Anyone Who Wants to Disarm Me Can Drop Dead

martial lawAs expected the gun grabbers have kicked their calls for gun bans, and confiscation into high gear in the aftermath of the San Bernardino terrorist attack. I’m sure that no one here is shocked at hearing their rhetoric or seeing their salivating over the dead bodies while reaching for the firearms of law-abiding Americans…

I’m not going to go into the fact that California has the strictest gun control laws in America or how the guns uses in that shooting were illegal in that state, or that France, where there have been two recent “shoot’em up style” terrorists attacks, is by rule of French law a country-wide “gun free zone”.

You already know all of that stuff and there is no need to preach to the choir here, because you, The Wolf Pack are already a well informed community, unlike the rest of the sheeple who know more about the latest song sang on “the voice” than what is going on around them…

We’ve come to expect Obama and Hillary to twerk for “common sense gun laws” at any opportunity – but one editorial that was published on the front page of the New York Times entitled “End the Gun Epidemic in America” shows the true agenda of the Anti-Second Amendment gun grabbers, and that is the banning and confiscation of privately owned firearms from law-abiding Americans…

Via the New York Times:

Certain kinds of weapons, like the slightly modified combat rifles used in California, and certain kinds of ammunition, must be outlawed for civilian ownership. It is possible to define those guns in a clear and effective way and, yes, it would require Americans who own those kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens.

I will not turn in, register or give up my Second Amendment right because of what someone else does with a gun – using the words of Ted Nugent “anyone who wants to disarm me can drop dead“.

I am an American and I am armed, trained and extremely proficient and I will defend my rights and my property if I’m attacked…  I will not hand over my firearms without a fight – I pray that it never comes to that point, but there has to be a line in the sand, and a willingness to defend that line at all costs.

The fact is that Obama, Hillary and the rest of TPTB who are pushing for gun bans and confiscation don’t care about the safety of real Americans  it’s all part of an agenda and power grab. If they cared about the safety of Americans, then they would not be insisting on shipping in tens of thousands of new  terrorists, I mean “refugees” onto American soil.

After all the attack in San Bernardino proves that they can’t even effectively screen one person coming from the middle east into our country, and they know that screening tens of thousands will be impossible, but they don’t care…

The end game is to bring them in, turn them loose and let them attack on a massive scale, then when it gets bad enough and enough people die, Americans will demand that something be done.

This is also the reason that they have been pushing the black lives matter movement and their attacks on police, and are demanding more gun control, gun bans and gun confiscation, it’s because TPTB want civil unrest on a major scale so they can use it as a pretext to enact martial law…

No one could be stupid enough to do what they have been doing without it being a deliberate plan… They are deliberately pushing all of the buttons hoping to spark massive civil unrest and death, so they can step in and “fix the problem” a problem that they created…

We are already seeing this to some extent now, but just wait until there are twenty-five or more such attacks by radicalized Muslims across the United States in a week, or attempted door-to-door gun confiscations.

Then the people will SCREAM for martial law and those in power will be more than happy to implement it… permanently – which was the real plan and agenda from the start…

A declaration of martial law in American would effectively suspend the Constitution, meaning you will have NO RIGHTS AT ALL, and all power will be held by the federal government headed up by the president.

This is what Jade Helm was all about – it was a practice run…

They will also round up “subversives” i.e. Christians, gun owners and anyone speaks out against anything that they do.

But perhaps the biggest surprise to some is that by declaring martial law the Obama regime could suspend the right to vote and to hold national elections – effectively making himself a king or dictator over the United States for as long as he wants…

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    What I took from the President’s speech about banning gun ownership from people on the no fly list is that anyone can be designated such a person and denied the right to own a gun. Animal rights activist ? Black Lives Matter activist ? Pro-Life activist ? Anyone can be named to this list and just removed from those ‘qualified’ individuals who can own them.

    Just an easy way to declare some are not equal to others. THAT is Un-American.

    • I’m guessing we’re all going to be added to the no-fly list.

    • Hi J.R., don’t forget all members of the NRA, starting of course with Wayn bin Peyair.

      Now that the Post Office photographs both sides of every envelope, the feds don’t even need a supoena to find out who any organization’s members are: just look at the mass mailings. Ditto NSA’s copying the data from every email sent out to members from any organization- left or right.

      What the lefties seem not to account for is that powers given to administrations they like will be available to administrations they despise, and perhaps despise very rightly.

      Lefties never stop to ask themselves while pushing gun confiscation or even registration: What sane German in 1913 would have thought that within the remaining lifetime of a then middle aged person, the government of Germany -one of the most educationally, philosophically, scientifically, and industrially advanced countries on earth- would build extermination factories and run 6,000,000+ innocent people through them?

      They also fail to ask themselves: What makes Americans today intrinsically so superior to Germans of 1913 that we can be sure our government in 35 years cannot follow Germany’s?

      No one can know what our politics will be like in 30 years, any more than could Germans in 1913.

      When lefties attack American gun owners today, they are attacking their own children and grandchildren of 30 years from now.

      • Well those sane Germans would have known about the Jewish Bolsheviks committing the HOLODOMOR, killing over 60 million white Russian Christians. The jewish Bolsheviks took away peoples guns then took away all of their food, even seeds, at gunpoint purposely starving people to death.

        The lesson of the holocaust is that the 200+ nations that kicked jews out prospered much better than the one that didn’t let them leave.

        • “I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you, and in you shall all the nations of the earth be blessed”. Holy God to Israel, the “Apple of His Eye”, via Avram (Abraham) and the Abrahamic Covenant.

          In other words, anyone who supports Israel shall be blessed by Holy God. Conversely, anyone who does not support Israel shall inherit the curse, Holy God’s judgment.

          I know where I want to stand on my judgement day, and we all get one. Hebrews 9:27 – it is appointed once for a man to die, then comes judgment.

    • Under Bush there were 47,000 people on that list. Under Obama we are up to 700,000 on that list. 40% of the people on the list (300,000) people have no ties to terror whatsoever. There are even 72 DHS agents on the list. At one point Ted Kennedy was on that list. I would support the ban if you are on the list if you had to go through a court of law to even be put on it, but the gun grabbers don’t want that. They want to be able to strip us of our rights by fiat.

      • Ever Vigilant says:

        Nice to want…..

