The Bill of Rights, America and Our Individual Freedom are being reduced to a myth…

While doing research online today, I found this article published by The Washington Post in January 2012 “10 reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free” I recommend that all of The Wolf Pack read it from the first word to the last.

Folks, this ain’t the America that I grew up in and to be perfectly honest, I don’t think that America will ever return… Like Ron Paul recently said; ‘Our Constitution Has Failed ’.

“Our Constitution, which was intended to limit government power and abuse, has failed,” Paul said. “The Founders warned that a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people. The current crisis reflects that their concerns were justified.”

And now the last remaining resemblance of freedom that separated us from other dictatorial governments, and that is the right to keep and bear arms is now under attack and will most likely be taken away (for our own protection, of course) with the okay of our elected officials and the stroke of the presidents pen…

The U.S. Government claims to use its power and influence to spread democracy to the rest of the world while at the same time perpetrating the same atrocities against freedom that it claims to defend against upon it own citizens… America… what happened to us? :flagus:

Stay safe my friends and pray for America… Now back to prepping…

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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    Our Constitution has not failed us. It is those in power that have.

    • Mystery Guest,

      It has failed to keep those in power in check…

      • I have to agree with Mystery Guest. The Constitution is not the problem. And I don’t even blame the politicans. I blame us. We elected them! While not a fan of Romney, he was better than BHO. Yet he got 2,000,000 fewer votes than Johm McCaine. If those people had voted we would be seeing the last days of a one term president. Did YOU vote?

        • EthanP,

          When did I say that the Constitution was the problem?

          You just agreed with what I said, you just said it with different words. And yes, I did vote, while holding back vomit. But then both parties are controlled by the same people. I have little faith in the whole system or that anyone no matter what they call themselves will make a difference in the direction that this country is going, nor will they have my best interests at heart…

          • I thought you meant the problem was the Constitution. As I read your reply to my comment I can only say we agree on most points. I do believe that it is never too late for a Washington, Adams or Lincon to make a difference. Perhaps it is a forlorn hope. But I have to believe there is a better future.

          • EthanP,

            No it’s not the Constitution that is the problem quite the contrary – it is the people that refuse to abide by its plan and path for America both in Washington and the population in general. Chipping it away and thus our freedoms and individual rights (did you read the linked to article?) one step at a time, with much of the population in total agreement, denial or oblivious as to what is going on.

            The Constitution and Bill of Rights were put in place to protect our rights and our freedoms but those have been taken away at at ever increasing rate. Thus leading to Ron Paul’s statement regarding its failure – it has failed to stop those in power from trampling on our rights and individual liberties…

            As for a better future – I hope you’re right… but I see it only getting worse….

        • EthanP…………dont have the illusion that my vote , your vote , or anybody else’s vote counts in a presidential election …..IT DOES NOT . the people do not elect the president , the electoral college does , the popular ( you and me ) vote , is ALWAYS very different percentage wise than the vote that counts . Until that is changed , we dont count . Now everything EXSEPT the presidential election is a different story , you and I do in fact elect them .

          • T.R.; While that is true, it still remains that 150,000 votes in Ohio and Florida would have carried the electoral college.
            If you remember the 2000 election, the Dems and their water carriers in the MSM wanted to abolish the Electoral College. Now that the Dems are only two states from a permanent majority in the E.C. you don’t here that anymore.
            And living in a Blue state, direct election can be cold comfort. My Senators are Menendez and Laughtenberg.

          • In my state , we have a good governor , unfortunately Brewer is in her 2nd term ……..i worry about the jackass that gets it after her term runs out ……….we still have sheriff Joe , but again ……..he is getting old and may not continue to run for that much longer .

        • Yep Ethan. Some of the people in goverment should be literally ran out of office,the heck with impeachment or recall.Some politicans are treasonous bastards period.The word bastard is not only someone who is born out of wedlock but someone who is not as they claim or appear to be.Like someone who took an oath to defend the constitution and do nothing to protect it.That is truly a bastard,democrat or republican.

      • I was having a discussion with some of my kids on Thanksgiving on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – on whether it was a viable document in such a populated society. On whether as a family group we were still of a mind that it was functioning and whether or not we as the same family group were supporting the concept. Made for a lively conversation. The take away, is that in this day and age, it is used to support a political position mostly, and that it is rare when anyone can say they support all tenants in both documents. No one in the room believed that very many people literally supported all of it anymore. The next subject of conversation was the most interesting, when I asked, how could we get back to it. No one thought there was enough political will in this country to return to it as a literal document. Pretty much my whole next generation feels for good or bad, the country is going to go forward without much of respect for it. That said, my family is all pretty sad that it has come to this…………..

