AR15 / M4 Back up sights

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  1. PrepperDoc says:

    Nice. I need to add this to my scoped rifles. I’ll be looking for flip-down versions or to-the-side options.

  2. Being old soldiers at this house, all but on of our rifles have backup sights, even the hunting rifles.

  3. I like to have backup sights on my rifles ,that now rust in peace on a lake bottom. One rifle that is rusting away had a 3×9 scope with a see through mount so you can still use the factory irons. It is regrettable that many hunting rifles made now do not include iron sites. Having the rifle drilled for sites would be a major expense.I like that guy in the video and usauly go by his advice.

    • Axel,I also had a kayaking accident and lost some gear,seems to be a real problem!

      • James
        I think preppers should keep there guns away from bodies of deep water.I wonder how many shotguns get lost in duck season.

  4. Thank you. lol

  5. I am a firm believer in basic iron/what have you back up sites as by the recent eou scope video brought out.I do a bit disagree on vulnerability in sites mentioned in beginning,have a ACOG and will take a beating,that said,also have backups.I like the options here for different backups,a good video.

  6. I do have flip ups on my ARs. Only 3 rifles don’t have iron sights but that is because ammo costs too much and so did the scopes that are on them. The range these are being shot I seriously doubt I would even want to try using open sights. Maybe 300 yards after that scope only. Different rifles for different purposes. One AR has a red dot, laser, iron sights and a flashlight. Good for clearing and 300 yards. Another a night scope and iron sights great for coyotes!!! I would hate to leave a wounded animal out there because I didn’t kill it with one shot I wasn’t brought up that way. My Dad always said you shot it you find it. It made me learn not to shoot if I couldn’t just drop it on the spot. I started out with an old HR 22 single shot with iron sights and won several competitions with it.

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