What do you think will happen next at the “Bundy Ranch” in Nevada?

Screenshot of video of confrontation with Ammon Bundy and other protesters Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/04/feds-retreat-from-nevada-standoff/#qMIIGKMCkCbtLLyl.99

Screenshot of video of confrontation with Ammon Bundy and other protesters 

With all of the online media coverage, I’m sure that most of you know about the  standoff, at the “Bundy Ranch” in Nevada and that the feds have now pulled away apparently in defeat.

But the question is what will happen next? Do you think it’s over? Will the feds just let it go? Will they wait until the protesters all go home then regroup and resume the standoff? Will the feds arrest Bundy on other charges as “payback” for their looking weak and stupid?

I want to know what you think, if anything, will happen next? Please share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. Rider of Rohan says:

    They will be back with a vengeance because they know they can’t let this stand. They will make an example of Cliven Bundy, no doubt in my mind. (from my wife’s stupid I-pad)

    • +1000

      • I third the motion.

      • Papabear says:


        • They will be back with more men and firepower. They never go away. They will also at the same time go through the courts and even try through the IRS (Taxes) The three pronged approach. That is what I would do if I were an evil goberment.

          • JeffintheWest says:

            Totally concur — and this next time they won’t screw around — it will be a military-style assault on the ranch with the intent to kill. And Harry Reid will claim it was all justified.

            • Oldalaskan says:

              I agree after the dust settles they will storm the place. The patriots NEED to return in force and dig in.

    • The Bundys are going to lucky to come out of this alive, and by the time we find out that they aren’t, the perpetrators will be gone.

      • MonsterTruck says:

        Why the Bundys? Everyone who has a TV or the internet knows what the situation is like and killing the Bundys is going to bad… If you tease a dog to the point that he bites, remember he may not bite you but someone else. All the dog knows is that biting whatever target, correct or not, has relieved some of the stress of being teased.

    • Bwhntr59 says:

      R of R

      C’mon now Rider. I use an IPad all the time because it is very convenient and I have to do a lot of business emails on the road as I am in an outside sales job. Quotes and info. So they are useful, but I realize the limitations.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        That hunting and pecking drives me bananas. But it’s good for folks in your position, and for others. I’m just mad about some likely snot-nosed kid who put a virus on my computer and destroyed the hard drive. I just hope I can recover my files.

  2. Personally, I want to see an ethics charge against Reid for the land grab attempt. Notice the Feds backed out within 24 hours of the Reid/Chinese attempt to take the land for the solar energy farm. He has had ethics issues in the past. Hoping against hope this time his political career is over.

    • I like to fantasize too, but I keep it real. You know, things like all this years Playboy bunnies will show up at my house tonight…….naked.

      • tommy2rs says:

        Lol….if that happened here I’d get shot and then The Boss would be getting model releases from them all so she could first photograph them and then do paintings from the photographs.

    • Nothing is going to happen to Pelosi, Reid, Obummer or any of the rest of the slime, red or blue. They stick together like super-glued leeches on all our butts. But it’s coming. Oh, yes, it’s coming. We are not unarmed Lithuanians.

      • it is coming… from the mighty right hand of the Lord God.
        we may not live to see it but they will pay the price.
        those who work for the devil don’t know that he is laughing at them every step of the way.
        he has no ‘socially redeeming value’.

  3. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I don’t think its over by any means – I’m sure the authorities are waiting for interest in this story to go away, then a legal battle will ramp up very quickly.

    • it’s like Waco. i saw them with flame throwing machines torch the place. then the congressional investigation said the fire did not come from the feds. all liars. and thieves.

  4. Nancy V. says:

    What I want versus what I believe will happen:

    Want – a state and federal investigation that produces results by simply following the money to find out WHY this land grab occurred in the first place, and then stop the theft and destruction of a good, independent way of life.

    Sadly believe – The powers that be will wait until the hoopla dies down, smear him in the media with lies and propaganda, quietly utilize the legal system, and then take away his resources, land and reputation – they cannot allow him to become a icon or folk hero.

  5. tommy2rs says:

    I’m thinking an Eminent Domain theft of the entire ranch and eviction of it’s owners.

    • At least eminent domain a person receives payment and it is identified as eminent domain. This was nothing more than a secret land grab by criminals using Federal agencies, military, marshalls to do their dirty work under false pretenses.