        • Pretty much how my family is divided with the ones who are actually working, paying taxes and thereby paying the bills on one side of the fence and those who are receiving the entitlements on the other side of the fence. I fear this is what the future portends and as long as those who vote for a living surpass (mostly with double voting and stealing votes) those of us who have to work for a living. Trouble with them is they feel like they are actually entitled to this largesse and then have the nerve to try and beg money from us for movies, fast food, etc.

          • Funny thing is , those people will be some of the first to find and take up arms against the government because they are not getting their hand outs they are ” entitled ” to when the world economy goes off the cliff…

          • SurvivorDan says:

            The next four years will see Obama and cronies working hard to increase the numbers of those who vote for a living. THEY will surpass the 52% mark in that time and we are toast. IMHO

        • Anybody that believes either document is obsolete in any way should go live in North Korea , Saudi Arabia or china for a few years as a citizen and not tourist …………then come back and reread the documents they think are so obsolete .Just sayin

          • SurvivorDan says:

            Been tiptoeing around other countries and I always loved coming back here. Kiss the ground at the airport kind of happiness. I always said that back here, in America, I can plant my two feet and stand tall because I had rights! Now, I’m not too sure….

      • Mystery Guest says:

        Yes it has. But that is because they are powers that reject it and use their own ideas as to where this country should go.
        They are criminal in their thinking. The Constitution, laws, rules do not apply to them. They will do as they please.
        Yes both parties are gutless. But the liberals are the worst.

        • Mystery Guest,

          It is sickening… but even worse is that a large portion of the population support their ideas and agenda…

          • Exactly the point my family has reached. That is is potentially too late to turn around the percentage of people to support it. And that we are very sad that it has come to this.

          • Hitler had some of the same support ………….even after the proof was all around them in the form of every large german city in ruins , and allied occupation . Thats what is frightening .

          • T.R.,

            Yep, it is mass brain washing that is being perpetrated by the media (TV) as directed by their controllers.

    • I have grown to hate the word “democracy”. We don’t live in one, and we never did. Yet, today, the public school system teaches kids that we live in a “democracy”, and our rights can be snatched away if your congress critter is ordered to do so by a “majority” of “constituents”—you know, fans of Brittney Spears, or Lady GaGa—people who find the Kardashians and Justin Bieber “interesting”. People whose knowledge of history/politics/world events/the US Constitution is limited to what they learn about these subjects as they watch “Dancing with the Stars”.

      Although the Constitution doesn’t permit any “representative” to “vote” away or take away any of our God-given rights, the walking dead who comprise a majority of the electorate have been sufficiently “dumbed down” to the point of not realizing this. And, thanks to this public school educated demographic, one by one, every one of our rights that might work to tie the hands of a tyrannical government, will continue to be “voted” away, until one day, the only right we have left is the right to cringe and grovel at the feet of any jackbooted government thugs who smash down our doors in the middle of the night to “ask a few questions”.

      The more immediate problem we have on the horizon is Republican representatives discussing closing the “gun show loophole” . This is a complete misnomer—there’s no such thing! A “loophole” in a law is a flaw in the wording that enables a creative “interpretation” which permits breaking the law in some unanticipated way.

      When the Brady Bill was being negotiated in both houses of congress, a proviso added to the bill specifically exempting the transfer of privately owned firearms to eligible buyers from the requirement of a pre-purchase background check being required. The reasons for this are simple.

      Because private individuals are given no access to the NICS background check system and would be unable to perform the necessary investigation into the potential buyer’s history.

      Such transfer could be performed by a licensed gun dealer, however , the law cannot force the licensed dealer to do the background check for a private buyer, nor, if he does perform the background check for the private buyer, could he be required to do it for free. In fact, he could charge WHATEVER he wanted. The holder of the firearms license isn’t in business to lose money by helping a private gun owner compete with him by selling his used rifle for $100 less than a new one that the gunshop has in stock. All the licensed dealer has to do is price his background check fee high enough to drive up the cost of the privately owned rifle until it’s more expensive than a new one. Then, the buyer would simply abandon the private seller, and buy the new one from the gun shop.

      Private owners of guns would find themselves unable to sell their weapons to anyone but a licensed dealer, and dealers would be under no obligation to pay fair market value, they could pay as little as they wanted, and the seller would have no choice but to sell their $1000 rifle for pennies on the dollar, or turn it into the local police for free.

      If the government really wanted to address this issue—and I’m not suggesting that they should– all they’d have to do is grant private sellers access to the NICS system. Because the seller—licensed or not—doesn’t see any confidential information, or learn the details surrounding the rejection of a buyer, there’s no good reason for denying access to the NICS system to private sellers. The federal government simply doesn’t want to. The truth is, the government isn’t really concerned about guns “falling into wrong hands”, it’s only concerned with exercising greater control over access to guns by ANYBODY but government.

