Broken Foundation: US power grid nation’s biggest danger?


  1. GrannyC says:

    Nothing new here. I really done expect our gov . to do anything. We are each on our own to prepare for grid failure just as we are for all the other failures.

  2. The reference to Hurricane Sandy means that this video is a couple years old, but it’s still very relevant. & I agree that the US power grid is at high risk & a huge reason to prepare. When my wife read One Second After, it was a big turning pt in her attitude toward prepping. Our son’s fiance’ also read it recently. While One Second After is fiction, I recommend the nonfiction book, Lights Out, by Ted Koppel, as a good follow-up to read.

  3. The central planners will protect the grid when they can get kickbacks by protecting the peasants (written with a tone of contempt and disgust).