      • here is my oft-repeated question.
        why do the marshalls commit these crimes? they know what the law is and that they are to uphold it.
        they are a product of the ‘permissive generation’ who are their parents and grandparents.
        they are a product of the milieu now surrounding us where God is held to be a figment of the superstitious imaginations of ancient people who didn’t know any better.

        but why do they do it? why?
        please answer. the ‘government’ is just human beings. are they all evil?

      • Kat's Tale says:

        I guess with eminent domain a person may receive a payment. But vary rarely is it fair market value. My grandparents dealt with it in the 60’s when I-5 went through the state of Oregon. A huge chunk of their ranch was taken and the payment was next to nothing.
        It happens all the time. I don’t hold out much hope for the Bundy family. They caused the “powers that be” to lose face and will in the end pay for it. I think keeping the issue in the forefront will make it harder for the government to reach their objective. As supporters we can help by making sure it doesn’t go away quietly.
        In the movie the Alamo, Billy Bob Thornton as Davie Crockett has a great line. As he faces down Santa Anna’s men he says” You fellas otta know I’m a screamer”.
        Meaning it’s going to take all of you to take my life and I won’t be quiet about it.

      • Minus the $1Million in taxes, fees, penalties, plus more for future legal fees.

        • Mike Hoskins says:

          Drudge has a article, it is $640 million, since his family has been ranching since the 1800’s. I will become a sad day in Oboma/Reid’s Kingdom…..if they return!

  6. Criminal charges against one or more of the Bundys, obstruction of justice for example. Then they issue a warrant for his arrest. Removing the trespassing cattle is secondary now.

  7. H. Nelson says:

    Over? The feds just walk away? Right.. This is a withdrawal to come back at a later date to force them off their land. Too many cameras and too many people watching them. I hope the armed volunteers that showed up, plan to stay awhile. I also hope the “bubba brigade” (I use the term in a positive form) shows up enforce when the feds do show back up.

  8. RB in Alabama says:

    The feds aaren’t done, and we need to help keep the prssure on them. Is ent the following to my Congressmen. It probably wont help, but it can’t hurt. I urge you to do similar.

    Dear Congressman Rogers,
    I am writing to your regarding the actions of the BLM over the past few weeks in Nevada at the Cliven Bundy Ranch and wish to let you know I find the actions of the government abhorent in the extreme in this case. I believe the BLM stepped far outside the mandate of any federal agency when it hired private security contractors (read mercenaries) to harrass a person and his family who honestly believes they are standing up for their rights as American citizens. NO agency, from the DoD onward, should be allowed to hire such contractors on American soil for ANY reason. There is NO justification, bugetary or otherwise. The BLM also trampled on the Constitution by setting up 1st Amendment zones for protesters. This is America, the whole country is a 1st Amendment zone. I ask you to call for the resignation and dismissal of all federal employees involved in this violation of the Constitution, and ask that the Congress begin investigation of the administration over this matter.

  9. I think they will go in the opposite direction and try to bleed them(Bundy’s) slowly, since they don’t want the attention. In 1946 when the BLM was set up, people all over the west heard the same deadly cry ” I’m from the gooberment and I’m here to help”.
    I wish all this was Harry Reid and co. trying to steal land for a wind/solar farm but I believe it is far worse than that, an attempt to crash the country into making all the people 100% dependent of the Feds, by destroying the food supply, one ranch here one ranch there. Impose new EPA regs. on water, i.e., the temporary drainage rules they have been trying to enforce, and all of the small mom and pop farms will be gone too, then it will only be the industrial farms, run by the gooberment through exec. orders and regulations. Scary times ahead.

  10. Unfortunately, I tend to agree with RJ, whatever process is used it will be the gain of the government and the loss of Bundy, et al.

  11. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I definitely don’t think it’s over. But all I could think of with that bulldozer being there was Tiananmen Square.

    Now the BLM must really have it’s ducks in a row because this is going to be very public. While BLM may manage the land, we the people, own it. And whoever does what better do it legally. And how exactly are cows endangering turtles?

    • Hi Tactical G-Ma. I think it is long passed time to resume selling off the federal lands. Anything which isn’t a national park or a military reservation: Sell it, and pay down the national debt. Start with Harrie Reid’s Nevada.

      Then we could just shut down the BLM, lay off the employees, sell their office buildings, and cut federal spending.