      • Your comment about private access to NICS only has one fault. It makes sense. Our Govt can’t permit THAT! And if the did ban guns, what would all those BATF employees do? What would they do?

  2. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I agree 100%.

    Homeland Security, being proactive rather than reactive should stay but be a department of the FBI. The HLS should be required to uphold the constitution..
    The detainees at Gitmo must never set foot on U.S. soil and need to be tried in the world court for war crimes or be released.

    Americans have crossed the line and I am afraid there is no going back. We have compromised on every tenet this country was founded on so we can be a diverse society. Well what have we now? A nation of no standards, no beliefs, no God, no laws that can’t be circumvented, and no right to the freedoms of our forefathers.

    The youth of our country have no idea what they have lost.

    And it is okay with the majority of Americans. I weep.

    • I would go even further ………any governmental department that didnt exist in the early 1950s would go away .

      • Was the political climate (in terms of individual rights and freedom from government abuses) that much better in the early 1950’s? Remember, that was the era of McCarthyism and the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
        I’m just glad to see “conservatives” finally understanding why “liberal” organizations like the ACLU have been fighting the USA PATRIOT Act since its inception.
        Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism – yeah right…

    • The only problem I see with the world court, is the very fact that there is one. The very idea of the world court should make us all run for cover.
      Think about this for a second… a world court would have to have global laws that would, by definition, be used by everyone on a global level. To honor those laws means that every country basically gives up some (or all) of their sovereignty.
      To honor the laws on a global scale means to dishonor the very Constitution we should be defending.

  3. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Yesterday I heard on the news that now that 12/21 has come and gone, the Prepping industry will invent another fear propagating prophecy to insure their sales continue. What is your take on this and do you think fewer people will participate in this blog?

    • Tactical G-Ma,

      I have stated here several times that the 12/21 Mayan Doomsday prediction was nothing for us to worry about. Readers of The Survivalist and The Wolf Pack are very intelligent and know where the real threats are and will continue to prep for those events.

      I do think that these type events are often invented for the purpose of discouraging folks from prepping for real events – for example, building up the Mayan Doomsday event and then when nothing happens, folks are more reluctant to prep for real events afterward because they’ve been conditioned from that past experience that nothing “real” is going to happen, so why bother…

      Those who sit behind the black curtain of power do not want folks to be prepared but to be totally depended on then for their every need. This is the reason that the media demonizes prepper / survivalist at every opportunity. It’s all about control…

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Thank you for your perspective.

        I have never gotten the impression from you and the philosophy of your blog of anything contrived or extreme. You certainly have never endorsed the Mayan doomsday or any other fringe conspiracy theory but I believe there are people looking for who will sensationalise events or ideas for profit while causing harm to others.

        I hope that you will continue to be our voice of reason when the ne.xt sci-fi enthusiast tries to convince others of a contrived event.

        Your idea of who are behind this sort of stuff is a little different from mine. Guess that is something new for me to chew on

      • SurvivorDan says:

        I suspect you hit it on the head MD. The impending doom doesn’t happen and it reinforces the naysayers of any prepping.
        “See nothing to worry about!”
        THEY absolutely do not want us prepping.

        And for those who might bring up the fact that the HS says we should have three days worth of food and water…I say WTF! Three days is a joke! Kinda of like THEM (claiming the mantle of good sense) stating that they agree that folks should prep a little. A very little. Three days makes one still utterly dependent on the Government largesse. I hate the TEDs! (that’s my new non NSA tracked code word for the ….. you know…..THEM)

    • I am going to continue to prep for what I have always prepped for here. Fire, flood and earthquake and for the financial stability of my family. “tis what I am all about. Thanks to MD, he helped us out with very practical ways to get where I had wanted to be for a long time…….it is all good! By the Way, Glad we are all still here preppers!

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        I agree worrisome! I prep for hard $$$ times first. As both DH and I are self employed we always seem to have extra skin in the game and our field time starts first and ends last.

        After $$$ problems, I prep for natural distasters for my area and (tongue in cheek) the zombie hordes….

    • People do not need a reason to be afrade. Primates use fear as a survival tool. We need it to keep ourselves focused.

    • I think the world DID end. “They” are just keeping it quiet…

  4. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Makes ya wanna ‘Rig for silent running’. MD, I’ve been watching these things develope sense LBJ lied about the Gulf of Tonkin. Now… I just wonder how many ‘Government employees’ will polish up the jack boots and cut a nice piece of hose… or claim the respect and honor of just walking away?

    • You know that most just want to “do their job”.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      More will stay to feed their families. Sometimes (shamefully) practicality or greed outweighs principle.