      • i place my vote on putting ALL POLUTITIONS ON THAT LIST WITH TED KENNEDY AT THE TOP of said list.
        on another note. broken glass from a tv picture tube is the sharpest shit on earth! and nasty as hell too, after 2 days with a small cut , you want to cut your hand off it hurts that bad! so i have litterly tons of the fucking stuff! and i have air operated remote controlled cannon’s to fire the shit from above, below ground, sideways from fake rocks and some with video cameras attached so i can aim them at their balls and face’s! also modified microwaves in certain rooms that whoever breaks into that room will be hoplessly trapped inside with steel and concrete doors that will fall to prevent entry and a life microphone to broadcast the horror inside to those outside. wired cameras every where and speakers to broadcast dieing rabbit sounds, offencive music and all has subliminal messages mixed in already to fuck everyones mind within hearing. did i mention the home made pepper spray that is fired by air too? i know i didnt spill the beans about my pepper spray mixed with dmso so that it will go straight to the blood stream if it touches skin! and fucking scum bag that tries to steal from me had better have good life insurance to take care of his wife and kids, unless i survive the attack, and make it my lifes mission to make sure those do not spend another dime of the repreations they will owe when it is all over! lol, i might be just telling lies, but do they want to find out if it is true or not? i dont think they want to risk it. maybe they shoot me between the eyes tonight when i step out the door, if they do i cant predict what will happen next other than you are next because you are on a list of some sort!

      • I was listening to the CBS talking heads this morning as they interviewed some woman, a former higher-up with the FBI who was saying we (citizens) need to be vigilant and report and suspicious activity to the authorities. They were talking about preventing terrorist activities.

        Well, here’s my take on that: DON’T.

        I did that once. Put me at the top of their list and I started getting sequestered and patted down every time I flew. Which I why I no longer fly.

        And I’ll never try to help the goob again.

    • Maybe is time for us to have a law like the Swiss have, every citizen is required to have a long gun in their closet and be prepared to defend the nation.

      • We had that law, once upon a time. Look up the Second Militia Act of 1792.

        In my opinion, the closest thing we have left to the structure, community involvement and social aspects of the post-Colonial militias are volunteer fire companies.

    • Axelsteve says:

      all of a sudden the no fly list will have 135 million names on it so they could disarm us.

      • Axelsteve, LOL! You caught that one also. What a slippery way for them to try disarming us. Molon Labe!

    • There is a prepper stranded in Hawaii right know because he was added to the no fly list while he was on vacation. From what I understand, anyone can be added to a “No Fly List”. Us preppers are looked at as terrorist by DHS. I lost my ability to buy a gun because I am a Veteran. I don’t fly anywhere because of a few hard landings while in the military so if my name is on a “no fly list” then so be it.

      They would love to enact Martial Law and throw away the U.S. Constitution. It would only turn into a war if that happens. Now what is really wacky. All of the progressive leftist have no idea that once we lose our civil rights, they will be in the same boat with us.

    • Alba Ross Washington says:

      I took it that the President and the New York Times, don’t give a rat’s butt about our rights or the Constitution. The Times even said our rights are not absolute, but can be restricted by the government. I must have missed that in Constitution 101 and in my reading of the Federalist Papers. The Times is advocating that the President and his supporters abrogate our Constitutional rights a piece at a time, starting with the 2nd Amendment. These are the times the Founders warned us may occur. If we plan to keep our republic, we may have to fight for it. Perhaps that is what the President and his cronies fear might happen.

      • The thing is if they try to start a war with all the Patriots now, they could never win and they know that fact. Also they are scared stiff while skating on thin ice praying their bluff works in their favor. With all the crap going on most of the populous is sick and tired and on the verge of stringing all those responsible up for treason.

      • ARW- sad a leftist publication, which employed walter durante in 1920’s (awarded pulitzer 4 extolling stalin’s soviet potemkin; heat still exists over prize reversal demands; Malcolm Muggeridge wrote on the reality of the suffering/carnage), gets respect. But respect from the left carries a stench.

    • If one thinks that Obama would allow a black person to be on the no fly list well then that person is delusional. I mean yesterday’s news reported that 72 employees of homeland security are on the no fly list not to mention numerous congress and elected officials. This country has been shit on by Obama and he is allowing his little muzzle rag headed friends to stir the shutout so he can declare his martial law which will lead to another civil war and countless deaths. Why because our Washington elitist a have usurped THE PROPLE and are drunk on their power. They want everything you have. Your rights your freedoms your property(imminent domain) and your retirement accounts. Whatever Americans have worked hard to attain to has been taken or is set to be taken from us. One world government was prophesied in both the old and New Testament of the bible. Whatever happens in the next few months one must try to get their spiritual house in order because to survive we are going to need somebody greater than humanity to intercede and intervene on ourbehalf

  2. Red Tower says:

    Shudder to think that we are just a few moments away from the SHingTF. I’ve told folks this all along, but most believe (or hope) it’ll never come to this, so they stick their head in the sand. Time to buckle up and be ready.
    Keep the faith.

  3. PrepperDoc says:

    I took the time to read all 16 pages of Feinstein’s proposed law to allow the Attorney General to stop “known or reasonably suspected” terrorists from obtaining firearms via the NCIS background check.

    This is quite serious, because we are talking about what I think is a “fundamental” constitutional & civil right — the right to armed self defense, protected by the 2nd Amendment. There is no such protection for the privilege of boarding an aircraft.

    What I just don’t understand is why, if the person is “known” to be a terrorist, they would not just ARREST / INDICT them and put them in jail?

    If the person is “reasonably suspected” then wouldn’t you want to do some more investigation, build a case, and ARREST / INDICT them?

    You should know that the proposed law gives considerable leeway for the Government to black out portions of the “evidence” against a person, even when they go to court to try and fight this restriction — so they will have difficulty even defending themselves since they can’t see “national security” evidence…..

    Just sounds like a red herring to me, a fallacious argument intended only to damage your opponent rather than doing good governing and protecting your citizens.

    • Worse known and suspected are on welfare in section 8 housing. Both the Boston Marathon and the Oregon college shooter were on the Russian Bad Moslem list.

  4. Folks, the idea of having to hide your guns is over. You don’t need to hide them, you need to make sure you have them clean, accessible and ready to use. I have a CCW but have never carried since I didn’t see the need, especially where I live. We leave the doors unlocked and the keys in the cars. But not now. I will be packing from now on to meet all threats, foreign or domestic.

    • old geezer says:

      If you have waited this long to lock your doors, take the keys, and carry daily, you can thank your lucky stars that you are still breathing.

