The Bedside Home Defense Kit

The first kit that we will look at in this article is what I refer to as “the bedside kit” and as the reference implies, this kit is kept beside your bed in a drawer or under the bed in a small box with a lid such as a plastic storage box with a snap on lid, you could of course just toss the kit under your bed, but that would allow dust, and grime  to accumulate and the items to be more likely to be scattered and difficult to find, especially in the dark, when you’re most likely to need them.

Of course, if you have small children living at home, you won’t be able to do this, you’ll need to secure your handgun from being assessed by them while still being available to you. There are a number of ways to do this, but I like the Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe for this.

My bedside kit - The kit includes a handgun, extra loaded magazines, weapon mounted and hand-held flashlights, a phone and a blood control kit.

My bedside kit – The kit includes a handgun, extra loaded magazines, weapon mounted and hand-held flashlights, a phone and a blood control kit.

The kit above is good for most home-owners that are concerned about crime, theft or home invasion, but my readers aren’t usual nor typical and most (as I do) see it necessary, to be even better prepared and armed with an extended bedside kit, because you never know what, or who is going to burst through your door in the middle of the night.

The photo below shows my extended bedside kit…

My bedside kit

The extended kit includes a Mossberg 590 pump-action shotgun, extra buckshot, body armor, and gas mask.

After Argentina’s economic collapse home invasions by well-armed gangs was common place. According to the accounts of people who were there, the gangs would invade the homes, (they targeted rural secluded homes and farms mostly), and then tortured and rape the inhabitants for days… I see this also being the case in the U.S. (or any other country) after a major long-term social upheaval. Have your bedside kit ready because you never know when they are going to come through the door at 3:00 AM.

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M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Beautiful kit,

    Wife and I have glock 19s for bedside table and carry/ the bedside/night time setup runs tlr4 / straight 8 sights/ grip tape- 500 lumin de.power lights/ trauma kits in major rooms and bedroom/ both of us also have our phones / and a ham handheld (local network is quite tight knit-been up and out on ocassion to support others involved)

    Both have ARs/lights mounted/ plate carriers with spare mags and trauma kits-solid tourniquets/amazing how many people.forget these, get the good ones 🙂

    My children have been shooting since being young, both have access to their own firearms, daughter is 7, ruger sr22 etc.,

    Everyone is well trained and continues training monthly minimum, every two weeks usually.

    Love the article!

  2. j.r. guerra in south tx. says:

    Nice kit – you are far more ready then 99% of the population.

  3. While the idea of a “kit” is very viable I’m not too sure about the idea of having it locked and under the bed. As a backup kit I have no problem with it. However, if say my home was invaded I would not want to go fumbling around unlocking a kit, especially if it is under a bed. Why? Well for one thing it may have gotten acidentally shoved further under the bed by the vacum cleaner, Also, there you are half in bed and half out hanging sort of upside down…..not exactly the best tactical position to be in. As for the kids accessing it…. when I was a kid no way would I go in and start rummaging around in my parents bedroom….that area was strictly off limits. I had relatives that lived on farms….standing right by the door was a loaded shotgun. Never ever would we as kids start messing around with it. I don’t really know what happened with parents today other than they have this dumb idea that whatever thier kids do is “alright”. That is the biggest pile of crap I have ever heard. Now considering all that…..that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun and get into things….or trouble. The thing is, there were a lot of things we could do that well….;maybe weren’t the safest or best idea but we were taught if something happened to us, we couldn’t cry about it….be it a painful error on our part or not we were held responsibe for it and had to “pay the piper” for our foolishness. In other words we were taught personal responsibility from day one. Period. In my mind “training” began when you were sitll a baby and fresh from the hospital. We raised our kids the same way…..don’t mess with things that are not yours.

    • People have gone stupid. That is what has happened to parents today. Example. My brother always kept a loaded pistol on top of his refrigerator. One day he walked in and a small toddler was setting on the floor playing with it. He snatched it away and asked how the he’ll he got it. His mother said he had seen it up there and wanted to play with it, so she got it down for him. You can’t fix stupid.