      Any local deputy I have ever discussed it with (many) say they would quit before they would assist in the taking of individual firearms by government order. Most would not, I fear. They would lose their position and be black listed in the LEO biz for refusing a ‘lawful’ order.
      I would salute the few who refuse and quit but I can’t help pay their mortgages and feed their families.

      • SurvivorDan,

        They might also be jailed for not following the order…

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          If it gets to that point, we will probably be under martial law. If a LEO fails to follow a lawful order, it is more likely he will be summarily executed. No one will have constitutional rights.

      • Words. Guarenteed they will follow orders. Most of them. They always have. They always will. They have families to support. Pensions to protect.
        And despite the “Big Talk”, most (95%+) of gun owners will not fight to stop a confiscation. They may not turn anything in, but most will not resist. We have families to protect too!

  5. Our answers to problems has, in my adult life, always been focused on the symptom rather than the problem. Somebody gets shot, take away the guns; somebody gets hurt in an accident, require helmets and seat belts.

    When I was in the service we had an incident where a small group of people, easily identified, couldn’t get to work on time or in the right uniform. The answer was more formations for everybody. Our shop lost 1.5 man hours per day. After a week I asked if my people were the problem, and was told no. I explained what these new rules were doing to our productivity, and got them rescinded. We do that with industry via the EPA now, only nothing ever gets rescinded, they just stop enforcing that rule and make others.

    No law can be passed to make things easier, faster, or more productive. They are restrictive in nature. To ask that a law be passed to make us safer, while allowing us to abdicate our personal responsibility for our own safety is ludicrous.

    We used to be responsible for our actions. As we have decided that it’s always someone else’s fault not ours, and they should be prevented from doing that to us, we have used the collective power of “big brother” to subdue our fellow Americans, and inadvertently subduing ourselves.

    As a result we are less safe, more restricted, with less opportunity, and able to retain less of our self-created wealth. We truly have nobody to blame but ourselves. The only solution is to reject the “handouts”, become self sufficient, “burn” the social and fiscal safety nets, and strike out on our own. If we don’t do this voluntarily, we will do it when our system collapses upon itself and things will be much worse.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:


    • JP; The politicans always need to be SEEN doing SOMETING, ANYTHING. The fact that it DOES NOTHING is irrelavent. The can say to the voters: “See! I did something”.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Or how about when THEY scream about taxing the rich corporations and the public agrees with taxing those fat cats!
        So THEY raise taxes on evil corporations.
        And the corporations then raise there prices so the public pays the new taxes while re-electing the lawmakers who ‘stuck it to’ the rich folk!

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Lawmakers know THEY are taxing the little guy when THEY raise taxes on the rich corporations.
          What hypocrisy by THEM!
          And what stupidity by the Sheeple.

    • Exactly right. Well said.

  6. I saw an article about forced institutionalization of the mentally ill. We made it much more difficult over the last 30 years, so that we wouldn’t inadvertently violate the rights of a particular individual. Now we want to pass laws that violate the rights of the many to protect an individual. A complete oxymoron situation.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      JP in MT: Have you taken stock of just how many things you can be accused of under the law today… and be treated under the law as if you are guilty, judged, suspected… or have conspired to commit? I think about that each time I fill out an NFA form at a gun shop.

  7. Thats why Jefferson said that civil war was not only an option b but a necessity , we want them back , then time for diplomacy is over .

  8. village idiot says:

    “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”–Benjamin Franklin

    The Press is now so corrupt that they are driving the agenda of the Marxists, and with John Kerry taking control of the State Department, we will now see more of the Ayers-era radicals take over the rest of government. He told an FBI informant they would need to kill and imprison 25 million conservatives to complete their takeover. I’m taking him at his word.

    • Village, Kerry said that? What a pud!

      • PGCPrepper says:

        Believe he’s referring to Ayers as the one who said that.

      • village idiot says:

        Yep, Ayers said that, worrisome, the source of the quote is not clear in my comment. Kerry did say that the US is an “international pariah”.

        • Well then both of them are full of crap Village. Perhaps we can get them both to go on a mission to one of those countries over there that they seem to love so much on a one way ticket!

    • Looks like you don’t need to kill or imprison them, just take away their means of protecting themselves(guns) and you will be able to impose you will on them.

  9. Dean in Michigan says:

    Pretty sad, but awfully true.

    I watch this fiscal cliff stuff, and at this point I am completely convinced that this was the plan all along.

    I’m starting to think, that before the end of his term, TDL will find a way to circumvent the next election and maintain his post. All in the name of national security of corse.

    He could use his “secret evidence” and drum up a bunch of charges on all people running and say they can’t be trusted.

    • Dean I thought TDL would call in martial law this time.

      • Dean in Michigan says:

        Well worrisome, you could be right on the money.