    • Not_So_Much says:

      Oren I’m exactly where you are. There is no more leaving the carry firearms in a safe — they will go with me. If a location is a no carry I will A) find a friendly competitor to frequent B) accept any possible consequences as the price to pay. Enough is enough.

      • Not_So_Much,

        I carry all the time a 1911 Colt .45. After what happened in Chattanooga, Tn. when that crap happened to fellow Marines. They will never catch me with my pants down. Attacking Marine Brethren started a war among us. I refuse to disarm and I don’t care who it is violating my 2nd Amendment right.

  5. Thomas The Tinker says:

    It would seem ‘They’ have pushed your button MD… Thee Button.

    I was sitting here trying to think of something profound to write… I came up with a thought…

    Our current rulers remind me of Wal-Mart. Big old monolithic monster with it’s own agenda… The folks that work for them… just useful tools… the folks that shop there… more useful tools with some disposable income… read that as tax income and ya see my train o thought maybe.

  6. Authorities in France have been raiding Mosques. So far they have found more “military-style rifles” (which are illegal in France) in three days than the would have found in half a year. It seems like the French are going after the Islamic terrorists while TDL is going after the guns of law-abiding citizens.

  7. grandma bear says:

    As Larry the cable guy would say, “Wake up America!”. The hand writing is on the wall. I feel with elections in the near future, the commander and chief has no intention of leaving the white house,they will step up his efforts to make that happen. MD great article.

  8. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!!!

  9. Jim from Whitefish says:

    Don’t you wonder how the people that back the gun confiscation plan intend to get the guns from the criminals and would be terrorists? I’m sure they will step right up and hand over their guns if Obama tells the to. Sure!!

    • Hi Jim, I don’t think this is actually about disarming criminals and terrorists.

      Unless, of course, one defines ‘terrorists’ as military vets, NRA members, deer hunters, duck hunters, Republicans, Tea Partiers, and “People I disagree with, the Haters.”

    • Jim from Whitefish,

      “Don’t you wonder how the people that back the gun confiscation plan intend to get the guns from the criminals and would be terrorists?”

      Easy “Trade in your fire arms for crack”

    • When the English outlawed bagpipes in Scotland and Irish Dancing in Ireland. They were trying to dismantle an enemy tribe by banning the symbols of that tribe. That is why the left is determined to outlaw guns. It’s exceptionally stupid of them but then no one ever accused the hivemind of being smart.

      Leftists believe in gun control the way NYC and Mexico believe in it. They think that bad people wont be able to get guns but paying a bribe will let you get a gun. They know the mob/cartel will always have guns but they think it will disarm the low IQ black.

  10. We already saw a prime example with the current regime setting up operation fast and furious. obama ,clinton, and holder set up a dotgov sponsered gun run into mexico that saw the same folks issue a letter to the UN about gun violence and illegal international shipping of firearms. The same folks washing their hands of the deaths caused USA citizens by their little false flag raising.

    These people will engineer whatever false flag they need to get their way, and your commentary is spot on M.D.

    I do not see much of a door to door gathering, rather perhaps an issuance of a turn in deadline where non compliance will see a stop in services like bank acct. siezeure, withholding tax returns, warrant’s executed during trafic stop, withholding SS,welfare, or other public money’s. In short, they’ll just make everybody a criminal until an arrest can be made away from your home and your ill defined cache.

    The campaign has already started with DHS labelling veterans as needing watching, negativity of programming like Doomesday Prepers etc. Persecution of Christian values, undermining our Constitution; For them, the end justifies the means. IMNSHO both of our main two politico parties are collectively working together for the same end.

    ”Shall not be infringed” is a self explanatory phrase that leaves no room for argument. During the martial period of crown rule in our colonial time, patriot’s were found not guilty of crimes against the crown by a jury of their peer’s, known as jury nullification, we still have that right today! Exercise that right if tyrants attempt to destruct America today. On jury duty? Think long and hard about the charges of the accused, do not let some thug off of course, but charged with carrying a firearm for whatever reason, and the shall not be infringed quote, pretty much tell’s you how your jury vote should go.

    Many of us have sworn an Oath, at no time was there ever an expiration of those obligation’s given nor implied. Our Constitution can only be changed by convention! Any other attempt to change it is tyranny!

    • For the first time in my life I was asked at the License branch if I was a veteran. I was there to renew my drivers license. I now have a “V” on it to let anyone know I am a vet. Is Colorado the only state doing this?

      • Alaska does it also. I have a “V” on my license.

        • Rob’t and Twist, I haven’t seen any such designation on WA DL’s as of yet. It could be included in the data matrix or bar code on the back but don’t know.

      • loclyokel says:

        Florida does it. Some see it as an easy way to document for a discount at Lowes, or other stores that give discounts to veterans without having to carry a DD 214 or other current or former military ID. In retrospect, I see in this light it could be used for very different reasons also. Hmmmm. It is always “nice” to be singled out after signing on the dotted line to give up to and including my life when coming home and being branded by the DHS as a potential domestic terrorist.

        • I have a Florida license and have never been asked. Is this something new?

          • loclyokel says:

            Yes, it is fairly new, a year I guess. I don’t have the “V” on my DL, but the Lowes person I was dealing with (& also a vet) told me about it being available when re-newing your DL, so as not to drag around my DD 214.

      • Makes me wonder why they would want to add the designation. If it was for any type of benefit, they would want to see your 214. Is this just one more tracking device, so they know who is a veteran and may be armed or worth monitoring.

      • ArmyVet502nd says:

        Texas also puts “veteran” on your license as well.

      • Rkc_rider61 says:

        GA does. Plus if you have it you must go into the DMV to renue or change address, they will not allow it to be done online.

      • Tennessee has “Veteran” on the top corner. Did you know they track us through a National criminal gang registry for a Law Enforcement? It is sad, we are compared to criminal gangs. Shows how much the government appreciates our sacrifices. Thanks for nothing Fed.

    • This government does 1 thing right…killing it’s own backers,and disgracing the TRUE AMERICAN WAY…time 2 grab what u have and keep it close…the time is here…

    • Hi PatrickM, “”Shall not be infringed” is a self explanatory phrase that leaves no room for argument.”

      Exactly: to all Correct Thinkers, “shall not be infringed” obviously means “may be made a felony.” No arguments allowed: anyone who disagrees is a racist hater.

      At least, that is how I understand their position.

