Attitude the most important tool in your shed!

Today we present another article for this round in our non-fiction writing contest – by Judy W

How to stay positive, in a depressing world, and your body is falling apart? I turn 74 on Sept.8th and have no idea who the gal is in my mirror. I can tell you she is grey haired, wrinkles and old. Not sure how she got there, lol…

Did you know my mom told me life is wonderful like a big bowl of wonderful cherries, she did not tell me about the pits. She also didn’t tell me my body is like a battery and it will run down and some days refuse to work. Totally no power. Man I Hate that.

The world is falling apart robberies, murders, drugs, corruption, food prices soaring. Riots, streets not safe, then there is the political nonsense! I now believe in stupid pills and it looks like a lot of people are overdosing on them.

I want to remind you of the importance of humor. I am the most positive upbeat happy person I know.Why?????Well I can see,I can hear,I can walk I can pray, I can go where I want when I want. I can carry a gun, I can raise my own chickens and catfish etc. I can grow my own food. Holy wow, I am so blessed.

In a few weeks I will be 74, time has passed quickly, too quickly, I might add. Things were so different then. No guns, no Key’s, unlocked doors, gardens full of flowers, not food to survive. No Burger King, no Wal-Mart, no KFC . No TV, no cell phones, Telephone was party lines. Now that was fun ease dropping on neighbors calls. OK so I have always been a bit of a rebel lol

Mom and grand mom had a pantry. Do you know why? Not because people were going to steal or the government was going to take it, NO, because there was 1 car, maybe if you were lucky, if not it was the bus. It was a real issue to go shopping . The store was not close, dad had the car at work the bus was a hike, and nasty in poor weather. The pantry was stocked for storms power outages, and reliability. Welfare was a Nasty word. Independence was the word of the day. And no hand must earn your keep. Boy what a concept.

I have shared with you before, I have a huge heart and a tiny brain.Even with my tiny brain I can see the destruction which is happening daily to the world.I have 3 college degrees, what I learned was I learned nonsense. Such a waste but those degree papers got me ahead in this ever-changing world. “Education” today is a joke and a whole different article.

I am violently opposed to the words Prepper, Survivalist, etc. They are negative and going to come back at you in a negative way from this Administration, I am independent, responsible, self-sufficient, mature, It is each individual’s responsibility to take care of themselves and of course give a hand to a brother in need..

I tried Religious life, was not for me. Tried 2 husbands, they left me, silly boys. Good news I got 7 kids from the experiences, when the second husband left, is when I began my wonderful journey to become an independent happy mature helpful loving person.

The key is read and study. The straw that broke me was, I was living in a lovely upscale neighborhood and my doors were unlocked, of course, and a man ran through my house followed by police as I sat and watched. He had broken in to a neighbors and stole her jewelry.

Time to move, I took a neat course in Salt Lake with the Mormons.A real eye opener. I sat down and made a plan. I knew I had to sell my place and move rural but close to city for work.I still needed money to finance my plan.Well my place sold fast and it only took about 3 months to find my land. It was exciting and fun.I bought in the middle of a cow field. I joke now God is punishing me for ease dropping on my neighbors.

Truth be known I love my home. It takes 15 minutes to get down the driveway. Since I knew cities will be hell I had to go very private and rural. Family think I am nuts, well so what… I am so happy. I built a house, not so fun, lol I built a fish pond oh how fun to raise my own catfish. I built a chicken coop and sell my organic eggs. That is so funny a well-bred city girl raising chickens. Oh my gosh, I am in heaven.

Time is a dirty word – don’t think about what you don’t have done. Make a plan and a list and do a little every day. Focusing on the negative you will become negative. Yes there is great evil in this world. Friends there is great good in this world, which do we want to be focusing on. I read these posts and I think OMG I am so unprepared. Well that’s just plain nonsense. I with all my heart believe positive thinking produces positive results.

My idea was get as far away from the city as possible,store water was really critical on my list. Second was put up some food a little at a time. Then learn to shoot a gun and practice with it.Then I read well the stores are all gone, hmm guess I need to grow a food supply. Baby steps are better than no steps.Do a little each day.Even if it is just reading on how to care for your self and family. I just started growing potatoes in pots, what fun.

