Black panthers and BLM, are terrorists!

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  1. Was there a point? After 4 minutes….I went else where.

    • Nope. Just some mindless ninny rambling. Have a nice day.

      • I like your “mindless ramblings” for some reason.

        • I wanted to say more about the BLM and the new black panthers,but YouTube will flag your videos for hate speech if you start spreading facts about ether entity.

          • Almost There says:

            I like mindless ramblings too. It has a calming effect…

            Just like I watch mindless TV sometimes… 🙂

            Thanks MD for giving us a break 🙂

          • Ron (rzh) says:


            So is the Army of God (AOG), Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation (AN), the Traditionalist Workers Party and many others who are very active and vocal have the right to organize and free speech. We’ve lived with and tip-toed around these groups for many years and in one case generations. So I do understand that at this point in your life of not knowing what to expect and having to be prepared every time you left home, what firearm to carry on a given day, standard magazine or extended etc. I grew up in Louisiana, traveled to visit relatives in Mississippi. Believe me I get it, I grew up with those same uncertainties but guess what? No weapon choices other than mentally thinking how not to be noticed or singled out, being quick enough to go in the other direction as taught. And even having a weapon back then would surly get you killed one way or another! I guess we really haven’t come very far after all. Just my $.02 worth of mindless rambling.

            I’m a person of color, haven’t commented in quite a while, but always reading. Not a fan of the panther party either, just another dangerous group to add to the list for citizens to be concerned about. Love your blog MD, great info, points of view and resources. Keep it up!

            • In the description of the video,which you can’t see here on the blog, I mentioned the KKK and any other entity that used terror,murder and destruction to achieve a political aim,should be classified as a terrorist organization and dealt with as such. I mentioned BLM and the new black panthers because this video was done the day after they came out encouraging people to kill more cops and praising the man that killed five and wounded seven in Dallas.

              • Understood BC, just thought I’d share a little rambling. I’m glad you did, keeps us all aware that domestic terrorist a big concern too.

                Take care.

  2. Sriracha says:

    Quality content!

  3. I am living my own personal SHTF at the moment. I wanted to be there in Colombia for my sons first birthday, he and his mom are staying with his grandmother there since her father passed, so my plan was to visit and help out on the farm there for a couple of months and use my tax rrturn to get back. I had some health issues in thw previous year 2015 and it left me cash strapped but I had to be there for my sons first birthday. Anyway to make a long story short Uncle Sam decides to audit and my funds which I was expectung in February do not show tik June. Now I am passed my visa and Colombian immigration does not get the joke. Anyhow so here I sit stuck in Colombia having to figure out how to pay for both a new flight home or walk it, and pay the fine which they levelled against me. Basically I am ttrapped ubtil the fine is paid as I have the funds for a flight just not the fine. That is my cureent SHTF scenario.

    • You absolutely are in a tough spot. I have no words of wisdom for your situation other than the Embassy. Perhaps they may assist you. God Bless and I’ll pray for your safety.

  4. JP in MT says:

    My next trip “out of town” is in October. I will go “appropriately dressed” and will leave if things look ugly. And since my diesel truck gets only 2 MPG less than my van, I may take it vs. the van. At close to 8,000 pounds, several 200 pound individuals won’t even slow it down. Ranchhand makes great bumpers.

    • TPSnodgrass says:

      OK JP,
      Just snorted a long pull of Diet Coke through my right sinus!! Thanks for the verbal Netti-Pot,
      I TRULY appreciate the verbal picture…

  5. cgbascom says:

    BC Go ahead and mindlessly ramble, ninny or not. I still learned some things. And your property is looking good. And after the ordeal your wife has been through, she is looking good, too. Stay healthy.

  6. What a waste of time and data! You lost me as a reader and listener. Good luck…

  7. BC! Seriously! Was that you? I didn’t get any of the Black Panther/BLM stuff but that yard looks awesome.

    Did you make that step up for your tail gate? Or did you buy it? If so, where can I get one? My knees don’t work well anymore and one of those would be awesome!

    Hey, I loved your chocolate Lab. If I can give you some unsolicited advise from an old dog handler… cut her food back slowly, over the course of a year or so. It will save her hips.

    Take care Brother, and let me know about that tail gate step. That thing looks brilliant.


  8. BC, I just bought the truck ladder. I don’t know if it was you or the half naked girl demonstrating the thing. Actually I think it was you. She didn’t look like she had any joint pain, unlike me. But she had a cute butt. I got this one for 34 bucks and change plus shipping. So it was just under 50 bucks. I’m excited. No more crawling into the back of the truck and no more of that painful jumping out of the the bed.

    Half PitBull you say? God I love Pit’s. If you show them enough love, they are the best dogs in the world. Never forget… Peety from the Little Rascals was a pit. The friendliest dog I ever had was a half shepherd/half pit. His name was Max. He used to sleep on the bed in front of the window air conditioner and snored like a lawn mower. He actually saved my wife from a rape one night. Little bastard (read short, just solid muscle) missed the guys exposed penis by “that much”. Max got a steak that night.

    Take care my friend. And thank you for that link. You just saved my knees. I owe you for that one.


    • If you’ll check my YouTube channel,about five videos back I did an install vudeo of the ladder. Yep love my dogs. The pit/curr is asleep in my lap right now. She is such a big baby.

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