U.S. dollars for her. Over there you have to buy your wife or trade 2 camels (four legged type, not smokes) for a wife. The Saudi Arabian Army is made up of primarily the poor Saudis and is 80% gay. I was there for awhile and know all their traditions. And No. I never participated with the Saudi Army encase anyone ask!

  13. I copied down the name of the third suspect, someone posted they’d heard the San Bernardino police mention it on their dispatch radio (with a scanner). We’ll see what comes of it, but at least it won’t go into the memory hole with me.

    Rawles’ article on this shooting has many details of CA gun laws wrong according to Raconteur Report. There’s no way yet for us to know if Farook bought his guns legally or not, or if he modified them to be noncompliant with CA law, but one thing’s for pretty certain: I bet we won’t see demands for more laws against pipe bombs or remote control toy cars.

    • patientmomma says:

      Maybe we should start a petition to put controls on buying toys with electronics in them, after all, they can be used to kill people…

      • I remember a bunch of college numbnuts on the news after the Boston bombings calling for the banning of pressure cookers…. The movement even spread a bit before dying out.

        It just makes me sick how far some (most?) people are willing to go to avoid taking any responsibility for their own safety (or anything). Sometimes I think we really have lost it all…

      • Anonamo Also says:

        First, all those dangerous guns need to be taken away fromthe secret service who give protection to our leaders who want gun control. They should try it to see how it works for them, before it is imposed on the people…Servants of the people should be able to serve us well that way…Monsanto should serve theri franken foods/ aka poison first, by about 20 years, got to try it on those who deem it safe… to their own families too

  14. MD, for the first time I am unable to say what needs to be said. The whole follow-up to the shooting was nothing but lying, misleading statements, and personal agendas. The shooters gave the TPTB more ammunition to push their agenda to remove all guns from the people which be repeat of Germany 1931-1945. The present administration is the best incentive to buy more guns, ammunition, and seek a concealed & carry license. I have a Tarus 22 LR, but tonight, I am beginning the search for a handgun to wear. I need some ideas. I have a very small hand so I need a handle that will set in my hand and still reach the trigger. Most handguns that will do the job I want to prepare for are either too big for my hand or too hard to squeeze the trigger (I have arthritis in my hands.).

    Counting down the days to January 20, 2017. Hopefully, the country will still be intact.

    • Docj,

      Have you held the Glock 19?

      • MD, I have not. I will copy and paste all suggestions and start looking. Thanks to all. Never thought I would be so serious about having a gun for protection. I grew up with a phobia due to family stories about an unloaded gun killing an uncle. Amazing what families tell children to cover up the skeleton in the closet. LOL The gun was loaded, self-inflected following a bank robbery the day before. Genealogy research brings forth truth every time. Learned to use and respect guns; phobia gone!

        • Babycatcher says:

          I think it is called a ruger ls9? Anyway, I tried that out at the range and liked it. I went thru 50 rounds with relative ease and had never fired a handgun before.( I had proper safety training from my instructor beforehand and personal supervision. ) I liked the light weight, small size but balanced for my small hands. I do have to practice more to develop muscle memory and build the wrists up, after that many rounds my aim was off cuz I was getting tired. But practice makes perfect. And protected.

          • Owl Creek Observer says:

            I think you’re talking about the LC9s. It is small and designed for concealed carry. Many Ruger pistols have a rather long trigger pull, but I don’t know about the LC9s. I’d suggest that anyone looking for a pistol go to a sporting goods or gun store and at least dry fire it to see how it feels.

        • Goatmama12 says:

          Check out Springfield XDs. Come in various calibers and they now make single stacks which are good for small hands. They have a good reputation for reliability. I have 3 and love them.

        • Hildegard says:

          And make sure you get your CCW permission slip (voluntary registration)!

      • Might I recommend Glock 43 for a small hand.

      • Spent the day reading and talking to my DS. I plan to add a Ruger® LC9s® 9mm Luger Centerfire Pistol for my primary carry. I read all the comments and most were from women who commented on ease of holding and no jamming or misfires while target practicing using 300-500 shots. Sounded good to me.

        • Docj,

          Call your local gun range and see if they offer classes that let you try out different guns. You will know what is the right gun for you by how it feels in your hand. Make sure you get some quality hollow points.

          • This is exactly what we did when it came to my first gun. I became very comfortable with it first. Perfect suggestion.