      • Penrod, absolutely correct. I have family that is of like thought’s so I am familiar with their “reasoning”. Still wonder how they arrive at it ……. (wink)

    • Harrisburg’s gay anti gun Mayor for 20years ,Stephan Reed, was caught stealing at least 20 guns from the city’s civil war museum and selling them. Well along with 500+ other charges against him, I can see why he wouldn’t want armed citizens.

  11. MD you nailed it with this article. The next year is going to be bad and as I’ve mentioned in other post the volume from the media over gun control will give POTUS the excuse he needs for marital law or another exec order. Many more like us will either become gray men or speak louder to try to counter the take over of our liberties. I suppose everyone has their own unique situation but like you I would no more surrender by protection than I would a member of the family. If I did wouldn’t my family’s protection end at that point?
    Its not amazing that so many people own weapons. Its amazing so many don’t own and train with them. I’m an old paratrooper and though don’t have my youth any longer I try to keep my skills up to date. An excuse at crunch time won’t win the day.

    • SR…

      Old -n-grey…check.

      Failure to surrender…check.

      Maintain skill-sets / proficiency…check.

      …that said, there exists a truism ignored by most …that goes thus:
      ….Washington cannot win…a sniper’s WAR!!!!!


      Salute & respect, sir.

      • Hunter you are correct! Once everything unfolds and the government moves in for Martial Law how far do you think they could get in a convoy on a rural road with all the hunters across the nation and highly trained Veterans/Militia? They might as well strip the paint off the equipment! LOL

  12. Ray Walters says:

    I live by the Constitution and not martial law. Martial law is a dictators dream.

  13. Brad Bagley says:

    This country is toast! The Russians and Chinese are running around Alaska like they will soon be owning it! And they will as Hillary promised it to them! Best idea now is to find some place with no blacks or Muslims and LEAVE!

  14. its time for all government agencies to be put on the no fly lists, since they have hired terrorists to work for them and we can no longer trust any employee of the government until we the American people have vetted everyone of them at the end of a gun barrel. the sodomite Obama administration and all his department heads are the true terrorists of the nation along with 5 of the scotus justices.

  15. riverrider says:

    the attorney general said just yesterday she was more worried about “people with stockpiles of guns” than isis terrorists and that the fbi and others are monitoring them now. meaning monitoring us stockpilers of guns, not isis. we are the enemy, period, get your heads around it and prepare, now…. they are lost in the sauce, deluded, not reclaimable, gone. regardless of who shoots who from now on it will be put on us. we can’t vote ourselves out of this.

    • We are the enemy because we are the last hurdle.

    • shropster says:

      Those who are at the top of the heap of crap that is our government are not deluded or incompetent. They are purposeful and committed to agenda 21 and their one world order.

  16. I live about 6 miles inland from one of our Great Lakes. Boy, the water is choppy and my boat is really small. I wonder what would happen if the PTB came to confiscate my guns and found out they were at the bottom of the bay? My uncle used to say that the police could only get his guns if they could pry them from his dead body, three years after he was dead. Guess where two of his prized guns are.

    • My father-in-law willed my wife and myself his guns. Sadly they were all lost in a tragic boating accident.

  17. Try in' 2 hide in NH, (not w/N-S-A) watchin! says:

    1.) (It’s BS) WE ALL KNOW THAT!
    Does everyone get it now????? This is the foot in the door (as we are trying to shut it) that will STRIP DO PROCESS cause Loretta (I hate whites, Christians, gun owners, preppers & vets)Lynch is now going to attempt to STRIP THE 1st amendment natzi style.

    If you say “Politicically incorrect” things about muslim extremist, GUESS WHERE YOUR NAME WILL TURN UP???? YESSSS, ON THE NO FLY LIST!!! AND THEN YOU GET NO KNOCK RAIDED AT 3:00 AM. That’s what’s being put in play here. And the lame stream media (Fox News) WILL NOT OR HASNT SAID A WORD ABOUT FLY LIST/no guns, or the 2nd amendment. (Since Sunday nights Oval Office BS) So get things set, get right with the real God. And be ready to make the calls in protest, of the illegal and un-constitutional action the “witch” Loretta lynch and the destructor and thief are making and trying to take, to your Congress Rep & Senete Reps (if they are or are not in the bag already! DO IT ANYWAY!!!!!!). Our God given writes of free speech and being able to defend ourselves IS AT STAKE HERE. Most of all pray God’s Devine Intervention will protect his true people and smite those who mock him…..

  18. Edwin : O'Keefe says:

    Tired of all the BS government spews. Molon Labe….
    ………..LETS SEE WHAT YA GOT, I may die on my deck, but you will burn in hell…

    • riverrider says:

      too old to run, too broke to litigate, too tired to give a damn. come and get me. you’ll win, but you’ll know you’ve been in a fight and so will the world. sic semper tyrannis.

      • shropster says:

        Those who are at the top of the heap of crap that is our government are not deluded or incompetent. They are purposeful and committed to agenda 21 and their one world order.

      • riverrider, sounds like we think a bit alike. The front porch will likely be the village green for alot of folks who would rather fight than give in. Of course that would make the home a “crime scene” in all of PTB’s infinite wisdom, and subject to seizure as such. So many widow’s subject to relocation, ironic that my DW voted for the current regime not once but twice. Too many semi conservative blue dogs that still equate the D party as being for the working man .

  19. Well, don’t forget to practice, practice, and then some.

  20. It isn’t the No Fly list Obama mentioned last night. It’s the Terrorist Watch List and in all likelihood many of us are already on it. You can bet M.D. is, but the ultimate goal is to put us all on it. Therefore the end run around the Second Amendment will be complete and we can all be “legally” disarmed. They try this and a lot of good American citizens will die defending their Constitutional Rights. I would hope that local sheriffs would refuse to carry out such blatantly unconstitutional orders–but that will simply depend upon where you live and whether your sheriff takes his oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, seriously.

    • Wouldn’t be surprised to be on a watch list simply because of what I read on the Internet, reading material I’ve subscribed to over the years and for opposing the KeystoneXL and Monsanto’s GMO poison. It’s easy to get on the watch list as a friend of mine found out. Honest lady, has never threatened anyone in her life, would do anything to help anyone. She and her husband applied for passports. His came promptly, she was denied. Thought she made some sort of error on the application so re-applied. Denied again. The letter included a phone # for questions so she called. Was told she couldn’t get a passport because she was on the terrorist watch list. She was floored. The gov’t stooge on the other end of the phone line finally admitted that she was on the list because she opposed the KeystoneXL. So she asked how she could get off the list. Well they didn’t know, but a good start would be to keep her nose clean and quit opposing the pipeline for at least the next year….or more. And that’s how our esteemed gov’t works!!