Some is better than none. We old gals need to find a similar like-minded friend or group. I have no idea what’s going to happen in my life time. Here are some things that have. I have had cancer twice. I have almost burned my entire house down. I have been through devastating hurricanes. I have been flooded in for About 10 days and could not get out. I have a nasty blood disease where I must be bled often. I have raised 7 children and had 2 husbands leave me. The good news, I survived and have grown from it all. The list goes on but you know what I am saying .

Lists, make them, they are good. Cross off as you accomplish each task. Think of location and what you are preparing for. Is it a nuke, is it a terrorist, is it a storm, is it a fire, is it civil unrest etc. each require a different set of preparing.

In closing, I want to quote Dr. Carl Menninger; He said – An attitude is more important than the fact,because the attitude can over run you before you ever deal with the fact.

I control my attitude,think positive, enjoy the ride and pray for me and our great country. May God Bless America…

PS MD has been a great influence in my life. I have grown immensely because of his work.

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  1. PrepperDoc says:

    Great article! Attitude is very important!

    • Good article…my wife and I are right behind you so we understand what you are saying, I feel sorry for the kids nowadays, they think if it didn’t happen yesterday, either it didn’t happen or it doesn’t matter,…they can’t know how wonderful things were in the 50’s!

    • Axelsteve says:

      Don`t dislike words like prepper for all the negative means of words . I am a white male and these days that is about as bad as bad can be if you let it.If you let people rule the langauge they won the debate.

      • Prepared Andy says:

        Some people might find “survivalist” to be a negative word, but I think “prepper” is a positive word. I think of preppers as people who have prepared. I don’t think that being prepared is in any way negative.
        She is absolutely right about attitude. I am inclined to believe that during some sort of end times event, we will be inclined to band together.
        Part of preparing is forming good relationships with like minded people. If you have a good support group set up before the hard times come then I feel that we human beings are well inclined to help each other and pull together for a common good. At least in small groups.
        If things beyond your control get real bad, your attitude is still something that you do control.
        Always remember this. We human beings are the most adaptable creatures on this planet. We will adapt to what ever happens.

        • Sisterjudi says:

          Thanks friend I like to be prepared for life and I work on it daily.Boy Scouts use to be a positive word now it’s cloidy with sex scandals.In my family and my social circle the group called Preppers and or Survivalists are thought of as radical nuts.
          One more thing I detest know what the mental health friend does it labels people,I will label me a white Christian American fun loving happy funny and a use to be a hot mama.

          • Prepared Andy says:

            Life is like a game of poker. We don’t control the hand that we are delt, but how we play the hand is up to us.
            I am 100% in control of my attitude. I choose to keep my humanity, since of humor, and love of all things beautiful. Events beyond my control will never get me down. I won’t let that happen.
            I get a strong feeling reading the posts of most of the readers of this blog, that most of us will keep our civility. Most of will continue to be moral citizens. None of us will allow crimes against woman or children simply because the money is no good. None of us will put up bands of looters, thieves and other bottom feeders. Whatever comes our way most of us will stay good citizens.

            • Sisterjudi says:

              Awesome.Can you come live with me.I have plenty of room and housing.This is not a proposal it is I agree and have love in my heart for you.

      • tommy2rs says:

        Axelsteve, I’ll go you one better. I’m an old angry white man who remembers Eisenhower fondly…especially his immigration program. Even worse, I could care less what people call me.

        • Sisterjudi says:

          Tommy very interesting comment.I do not care about what certain people call me or even think about me,because I like me a lot I might add.However I think people at large see Preppers or Survivalists as crazy freaks anti government etc etc etc.
          I am none of those.I am a 73 year old Single and looking Christian gal who believes in taking care of myself and being responsible and prepared for any and all emergencies?I like the words Mature Prepared Responsible American who loves God and her country and her freedom.
          Thanks for posting and for. Wing who you are because it is awesome to me that we are all so different yet all the same.

      • Well the good news is we now know what the media coverage of Omar Thornton would have been like after he killed 9 white former co workers if the races had been reversed.