      • In the last few years, I have cut out stupid former friends, incl cousins not seen in many decades, former co workers and siblings (parents are dec) he is only child, so we are free of deadbeats and slackers who refuse to be informed. Prune out the losers in your life folks, you will not miss them at all. We chose to be childfree and now retired, knowing in the 70’s that the country was on a downward trend. Have read and studied globalist agenda since late 70’s.

        • Laura, I guess u are not a Christian, since Jesus said: Love ur neighbor (even if he’s a loser laying on the side of the road) as yourself.

          • laura ann says:

            RedC: I was replying to JAS, (your a hypocrite and a phony ) Bible says to not keep company who are apostate 1 cor 15:33 look up the other verses applying to separation ref: come out from among them and be separate. Prov. 13:20 led astray, etc. If you want to keep company with fools losers and duds go right ahead, time is spent only with edifying friends that have my values . Would you drink and party with relatives or co workers who had no values or standards? no doubt you would. You’re a fake.

            • Stooped sheep believe everything they read. You are exactly right Laura Ann, pay no attention to ignorant dopes. I cleared as much stupid out of My life as possible also. They will never get it, always complain that life isn’t fair, excuse makers, and watch way too much TV. btw/ religion is the cause of most evil in the world that teaches hate and jealousy. Get rid of that and get back to real humanity.

          • laura ann says:

            RedC: you can hang out and not care who your friends are, like many others do, the Bible has much ref. to bad company corrupts. friends that edify not ones that have no standards or morals. I was replying to JAS about people who lack common sense and are bad company. It is your business if you want to allow bad people around your kids even after there is a collapse. You’re so called Christian views are fake for sure since you don’t care who you associate with..

            • M. Biccum says:

              Bad vibes here. Christ DID hang out with bad company, losers and the deplorable, fools, the halt and the lame. He died for them. And doesn’t the Bible say, “Judge not lest you be judged?”
              Let this open forum be a place of reasoning, mercy and charity as we are all in this boat together on a stormy sea. Just saying.

              • laura ann says:

                m.Biccum and red c: would you let strangers into your house/car and socialize now days? I lived in large cities and in a fairly large one now. Men may do this type thing at their own risk, a woman doesn’t esp. one with children if she is in her right mind. If my posts weren’t blocked by blog owner, there was a reason they were published. Read Bible verses refering to bad company corrupts/ come out and be separate. Women have to guard their reputations and men don’t. Get it? Women can be labeled tramps, but men would be fools to let some stranger rob them in their car or house. I had a classmate that got too friendly and was raped and murdered in L.A. in early 90’s. She was a party gal and someone followed her home.

              • John Watchman says:

                M. Biccum, you are using “Judge not lest you be judged?” out of its intended context and meaning. This scripture refers to casting eternal judgement on others, such as saying, “you’re going to hell for that mistake or action”. We can rightfully choose to not associate with those who are sinful yet non-repentant, or dangerous spiritually or physically to us or our children due to their stupidity, rebelliousness, or criminality. Not associating with criminals, sinners, and the insane is good common sense and does not enter into a spiritual judgement that is left to God alone.

            • Encourager says:

              Holy cow, laura ann! You must not have been on this site for very long. We treat each other with respect here and do not call each other names (such as fake, hypocrite, phony, etc.) You are more than a bit defensive. Why are you so angry?

              Try some respect.

              • laura ann says:

                Encourager: Because C Red was bashing me for being selective on friends and ditching stupid ones, calling me not a christian when I wasn’t even replying to him in the first place, but another person JAS. CRed apparently thinks you should hang out with anyone regardless of type person they are. In these times, you have to be selective who you can trust and be on the same page with friends.

                • Encourager says:

                  laura ann, I got that from the posts. Read what I said, again. Stop calling names. That is for children. Ignore those who get under your skin. Be respectful. This is not a private site where you and whomever you decide you don’t like can bash each other. There are many children who are on this site!!! Be the adult!! Be a good example for the children…and that applies to all of us. Do you understand now?

