Mass Emails And Blog Trouble Oh My

You probably remember the trouble last week, with all the old emails being sent out to those of you who had subscribed to receive comment updates by email. I too received a massive amount of email not just to comments posted but also personal emails that had been sent by readers, some over three months old.

If you’ve emailed me and I failed to answer, I’m sorry, but I never received your emails at least not until weeks or even months later.:reallypissed:

To be honest, I thought we had been hacked, but it turns out all the trouble was caused by the servers at Godaddy (whom I pay several hundred dollars per year to host this blog) and a glitch in the WordPress plugins I was using for email forms and comment subscriptions.

After hours of work and bickering with the techies at Godaddy the problems were found and fixed. Everything should be back to normal now – but, if you’re still having trouble please let me know.:-/

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  1. Thanks M.D. for all the trouble you go to on our behalf. I did have several unanswered e-mails but just figured you were overwhelmed. They were not important, just several things I had seen online.
    Hope your problems are over and that you a break from b.s.

  2. Hundreds of dollars at godaddy?? Have you considered 1and1?? If you do, please let me know.

  3. Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

    So that’s why you didn’t receive my entry in time for the other writing contest. Well, as it turns out, it worked to my advantage because there are more prizes in the current contest – maybe I’ll win something. How lucky can I get?!!! LOL

    Glad it’s all worked out now. I got subscription notices to current posts that I never subscribed to, so that was interesting. But they are gone now and all is right with the blogosphere again. Thanks for the update and explanation, MD.

  4. It explains why you ignore my email question. To paraphase, would it be considered safe to live close to a known sexual preadator in either out in the country or in the city should shtf or stay your distance and protect yourself? I already came to the answer myself rather be by myself than close to a sexual predator. Even if it means only having .20 acreas compared to 5 acreas 🙂

    Still be nice to know your view.

    • Allie,

      Trouble is you (usually) only know of sexual predators that have been caught and convicted – there is no sure way of knowing if the guy / gal down the street is a sexual predator, they could be, but have not been caught.

      As for safety that would depend on the type of predator – is he a panty sniffing Peeping Tom or a violent rapist. Could he “evolve” into the later? Does he like boys or girls? Truth is, there is no sure way of knowing what he or anyone else will do.

      And it’s different for men compared to women who often become targets of such people. Personally, I would have a difficult time living near a known and convicted pervert without punching him in the face every time he looked my way.

      If you don’t feel safe where you are and are able to move then you would probably be better off in another location.

    • I would live on more land close to the “known sexual predator”. A lot of people with the sexual predator label were just 19 years old boys with a 16 year old girlfriend, who got caught fooling around. Only a small percentage are actually violent rapists and child molestors. Secondly, in any give population a certain percentage are predators, so in the city there’d be more predators, you just wouldn’t know who they were. Thirdly, if he was a real predator, after SHTF he could be easily “disappeared” and you could at least eliminate that one threat.

      • Jumbo, I know for fact the person in the country is a child molestor even if he doesn’t have a conviction. Most people in the city I live in convictions are for as you said 19 year old boys with 16 year old girlfriends, peeing outside, etc.

        You say he could easily disappear yet with his size 5’11” compared to my 5’3” 119lb frame I say there could be trouble especially since I am not adequately trained with firearms. And I hear those that are drug addicts (prescription morphine and hydrocodone) react different from being shot at, die slower and react quicker (or that may be uppers)

        Mentally I couldn’t go there without losing my mind. My inner child needs protection as much as my children. If I can’t protect her (inner child) I can’t protect them (my children)

        To eliminate the threat I’d have already have reverted back to rocking back and forth in shock. At this point in time emotionally I am unable to take out those that are a personal threat to me. The best way I know how to deal with it is to prepare to survive on my own in my own home.

        I know my house in my sleep and know every nick and cranny. If I don’t know my neighbors now I won’t trust them after shtf. If I don’t trust people with my kids now I won’t in shtf. I SURVIVED childhood literally. Mental brakdowns already had one. I just made a year from it. This past month or 6 weeks has been an a pyschological shtf with deaths in the family and personal sexual predator. I am doing everything in my power not to have a complete breakdown. My heart is coping with as much as it can take. I am in a state of shock.

        • Since he is a real predator and you feel a real threat, then you are making the right decision. Sometimes you’ve gotta’ do what you’ve gotta’ do. I recommend you find a NRA instructor or friends with experience with guns to learn from and try to find some good people to team up with. Pre & Post SHTF, a good team and even a small, cheap, .22 will take care of a lot of problems.

  5. SrvivlSally says:

    I’m glad that they were finally able to take care of the problems. I have never been, and never would be, offended, disappointed or anything else if you never responded to any of my e-mails because I know that you are busy and you do, at times, have a bigger load than usual. I would still continue to come here, NO MATTER WHAT, because it is worth my time and, as I always have, enjoy everything on your site. I really like the photo because it describes “computer moments” very well.

  6. I also host with GoDaddy, several sites, but have always had good service. Hopefully this is a one time thing. I started reading your site a few months ago, good info and insight into wrol. Thank you.

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