        If, at the time close to elections, martial law is imposed upon the country, TDL could easily say that elections have to be postponed due to the volatile nature of the country.

  10. The Constitution is and has not failed.

    It is the people who have failed and are responsible. They are responsible because everyday working folks do not pay attention to their government. They do not go to city council meetings or County supervisors meetings, nor political party meetings.

    They do not know their law, and think it’s OK.

    We are the government, we put people in office to serve us. Well, if you and others do not know what those servants are supposed to do, then what do you expect will happen.

    When the cat’s away, and no one is looking, the mice will play.

    All it takes to fix it is for good men to do something. For evil and wrong doing can only occur by, our consent, because good men do nothing. They do not take responsibility for themselves and the country and KNOW what our servants are supposed to do and hold them to it, then punish those who do not fulfill their Fiduciary Responsibility as public official and servants.

    This is not hard to fix, one just has to make the effort. Go to meetings, meet others who are there. Form little committees and begin asking questions as you look into what those officials are supposed to be doing. All government impacts you where you are, therefore to fix the country, start with your local officials.

    Get control in your City, then County, then State. A State can nullify ANYTHING the Federal Government tries to force onto the people.

    Look into Dr Ed Rivera’s course. It cost $50 to begin. See You will learn all you need to know to be free, stop paying property taxes and in many cases even income taxes. You just need the education.”

  11. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Sure hope you are wrong but got a feeling you are not.

  12. I always recomend G Gordan Liddy’s “When I was a kid this was a free country”
    I also want to point out that the real solution to these mass shootings, improved mental health care and curbing the ACLU, are not likely. Improved mental health care will cost $, lots of it. The ACLU is the darling of the radical left. So their imune. So they will choose the cheap and easy path. Go after law abiding gun owners. Despite tough talk, we will do as Australian and other nations gun owners-NOTHING.
    Are you a member of a gun rights group? It doesn’t have to be the NRA.
    Are you one of the many hunters/target shooters/trap & skeet shooters I often hear say “we don’t need those HiCap rifles and handguns” “These bans won’t affect us”. Remember, the gun grabbers want to make us England. No handguns! No semi autos! No pump shotguns! Never forget: You’re next!
    Water sleeps. Enemy never rests!

  13. Only God knows when the world as we know it, will end. I haven’t been prepping for the “Mayan Doomsday” senario. I’m “prepping” for the day when ALL of our freedoms will be taken away, one executive order after another. (even our right to live) All you have to do is type those three words (I use Startpage) & if the hair on your neck doesn’t stand on end, then you are not preparing for what is yet to come. We’ve become a nation that is so PC, you don’t dare open your mouth. Disagree with Obama, and you’re a racist. Stand up for freedom, and you’re called an extremist. Stand up for God and Country, and you’re a rebel. It’s gotten to the point when I don’t even want to listen or see the news: however, as my husband says “know your enemies.” There’s too many on them sitting on Capitol Hill who are “in it to win it.” They don’t represent, nor do they fight for those of us who elected them into office. Corruption breeds corruption. Do you know why Obama won’t be impeached? Do you know why Obama’s records are sealed? It takes a lot of power and a whole lot of money to keep one’s true identity hidden. If it would be made known that Obama isn’t a citizen of our nation, every piece of legislation he’s signed off on throughout his political career would be null and void. Can you begin to imagine the riots that would take place? That’s why this guy is still sitting in office. There’s a deeper and more sinister agenda our gov’t is focused on, & it is most certainly isn’t in the best interest of our nation. So, keep prepping and more importantly, keep praying.

  14. Hello Everyone,
    It is not that the constitution has failed us ,but rather tha we an freel loving peple have stop thinking and have failed the constitution and the country as a whole. We want to be taken care off by our government, we
    want to be protected by our government. When we the people were wiling to fight for our fredom we were free. When we started to let the government protect us we started to lose our hard earned freedoms.
    Let us take our country back,

  15. “The Founders warned that a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people.” The way society is going it doesn’t deserve the protection of the Constitution.

    The people failed the Constitution not the other way around. Until the people are willing to fight to restore the Constitution to power tyranny will prevail. All of us let it happen, none of us said enough, this is wrong, it will not stand. None of us took the steps necessary to preserve our freedoms. The Fan Event has come and gone, slipped by us one bit at a time. Now we stand on a steep slippery slope to police state slavery. And we deserve it. So look in the mirror when you feel like complaining about lost freedoms, remind yourself that you did nothing to stop it. That you didn’t band together, that you didn’t fight, didn’t bleed, didn’t do anything but complain. Me, I can barely stand to shave anymore.