    • Docj:

      The Ruger LC9 is a single stack 9mm, so will fit smaller hands better and a double stack. Glock has just announced one (G43 I think). I like the “safe triggers” for a new shooter; less controls to manipulate.

      • Ruger’s SR9 & SR9C also have the same type of trigger and have a smaller grip diameter.

      • Babycatcher says:

        DocJ, this was what the gun was…what JP in MT said. Yeah.

        • There is also the river LC9S. It’s striker fired as opposed to hammer fired. It’s the later generation of the LC9. Can’t really weigh in on how either shoots….I like Glocks.

      • Axelsteve says:

        simpler the better I always say.KISS keep it simple stupid. Or Keep it simple Steve!

      • I just picked up my LC9. Put some rounds through it as soon as I could. I have the problem of big hands. It is not as easy to control as my M92 because the M92 fits better in my hand. However the LC9 is much better for conceeled carry. A sneaky pete holster is my next acquisition.

        • Hildegard says:

          Sneaky Pete is expensive and has that stupid “SP” logo, announcing what’s inside. Amazon sells a cheaper brand that has no logo. Or go to Home Despot and pick up a Husky pouch for about $6, carry a brightly colored flashlight and Sharpie in the external pocket, and just look like a geeky contractor.

    • Thomas The Tinker says:

      Momma-San has the same issue and can’t handle the recoil ‘springs’ in the Glock. Browning 380 and Sig 938/9mm are smooth…. She picked the Sig.

      for whatever that is worth…………..

      • Thank you everyone for the input. My hat goes off to the mayors and sheriffs who admit it is good to carry in these times.

    • My wife also has small hands. She carries a Sig Sauer P238.

    • Erin Sullivan says:

      What is the significance behind January 20, 2017?

      • That is the Friday before the Inauguration of the next US President, which I believe will be on the 24th of January. If you were going to “fundamentally change” America, what better day than your last day in office.

        • Inaugurations are always on 20 Jan with a few rare exceptions….that being when it falls on a Sunday. Generally the oath is administer in private till the public ceremony is held. Usually the next day. Jan. 20, 2016 id a Weds. Providing of course Obamao doesn’t pull some horse crap.

          • I stand corrected. Somewhere I knew that, but then Tuesday started popping into my head.


  15. has anyone else noticed how much these attacks have ramped-up since the new king of saudi has taken over??? that dude is known to be far less pro-west than his father was…..yeah, the same saudi that produced bin laden……we have an immigration/border issue here……..nothing more…our potus may get what he wants……and perhaps…more than he wants.

    • Hildegard says:

      Saudi refuses to take a single ‘refugee’, but pays to build mosques in countries that allow (invite) the invasion.

  16. PrepperDoc says:

    I’ve been in a months-long discussion on gun rights with my ultra liberal brother. He is convinced that if you outlaw semi-automatic rifles throughout the nation, we will eventually have less of these kinds of killings.

    I sent him some of the quotes from the Guardian newspaper article, showing that even in Europe this doesn’t happen.

    He may listen to about 1% of what I tell him.

    For what it is worth, I am a recent convert to owning firearms. Didn’t own a single one until Obama was elected, quickly got concealed weapon permit, now I fill multiple safes. Make my own ammo. Sister now has several firearms. Father-in-law. Wife. Friends.

    • Prepper Doc, I had never picked up a gun until the age of 45. My son treated me like a new soldier in basic training who had never been around a long barrel before. My first long barrel was and is a 410 shotgun. Love that gun. I now have a rifle and a handgun. Now at age 75, I know the need to be aware of my environment. I started a couple of home businesses after I retired at 71 and both require the use of CraigsList. With no neighbors and living in the boonies, I need to protect myself if I get a crazy in my yard. Can I shoot if necessary? Yes. It is about attitude. I have dry practiced both customer issues and home invasion. Good practice for when the SHTF. I will have my license to carry in about two weeks. I plan to carry whenever I go to town after that.

    • Prepper Doc: maybe repeating ‘guns are outlawed in dictatorships’ & ‘bad guys always get them, why can’t I’ will get through. Put on an endless loop recording.