            • Wow, seriously? I was born into a pentacostal family, converted to TULIP theology and dropped it all long ago because of people like you Laura Ann.

              Per the bible, women are not supposed to speak out anyhow…there are entire books on how you should act. Eg., Timothy/etc.,

              Remember, if you be legalistic about your faith, is it really faith?

              Respect, its earned not given as a title because one has a baptismal certificate, I have two…want to see them?

              Just saying, why not be nice, here at least.

              • laura ann says:

                Women are called the W and S name for being friendly to male strangers in public. You seem down on women. Agree, no women should preach, but can teach women and children. Women have right to stand up for decency and speak out on issues, not just men. I have been in churches where preachers have ditched the wives for other women, yet they preached against women tempting men and revealing clothing. I simply said (since you, encourager and red c are so dense) women esp. have to be discrete and not damage their reputation by assoc w/iffy people with low standards of decency. If your idea of Christianity is doing your own thing, not selecting friends carefully than so be it. you call it legalism like the liberals do. Hanging in bars, sleeping around is not Christianity and your hope it seems is trusting in your church membership and baptism, like most . you and several others commenting to me, imply it’s ok women (or anyone) can live and do anything and call themselves moral and respectable. You all must belong to a liberal social club church where everything is condoned, so many do. Rest assured, I will not return to this blog, since comments to me obviously don’t respect women.

                • Encourager says:

                  Whoa! Laura Anne!! I do not hang in bars, sleep around (been married to the same man nearly 50 years and have never committed adultery), and I AM A WOMAN.
                  “Rest assured, I will not return to this blog, since comments to me obviously don’t respect women.” This is not about ‘respecting women’ it IS about not respecting your tirades.

                  Go away troll.

                • John Watchman says:

                  Laura Ann, hang in there, don’t leave the blog. You’ve spoken much truth in your posts, it’s just that some on here are overly sensitive to public pronouncement of Godly truth. Stay on here and add your comments, we need a fresh voice of courage to keep us from becoming just another ultra politically correct rainbow and unicorn community village. “Do you think that I have come to give peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.” Luke 12:51 Not that this would be the tendency of Christ’s religion, which is pure, peaceable, and loving; but the effect of its being contrary to men’s pride and lusts.

              • Encourager says:

                Good grief. I am starting to suspect we have some undercover trolls here. Seriously Jesse? Women are not suppose to speak out EVER? Ticks me off when people quote only part of a verse in the Bible and apply it with a full trowel.

                Read my reply to laura ann above. It also applies to you…and all of us.

              • Guys like Jessy like religion and use it as a Tool to oppress women. And I am a Guy saying this. My sisters were oppresses by these born again thumpers hypocrites, One is a Thief and a Liar, the other is now dead for having weak genes. Just look up Affinity Fraud. These are the Predators that use the guise of religion to swindle the other trusting gullible sheep. I will also say this. in Real SHTF, Religious people will die first. They are way too gullible and brainwashed to deal with reality. And not a single person has ever been saved because every body dies. John 3:16. is a Holistic LIE!

            • Google “Christianity and Genocide.” Its an eye opener.

    • When I grew up, at my aunt’s house there was a pistol on her nightstand. We knew not to touch. We were not even allowed to go in there! At home, Daddy’s guns were standing in the corner of his closet and the ammo was on the shelf above. We were forbidden to touch either. We never did.

      I am appalled at what children do at my house with their parents’ full knowledge. Parents never say “No” or even disapprove. The problem is parents have no boundaries at home. No one wants to hurt a child’s feelings.