    • tommy2rs,

      I personally, have done everything in my power to inform folks as to what is going on and to get them moving in the right direction (the post that you’ve just read for example). Unfortunately, many within our population support the countries current direction while others are just looking for a handout…

      The only hope that we have is at the state level – elect the right people at the state level, and demand that they with our support behind them say NO to the federal government, to defend our rights and that of the state outside of federal rule and the far reaching hand of Washington. The only way to take the country back is at the state, county and city level…

  16. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Remember Tiananmen Square? And sheeple out number wolves. I am afraid by the time 2016 comes around there will be little left.

  17. Governments always become bigger then the sum of it’s individual citizens.

    Michael C

  18. Alittle2late says:

    I never started prepping to make it through the end of the world. If its truly the end of the world it’s kinda pointless don’t ya think. It’s more for self sufficiency,freedom and the occasional mother nature tantrum. Being ready for the disasters that our elected officials create in the name of OUR safety and wellbeing. It makes me sick to my stomach how this county has became the nation of the freeshit! There is no way our forefathers could have seen this coming.The constitution is still spot on for how this country should be. Some how our DNA got infected with a lazy gene. An example . An acquaintance of mine said to me why should I go look for a job I make more sitting on the couch. My response was your the F&%@#g problem. He just looked at me with the deer in the head light stare. Where did self respect and feeling of accomplishment go? How in the hell can a 30something man be content living in his parents house? OK rant over sorry. Keep preppin everyone it’s gonna get bumpy real fast.

    • Our forefathers did see this coming. It was actually the writings of Publius in the Federalist papers that swayed people into a Federal Government. Patriots like Patrick Henry and others fought against it. George Washington was for it. The reason three branches of government were created was for checks and balances. Those checks and balances have failed us because the three branches have failed to follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
      If there ever was a time to prep it is now. Be prepared to move and look out for the security of your family foremost.

  19. ozhillbilly says:

    There is no question our country is 180 degrees different than when I was growing up in the 60’s. Back then whichever side you were on, politically speaking, you could generally get along with the opposing view. Seems that’s what I remember anyway. Today the left has moved so far left of center that they might as well admit they are socialist. There are so few true conservatives left on the right that the right is about at center. Make sense? I have a neighbor that I cannot discuss politics with at all or we will end up rolling in the yard fighting. He might as well put his red flag out for all to see. It hasn’t happened overnight but we as a nation have turned away from God. If some had their way, chisels and paint would be employed to remove or cover every last symbol of Christian faith publicly displayed around our nation. It’s a sad state we are in. I do not see it getting better any time soon. We as a nation will have to come together in true revival to get back on course.

    • Hey Ozhillbilly. I understand the neighbor thing. In our neighborhood we have one couple so far left as to be living in a different universe. Our reaction to them collectively is to not be all that friendly. I have had many gatherings of the neighbors because we have some issues here to ensure our safety and security from nefarious types loose in the hills growing MJ. This couple never have the money to pay for their own expenses as relates to the fencing, security cams, lighting and other assorted security measures we have taken. Because they live on a corner, we have not had to foot their bill, we have been able to just go around them and get done what we all voted on to be done. A now their noses are out of joint because “no one is protecting them” “just because we are broke right now”. Neither of them have worked in 5 years, he is sucking on the disability system but they still golf three days a week; they water ski in the summer and at present have rented a cottage at Tahoe so they could enjoy the “snow” and ski. And since they are mad at us they have informed them that they are putting their place up for sale right after the first of the year…………..we are soo sooo sad about that………….NOT

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      It only seemed better in the 60’s. You have to remember that between McCarthy and Hoover any one who didn’t toe the line would get black listed, jailed, or disappeared.
      There was the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
      What was good was that the economy was better than it had been in more than 40 years. Of course the U.S. and the Soviet Union were the only developed nations not still recovering from war.
      And people of color could only get jobs that paid far less than their white counterparts. Black men were virtually unemployable, except as day labor. The only way a lot of people survived was by charity and social programs. Unfortunately, what was necessity has now become a way of life for many white, black, and all the above.
      Every generation has its own set of problems. FDR was faced with rampant destitution. He did what he thought best for America but it has been said over and over again that the U.S. would have crumbled back in the 40s if not for World War II. Well our country can no longer provide for its people since the money to provide must come from the people. Our country must change or it will crumble.

  20. On a different note; has anyone done a GSSF coupon redemption?

  21. Uncle Charlie says:

    At first I though I was reading the wrong blog. MD quoting a liberal professor in an article contained contained in the “Pravda on the Potomac.” However, this should be something that all Americans can agree on regardless of their political persuasion or party labels. Unfortunately, many are concerned about our so called security that they have not heeded (or perhaps never even heard of) Ben Franklin’s statement about it.