  17. Obama says, the terrorists, strike that!!! The white Christian extremist are attacking give us your guns and we will protect you. Fact cops do not show up until after the crime is committed. Fact response time as a minimum of 2 minutes. Fact if you are shot in a major artery you will bleed out in 2 minutes. Which means they will arrive just in time to declare you dead. Doesn’t that make their job easy! I don’t think so!!! Obama, I will keep my guns and you keep your teleprompter!!!

    • My response time is 40-45 minutes if I am able to call 911. If I am down, I will not be found until the grandkids get concerned when checking in on me or get home from work. I would have no chance unless I can protect myself!!!

    • Hildegard says:

      When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!

  18. riverrider says:

    third suspect? guess he’s in the same place as john doe number two. my dw immediately said “govt run op” when she saw they got away and even now wonders if it still is one. myself? i find that its awefully convenient that the guns were ar15’s this time. that had been lacking in previous attacks and screwing with tdl’s narrative. everyone is nervous about legislation, i’m nervous about martial law/ executive order. tdl is getting visibly frustrated and spoiled children lash out.

    • An AR 15 is illegal in California. What existing law or new law would have stopped that?

      • Docj:

        The AR15 “in it’s standard configuration” is illegal, at least to purchase new. There are some changes, including a magazine release, that make it so you can buy one new in CA. I don’t live there so I’m not aware of all the particulars, but if you check several of the on-line sales places you will see “CA Complaint” marked on the ones they can have.

        The magazines are a different issue, but Las Vegas is not far and they sell over the counter there. They also have plenty of gun shows there. So although they are not available locally, standard capacity magazines can be had.

        • Limited to a 10 round magazine (same for pistols) and the magazine release is called a bullet button, it needs to be depressed with a tool and a bullet will do it. It slows the speed which you can change magazines. Does not apply to pistol magazines.

      • Laws are only pieces of paper that say they can arrest you for this or that. The won’t stop a bullet or for that matter a gun. Criminals/terrorisrs do not care. The only ones that suffer are law abiding citizens since Can. has the most draconian gun laws is it surprising that criminals would attack there. How about Ill. I was listening to a radio show and the guy said to have a concealed carry permit in Newyork , you have to deposit $2000.00 twice a week min. So only rich people can carry??? I remember a guy in the subway in Newyork was illegally carrying when someone started killing people and he shot and killed him. They arrested him for illegally carrying even though the constitution says we can. Who is being illegal???

      • riverrider says:

        both these guns were modified illegally to accept magazines. reports are now that “2 of the guns were bought legally, by someone else”. make what you will of that.

        • RR:

          I’m not sure whether they were modified or bought out of state. So far they have just said they were bought legally.

          But then modifying them should not be too difficult, as long are you are not worried about the law.

          • riverrider says:

            one was converted from cali legal to hold hi caps, an attempt was made on the other to make it full auto.

    • ” i’m nervous about martial law/ executive order. ”

      Riverrider; We all should be very worried about what the traitor is going to do. He has been mandated by the puppet masters to take our weapons. Every gun owner and decent citizen will have to stand up and be accounted when the move starts. We best start now.

  19. Do not be mistaken. The left intends to disarm the population. Any excuse regardless of a lack of truth doesn’t matter. They see it possible with our current POTUS and intend to get it done. Only Congress can stop the continuing wave exec actions and they continue to sit on their hands. The coming year anti-gun noise will grow to great volumes as an excuse for POTUS.

  20. GM All…. I see it this way: increase domestic violence, increase federal controls. Bahdabing: police state….

  21. Another collassal failure by the public serpents @ state department?

    • bobbo,
      it might be colossal success according to their standards

      • WASP- ty & thumbs up! Yes it IS what they do….

        Forrestal was under secretary of USN during WWII. Supposedly committed suicide, jumping from 9th floor of Bethesda Naval Center in late 1940’s.

        A famous statement of his goes like this: ‘if our state department & policy makers were just stupid (as opposed to making ‘purposeful’ blunders) they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.’

        James Perloff, speaking on the matter of those blunders added this: ‘consistency is not a trait of stupidity.’

        If it walks like a conspirator, it talks like a conspirator, it smells like a conspirator…… or reeks of same…..

  22. Extremely disturbing to me to see something of this nature, as they all are. It takes a heartless person or persons to do this to a group of people they work with but for those who do not believe this is an act of terrorism, “You are idiots.” I don’t know of any workplace violence incident in history where a husband and spouse(who was not also employed in that workplace as well) both participated in the killing of innocent, unarmed individuals. And like others have said you see this mostly in areas where there are extremely strict gun laws and even bans on them. Hmmm, how’s that working out. If someone wants a gun to kill someone, they will get it one way or the other, even if we as US citizens were unarmed.