      If the Chinese buy it, fine: They aren’t going to tow it home.

    • I agree but there are ways around the tiananmen Square- bulldozer confrontation, at least for the govt. When I was growing up in the upper midwest, I recall the state building an interstate hwy thru the county. & some farmers were upset b/c the proposed hwy would cut their farms in half & make it difficult for them to get from one half to the other. One old stubborn (or convicted) German farmer, when they got to his property, drove his tractor out to the middle of the ground where the bulldozers/construction equipment would have to do, & just sat there & refused to move out of their way. So the bulldozer had to stop. It took a while for them to get a sheriff’s injuction or some kind of court paper for the sheriff’s deputies to physically remove the old farmer. & they may have charged him w/ something for obstructing the work. Inspite of the delay, the hwy was built.

      • If you are traveling west on I-90 just south of Madison Wisconsin you will see big barn that says” I-90 Mutilated Acres” in huge letters.

      • Kat's Tale says:

        We had that happen in my state too. Except it wasn’t a German it was a Native American who drove his bulldozer out to the middle of the hwy. Plus he was armed. He shut down traffic for quit a spell. Seems to me he also charged vehicles to cross his land. He still lost his land, but he made a point and he didn’t go away quietly.

      • Mike Hoskins says:

        Funny how they don’t have money anymore to repair their/our highways, but have money and weapons to change the Constitution!

    • axelsteve says:

      I hope they gear up for a bolder assault. They will need sattelite phones this time since the blm will cut off the cell phone towers and phone lines.I hope that they get more cowboys and some body armor. I think that it will be grim.

  12. oldgreyguy says:

    The next time any of the feds come out, 900 patriots to the defensive site, 100 to their office building. Then let’s see what happens.

  13. They’ll be back. Rumor has it ATF was holing up in hotels in the area. I hope the patriots haven’t left. I’m guessing when they return, they’ll block off the roads for quite a distance, like they did in Waco, to keep everyone out, and they’ll be sure to knock out all communication services in the area beforehand. I’m predicting this will be another Waco or Ruby Ridge, or Bundy will be found dead of a “heart attack”, or will have committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head 3 or 4 times.

  14. riverrider says:

    for now they will go to court and get a crooked judge to rule for foreclosure of his ranch by virtue of the “overdue grazing fees”. then they will be back with many more agents and maybe national guard to evict him, hoping he makes a mistake so they can shoot him and be done with it. meanwhile, epa will scour his ranch looking for mishandled poop n such while the irs searches up his butt for tax issues. it will be a coordinated effort, that’s how this regime works. notice tdl had nothing to say for once? sadly, i see no way this ends well for them. best we could do is camp 1000 militia on the back 40 indefinitely, but that ain’t gonna happen. i hope the patriots learned as much this go ’round as the regime did. LOGISTICS folks. get some. the regime knows we can’t hold out long w/out logistics. that’s what putin is building on the border of ukraine and why he hasn’t went in yet. that all said, i’m proud as hell of the patriots that made the stand. god bless them all.

    • farmergranny says:

      I’m sure the dear leader would interfere if it was a black farmer. And, no, I am not a racist (Blackfoot Indian DIL, Japanese DIL, Mexican and Arabic grandkids, and black nieces and nephews)

  15. If Harry Reid was put on trial for treason, specifically acting in the interest of a foreign government while in office and the names of the BLM thugs were recorded and made public record then they might think again before repeating the behavior. Since neither took place the Federal Gov of the US will find a way to “pay back” all involved in protesting and eventually take the land as well. The guys with the guns and control of the federal purse are still in charge.

    • Brian_427 says:

      Only problem is we would have to depend on Eric “crybaby” Holder and the corrupt DOJ for something like that to happen.
      The patriots and militia groups need to be ready for a long stand off. The rest of us need to put pressure on our senators and reps to start defunding BLM, return control of the land to the states, and have Harry Reid recalled, arrested or whatever else we can do to legally remove him from office.
      You know the feds, not just BLM are regrouping and planning a new invasion of the Bundy Ranch, we the people ahve to be ready for it.
      Just a thought – if Bundy was a Muslim, do you thing this would ahve happened?