    I have one small disagreement with the professor, however. Unlike the Roman Empire, our Constitution only follows the flag and not everywhere else in the world. If a US citizen is out side of any US possession (including US embassies), then he has no constitutional rights. But if that person is in the US, its possessions or embassies, then he should have ALL the rights afforded by the the Constitution including habeas corpus, a fair trial with a jury of his peers etc., etc., etc. Whether we should be killing Americans outside the US is another question open for debate, but I do not believe it is unconstitutional. In addition, individuals inside the US who are not citizens, do not have ALL the protections of the Constitution, especially if they are illegal but I wouldn’t suggest shooting them on site unless they were armed and dangerous.

    I too was less than pleased with LaPierre’s statement. I think the real reason for the 2nd Amendment should always be mentioned first. It is there to protect us from tyranny. With each successive administration, regardless of party, chipping away at our rights this may eventually be the only thing we have to fall back on, God forbid. And to respond to Mr. Obama, YES, this is the price of freedom. As someone previously mentioned, if banks and armored car companies can have armed guards for our money, WHY NOT for our children and ourselves!!!! On the other hand, I will be renewing my NRA membership.

    On another matter, I stopped by my favorite FFL this afternoon and his shopped was slammed with customers. He figured part of it was Christmas and part of it was fear of possible legislation. 5 of the 7 rifles I picked up would be considered “assault rifles” by senator Feinstein and her ilk but they are not in reality.

    I saw an interview of Mayor Bloomberg and it was embarrassing how much such a well educated and successful businessman and politician doesn’t know about guns. He didn’t seem to understand the distinction between semi-automatic and fully automatic and the reporter had to correct him. He also pull out the currently popular old saw about the number of rounds needed to go hunting. Apparently, he doesn’t realize that NY State generally has a 6 round limit for long gun excepting .22LR and .17HMR rifles. But then I guess he never met a gun he didn’t like. I wonder what all his security people carry under their suit coats.

    • Uncle Charlie; The good mayor isn’t ignorant. He’s a socialist. I’m always amazed at how many millionares & billionares are socialists. And of course Soros is a full blown marxist. And pray tell: where does the 2nd Amendment mention hunting or sport shooting? If we accepted the concept of a militia, every voter would be required to own an M-16. And despite all the nonsense about Swiss and Israeli gun laws, every Swiss reservest has his FULL AUTOMATIC assault rifle at home. And when you visit Israel, there are people (probably reservists) walking around with M-16’s. And it’s not uncommon to see a teacher with same escorting his/her class.

  22. Pineslayer says:

    This is maybe the most depressing post in a while. Because it is all true. We need to get money out of the political arena. We send, what we hope are good people, into a corrupt venue and wonder WTF happened. As much as it is painful to think about, public funded campaigns are an option. Cut the election cycle down to about 2 months so that our elected officials can actually work for us instead of pandering to the fat cats for 50% of the time. I wish there was a better way, but I haven’t heard of any plans that sound good. Sound off if you have a good idea, because we need it. The 2 ruling parties won’t vote for it initially, unless we grandfather in the already paid for politicians. This may open up the door for real Americans to serve and not scare them away by our current climate. Gosh it would be nice not to get 10 phone calls a day spewing lies and more stuffing my mailbox. We need to fix it really quick, which means effective legislation. The American public just might be ready to hear it. If any of the polls can be believed, all but the extremes are disgusted. I am far beyond disgusted and have reached saturation. I’m taking my ball and going home, to the cave I am currently digging.

  23. MountainSurvivor says:

    It is not ok that the president and the elected have sworn an oath to our nation but not upheld their ends of the bargain. Tyranny does not pay!

  24. The problem is that, if not tyranny, political corruption does pay. I believe the “poorest” member of the Senate is worth $8,000,000+. I’m not sure any member of the House is worth less than $1,000,000. I thought they were supposed to be of the people. At the very least, they should not get any medical insurance better than Medicare or any pension EVER. It is not supposed to be a career!

  25. “Governments show thus how successfully men can be imposed upon, even impose on themselves, for their own advantage.”
    Thoreau, 1849, Civil Disobedience.
    I tried to post a link for the FREE kindle version of this book, not good at that from my Fire. A must read (IMHO) . We have resisted previous attempts to use U.S. against us. We will again. Vote against the demopublicans and the republicrats, tiss little difference tween and twixt. That VOTE is like a CCW no evil will tread where it bides. Carry off 49 electors to a third party and the
    critical number 279 will not put a man in office. TX and Tenn. could carry enough votes to block the election of someone devoid of constitutional sense. What that would mean IDK, but we are not as helpless as They would have it seem. Don’t give up voting if not for someone then vote against them all.