    • Second sentence should read, “believe this isn’t an act of terrorism”

    • Wm F- this does bring to mind bill ayres & bernandine dorn….hmic’s Chicago neighbors & fellow travellers…. whom hmic said he didn’t know & now says differently. TY 4 saying!
      Lastly, I wrote earlier the Saudi wife was recruited from a jihad website….. this is a tad inaccurate. I now hear it was an isis website…. I guess it depends on the definition of what is is…..?

      • You forgot old Louis Farrakhan bobbo. He lives between Ayers’ house and Obama’s house. Then there is his buddy Rezko, (now in halfway house) who had ties to Syria and who facilitated the purchase of the Obama’s house. Strange bedfellows and even stranger geography.

        • ahhhh Calypso Louie (his actual stage name when a traveling musician)….. thought he was still in Beverly Hills section of Chicago….. I remember driving by that house…. guards out front…..guards out back…. guess they like that type of existence…..

  23. It will cost anywhere from $10K and up to defend yourself in a civil shooting. Quite likely more if cultural/racial differences are brought into play.

    That said, I will be purchasing a magazine fed long gun for defense. I would not hesitate to defend my family regardless of cost or consequences.

    This was a premeditated attack plain and simple, I generally do not go for the hate crime slant, but I believe this to be exactly that.

    islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of governance. All who do not comply will be killed. Is the reason for mass importation of muslims into non muslim nations part of globallization? NWO? One world government? Why else the current war on Christianity? Why the current declarations of gun owning vet’s to be possible terror suspect’s? Is it because they are more serious about following their Oath’s to defend than are the politico’s who use the Oath as a secret password to gain entrance into elitest stature?

    That may sound conspiracy theory to some, I’m not so sure. Good luck America.

  24. Draq Wraith says:

    MD the ad server is adding it self to your main sites top intro.
    Or is that what you want?

  25. Terrorist actions, black lives matter & gun control…. is there a link?
    Once people clamor for ‘protection’ or they are fearful, the cry goes out for protection. What actions are proscribed by tptb?
    They give us the police state! Gun control, federalization of police & loss of freedom & liberty.
    As iron joe said, ‘ 1 murder a tragedy, multiple murders a political statement’.
    I believe we see the conspiracy. This is why, says I.

    • You hit the nail on the hit. Even my DGD suggested that yesterday!! It is that obvious.

      • TY Doc J! Obvious to us, oblivious to too many…..
        Buddy reminds me (as this has happened so many times in world history) per Mark Twain: ‘history may not repeat itself, but it rhymes’……

    • Actually all lives matter. Terrorists included but not very much. Of course mine matters most! I’ll probably get a bunch of thumbs down but it’s just an attempt to make a few of you laugh in this rather humorless situation.

      • LOL believer…. point well taken….. 1 murder a tragedy, many murders a political statement….. political haymakers lurking w/msm…..

  26. Arm yourself TODAY!! WHY? The simple answer is:

  27. Ray Walters says:

    I say remove the idiots that want our guns from this country. If they don’t like this country then remove the idiots. We are living in the last days of this earth age. Arm yourselves to the HILT! Carry where ever you go. Prep your food & water supply to the hilt. Be a PREPPER!

    • r w,
      thinking of water. if nukes are used rainwater will be filthy for aeons. a way to be sure of killing us all.

  28. “I’m also wondering what happened to the third suspect that eyewitnesses reported seeing?”

    M.D.; Too many people reported seeing a 3rd person for it to be totally excused. My opinion is, the govt. doesn’t want to explain how one got away.

    If you remember the Sandy Hook fiasco, there were actual photographs of a 2nd person in camos fleeing through the woods. Somehow that 2nd person was summarily dismissed as a figment of imagination.

    I am betting, the govt. is going to spin this attack as anything other than a terrorist attack despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

    • From what I have read (from the media so take it with a grain of salt) the third person was a person that was running away from the gunfire. They caught him and determined that he wasn’t with the shooters. I read that a day or so ago so I could very well be wrong.

