Are recent mass shootings false flag events to gain support for a repeal of the Second Amendment?

Sandy hook shooting a hoax?

Sandy hook shooting a hoax?

Update: Sandy hook shooting a hoax?

”After publishing this article, some folks saw the need to contact me just to let me know that I was crazy, out of touch and completely wrong on every point… Of course they had no answers, other than what they had been told by the media… Yep, the main stream media now that is a reliable source of information.

Anyway, I did not say that the attacks were false flag events – I don’t know if they were or not. What I said was that both of the shootings had the earmarks of such, and that there is a lot of unanswered questions. And the police threatening to arrest anyone reporting anything but the official version of events did not help curtail theories of what actually happened.

And let’s not forget about the recent “Operation Fast and Furious” where Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the Obama Administration sent thousands of “assault weapons” across the border into Mexico where they were used to kill an unknown number of people including American border patrol agent Brian Terry.

Well, if you remember when  the Mexican drug cartels started killing people by the truckload with those guns that the ATF had provided them, the gun banners,  here in the U.S. started calling for tighter gun laws in the U.S. to curb the “gun violence” in Mexico (I think Senator Feinstein was one of those).

Then it was leaked in the press, that the guns being used in the murders and mass killings were supplied by the ATF and the United Stated Government . Also see this article from CBS news Documents: ATF used “Fast and Furious” to make the case for gun regulations

Folks I don’t know about you but that looks like a false flag to me… and as we all know history repeats itself…

Were the Aurora Movie Theater and Sandy Hook shooting false flag events that were engineered by unknown individuals or organizations to gain support for gun bans, or a complete repeal of the Second Amendment?

I don’t know if the shooting were “false flag operations” or not but judging from the emails that have flooded my inbox since the Sandy Hook shooting, many folks are starting to think that something just ain’t right with the “news coverage” that they are being spoon feed by the main stream media…

For those that don’t already know false flag events are planned acts (mostly by governments) to perpetrate a disaster or attack, then blame it on someone else then use that event to gain support of the population for their agenda (i.e. war abroad, pretext to a police state), and to persuade the population to willingly relinquish their rights and freedom for their own safety.

Let’s look at an example of a typical false flag event – This could be a planned terrorist attack carried out by operatives of a political group or government inside ones own country, that is blamed (with evidence and the unquestioning coverage of the media, of course) on another country or group as an excuse to go to war, pass restrictive unconstitutional laws ect.

Or as Wikipedia defines it:

False flag operations are covert operations conducted by   governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear  as if they are being carried out by other entities.

Declassified documents give undeniable proof that false flag event have been carried out by the U.S. government, as well as others in the past –  many folks believe that 911 was such an event.

Here are a couple of examples of U.S. government false flag operations that have been declassified:

  • Operation Northwoods – The 1960s U.S. Government plan to carry out terrorist attacks on U.S. citizens then blame it on Cuba to gain support of the American population for an attack on Cuba. The idea was rejected by the Kennedy administration.
  • Gulf of Tonkin incident – This false flag operation was perpetrated by the U.S. government to gain support for the Vietnam war.

Also see: A brief history of false flags

While it could have been just a lone psycho path pulling the trigger at both mass shooting with no connection to any organization or government entity, both events have all the hallmarks of staged “false flag” events.

The first media reports were all over the place after the Sandy Hook shooting, initially it was reported that there was possibly a second shooter at the scene, they also said that the shooter(s) wore a “bullet proof vet”, they then reported that two handguns were found inside the school and an AR-15 was found outside in the car that the shooter had driven to the school.

Now they’re reporting that there was only one shooter using an AR-15 rifle to commit those horrendous acts of murder… Where is the guy that the police arrested in the woods near the school after the shooting? Was he the second shooter? Was he the “handler”? If not then who was he?

Video : Sandy Hook Elem Witness Saw 2nd Shooter in Handcuffs …

Video : SandY Hook another shooter captured in the woods by police…

Were are the witnesses and their first hand accounts of what happened outside and inside the school? Why did the state police threaten to arrest anyone questioning the official story that was being released by the media (government controlled media btw)?

Video : CT Police Threaten to Arrest Anyone Who Questions Their Version of the Story

And let’s not forget the inconsistencies that were reported after the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting….

The Colorado theater killer first opens fire on a theater full of people, then he surrenders to police without any resistance, he then warns police that his apartment has been booby-trapped with explosives. If the intention is to kill as many people as possible as would be the case with such an event, why warn the police?

If he had not planned to harm the police (whom he would have known would be raiding his apartment after the incident) why would he have gone through the trouble of and cost of booby-trapping the apartment in the first place? According to a reports the IE devices found inside the apartment were very sophisticated.