    The Agenda 2030 conference in Paris is being guided by 17 goals which contains targets that will forever alter humanity and change the planet forever. Of particular concern is goal #12, as it is the conduit from which the globalist depopulation agenda will be ushered in.

    Following the planned economic collapse, Agenda 2030 will enforce the most brutal austerity programs ever conceived of, or ever enforced.  Just as it was in the Hunger Games movie, all food, water and medicine will be rationed. Inhabitants will be forced to take the Mark of the Best, the dreaded but largely unkown RFID chip. We are already witnessing the birth of a cashless society. Soon, cash will be banned. Automation will bring promises of unlimited food production. The public will be sold on the widespread use of robots to achieve this goal. It will be a ruse. The goal is to replace human workes with robots. The globalsists will horde the food in order to help wipe out the ‘useless eaters’ through starvation. Then the population will be forced into a devastating World War III. Subsequently, Ted Turner and the other globlaists will be able to achieve their goals of reducing the world’s population to a low of 500,000,000.

    Prepare now for time is very short.  Just added new Tourniquets
    to all my IFAK’s

  22. Higherview says:

    Perhaps a better quote from Ted Nugent would be “anyone who attempts to disarm me can will dead“.

  23. My feeling is that laws kill people…. all lives matter…..

  24. This frog has already been boiled.
    The antichrist will work mischief with a law. By the time you figure out their plan to take your property, you will have already been removed by numerous other means that you never even realized were being implemented at the local city council and various state and Federal agencies. Jonesboro Arkansas for example is being attacked from all directions as we speak and people have been set up to lose their property via the inspection and compliance process.

  25. J from Mt says:

    I can’t believe those two peace loving Muslims shot up that party, and it really blows my mind how they completely disregarded Cali law and had magazines that carried more ammo then allowed and used guns they couldn’t have…… Just hmmm… Haha I have to admit I don’t want anything to happen but on the other hand I’m looking forward to not having to work and pay taxes any more. Sorry if it sounds psycho to say but I’ve hit my limit with all this shit.

  26. Genealogist58 says:

    I see this as a great Christmas present to all freedom loving gun owners . The New York Times let all the cats out of the bag and openly asked for guns to be turned in . This shreds all the gun safety proposals. Now the most dangerous place in America will be in the gun shop lines trying to snap up as many firearms as possible . Ho Ho Ho , every time a bell rings another firearm has been sold.

  27. The alphabet soup agencies already admitted that they can not possible vet all the invaders, so the only conclusion to this by-design dilemma is to take everyone’s gun away!

  28. Plinking- America’s Real Pastime.

  29. I would worry if I had not already accepted the fact that it WILL come to a confrontation at some point. I am doing all I can in an attempt to mitigate the circumstances that will affect me and my family.

    I will say this again, NOW is the time that if you feel you need to acquire firearms, ammunition, accessories (like magazines), or anything related to this subject, get it.

    I feel food and off-grid living equipment will come next. Because you know if you are stockpiling food you are really preparing to to harm to your fellow countrymen.

    • Hi JP in MT! How can my food stores be harmful to my fellow countrymen? This food prepping is not a selfish endeavor for me. Fill me in, please. Probably just the Bee in me, storage is everything…

      • Alpha Bee:

        That was said with a bit of sarcasm, but if you look at the current trend of the FDA, you can detect a current against self sufficiency which takes control of the food supply away for the PTB’s. Our current batch of leaders prefer people to be dependent on them.

        When the shortages come, and they will, those with stored food will be labeled “hoarders” and subsequently persecuted. They will not consider that your put it up during times of plenty, therefore it is technically not hoarding. IMO

  30. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    “The more you struggle to live, the less you live. Give up the notion that you must be sure of what you are doing. Instead, surrender to what is real within you, for that alone is sure….you are above everything distressing.” Spinoza .

    Always best to ” keep your eyes and ears open ” as Sgt. Major always says .

  31. Terrorists can bring weapons of mass destruction across our borders and you want to take our guns. I think I can speak for all the gun owners. Piss off!!! Oops that just put me on a no fly list guess I can’t go to work today and pay taxes.

  32. Beano McReano says:

    This is what happens when you put a negro in control. They love to scare and harass you whites to no end.

    The negro scaring you. Going BOO!

  33. I hate to fly anymore
    Add my name to it
    A reason to stay at home

    (a little haiku for the ilk at DHS)

    • I do not fly. Period. No one is going to touch me plus I get really vocal about strangers touching children or harassing of persons with prosthetic or the elderly have to undress because their Poise are wet. Off the soapbox. This is a really touchy topic for me. I will walk before I ever fly again.

      • Beano McReano says:

        I don’t fly either. I cannot stand the thought that Boosh, Dick Cheney, the sodomite Negro when they got nothing to do turn on the cameras sit down and watch you guys get patted all day.

        And they sit their laughing, big grins all around at the sheep they control.

  34. To the government folks that monitor this website: I own guns. I own rifles, shotguns and handguns. I am not ashamed and I will not hide. I am a law abiding, tax paying citizen and have a God given right to defend myself and my family. I WILL NOT allow those rights to be infringed.

    • How about something a “little more forceful”? For instance: I am a gun owner. If you come, regardless of which praetorian agency you belong to, I will kill you. Just keeping it simple.

      • Swift just use my door sign. It states: “The Door Is Locked For Your Protection, NOT MINE!”

  35. Yesterday evening as I was out on the deck all around the area came the sound of gunfire. Folks were expressing their opinion in no uncertain terms. Yeah, I joined in. Let them try what they will but they better bring bring a sack lunch. As well as many, many body bags.

    Some words should never be used in the same sentence. I may never get the image of Obama and Hillary twerking out of my head….ugh.

    As for no-fly lists, I won’t fly until the Gestapo is out of the airports.

    • Gotta love living in the country! Having the ability to practice our 2nd A Rights at anytime is a wonderful thing. Almost all of my immediate neighbor’s shoot and carry. The open carry of longarms on one’s property is a common sight and practice. The sound of gun fire is common. Just found out that my new neighbor was in Boston. She was at the finish line when the bombs went off. She is learning to shoot.