      If the first time you try to forbid a child is when the child is school-age, of course, the child will be hurt and confused. You have to start early with boundaries. But, babies and toddlers are so cute that well-meaning laugh and smile at their antics, causing confusion for the child. I know of a mother who laughed as she told her two-year-old not to do something she had gotten into. When at my house, the mother was so upset her child could not play in my sewing supplies–needles, scissors, patterns, pin cushion, plastic container of pins… all sorts of things that could hurt her, could be spilled and scattered, or she could destroy. I lost a friend that day. Oh well! My children knew I sewed and from the time they reached for something were forbidden to touch my sewing things.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        When my Son was young I kept the guns mostly locked up and one hidden away. But as he got olde he naturally had interest in them. I would sit down with him and show them to him, show him how to load them, how to check to see if they were loaded, how to unload them.

        As a result of allowing him controlled access any time he asked to see them it did not foster the need to sneak around to get a look at them because he knew all he had to do was ask and he got to in essence play with them.

        • Chuck absolutely right.
          My father did the same for my brother and I. We would ask to see his guns, he never said no. He would explain safe handling, checking if they were loaded etc. We never felt the need to play with them when he wasn’t around because all we had to do was ask. I think hiding them away and not speaking about them breeds natural curiosity. Allow controlled adult supervised “play time” i.e. Learning removes the curiosity

        • j.r. guerra in south tx. says:

          That is how my Father taught my brother and I when we were young. Remove the mystery and the temptation to ‘sneak a peek’ becomes much less likely. And it improved the safety of the household to boot.

      • Linda W.: Lack of child discipline started back in the ’80’s maybe sooner, now the norm. If kids (1950’s-60’s) acted up in public, spankings were in order, but no more. I have dumped friends because of their failure to parent. Simply, kids run the parents. Some women are supporting or raising their illegitimate grandkids and the daughters are shacked up, moving around the country, or have substance abuse. I cannot respect or want to be seen with idiots. Hubby and I avoid social activities, we do outdoor stuff. Am sick of shallow stupid older adults.

        • Ahh the blame the kids and younger generation mentality. quite wonderful and such a great approach. What is sickening is that first, you have no children (having chosen not too) and honestly sound like a self help book.

          Look, I agree, the large majority of humans are really not worth knowing.

          However, it seems like you and “hubby” are an advertisement for that wonderful documentary “Idiocracy” eg., your inaction among those around you has done more to harm your local situation than help it.

          Discipline, as you so cavalierly say it, per your reasoning should have stayed in affect for women as well. I mean, we cannot have uppity women talking over men now can we? Or lets go even further, anyone who isnt us, lets just round em all up and spank em for awhile.

          There are other ways, I have two wonderful children. I have an additional 5 “surrogate” local children and a network of extremely capable adults. Now, the children, have never been spanked. Not once. And yet, they remain among the best behaved, most intelligent and “gasp” each of them down to the 3 year old handles and uses FIREARMS proficiently.

          Again, I understand being sick of shallow adults, hence my response to you.

  4. That’s actually a good idea about keeping the basic kit inside a small plastic storage box/shoe box under the bed, can double both as protection from dust/hands and can be somewhat camouflage by making it look just like another sweater/shoe box. One item really glad to see is the med kit.

    • laura ann says:

      jh: great idea, to keep the dust, bugs and pet hair out, a large adult size plastic shoe container will hold a pistol, box of ammo, small led flashlite. Walmart, dollar gen. etc. sells them.

  5. Every guest room should have these. Hospitality, you know.

    Seriously, though, nice rig, M.D.

    Twenty years ago I kept a S&W snubby .38 Special in the bedside table drawer, but I eventually decided that was a bad place for me. It was too close to hand. Maybe three times in twenty years I had had a nightmare in which I ended up punching the wall so hard I took all the skin of my knuckles. I decided that having a gun immediately available provided too great a chance of shooting a nightmare, so I moved it to the top drawer of the dresser for a while. Three or four steps away.

    Then I realized that top dresser drawers are among the first places a burglar looks, so I moved it again, and was burgled about a month later. I came home to find the top drawer wide open.

    I had put it in a specific pocket of a photographer’s vest aka bug out bag, with some extra ammo, and hung it on the extreme end of the clothes rod in my closet. Still reasonably quick to access, but not likely to be found by a burglar. At least that time I was right: the closet door was still closed, gun in place.