  16. Pineslayer says:

    After about an hour of reading on this subject, that guy is asking for trouble. The Nevada Cattle Ranchers Association is not happy with the way he has handled this. Pay your fees, this is not welfare. I am not siding with the Feds, but when you don’t pay up after 20 years, eventually this is what happens. Don’t pay your taxes for the next few years and see how that works for you. Right or wrong, poke that big bear with a stick long enough and you get the business end pissed off. The BLM has been asking a Fed judge to intervene for a decade and finally they found one who said “yes”. Really, really stupid business practice. Maybe the Chinese or Aliens have paid off Reid and his minyon’s, but if Bundy would have paid his fees, like all the other ranchers, this might not be headline news.

    • Hi Pineslayer, much as I despise the feds, and federal ownership of the means of production, not paying the fees is just theft of services, like any of us not paying rent for apartments.

      I wish I could trust what I read about this whole thing, though, because as it stands, I’m not sure who to believe.

      If we sold Nevada in chunks to the highest bidders all of this would go away.

      • Oops hit wrong button, didn’t mean to report anyone.

      • You’re working on the premise that the government’s claim to thwe land is in any way valid.

        • Hi Bubster: Yes, that is true. I have never heard that Nevada has ever disputed that the so-called federal lands are not federal, but I could have missed that easily enough.

          Who owns the land seems key to this whole issue. If Nevada hasn’t disputed federal ownership, Bundy really doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The federal government says the land is Federal. Bundy says he doesn’t owe the feds rent because the land isn’t federal, but state. So what does the state say?

          Does anyone know if the State Government of Nevada has ever disputed federal ownership?

          I think the feds ought to sell off all the federal lands and let private owners control them, but until that happens, just asserting that they belong to individuals or to a particular state doesn’t affect ownership.

          Renting the property since the 1870s does not change ownership: Renters are still renters, even if they claim that they owe the landlord nothing because the property really belongs to some other landlord. Especially if the other landlord doesn’t claim the property is actually theirs.

    • But how did the BLM come up with the $1.1 million figure? From what I’ve read about the fees and the number of cattle, my math has it figured out to be less than $300,000. I’ve also read that Bundy WAS paying and playing fairly until the BLM changed the rules. I’ve read a few different stories from the BLM about the reasons behind this, so I really don’t know what the truth is. Then again, why would the BLM keep changing their story?
      I’ve also heard there are no other ranchers. The rest were already run off, and Bundy was the last man standing.

      • Pineslayer says:

        NANN!, I agree. We could spend 20 hours reading and researching and still not know the whole story. I am willing to bet that both sides are not giving us the whole truth. I guess that it just goes to show ya’, if you have dealings with the Feds, you better be rich or have all your T’s crossed. Probably better to be rich so you can buy a Congressman or two. Or you can go this way…


        I found this on the web, free download, somewhere.

        • riverrider says:

          and he offered to pay the fees, to the county.

        • Good analysis detailing the history of the dispute, along with the court filings/findings: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/04/12/The-Saga-of-Bundy-Ranch

          Be sure to read about how it wasn’t the BLM that closed the land to grazing, but Clark County NV when they bought the permit he stopped paying on, and permanently retired it. Read also the “New Trespass Lands” parts, where Bundy is letting his cattle roam and graze in lands that were NEVER part of his original permit – and admits to it. The guy is a crook, plain and simple.

          • Thanks for the link, Justin. It raises some good issues.

            If Bundy is denying the existence of the federal government (” I don’t recognize the United States Government as even existing.”), who did Mexico cede the land to in 1848?

            If Bundy’s ancestors had no problem paying rent to the federal government, what caused Bundy to decide that the land belongs to Nevada, and that the federal government doesn’t exist?

            I’m really sorry for all the ranchers who have been denied renewals of long standing leases over environmental issues, but any landlord is within their right to do that. For a renter to respond by saying “Well, I don’t recognize your existence and I’m not going to pay rent or vacate the premises and in fact I’m going to take over the vacant lot next door, too” isn’t the mark of a person with all his marbles. Imagine if any of us were landlords and a tenant made that statement.

            Just because the feds have hurt a lot of ranchers does not make Bundy anything but a crank.

            If we forced the feds to sell of the land to private owners, all of this would never take place. Even if it did, it would be seen as a simple landlord/tenant dispute instead of a big political issue.

            That seems like a good reason to privatize federal lands.

      • Brian_427 says:

        They are supposedly fining him for his cattle “trespassing” on public land. Not sure how that works, it would be like trespassing on the sidewalk in front of your house.