  26. AZyogi, “devoid of constitutional sense”, I’m using that one.

  27. Corruption has always been rampant in politics and government. It was just hidden in the woodwork.

    American politicians used to hide their agendas to protect their positions, and at least showed a little class in taking in public about them. But now they don’t have to hide their secret agendas; they actually take pride in double-speak. They offer lip-service to the Constitution when it suits their goals, but their actions speak louder than words. America is looking more and more like Pre-War Germany.

    Tyranny exists as our liberties are disappearing like old paper doormats. The fear-mongering about the coming fiscal cliff, the media frenzy surrounding guns, and labeling of inequality and racism on about everything are deliberate acts. Their purpose is to keep people off-balance and distracted. Unfortuately, I think its working on many people.

    The America I grew up in, is not the America I find myself in now. I suspect America will be drastically different within the next decade. The image of Brave New World, comes to mind.

    But we are not helpless. We can forge pathways for the generations that follow, just like our ancestors did. We can learn and prepare, teaching others how to be independent thinkers, self-reliant, and resourceful enough to adapt and thrive despite circumstances.

    Okay, I will get off my soapbox now 🙂

  28. Tried my first top down fire yesterday. It works great. Slow to start but gets roaring after an hour or so. No prepping this week. Worked my first 40 hr punching the time clock job in 33 years this week. I really don’t care for it, having been a salaried guy or owner of a business since 1979.

    Since no zombies attacked the house Friday, I ran down the street naked yelling, “I’m Alive, I’m alive!”

  29. All of your thoughts are so very interesting. MD, I really appreciate this site, I have learned so much and have so much to think about!
    On a side note, I went to my first gun show yesterday. DH and I decided if we were going to start arming ourselves, we’d better get going. The place was packed with dealers and with buyers. Many were walking around with guns they had bought. A number of people had handguns on them, in sight, which I guess is not against the law here, it’s only against the law if you hide them without a CCDW. I asked a lot of questions and learned a lot. I hate to look stupid but there were friendly people there who wanted to talk. One man lives down in TN and has a 4 day survival course and some 4 hours ones that he teaches. As soon as his website is back up (they are redoing it) I can see when/where, etc. DH is interested in this, too. And (drum roll, please) I bought a gun. It’s a gun to learn on, a Ruger .22 and has a nice scope on it. I looked at handguns but omg, too many choices. Made my head hurt. I have a lot to learn…. I will be signing up for classes, as you all suggested before. I didn’t buy any targets (they had ones with zombies on them, made me laugh out loud!), around here I can use paper plates and a clothespin or two. I’m excited to go and try it, it was too late yesterday when I got home, about an hour before dark and we have to take care of the animals then.
    I guess that my real comment is that there were several hundred people there. All looking. Some comparing, some seeing this as a social event, a “day out with the boys”. Many buying. A lot of people carrying what they had bought. Lots and lots of ladies, I was worried that it might be a guys only thing. T shirts, bumper stickers, Nazi paraphenalia, a Nazi helmet that hubby picked up and handed to me, I didn’t realize they were so heavy, when I think helmet I think of my riding helmet, pretty light weight. Holsters, every kind of ammo in the world, well, you all have probably been to one or two but it was overload on my part. I was fascinated with the flintlocks I saw, big guns, BIG long guns, you would have to be very strong to hold one steady to accurately shoot. Lots of Mountain Man stuff, gloves, furs. Well, not lots but this one seller was specializing in that stuff, apparently.
    Anyhow a very interesting and fun experience….

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Congratulations on your first gun. The two most empowering times in my life were the first time I used a Circular Saw and the first gun I purchased for myself!
      And you picked one that should be the core of your arsenal and perfect to learn on. Be sure to keep it clean and lubed and it will serve you well

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Congrats! You go Millie!

  30. Tied up the tomato vines today, have a dozen or so fruit set now, dusted all the veggies with sevin powder. Had a fresh salad with home grown greens last night. Ready for Christmas. Hoping to receive a MKA 1919 Shotgun for myself. Already got a tiller for the birthday gift last week, a big back saver.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Prep Now,
      Wow! Happy birthday. I don’t know who your Santa is but he/she is a keeper! What area of the country are you in and what type of tomatoes are you growing?

      • South Florida, 5 different varieties. also have spinach, 3 types of lettuce, peppers, snow peas, gr. beans, Star Fruit, lemons, bananas, a couple of the wife’s tropical fruits (I don’t know their names),,,all growing or bearing fruit right now.

  31. Prep because its your right.
    Prep because there are very few who will help you if and when the time comes.

    The fact is that all Governments are controlled by people in positions of power with infinite money.

    These people, as smart as they are, have shot holes in their own boat.

    The world needs an enema and will get one. In the end it will be a good thing because it will set new boundaries and world philosophy.

    Before that time it’s best to prep.

    Contrarian always prevails when there is herd mentality 🙂

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