    Many people are probably safe enough with a gun immediately to hand while they sleep, but I am not one of them. Of course, keeping a gun bedside still leaves one in the position of either locking the gun up every morning, wearing it, or running the risk of a burglar getting it. I guess there is not perfect solution.

    • Every room and external building in my little castle has a firearm or weapon available to a select few who know where to look plus reloads about med packs i have a large 40+quart med bag and several trauma kits that have been adjusted with time and based on use these are also available to those within the circle

  6. Chuck Findlay says:

    One thing to add is a remote light switch, I have one. What it is, is a battery powered wireless switch that can turn on things remotely.

    With it I can turn the downstairs lights from my upstairs bedroom.

    Any home store has them.

    • I use red lights for night lighting and at all entrances have led 300+ lumin strobes wired with switches plus a hard wired separate power sourced multiple monitor hidden cameras/ ir included that are motion activated take in all areas i do love the new led lighting or motion sensor brights outside as well with cut offs and blackout curtains on all windows for possible needs

      Paranoid maybe but honestly it cost me right at $600 bucks all together and is not connected into an alarm companies system but is connected to my local group who also run similar setups remember wireless can be jammed electricity cut off having separate power supplies for.these items using small solar generators ensures continuity of coverage

  7. This report of rural houses in Argentina being targeted, seems to undermine the typical prepper belief that we’re better off living in rural areas. We’re in a decent neighborhood in a small town. I’ve been tentatively thinking our next move would be to a rural area near our jobs. But that plan is gonna require an upgrade in our current defense system. I’d be interested in hearing if & how others increased their security for a rural setting.

    • Properly installed fiberglass solid doors with offset 4 hinge deep set hardened steel hinges will stop allot of things and the 3m 7-10mil window coating applied professionally to inside and outside of windows can resist multiple hits from sledges and more plus bars depending on neighbors…if they have bars…you dont look out of place but if not…everything done specifically to blend in but offer largest return for money spent and needs met

      • You can have a Vault door on your house if you like Jesse, but if someone throws a Moltov cocktail on your roof, tell me how it will take to unlock your door and you run out cause you are on fire? The best place to defend your house is from the outside with full battle rattle and rifle with more mags stored in a Cache on your property or defensive position so these thugs can’t even step on your property.

    • RedC
      Door clubs. About $25.00 each. Google search door club and you will find it immediately. Simple to install. Metal door stop drops into a hole you drill into the floor. I was replacing my back door and decided to test it out. Worked great door jam / lock quit with little effort. The door club on the other hand completely prevented entry. With the door club in you need to remove the door from its hinges or snap it in half. Can someone get in, yup. But there gonna work at it for a while.

      • ^^^ I always carry with me when traveling, (by car) and when staying in non castle locations. A great idea and they do work well! (The version that obviously doesnt drill in) extra time is life!

  8. I’m set for your 1st place (light/handgun). Working on the 2nd (long gun/vest/mask).

    • Using a Long gun like a shot gun with a long bird shooting barrel is a dumb Gun in a household. You are better off with a Pistol Grip Mossberg 500 which you can easily maneuver in the narrow hallways. 16-18 inch barrel what ever the law is. Just mount a toggle switch laser light on the front fore arm stock or magazine tube and you are good to go. Point and pull the trigger. Try turning around in a hallway with a long shotgun. Your main house gun should be no longer in length than your doorway or hallway is wide. Think people, have you ever played lets clear the house and slice the pie with your house gun? Or an AR Pistol would do some damage also and a pistol grip shotgun, what ever your preference. No doubt there are some who will be using a 6 ft long Garrand as their under the bed house gun. Dumb.