      • Sisterjudi says:

        I think the debate is long over but I appreciate your opinion because we still can post anything we want,but my concern is peppers and Survivalists will be the first to go into those Fema camps.Except those who will use arms to fight,and some of us older women,cannot,and have no big brave man like you. To fight for us.I wish to be know as a mature responsible kind person.some words just are to me and others are negative.Like Christian Catholic Jew,nigger,atheist Prepper Survivalist just to name a few.
        Remember Hitler I do.
        Today if you read this I am sending you a big Grandma hug to say thank you for all your posts on here.God Bless America

  2. Big Bear says:

    Reading your article I felt like I was sitting in your kitchen, sharing a cup of good coffee and wisdom hard earned by making it through life’s school of hard knocks. You are so right about attitude ……… it will play a major role in your success or failure and colors all aspects of your world. Excellent comments and observations Judy!

  3. Wow. This is one of the best posts I have read on any prepper site. Very insightful from a wise woman. Thank You.

    • Sisterjudi says:

      Thank you so much.It came from my heart to hopefully encourage the older gals on this wonderful site.

  4. charlyne says:

    Absolutely loved your article. May God bless you each and every day.

    • Sisterjudi says:

      He has even in the crosses.All things bring me closer to God
      Life is so awesome.
      Thank you and God Bless you and yours with many blessings

  5. Owl Creek Observer says:

    As a kindred spirit, thanks for affirming what many of us have learned over the years. I believe that when we focus on the negatives, we die a little every day. My wife and I plan to die just once and today we don’t have time for it. Thanks for a great article.

  6. JP in MT says:

    Love your attitude. I’ve been through many “phases” in my life so far, but I always loved the rural life style. I spend time as a small kid living on my grandparents “farm” (acres of walnut and filbert trees, chickens, barn, dog, and mule), and I guess I always wanted to run back to that life. Hopefully before I wish I had.

  7. Babycatcher says:

    Your post gives me hope, that even though I see the mess our world and country are becoming, that one can have a relatively satisfying ” old age”…. I told my children I wanted to live to 100, because the first 40 years were so bad( due to circumstances beyond my control). But the next 15 have been wonderful, and I want to enjoy them and share those good memories, and make more before I see the Lord….

    • Sisterjudi says:

      You know bad things do happen to good people.Long ago I was raped and thought it was thee end of the world.Turned out my sharing that experience helped so many women get through similar experiences.
      I can if I think I can.
      Blessings and remember it is one day at a time,thank God.

  8. Wonderful contribution! Love your outlook!

  9. Thank HEAVENS there are some more sane people in this world. If all you do is read the newspaper or watch t.v. you will go crazy.!!!! Trust in God and believe in your self. I’m 82 and still going.

  10. Mother Earth says:

    I really like your outlook! I had a rough first 18 years and then a rougher 40. I have been able to laugh through most of it but now I just want my little homestead with my pets and family and peace. I think the only way to do that is eliminate whatever is bad for me.
    Since I started reading MD’s site I have really focused on self sufficiency so much more. This year I’m learning at least 2-3 new skills. I’ve already taken a cheese making class and next will be learning how to use my mothers serger machine. So much to learn in my sunset years!

  11. Nancy V. says:

    Fabulous article – its so nice to know that kindred spirits are everywhere, hiding in the woodwork – keep smiling. 🙂

  12. Judy W, u are a remarkable person -to have endured what u went thru, & have done much on ur own, on ur journey toward self-reliance. I respect any woman who has built her own house. & u are so right on how important one’s attitude is. I once read an article that I have still have in my files, that said: Your attitude will make u or break u. Your attitude truly is your most important tool.
    Thanks for your article, & I hope u win a prize!

  13. maggi g says:

    what a great post. I am in my late 60s and have had to leave my home for an apartment….but…I am the most positive person I know. that is the most important thing for me as I also see that my body no longer cooperates like I would like. im a little slower…well, a lot slower sometimes but I don’t have as much to do anyway. I plan on a long good life so I will continue as I have and remain happy and helpful in whatever ways I can to those who need me.

    thanks for the great info and sharing what a lot of us seasoned people anready knew. you just put it into words for everyone.

  14. mom of three says:

    I needed this pick me up Thank you for wise wisdom. My hubby, and I we are trying so hard to keep a fine line between what is was like when we were kids(1970 and 1980 kids) and raising kid’s, in the very modern world with gadget galore at our disposal. I feel like we are the next dinosaurs.