    • The press only reports what it is told to report. It does not report what it is told not to. Just like flight 800 a few years back, ppl said they saw a trail leading up to the plane before it fell from the sky, later the ” expert’s” said that descending trails look like they are ascending. ??? Go figure. There is a reason the .gov labells conspiracy theorists as nut jobs, all .gov has is an attempt to discredit ppl when they get close to the truth.

      I’m old enough to remember the media ad’s wanting folks to support a “radio free europe”, I wonder if we’ll ever get that here in the USA? Does the media report what is happening in .gov? Maybe the highlights, usually we see local ”feel good” stories here on network news. Sure there is some reporting of news, but only what is allowed, if we had a truly free press we wouldn’t have an FCC.

  29. If you’re able to carry a pistol legally and you’re not, then I think you are behaving irresponsibly. The more people that carry a weapon, the less people the jihadis/refugees/moderate Muslims can murder. I not only carry a pistol with spare mag and a rifle in the truck, but my wife’s packs a little 380 too. Even if your not a sharpshooter. The more lead you can send their way, the more people might be able to escape. Yeah it’s me.

    • I just heard an msnbc reporter refer the terrorist as a disgruntled employee. Now that’s funny right there.

    • Living in Alaska (a Constitutional carry State) it is the norm for people carrying a weapon wherever you go. My wife and myself both carry everywhere it is legal to do so. It’s kinda funny that whenever we have to go to my kid’s school we have to remind each other that we have to remove our weapons. Yesterday the gentleman, who happened to be black, in front of me in line at the grocery was open carrying (mine was concealed). Nobody batted an eyelash. The only person who said anything was a police officer commenting on how nice a pistol it was. The only reason I mentioned his race is the narrative that all of us and the police are racists that would freak out if we saw a black man carrying the leftists like to push.

  30. Curley Bull says:

    The United States is 3rd in Murders Throughout The World. But if you take out just 5 cities:
    Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, St Louis and New Orleans — the United States is 4th from the bottom, in the ENTIRE World, for Murders.

    These 5 Cities are controlled by Democrats. They also have The Toughest Gun Control Laws in
    the USA.

    It would be absurd to draw any conclusions from this data, right?

    Well, I’m off to check on my spoons. I hear they’re making people fat.

    From my friend Ann

    • curley bull,
      how are you? glad to see you commenting.

    • Think about where the terrorists attacked. 911, Newyork ,Democrat, DC Democrat, Pennsylvania Democrat. Attack in California Democrat you are right I think we found a link to the Democrats and terrorists. They attack where they are because of gun control. Bingo

    • Americana pacrat says:

      Curley Bull
      Nice to see a posting from you, hope you are doing well

  31. Well Wolf Pack,
    I see a lot of opinions out there on what to defend yourself with…..
    May I ask if you buy these tools and accessories to have in case something happens…or do you buy the ammo to sight in and practice with your tools?
    I do not care what tool you prefer, but do you practice with it?

    • This old paratrooper still shoots whenever he can. Hunting is a good exercise to hone woods and scouting skill’s, but I’m a bit older and more beat up than I used to be so that activity is tapering off a bit. Mostly now I practice good patrol technique on the property; see birds or? before it see’s you, do not trip on branches/other foliage, move without disturbing bushes (i.e. sneak). Even when ‘shrooming I get the benefit of honing the eye’s to detail. Training can be many things from intense to passive. Either one helps to maintain mindset.

    • Mountain Trekker says:

      Well Kim, one thing I take from this article is, if you want to prosper in the coming black market, just be sure you have lots of guns,mags and ammo. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

  32. Stella Bell says:

    After one more attack by those whom we have given a place to live, my question is maybe it is time for the man in the street, to start educating groups who are interested about these people of whom we have let in and what do when they start to do what they have done 6 times in this country at least.
    Are we all a bunch of panty waists?
    Since the government and the left media are all going to run around and try to get everyone not thinking about trojan horses, why not think about trojan horses. Is that not what they are?
    Have they not announced that they want to change our world and are trying to do that, does that scare us, really?
    It does not scare me, but it does make so very mad that we have a government who does not care about anything but their agenda.
    The catch is everyone has jobs and everyone owns something they value more then saving our country. So be it.
    Enjoy the site and reading the commentaries. Thank you

  33. Here is an ironic condition, in ww2 we put the Japanese in concentration camps after Pearl harbor. In ww3 we invite the people into the country that attacked us on 911 , spread them around so they can better attack us and even give them money to help them buy things to do it with. I hope all you devout Democrats vote for Trump/Cruz in the next election as I don’t believe America can stand 4 more years of these policies. If you don’t change your ways the terrorists may be cutting off your heads in the future. God bless the USA!!!