  9. In the end, my families lives and my core group lives are important enough to spend the time and money to give us even a few minutes extra to get in place. We use decorative solid deep set statues and or low medium walls to prevent egress by vehicle and with one exception our houses are solid adobe walls so –

  10. TPSnodgrass says:

    For years, our “night lights”, in the master bedroom, have been, (and continue to be), the tritium night sights on our handguns, within easy reach right next to each side of the bed.
    With the alarm system, and two roving four legged “alarm systems”(burglar biters), our job is to use those systems to buy us time to respond to any threat that has made it, to the interior of our home.
    We live in two-story homes for specific security reasons.
    (And no, we do not go downstairs because we “hear something”, that task belongs to the roving alarm systems.!)

  11. Many of you are missing the first and most obvious thing: clothes. I was a fireman and the first thing you learn about being a fireman is why there is a pair of pants with suspenders fit down over a pair boots. It’s so you can be ready for a action in a few seconds…from a sound sleep or in the shower. You step into your buts and pull your pants up and hook your suspenders over your shoulders and-if nothing else- you’re covered. No searching, no wondering, no delay. You can then get your other gear and start thinking about your next move.

    • Very good idea, clothes! Jumping out of bed butt ass naked or wearing your Homer Simpson PJ’s and checking out what is coming down the hallway might not be the greatest idea..Besides grabbing my gun I have a small over the shoulder bag I grab that has a black long sleeves t-shirt, black light-weight jogging pants, and a pair of slip on water shoes (they got great grip if you have to run and they’re quiet) The idea is that once I’m in a safe location and have my wits about me I can get dress….Besides, if I end up a victim I don’t want my neighbors seeing my naked harry ass…

      • Always have a good pair of sox and boots next to your bed. If for some reason your bedroom window gets shot out, you can put your sox and boots on and respond. Or don’t prepare, and walk barefoot over millions of pieces of chards and glass splinters in the dark just trying to get out of your bedroom. Think about it. Preparing for the obvious knowns.

  12. we have 4 footed alarms. One is a 55 lb mix breed and the other is about 60 lb mix breed and the last one is a 105 lb lab. Not a one of them is mean but they do bark and let us know what is up.Gives us time to get ready.

  13. I have a G22 with a 22rnd mag and a reserve 22rnd mag as my go to DW has her 357. Then her mossy 12 and my saiga 12 with a 12rnd mag. Both have body armor and assault vests. My survivor belt has a Gerber machete and a swat tactical medical kit. Mine would be the wrong house.

  14. M. Biccum says:

    Just want to add. One night my brother came home late(plumber) entered his bedroom to find someone pointing a rifle at him from his own gun cabinet. The burglar didn’t look under my brother’s pillow. Shoots fired. Burglar down and badly wounded. Burglar went to hospital. A 15 yr. old kid that went to “jail.” My brother cried and cried because ’cause he shot a kid, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Yes, teach them young and teach them honesty and respect as well.

    • Taa says:
      Laura Ann: You completely missed the point of 1 Cor. 15:33: come out from among them and be separate. Out of context: This means be separate in your heart, morals, ways and beliefs as you live among them. As Jesus did. You cannot lead others to him if you are not living among them or having relationships with them. You will put yourself in a secluded place where you will be very unhappy. Besides what happened to “Love thy neighbor as yourself”.
      I want to educate as many as possible so they won’t need to steal what I have, but if it means coming down to every one of us fighting each other for a meal I’d rather be with Jesus. I garden, Preserve, prep and do what I can and especially learn all I can because there is a very big storm coming. But so I not only can take care of my family, but also so I can help the neighbors as I can and the small community of about 500 that I live in. Yes there will be a few idiots that try to take others foods. I figure their life expectancy is about 3 to 10 houses.
      I sleep with a 9mm under my adjacent pillow. Nightmare shooter should write a book. Very funny. Glad I’m not a nightmare shooter. In morning I remove the mag for safety and put it in a draw 3 foot from the weapon still under my pillow. I agree with teaching our children from young age not to enter parents bdrm or mess with things that go bang, just as most of us were taught. There are to many stupid parents out there teaching children to be idiots. If we teach our children to hate, be idiots and to bully, we won’t like the adults they become and no doubt probably won’t want a relationship with them later. This isn’t a contest to see who wins or will be the last one standing. What is life without other to enjoy it with?Small communities will have to either band together and help each other to survive and protect themselves as a whole from the roving muraders/gangs as in the Mad Max movie and try to have some normalcy or they will fall. If each house don’t care about their neighbors and simply defend themselves the gangs will one by one knock off each and every household. At some point you will have to come outside (to garden, remove trash, get water…) they will pick you off as you do. If I see anyone trying to steal, kill or knock off my neighbors from my vantage point, you bet I’ll be sending lead at them.
      Axelsteve: I have owned labs as well in my past. Great companions and pretty good defense. Any dog is good at alerting you to trouble, but if you are trying to prep on a budget as I am with all the bills that keep coming in, that won’t be easy. I’m overwhelmed figuring up the thousands of pounds of food, dry goods, seed and tp reserves I’ll need to feed my family for up to 5 yr, not to mention the nearly 1500 pounds of chicken feed needed to keep 6-8 layers and a constant flock of 10-20 fryers for 5 yr. Then where do you store all that on a
      1 1/2 lot postage stamp size place in rural farming area community? Unless you are independently wealthy as Jesse seems to be, (and I’m not poking fun but he seem to be very well prepped) then you might want smaller eaters for your defense alert system