Where did he learn to make such sophisticated and deadly IE devices? He was never in the military, and I don’t remember any reports of any military manuals on the subject being found or websites with such information being visited by him where he could have learned how to build such devices.

Did he learn to make such devices on his own… or did he have help? We’ll probably never know…

Also another question that many folks have asked is how did afford to buy all of this stuff? According to reports he was unemployed, yet some how did he managed to buy thousands of dollars worth of weapons, S.W.A.T. gear, ammo and components for constructing IE devices and booby-traps…

Where did that money come from? How and where did he lean how to put together such sophisticated IE devices? Why did he use a gun when he supposedly possessed knowledge of how-to-build sophisticated IE devices, would it have not made more sense for him to have used one of these IE devices inside the theater instead of a gun? He could have been miles away when it happened…

And everyone seems to have forgotten about the second gas mask that was reportedly found at found at the far end of the parking lot of the theater… Why would a lone shooter need two such masks?

Also, as was the case with the Sandy Hook murders first reports coming from the Colorado theater shooting where that there was a possible second suspect that was involved… And while it could be a just a coincidence, the fact that both shooters are reported to have used the same type of rifle makes me want to look deeper.

Something just don’t seem right about all of this….

Could the confusion, along with the ever-changing and conflicting reports by the media from both mass shootings simply be the result of reporter error or simply the updating of information as it became available at the scene? Or could it have been due to agenda-driven reporting by the media?

Or could there be more to all of this than we are being told? Could one or both shootings have been planned false flag events to gain public support for a repeal of the Second Amendment? Or were they as we have been told the actions of lone gunmen…?

We will probably never know… but one thing is certain and that is that it is working great to gain public support for a gun ban agenda… As Hilary Clinton has said in the past…

“Never waste a good crisis”

What do you think? Are recent mass shooting false flag events or the simply the actions of a lone shooter?


  1. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Google Invisible Empire, New World Order, Agenda 21, WWW3 timeline, Bilderberg Group, Council for Foriegn Relations, Federal Reserve. Go to Alex Jones and read/see everything on his site then go to Joel Skousen’s site and pay the small fee to download his strategic threats through 2020. You owe it to yourself and your family to dig down into it and get smart. We are on the highway to hell and it is so far down the road their goal is almost complete. Don’t forget to google and read that the POPE called for one world government on 3 Dec. That is a pretty obvious sign that our constitution is under attack and we are being stripped of all of our ability to keep it intact. Once you have done this homework assignment look at this. Go do the math folks. This is very, vrey serious. Oh and by the way – never, never believe mainstream media. 98% of it is simply to serve up your koolaid. If you take the time to dig down into all the topics above you will be a changed person. Oh and don’t fail to do this before your internet rights are also interuppted – the right for ONE person to do that (who could that be I wonder) is probably going to be signed into law in January. WAKE UP!

  2. BTW, people – conspiracy does not always belong in the same sentence as theory. It is POSSIBLE that conspiracies are just that and not just theory – why would the word conspiracy exist if they didn’t exist?! Do the homework and then wake up to what is going on.

  3. Warmongerel says:

    ROFLMAO!!! Ok, Piers “Musket” Morgan.

    Now that was funny!

  4. Barack Hussein Obama says:

    I’ve been following this conversation for some time now and I figured I’d take time off from my busy vacation to respond. MD- these accusations are simply not true. This was a horrible tragedy by nothing more than a wack job who’s mother was a prepper. Gun control really works! Just look at my home of record, Chicago. It’s a nice place to live…well, some parts are a nice place to live…well, OK, that wasn’t a good example.

    Take Hawaii for instance, I just love it. The gracious taxpayers have seen fit to allow me to unwind from my strenuous campaigning. There aren’t a bunch of wacko’s running around with guns. But, back to my point, gun control is necessary for me to fully implement my agenda, which is peace, love and prosperity for everyone who agrees with me.

    All you need to do is go along with the program and I will guarantee that everything will work out. I promise…trust me.

    • recoveringidiot says:

      That’s funny right there, I don’t care who you are. 🙂

    • Hunker-Down says:

      I’m so glad you finally arrived here!
      I’ll vote for you again and again and again, and so will all my ancestors.

      not 🙂

  5. MountainSurvivor says:

    It was evidenced that some of the metal inside the 911 buildings had been cut, prior-it was an intentional setup. The government has tested drugs, sleep deprivation, thought control, etc. and they know how to manipulate the mind. The treaty on the table, card carriers in government, socialism has become the ruler, agenda 21, everything controlled by certain elites. It’s easy to make assumptions but, I think (we) should give it a little time to see what the final reports say and then look into things a little further. If it’s not on the up and up, we’ll eventually find out. In the meanwhile, we must continue to fight the anti-gunners and spreading the truth.

  6. Warmongerel says:

    I am the last person to believe in conspiracy theories. I commented not long ago how I have a problem with a friend of mine’s conspiracy theories.

