My thoughts on the Aurora Colorado shooting

By now, I’m sure everyone knows about the Aurora Colorado shooting. It was and is a horrific and senseless tragedy and my prayers go out to the victims and their families. I would like to ask that everyone remember them in your prayers as well…

As expected, just hours after news of the shooting hit the media, the anti-gun groups and their groupies where screaming for more “gun control” which they claim would prevent anything like this from ever happening again.

The misguided folks at the Brady Campaign and The Huffington Post as usual were the first to take advantage of the deaths to further their own interests and agendas. Shame on them… They make me sick.

And as is the norm, they’ve placed the blame on the object used and not the person that pulled the trigger.

To place the blame on an inanimate object that was used during this tragic event instead of the real cause of the carnage and that is the actions of the shooter is shameful and irresponsible. But then we all know that the anti-second amendment lobby has no morals and will gladly use any tragedy to further their own agenda and that is to make every gun owner in American a criminal.

They (the anti-second amendment lobby) tell us that we need to be more like Britain, where private firearms ownership is essentially banned. Then we would all be safe, no more crime or mass shootings, all we need to do is give up our rights and everything will be bloody good and we can all sip tea and praise the Queen.

They conveniently forget to mention incidents such as the Hungerford massacre where 27-year-old Michael Robert Ryan, armed with two semi-automatic rifles and a handgun, shot and killed sixteen people including his mother, and wounded fifteen others.

Or, the mass shooting in Norway that left 77 people dead. They forget to tell you that in Norway the decision of issuing a “gun ownership license” is given to the police authority in the district where each applicant lives. And all firearms, or a vital part of it, has to be locked away inside the home.

Yep, strict gun bans and tougher gun laws will do the trick…

I know many of you have probably asked why would someone commit such an awful act as that done by James Holmes in Aurora Colorado… Well let’s consider fact that America has lost its connection to God, we’ve removed prayer or any mention of God from public schools and other government establishments.

Children are bombarded everyday by images of perversity, sex and violence from TV, movies, music and video games. Because parents are too lazy and self consumed to take an interest in the lives of their children or to monitor their “entertainment”.

Speaking of violent video games, Anders Behring Breivik (the shooter who killed 77 people in Norway) testified that he played video games for as many as 16 hours per day as a way to train for the shooting.

Nope, the shooting by James Holmes in Aurora Colorado was not caused by the firearms he carried or the ammunition he ordered online, but by the mental and moral degeneration and breakdown of a population raised on a constant diet of violence, perversion and a growing hatred of God.


  1. Steve A says:

    I know you’ve gotten a lot of negative replies on this post, and I am not going to be one of them. I agree with you 100%. I too have been disgusted by the anti- second amandment crowd’s actions, but then I usually am disgusted by them period. I do believe they have a right to their opinion, but I also have a right to mine. If they want to disarm themselves, they can feel free to do so. I do not, I will not, and I will protect myself and my family. I have lived in “gun free” zones, and every criminal freely brought their guns there to do their crimes. Way back in my Air Force days I spent time n England, and even there if a criminal wanted a gun, they had no problem getting one. Same in Germany. It is sad that massacres like this happen, regardless of the perpetrator’s reasons or mental state. My only real question is this – in three packed theatres, no one else was armed???

    As for the faith (or lack thereof) based attacks in other comments: What gives? MD, you claim you are a Christian, you try to live your values, you try to keep your faith. I have not see/heard/read anything by or about you that would show otherwise. I commend you for trying to be the best person you can be. Regardless of faith, can anyone fault someone for that? Apparently some think so. I feel sorry for them. They’ve forgotten the Golden Rule. If you want to keep sharing your faith with the rest of the Wolfpack, please do. I may not share it, but I don’t mind at all.

  2. md the responcese to your articals show that the most important addidition to ones perping supplys is a bible and knolage of it,it dose no good to prep to the max and losse your sole[no preping in hell] keep up the good work hope to see u on the targget range of heven[if thay have one] ps remember the old ap carter song and ”keep on the firing line” maybe a link to it would be a good addition to your site.