  34. “Tashfeen Malik, one of the shooters in Wednesday’s attack in San Bernardino, CA., pledged allegiance to ISIS on Facebook in the middle of the attack, according to CNN.”


    Those terrorists has some scary stuff in their garage. There are a number of videos below the one playing. Scroll to the one with the idiot attorney for the family and Obamao’s latest video. He is still calling this a mass shooting and trying to negate terrorism. He is an absolute adam henry.

  35. BBC has a far more accurate account of the shooting.


    • Sean O'Rourke says:

      I find it odd that the FBI released the apt back to the landlord after what, 48hrs? They went through the entire place that quick and finished that part of the investigation?

  36. orwellianstates says:

    The government’s attitude toward the 2nd Amendment reminds me of when I was in school many years ago: someone in the class does something and the entire class is punished. If you have a carry permit, you are nuts if you don’t go armed!

    • “someone in the class does something and the entire class is punished.”

      Sounds like boot camp as well. 🙂

  37. Americana pacrat says:

    Not to long ago I was reading different blog sites when I came across one written by a US Army SF(Green Beret). He was commenting on the recent attacks by IS(Paris), I just scanned the article but went down to the area where comments were made. The hate speech towards the military, Christians, Americans in general was so vulgar that I left that site.
    Then PTB are telling us it is our fault for wanting guns to protect ourselves. How dare we not trust and believe in a system(s) that they are pushing on us.
    They can keep the sheep’s wool and I will look for a hand gun that I will be able to use and hit the broad side of the barn with. (inside family joke)

  38. Twenty seven dead , at least 90 injured in yet another attack overseas. All in the name of Syria/ISIS. How soon till another attack here?


  39. Izzy, it’s come to that in this, the land of the free (loader)…. CY thy A!

  40. Izzy- I may have overstepped, but think not….. Both of these groups are entrenched & are another type of black hand. Given reconquista, make book they will work to facilitate change of culture. Also booty & bounty.
    This will enable them to grab the 5 south western states they want.
    Also, our red friends have an interest in narcotics trafficking, so there already exists a working relationship btwn them.
    As terror is ALWAYS a political weapon, bank on their contributions.
    Banksters surely have infiltrated these 2, also. A many faceted (albeit small) 5th column can do great damage from within.
    The more Trojan Horses w/in the merrier.
    TY 4 insights.

    • Okay bobbo; what groups are you talking about?

      • ms13 & barrio 18….. my own feelings, though conjecture, suggest a scenario unfolding much like the Spanish Civil War in 1930’s.

        • The Ms 13 and Barrio 18 have turf wars, but I don’t see them starting a civil war. They had a truce for awhile, but is over. Both of them are power freaks, so there would definitely be infighting for control. Hellfire, they kill their own all the time.

          Indeed they have some pretty impressive numbers, but so do Americans. The problem is, Americans either don’t care what goes on around them or they get excoriated by this dumbazz administration when they do try to do something positive for the country.

          • Izzy- TY & Thumbs up…. all true, but inconclusive….. during times of strife, ‘black hands’ have engaged in turf wars, warring w/tptb also. They will waver on loyalties…. overall add to mess.

            Reds have tried to knock them out (& vice versa), but they are all on same side of street. Given coalition w/narcotics trafficking, they’ll not be an asset/ally.

            None of the above will be assets/allies. We can count in most street gangs w/them regarding being against patriots.

            Another force to be reckoned with.

            • Gosh bobbo; I was thinking about the ghettos, barrios and poor area earlier today. When the SHTF for real, south side Chicago, N. Chicago, Waukegan, etc will be on fire. Same with south central Los Angeles and many other gang controlled areas. When they can’t get their fixes or food…… yowzer….another SHTF scenario will occur.

              I pray my daughter makes it the heck out of Chicagoland before it gets to where she can’t. I have given her at least 3 routes to take if she can get to them.

  41. Just a though, with all the ammo and pipe bombs they left behind …..maybe they was going to attack the Christmas parade…. And he got mad at people he worked with and said the hell with it.

  42. This is interesting. Even some democrats are learning enough is enough.


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