    But this is too much of a coincidence: Adam Lanz of the Newtown murders and Robert Homes of the Aurora, CO murders…both of their fathers were to testify in front of the Senate regarding the ongoing LIBOR banking scandal (look it up).

    And, when all of these “tragedies” that scream out to the low-information voter for “gun control” just happen to occur when the UN is trying to control all of the small arms in the world…I don’t believe in coincidences like that.

    And I would put nothing…nothing…past Obama and his Communist brethren. After all, if killing 150 million men, women and children is acceptable to advance your agenda, the deaths of 26 children is nothing. As Stalin said, “One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic. ”

    The “One-Worlders” are coming. Pray that enough of the military ends up on our side. After being demonized by the Left for so many years, I think that most of the military will fight against the attempted coup that is coming.

  7. Gotta love the full moon effect.

  8. Another point that I found interesting that the media seems to have left out all but one that I can find, is the brother who’s id was used in suspected murders (the older brother) that just seems to scream out. The older brother works for Ernst & Young. As reported by wall st journal dec 18 , 2012. page a6 . Now I never heard of this company so I did a simple search. They are and accounting audit firm. List of companies involved in audit scandals, E&Y show up several times and are connected to firms involved in libor scandal, according to some reports its as if E&Y never even audited some of the companies involved and gave them green lights. His father Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial., GE is also one of the companies who paid out before going to trial.”So far, the Bank of America Corp., JPMorgan Chase & Co., UBS AG, Wells Fargo & Co. and GE’s former trading unit called GE Funding have paid $743 million to settle a criminal probe and civil claims for conspiring to rig bids on U.S. municipal-bond deals. Some money has been returned to victims. The case involving GE went to court and revealed how the scams were done. The Securities and Exchange Commission said GE Funding made millions by rigging 328 transactions in 44 states. GE operatives would get information about competing bids then adjust theirs accordingly. Sometimes they would take turns, with other intermediaries, putting in bids that were guaranteed to lose. Three individuals have been convicted of anti-trust violations.” I find it odd that the cops id or find an id of a person in a company involved in auditing some of the big names in the libor scandal, is the brother of the person of the mass murder, who is also the son of a man who works in a company, who paid out some of the largest sums of money before trial dealing with the libor scandal(not the fathers division, but same parent company). So whether the father was to testify or not, there is still a connection with both companies, father and sons.Was the older brother supposed to be set up and they messed up? Why was the computer destroyed with a blunt object instead of just shooting it, after the boy had already shot the mother in the face? Why was he wearing a mask/body armor? Why kill himself when he had hundreds of ammo left, when his intent was obviously to harm others (if he was the shooter) why even if the mother stated she wanted the “boys to learn responsibility through firearm use” would she buy a body armor/gas mask type piece of equipment just to teach target practice? (because she a prepper? lol doubt it)another interesting fact, everyone is up and arms about how this kid was a lunatic mental patient, well how they hell did he get a drivers license? Sane enough to drive a 1-2 ton heap of metal at 100 MPH but not guns? lol. Is this why initial reports mentioned he got dropped off because people would ask the same thing I just did, how did he get a license if he is so mental? Or if he doesn’t have a license, was it his brothers license he used? And if so, how or when did he get it since brother and father both say no interaction with him in three years? Since police were investigating the brother…in New jersey? “Federal sources say that identification belonging to Ryan Lanza was found at the scene, which may have caused an initial misidentification. Ryan Lanza says he had not been in contact with his brother since 2010.” also odd is that the brother lives in new jersey, where sandy hook is, the name of school is sandy hook elementary. he lives in Hoboken but the very fact it even has a sandy hook in the state where the brother lives + the school his brother shot up (supposedly) is pretty odd to say the least. The bodies were found with rifle bullets or long range wounds, but the (supposed) shooter only had hand guns on him, and rifle was in a trunk of a car. Well IM pretty sure that beats jfk’s magic bullet theory.If we even bring in the dark night, lol, dark night move trailer has a building with aurora at top in bright red letters, a shooting happens at dark night opening in aurora co. In the same movie, a map is shown with sandy hook as only visible name sandy hook is in new jersey. A shooting happens in sandy hook elementary school. The brother of the shooter lives in new jersey brothers id was found on brother of supposed shootings, LOL. Robert Holmes current position with FICO involves him handling Fraud.Now for those of you who don’t know FICO is a company that gives credit scores to Businesses and individuals. A lot of people in financial positions involved to say the least

  9. Color me jaded, but I haven’t been shocked by much in at least 30 years. A cold chill ran up my spine when Masoud was assassinated in Afghanistan. That was simply making sure that AQ’s plan would fall into place with less muss & fuss. 9/11 was very shortly thereafter.