      My long time definition concerning the 2nd A is:

      “Gun control is the ability to maintain an accurate sustained rate of fire”.

      I have that ability.

      • My hat off to your new neighbor. Bless her. I can only guess the memories she is trying to forget.

        • She actually has gotten through it well. She lamented to me that she ran for cover and didn’t stop to help people. I believe she has some survivor’s guilt going on. I reminded her that had she been injured, she would not have helped anyone either. She did the right thing, move to cover, assesed the situation, then returned to help. By that time the first responder’s were pretty much in charge.

  36. I saw this article and found it interesting that TN, MT, and CT were tied at 25th with an average of 11.3 guns per resident, although TN does have the most people of the 3.

    • JP in MT,

      The real number is much higher than that – I remember a after “sandy hook” seeing a report that said there were over 100,000 AR-15’s sold in TN in one month…

      • 1. Being CBS you have no idea how old their numbers are.

        2. I looks like there are several states that need my help.

        • riverrider says:

          and the press called the 4 guns the sb turds had a “massive arsenal” . they’d have a heart attack if they came to one of our houses, lol.

    • Hi JP, look at that cBS thing again. They are claiming those numbers are per 1000 people.

      Example: DC: “The District of Columbia comes in at number two in the nation, with 66.4 guns for every 1,000 residents. That’s 42,897 registered firearms dispersed among only 646,449 people.”

      “For every 1,000 residents in Alaska, there are 15.2 guns. That’s a total of 11,167 registered firearms among 735,132 people.” That’s 1.5% of Alaskans have a gun? Well, actually, it is saying there are 1.5 guns per hundred Alaskans. I don’t think so. Texas? Really? Nope.

      And they are talking about registered guns. Most states don’t have gun registration.

      Somebody at cBS seriously screwed up the numbers.

      • PS, the first page says: “Here is a look at the 30 states with the most guns per capita, according to the ATF’s National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record”


    • Higherview says:

      This can’t be right, they say they are counting “registered firearms” but there are NO registered firearms in most of these states – I think only a couple of states register some types of firearms (like Conn with Semi-Autos). So this whole article is bogus, in the western states I don’t even know anyone with only 11 firearms! Much less 11 per 1000! I had a friend who’s mother in law passed away, she was not a “gun person” not a hunter, not a shooter, he didn’t even know she owned a gun, but when they inventories her belongings after she passed she had 13 guns! If the family didn’t know the government doesn’t know and CBS sure doesn’t know anything.

      • Higherview:

        Anytime you buy a firearm from and FFL dealer, it gets registered with ATF. This includes pawn shops and FFL dealers at gun shows. ANYTIME.

        Now some states also have an individual registration. But this statistics came from ATF.

        • Higherview says:

          It is a misnomer that you are registering a firearm with the BATFE when you fill out a form 4473. There is a difference between a record and a registration. Although I admit this is meant to be a step in that direction, and over the couple of generations (since 1968 I think) it has been in effect it has had the affect of brainwashing people into thinking it is registration, so when they actually try to register them people will think it has already been done. In fact the form stays with the FFL. It does not go to the BTAFE or any other government agency, Under this administration there have been cases of BATFE agents coming into FFL and asking to see the “books” and then trying to copy them. In the cases that I know of they have been sent back to get a warrant. Without a specific make model and serial number or a warrant the FFL usually will not, and does not have to show them any of the books. If a firearm turns up at a crime scene then the agency doing the investigation will contact the manufacturer, then from there the clearinghouse that sold it to the FFL and then find the original purchaser. If it was registration you could not sell it to another party without going through some process and this is not the case in most states – I know it is in Conn and I think NY but not sure, just know that these are the minority. I’m not saying form 4473 isn’t registration waiting in the wings, but it is not registration. Also if you purchase privately or receive a gift there is not record, again if registration were the law these would have to be registered. Also the Brady law background check only checks to see if the person is legally able to own a gun, there is no record with this system of weather they do purchase or how many they may purchase or did not purchase at all (under Clinton they began to illegally keep track of the names of those who had been checked but the NRA sued and won and all records were destroyed and currently they can not keep records more than 24 hours after the successful check has been conducted. Also, CBS has no access to form 4473 to know how many firearms have been sold through FFLs so they could only estimate, still this would not be a list of registered firearms. If all they did was get figures from major gun outlets and estimate the number of firearms they would have a number much higher than those reported in this article. None of my families firearms are registered and all are perfectly legal.

          • Hi Higherview. I agree. I suppose it is possible that these numbers are based on 4473s turned in by dealers which have gone out of business, but that wouldn’t even begin to cover guns sold by the big corporate chain sporting goods stores, which mostly never go out of business.

            My understanding is that BATFE is prohibited by law from making those 4473s which are turned in when a a dealer goes out of business be digitized or searchable electronically. That keeps them from being turned into a defacto gun registry, albeit one which would be somewhat out of date.

          • Higherview:

            Thank you for the clarification. And I do know that those records are at the dealer, and they need to keep them for 10 years. I also know that even though the dealer should ask for a warrant, many don’t. Some don’t even destroy them after 10 years.

            There is an easy to follow trail with new weapons. From manufacture/import, wholesaler, to retailer. Then someone with a shiny badge shows up and “asks” to see the record(s). Most small businesses don’t want a fight with “The Feds” and just give them what they want and the same happens with the larger retailers.

            Used weapons do have a more difficult time being tracked through FFL dealers.

            I personally had the experience of getting a call from an out-of-state law enforcement unit asking me if I owned as specific firearm. When I questioned them about it, it turns out what they had was one I had bought new and later sold that had ended up in the hands of someone who should not have had it. What they wanted to know is if it had been stolen or what. After I said I had sold it, they then told me that if it had been stolen they would have returned it, as it was they were going to destroy it.

            We do not have “registration” as some states do, like you were saying. But they had no trouble identifying me as the “1st purchaser” from 3+ states away; which is why I said things the way I said it. You are technically correct; state “registration” just makes the current owner easier to find, especially if you have to register used weapons.

            • JP & Penrod…..thumbs up & I’d like to agree…..given Rubbee Rigged & Whacko, I’m uncertain regarding unlawful search & seizure means anything. I hope & pray you are right!

              Nashuna Rifling Asses are the top dogs on 2A? Another reason I’m skeptical.

              Too many other reasons, too numerous to list adds to my skepticism.

              Hope u r right!