  15. Judy, I wish you were my neighbor. Attitude (with a healthy sense of humor) will life ever so much more rewarding. I thank God daily for allowing me to have a wonderful life. Yes, there have been problems, but I still feel blessed. Now days I ask what He wants me to do. So far, the message I hear is to teach. I was born a teacher and through God’s grace, we worked miracles in children with moderate to severe and profound disabilities. Many of them are now doing things never thought possible. How can a person not have a positive attitude knowing the Father is there guiding me? May He help this old world gain some sanity. Pray for the people in the Middle East who are facing genicide. Keep preparing for an unknown future.

    • Sisterjudi says:

      I lucked out with neighbors,or you could say God Blessed me with like minded neighbors.I only have 3 neighbors and that’s perfect and we are like family,it is heaven out here.I was riding to church recently and my neighbors cow got out.In my Sunday best I herded to cow back home,and my daughter and I could not stop laughing.God is so good.
      Thanks for posting

  16. arjones says:

    You are on the path best chosen for sure ! Mind , body and soul must be on the right path to succeed , it takes a lifetime for some but age ( maturity ) brings wisdom. You are a guiding light . Thank you for your words of wisdom …

  17. Robert Wynne says:

    Goodonyer! It’s about time! I absolutely know where you’re coming from! At 84, I feel like I’ve only just begun to get it all together. I too dislike the prepper terminology, the cutesy little buzzwords and all the conspiracy theories, not that I wouldn’t have subscribed to them at a younger age. I agree that things are going from bad to worse, largely because we’ve become a fun and games society, but someday the sleeping giant will awaken as Admiral Yamamoto once suggested.

  18. Yeah you nailed it, attitude is everything,

  19. Yahooie says:

    At 66 and having been perhaps more than my share of bumps in the road, I totally understand where you are coming from, Judy. People, once they know some of my personal history, find it amazing that I can be cheerful. I figure you can only be sad for so long (over certain bumps) and then you pick up and go on. No one is promised a perfect life. Come to think of it, how boring that would be.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and what can be done. ‘I;m hoping to join in on the country living before long.

    • Sisterjudi says:

      Oh it is womderfulI never dreamed it could be so fun.I am doing pot planting now which is quite a bit easier for my bad back and every time I walk by them I feel joy that there are no words to express.Its li,e I have both to them..I pray you get country soon,and thanks for posting.

  20. idahobob says:

    read something the other day that seems PERFECT regarding attitude……”you can be BROKEN, or you can be BROKEN-OPEN.It depends on you”…….thought provoking

  21. God I wish I had neighbours like you Judi – like you I am getting on in years and my family already think I’ve hit my dotage! Its a shame kids never grew up when we did – found enjoyment in the simpler things in life – not like my son addicted to his computer – what I would give to get him away from that forever! To me it would be worth the SHTF scenario just to have that happen. But whilst there’s computer’s his life won’t change and I can’t make it as he’s now a grown man! Still my life is great – gorgeous old house in the back of beyond in Tassie – a couple of acres, a couple of pets to keep me company when senility finally hits me. Keep smiling and doing what you’re doing as long as it makes you happy!

  22. Sisterjudi says:

    Laurel,thank you for your post.You made me smile.I know my grown kids and there kids are burried in the computers and IPads and smart phones,playing games where it’s kill or be killed.They are like walking dead people.They do not know the joy of a sunrise or a sunset.Play outside go for a walk is foreign to them.I asked my grand daughter to come out and help me prepare the garden to plant.Her response what and get dirt all over my hands.
    As a kid we played outside and used our brains to create fun.Or we played board games and talked to one another,such glorious days.I love my little farm and have never been happier in my life.Going rural was and is thee best decision I ever made.This site is a blessing to me and a great learning tool.God Bless you my friend,and God Bless America

  23. Encourager says:

    Thank you Judy for a well written article. You are correct – we all need attitude adjustments time to time. I am thankful for what I have, not depressed for what I do not have. I do the best I can do, and if I have an off day where I am too tired to do much, I rest. There is always tomorrow.

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