Anyone Who Wants to Disarm Me Can Drop Dead

martial lawAs expected the gun grabbers have kicked their calls for gun bans, and confiscation into high gear in the aftermath of the San Bernardino terrorist attack. I’m sure that no one here is shocked at hearing their rhetoric or seeing their salivating over the dead bodies while reaching for the firearms of law-abiding Americans…

I’m not going to go into the fact that California has the strictest gun control laws in America or how the guns uses in that shooting were illegal in that state, or that France, where there have been two recent “shoot’em up style” terrorists attacks, is by rule of French law a country-wide “gun free zone”.

You already know all of that stuff and there is no need to preach to the choir here, because you, The Wolf Pack are already a well informed community, unlike the rest of the sheeple who know more about the latest song sang on “the voice” than what is going on around them…

We’ve come to expect Obama and Hillary to twerk for “common sense gun laws” at any opportunity – but one editorial that was published on the front page of the New York Times entitled “End the Gun Epidemic in America” shows the true agenda of the Anti-Second Amendment gun grabbers, and that is the banning and confiscation of privately owned firearms from law-abiding Americans…

Via the New York Times:

Certain kinds of weapons, like the slightly modified combat rifles used in California, and certain kinds of ammunition, must be outlawed for civilian ownership. It is possible to define those guns in a clear and effective way and, yes, it would require Americans who own those kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens.

I will not turn in, register or give up my Second Amendment right because of what someone else does with a gun – using the words of Ted Nugent “anyone who wants to disarm me can drop dead“.

I am an American and I am armed, trained and extremely proficient and I will defend my rights and my property if I’m attacked…  I will not hand over my firearms without a fight – I pray that it never comes to that point, but there has to be a line in the sand, and a willingness to defend that line at all costs.

The fact is that Obama, Hillary and the rest of TPTB who are pushing for gun bans and confiscation don’t care about the safety of real Americans  it’s all part of an agenda and power grab. If they cared about the safety of Americans, then they would not be insisting on shipping in tens of thousands of new  terrorists, I mean “refugees” onto American soil.

After all the attack in San Bernardino proves that they can’t even effectively screen one person coming from the middle east into our country, and they know that screening tens of thousands will be impossible, but they don’t care…

The end game is to bring them in, turn them loose and let them attack on a massive scale, then when it gets bad enough and enough people die, Americans will demand that something be done.

This is also the reason that they have been pushing the black lives matter movement and their attacks on police, and are demanding more gun control, gun bans and gun confiscation, it’s because TPTB want civil unrest on a major scale so they can use it as a pretext to enact martial law…

No one could be stupid enough to do what they have been doing without it being a deliberate plan… They are deliberately pushing all of the buttons hoping to spark massive civil unrest and death, so they can step in and “fix the problem” a problem that they created…

We are already seeing this to some extent now, but just wait until there are twenty-five or more such attacks by radicalized Muslims across the United States in a week, or attempted door-to-door gun confiscations.

Then the people will SCREAM for martial law and those in power will be more than happy to implement it… permanently – which was the real plan and agenda from the start…

A declaration of martial law in American would effectively suspend the Constitution, meaning you will have NO RIGHTS AT ALL, and all power will be held by the federal government headed up by the president.

This is what Jade Helm was all about – it was a practice run…

They will also round up “subversives” i.e. Christians, gun owners and anyone speaks out against anything that they do.

But perhaps the biggest surprise to some is that by declaring martial law the Obama regime could suspend the right to vote and to hold national elections – effectively making himself a king or dictator over the United States for as long as he wants…


  1. I am with you friend. Marine combat Vet. My STG 58 is zeroed for the 300 and I can bust eggs all-day long. Like you I will not tolerate ANYONE attempting to violate my 2nd Amendment right. If it comes to defending my right to bear arms, they will find out why I maintained the Expert badge while serving in the Marine Corps.
    Semper Fi

  2. ARC always good to have a jarhead around, coming from a squid….senior chief gunners mate( maintained Team 1 equipt locker…no, not the flashlights!)1968-1993.

  3. Erin Sullivan says:

    I don’t own a gun & I don’t know how to shoot one, but I want to get one now in order to protect myself and my children when the Islamic terrorists start to take over. What kind of gun should I get? How do I learn how to use it?

    • Erin, that question can not be answered without knowing more about your needs, what you can spend, training etc. To help you here is a link to a good article to assist you here on thesurvivalistblog I think you will have a better idea after reading this –

    • Erin- great questions, alas no ez answer.

      A shotgun is good for self/household protection. Particularly if aroused out of sleep or surprised.

      I do recommend getting 2- spare parts if/when 1 fails. But not absolutely necessary. Research will tell you most reliable/price concerns/ gauge for your use/needs.

      Also, you must get training, then practice. Helps reduce jitters if/when used.

      Ammo & cleaning kit essentials. Spare ‘Hoppes’ & pads essential.

      Research first. Blogs here a good source of research. No question is dumb except the one unasked.

      Practice/training/research…. a mistake can hurt you or loved ones. Shotguns are ‘His fury unleashed’. Hope this helps!