            • Higherview says:

              Yes JP there is a difference between a record and a registration. Not that I am in agreement with his system, as I have no doubt that the left intended to turn the 4473 forms into a registration system by now. But due to the diligence of the GOA, SAF and NRA it has not happened. This is also the real push behind the “so called” universal background checks. As Chuck Schumer recently said “all we want is universal registration, is that too much to ask?” … “All we ask for is registration, just like we do for cars.” Of course that’s “all” they want, eternal diligence is the price of freedom.

    • Higherview says:

      I just came across this quote, which I thought was appropriate to this discussion. “Typically, an American family will have five or six short- and long-barreled guns, … Some collectors have more than 20 guns.” Maksim V. Kuzyuk, a board member of Izhmash and former chief executive, said that he studied the global market for small arms before deciding to focus on the United States – a former director of the Boston Consulting Group in Moscow

  37. Your article was right on point! It’s about control and the false flag terrors occurring on a monthly basis is designed to bring Americans to their needs begging for Big brother to provide a solution. Not all of us are watching Dancing with the Stars. stay armed and informed!

  38. I do not believe that Obama is going to give up power, he will gin up some terrorist attacks, and some urban riots so that he can justify Martial law and saying in office, however when he does that about half the country will break away, after all if the Constitution is abrogated then the states are no longer bound together in any legal fashion, I just hope that I am in a state that breaks away from the Obama Caliphate. And as for all those Obama voters who find themselves living under Sharia law, especially the feminists who find themselves forced behind the veil, perhaps even into the burka, and the Obama voting gays who find themselves being thrown off of roof tops, don’t say you weren’t warned.

  39. I’m sorry, but maybe I’ve misread what you wrote. You say you’re not going to give up your 2nd Amendment right? In the years that I’ve been a proponent of the 2nd, writing articles, speaking to people, and groups, I’ve come across only a half dozen or so people who are truly pro-2nd. The rest just talk a good game as long as they don’t have to actually do anything up until the point that it becomes untenable in this country.
    The 2nd has 27 words in it, and the, in name only, pro-2nd crowd know just 14 and run screaming from the first 13.
    How in the heck do you think we got to this point? Look in the mirror. You want nothing at all to do with the obligations imposed by the constitutional tenor, and statutes, upon which the 2nd was promulgated.
    A major problem is that most have no clue as to the foundations of law. If the congress has the authority to organize the militia, to provide for training, and arming it, the congress cannot do otherwise. The inclusion of one, is the exclusion of another, or specific wording in the Constitution, must be construed negatively in all other cases.
    A right, as defined by our first document of law, “A Declaration”, is unalienable, the definition of, which is “impossible to take away or to even give up”. In Heller, despite that definition and the general meaning of rights as opposed to privileges, the court wrote that the RKBA is a right that can be regulated. A complete contradiction of terms and long standing legal doctrine. But the so-called pro-2nd community celebrated nonsense and mumbo-jumbo designed to eventually eliminate an authority through regulation. Listen to what the president said yesterday. Wake up.
    If you want to put an end to this, then you will look at Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15&16 + the 2nd, and work to that end; “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state…”
    Everything else is just blowing smoke.

  40. stupid is as stupid does says:

    the prez takes an oath to ‘protect and defend’—the Constitution. If he declares martial law (suspending the Constitution), is that treason?

  41. Seasoned_Citizen says:

    Dear Marxists/Liberals and your new bed-fellow Jihadists:

    I say pass the law banning ALL FIREARMS! Do it now. Please!


    Man up; quit the weasel words and come bust down my front door. It will not be pleasant, I assure you.

    THEN–multiply THAT SINGLE DONNYBROOK by 100,000,000

    Boggles the mind, don’t it.

    • Yes, my mind is sufficiently boggled, lol. Not to mention a bit envious. Awestruck, maybe even.

  42. Old Country Boy says:

    Spot on. Here’s a thought and will vary with state laws, certain black powder revolvers can be adapted to use shoot thru cylinders (conversions). Options of .38 and .45 with the ability of swaping back to black powder. Both can be purchased and mailed as FFL isn’t required. Catch is once you have the means to fire then registration is required. As I stated before state laws vary. Just sayin.

    • I am also quite proficient with the use of my blackpowder arms. Paper cartridges are fragile and this is where the Remington pattern revolver really shines in it’s ability to swap cylinder quickly. A few extra, loaded cylinder’s, is much like carrying speed loaders for a revolver albeit somewhat heavier. A bit of bee’s wax to seal the cylinder mouth, and a bee’s wax ”worm” rolled and pressed around a capped nipple will ensure water doesn’t intrude.

  43. I have said it before and I will say it again. Declaring private possession of firearms to be illegal is the easy part. Collecting them will be another thing all together.
    So who wants to volunteer to be the first person thru my door at 3 am? Yes they may end up with my firearms but some one wont be going home in the morning. Repeat that a million times across the country.

  44. The BLOOD BOUGHT Constitution of the American People is beyond the power of any President, so-called compromised Congress or the Banker masters they serve, to suspend. Any Congress or President that THINKS they can, will find themselves being executed with their neck snapped within a very short time. If “anything” is ever suspended, it will be Barach Obama, Congress and their Banker masters, at the end of a rope, NOT the Constitution of the American People. Martial Law will mean the death of this President, Banker contrived Congress and the Jesuit satanist Banker Cabal that installed them. They will not live to see the other side of it. That is a fact that they do not comprehend.

  45. Mountain Trekker says:

    Just a thought, I believe when the day come to disarm Americans, the so-called known 2nd amendment radicals will be the last ones they attempt to disarm. It will be very easy for them to go door to door of the average Joe and take his guns. And after the easy ones there will be many of the hard core gun owners killed before resistance will arise, Hopefully there will be enough left to make a stand. Question? When the knock comes on your door, will you really be ready to kill or be killed! Trekker Out.

  46. There is nothing more I could even possibly add. I would however, suggest that some members look up Nikita Khruschev remarks he has made our of the 1950’s. His predictions seem to be coming true, it’s like he was the modern day Nostradamas.

  47. Regarding fly list….. co worker has very similar last name to one the austrian paperhangers stooges…. His name is on that list.

    His family has been in this country 4 generations.

    Another coworker has a last name too similar to another creep. Same deal, gets baggage inspected regularly.

    Now I ask how all (or all but 1) of the 19 hijackers can be here illegally (most had expired student visas) w/o deportation? Or even state dept followup? Yet blue haired grannies can get harassed?