    In both recent shooting incidents, the MSM totally frewed up the facts (& continue to do so); and in trying to appear so intelligent and smarter than the poor dumb common-sense persons, they’ve spun things inside out and backwards, fowards, square, and round to come up with their own scenarios. They’ve done their job, once again, in scaring the sheeple. Our own well-paid fifth column, and it almost doesn’t matter if black ops were involved or not. There are plenty of nut jobs out there who play copy cat for some instant glory and/or self-gratification. Whether they had help is tuff to prove. Follow the trail, whether the guns, the ammo, money, or other bodies that appear within the trail. Real black ops, there probably won’t be visible loose ends.

  10. Looking at the frenzy of gun and ammo sales this past week or so leads me to believe that a very substantial amount of people are waking to the fact that our federal government is becoming the biggest terror threat we face. ALL Americans are being faced with a very huge decision very shortly. Do you take a knee to tyranny or do you remove it?

  11. Tactical G-Ma says:

    You really opened a can of worms. Preppers are already vilified by many or at best considered demented. Now you introduce political postulates that border on the “grassy knoll” theory. Some of these ideas I wouldn’t say aloud in an empty house. Everyone does realize that the internet is public domain and we have no expectation of privacy, don’t we? We discuss OPSEC in the event of a disaster and then talk freely about ET? Careful or people may be knocking or your door.

    Just cause I am paranoid does not mean I do not have reason to be paranoid.

  12. spidermonkey25 says:

    “What these twisted souls hate is the notion that individual American victims of crime or oppression should retain any power to defend themselves, rather than mewling piteously into the telephone and then patiently waiting for our government masters to dispense aid at their leisure.”

    – Vin Suprynowicz

  13. Opinion of a simple old man….

    False Flag/Black Ops, I wouldn’t doubt it. Evil humans do what comes naturally, evil things! When a once Christian nation becomes a non-Christian (heathen) nation all these things and more is what you get. Yes there are christians in the US but when the nation by it’s ruling government bans God from any public or government entity and literally says He has no place in that nation except the physical church building(and that’s going away next) then that nation is a Godless nation. At the very least, with God there comes morals. The majority of morals in the US today is at best gutter morality. Worse is yet to come! End of sermon.

    Like I said, just an old man’s opinion. Doesn’t mean it is right or wrong but it is mine. Opinions and aches and pains are about all old people have any more.

  14. livinglife says:

    Lots of things go on that are questionable. When we stop questioning we stop learning.
    More than one shooter, he used pistols, rifle in the care, 3-4 pistols found in building, then rifle only was used. Poor reporting or a cover up? The last three shooters all used a bush master. lots of questions and no definitive answers.
    Correlation or causation?

  15. The OVerton Window.

  16. I haven’t had time to really read the entire article or all the responses, but I just have to say the recent news stories make me really wonder. I am watching the local news as I type this and there is a story about bank robbers who used “an assault-style rifle” in a couple of robberies. If there weren’t some agenda why would “officials” note the kind of weapon used to the media? Wouldn’t they want to keep that information from becoming public knowledge as a way of positively identifying and catching the robbers?

  17. Being curious about why an event happened and exchanging thoughts shouldn’t mark a person as a prepper or enemy of the gov’t. As a history buff I just find these discussions and ones like them a fascinating study in the human condition. I also study the history of war, governments and religion. It was surely be a sad thing to have intellectual exchanges (or maybe some not so intellectual ones – LOL) used as a reason for the gov’t to knock on the door! You do have a point though. No need to draw attention when one is definitely not the enemy. The do say curiousity kills the cat. I also think when a nation is hurting it is a natural human tendency to seek out answers in a forum like this.

  18. you are either awake or sleeping. for whatever reason certin people have eyes to see what is really happening, and others are in a mind controlled state. i believe its who you really are on the inside that lets no one pull the wool over your eyes. we are to be ready and awake.

  19. livinglife says:

    A brief overview of three key items under Obama.
    Main stream (lame stream) press/media taken over/won over call it what you want. He can do no wrong on three channels.
    Religion has been marginalized. “clinging to their bibles and guns” sound familiar? Lack of morals and ethics so the ends justify the means without guilt.
    Disarm the populace. Fast and furious debacle. Three of the last four shooters were all on psychotropic medications. All four used a Bushmaster. coincidence, same one? (only one of my friends has the same brand as I do) Two of the shooters had fathers involved in a finance scandal. For our ‘safety’, any means of resistance removed.

  20. Hm, seems when I questioned GW Bush (a draft dodger) and the War in Iraq (that we all know now was based on lies), I was dubbed a traitor. I don’t trust any of our so-called fairly-elected leaders anyway. They’re all crooks and liars! American politics seems to require its adherents to sell their souls to the devil. You are your own best friend.