  15. Well……it seems to me there are some on here that are what I call “Holier Than Thous”. Now I don’t give a rats ass re what you believe or what your faith is. The point is Laura was posting what she believed was right…and what was wrong. Ever hear of the First Ammendment?!!! If there is anything I cannot stand is some bible thumper critisising another persons opinion. PERIOD!!! Some folks ought to just go out and get a life……

  16. We don’t (currently) have guns in our house. However, we do have:
    1) a large dog that barks at the slightest abnormal sound,
    2) an “unbreakable” style baseball bat under my side of the bed,
    3) flashlights and pepper spray on both sides of the bed.

    It isn’t a lot, but it’s a start.

    Any Amy

    • Encourager says:

      Any Amy, you are off to a good start! As to not having a gun in the house, there is nothing more dangerous than to be woken up disoriented in the dark of the night, grabbing a gun and shooting it – if you have not had training and practice.

      I would suggest you find either an indoor shooting range or if weather is nice, an outdoor one, and take some classes. Become familiar with many types of guns and find one that fits YOUR hand and comfort level (comfort level because speaking from experience, my arthritis in my hands dictate how much/little ‘pull’ I can tolerate without being in extreme pain.)

      You can also contact your local NRA to find an instructor, who will have access to a range. You may find out you really enjoy the sport of shooting and in learning the sport, get expertise in handling guns. Just my 2¢!!!

  17. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    CREEKMORE …. I cannot resist ……….


    Matthew 10:34-36King James Version (KJV)
    34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.
    35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
    36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

    The good book teaches us to love one another ……


    My network cut out those on drugs and alchohol and thieves 30 years ago . We also cut out the slackers . In my personal life I have left cousins , a brother , numerous child hood friends , those who ” they smile in your face and all the time leave no trace – the back stabbers ” … The O’Jays , 1972 … great song .

    If any call or show up I am polite and will even offer a beverage . There are many who are not on my Christmas card list .

    In the past 10 years I have had numerous members on some survival sites chastise me for having a . 357 by the bed . A round could go through the wall and hit a neighbors house . Yea , so . Also some do not like the 12 gauge shotgun approach as it will destroy things in the house . Yea , so .

  18. I’m a sniper (government trained), but I keep going to the raane weekends so I don’t lose anything. No kids to worry about, cats though and yes they have accidentally fired, which scared them. At present I just have an AR-15 and an air rifle (not a daisy the kind I have is light years beyond that) anyway I keep them sort of under my bed. Reach under, you won’t feel anything. They’re in a hitch that keeps them suspended so I can grab them if I need them. The cats don’t go under the bed, besides, I have two bullets that they can’t remove in me. The bible stuff I tend to think God wants us to do things for ourselves. Ever read the Three Rowboats story? A perfect example.

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