    To me it’s obviously done by design, to give birth to the police state. ‘Your papers please’.

    A rather typical maneuver/strategy. Create lawlessness, make the innocent pay. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

  48. ATtention: this is not a joke: 56,000 online scanner listeners heard, recorded, and email time stamp this quote by an unknown suspected law officer on what was named as ” city of San Bernardino police department”. Quote: they were working up ( what sounded like SAUuD) last week, they are working him up right. Now”. Immediately after that was heard , TWO HOURS and FOURTEEN MINUTES into the in cident, REPEAT/:2:14 hours after the incident started, while they were still cleAring the dam scene, no suspect info was known, , given, and the live reporter at the scene. Even stArted saying ” something just does not seem right “. Kyla channel 5 tip line and email AND FAX methods of contacting their news room were. Notified immediately that the unscrambled, live, police radio system utilized by San B police had been the source of what a reSonabbke person would instantly conclude had been an unknown officer radioing another I officer the. Name of the possible suyspect, and at the same time area ham radio repeTers went crazy with Hans saying and exited key with anger in their voices it seemed we’re exclaiming ” it was a dam terrorist attack, Saud or saltud sure siunds. Muslim to me and god bless the police, they have. Been on toop of these animals, good , they are gonna get what they deserve. Next ham interupts: hey wait , if they had been eyeing one of them, how come there’s a room full of bodies. And how Come they let that happen? What’s up with that?. Next guy , get, don’t be. Bad talking the police like they just let this happen, I hears they are not allowed to even stop a guy if they think he is Muslim , believe me , good street cops want nothing more then to de Cunard these guys but they czar wven drive by a mosque without risking their job. Their hands have been tied by political correctness, and a buddy said they are insane to even be thinking of letting more Of those depraved, drug addicted, porn addicted hypocrites into the country when the polices hands aw tiesd and they can nor protect the public cuz their hands have been tied .” Next guy , ” I heard the same thing , but worse , some officers think they are gonna be told to confiscate guns from good people , and have said they no something isn’t right cuz supervisors are starting to talk about there might come a time when we have to have some ” ride alongside” ” the type that carry a machine gun”. Then a guy breKs in and says ” hey guys, that cop that said the SAUD name I’ll bet was on simplex , all police repeaters Re recorded, but the cops go to simplex cuz they don’t know why, but they know it’s not recorded cuz dispatch does not hear them , you should heR some if the crazy stuff they say about Muslims between themselves when the think no one. It then can haar it.,/laughter, oh SHIT, that stupid cop didn’t know half the country now knows they have been working that dude for a week. More laughter then, awe man some dude just lost a carer.
    Ktla Chanel 5 near the incident in so cal and where those hams were Abbott 39 miles from the shooting , was verbally, faxed, emAiled and told the suspects name. Never said a word . The chief of San bee police got in the news and said for a fact no law had even known their name, had no prior info ,, and the FBI is saying the same thing .. 2:14 into the incident, the recording has been distributed ,, copus of emails distributed, some guys are weAring recorders, hidden video, and transmitters on their person, in their cArs and wired their houses up to transmit in real time like into the live apes nationwide system to. Protect themselves from retaliation by police , false allegations or becoming an accident cuz now listen up, maybe he wasn’t talking about sayed. 5the reAk suspects name, maybe there IS a SAUD they were working up. And totally unrelated , but everyone that heard it live, or gas listened to it us fired up mad, and scared . The excuse once this goes viral like it is, will be@ can’t jeapRsuse ongoing investigation ” you know that’s what they wik sAy, then that meNs they sacrifices good Americans for an investigation . If that’s the case, I I give up. We have lost the country. To think that American citizens are expendable so that the giv can let in millions of people that have Oleg

  49. riverrider says:

    well looks like we’ll get to find out what we’ll do if they come. new york announced its going after safe act gun owners. i don’t know whether to pray the owners shoot back, or pray they don’t. tdl would likely use that as a way in to martial law. oh well, why worry. as jackson said, “the day of my death was recorded before i was ever born. why then should i fear it?” sic semper tyrannis.

  50. at my age, Im already in lots of pain… I might be kinda cranky when “they” come to get my guns. Cranky old war vets can be damned unpredictable…..but, the trigger pull on my Huskqvarna 30-06 is only 2.6lbs….think I can still do that. and the Burris is sighted in for 300yds, and it (even with me) can still do 1 inch groups for the most part. Dont worry bout “level 4 trauma plates”….the human face is about 5×6 inches, and not highly resistant to 168gr boattails from what I’ve seen in my life.Wont even twitch like a chicken.I hope we NEVER SEE this happen…NOT EVEN BARRY can be THAT arrogant, but he might try it in the “inner city for political effect, cause those “units” think a 9mm, or 40 SW is “high-powered”. I beg NO one to try that folly…no cops here in idaho, or my home state of Texas would EVER attempt that one….but if “he” wants to import blue helmets, oh well amigo!!!!

  51. I am with you friend. Marine combat Vet. My STG 58 is zeroed for the 300 and I can bust eggs all-day long. Like you I will not tolerate ANYONE attempting to violate my 2nd Amendment right. If it comes to defending my right to bear arms, they will find out why I maintained the Expert badge while serving in the Marine Corps.
    Semper Fi

  52. ARC always good to have a jarhead around, coming from a squid….senior chief gunners mate( maintained Team 1 equipt locker…no, not the flashlights!)1968-1993.

  53. Erin Sullivan says:

    I don’t own a gun & I don’t know how to shoot one, but I want to get one now in order to protect myself and my children when the Islamic terrorists start to take over. What kind of gun should I get? How do I learn how to use it?

    • Erin, that question can not be answered without knowing more about your needs, what you can spend, training etc. To help you here is a link to a good article to assist you here on thesurvivalistblog I think you will have a better idea after reading this –

    • Erin- great questions, alas no ez answer.

      A shotgun is good for self/household protection. Particularly if aroused out of sleep or surprised.

      I do recommend getting 2- spare parts if/when 1 fails. But not absolutely necessary. Research will tell you most reliable/price concerns/ gauge for your use/needs.

      Also, you must get training, then practice. Helps reduce jitters if/when used.

      Ammo & cleaning kit essentials. Spare ‘Hoppes’ & pads essential.

      Research first. Blogs here a good source of research. No question is dumb except the one unasked.

      Practice/training/research…. a mistake can hurt you or loved ones. Shotguns are ‘His fury unleashed’. Hope this helps!

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