    • Mike Hoskins says:

      I understand the Bundy’s have ranched this land back till the 1800’s. I think the Fed’s are wrong, until they cut a deal with Bundy!

  17. Yup I think the full weight of the alphabet agencies will be out to get this guy IRS, EPA, ATF,FDA, ETC, ETC, ETC. Wonder if the ACLU will be there to help this guy? Probably not since he is obviously a conservative and most likely a Libertarian.

  18. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Nothing to see here, these are not the droids you’re looking for…move along, move along.

  19. Every single person in attendance can expect the full force of this illegal administration to come after them. They have been photographed, identified & right now their cases have been assigned to the appropriate intelligence analysts for further research (a full target folder) & monitoring. Think IRS, NSA, etc. going through their life with a fine tooth comb…but I’m sure that they would all do it again. There comes a point when a person just has nothing left to lose & must make a stand…this is exactly what we, the law abiding, constitution defending citizens are being faced with.

  20. Before the BLM/fed’s do anything else, I suspect that while they quietly make their plans, they’ll allow a public cooling off period. Just wait patiently until all the protesters & media go home. Allow enough time for things to appear to go back to normal.

    Then they make their next step(s). & b/c it takes a period of days to gather protesters, they may make some quick steps to “change the environment” b/4 protesters can gather. Or they may take steps thru the courts, judicially, to try to get their way.

    • I doubt the BLM/feds see this as a “defeat,” – more likely a temporary withdrawal, to regroup, & consider all possible tactics. Thus I believe it’s too early for anyone to call this a victory for the Bundy cause. It may seem like a victory… until the feds take their next steps.

      • how could it be a victory?
        the cattle are dead, dying, or confiscated.
        up goes the price of beef. again.

      • Mike Hoskins says:

        Big Story now! If they return…..all real Americans (that are left) will have a regeneration. We’ll see!

  21. Tom in Tempe says:

    They now have all the info on the freedom fighters. Expect swat raids and or assassinations when they are separated. This is how the cowardly feds operate. They may need to do a false flag event here to jump start the termination of the Bundy family.
    This is no victory.

  22. GoneWithTheWind says:

    The title is misleading. All of this that we saw and heard about did not happen at the Bundy ranch. It happened many miles away on federal government land administered by the BLM. I think what we will see next is Bundy and his kids in court. He has defied a court order and his kids committed crimes which they were foolish enough to post on youtube. A number of others as well interefered with the court ordered process. I suppose they will face charges and regret posting those videos. I think that the BLM will stop treating Bundy with kid gloves and begin the process of collecting back grazing fees and fines. Hope he has the money and the good sense to stop fighting a losing battle. This wlll probably take place at the federal court house in Las Vegas and the local police and sheriffs will have to maintain order. Hopefully the militia nutcases will be smart enough to stay away or if they show up leave their guns at home. But then they weren’t smart enough to not self identify as “militia” so they will probably continue to put themselves and others in danger.

    • GoneWithTheWind,

      How is the title “misleading” – we are not talking about what has already happened, but about what we think might happen in the near future…

      • Mike Hoskins says:

        So far, the courts have ‘stole’ from him and ‘attacked’ him….really, that is your trust?

    • Brian_427 says:

      The Boston Tea Party was criminal too….
      Sometimes unjust and (probably unconstitutional – where is the Fed Govt allowed to play landlord to the people?)
      need to be broken. Just glad to see like minded Americans sticking together. I’m sure it was more of a response than was anticipated, they will be ready next time.

  23. 2 things.
    1. Bundy was the only rancher who saw 20 years ago that paying the new fees was just getting the ranchers to pay for their own downfall. From 52 ranchers then to one now? He was the only one who could afford to stay in business because he chose not to pay extortion.
    2. What’s going to happen next? I would be very surprised if raids do not start taking place at the homes of all of the supporters who showed up and were photographed by the drones. Especially the armed ones

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      You have it exactly right. During the Clinton Regime the enviros were put in charge of BLM, and they decided to end cattle ranching on public land. And that’s what they’ve done, and that is what this is all about. The goobermint raised the fees to the point no one could stay in business. Bundy is the last man standing. The gov’t is now banning most wood-burning stoves, and is determined to drive rural people off the land. The corporate farms controlled by the gov’t/big business will be the only food producers, and he who controls the food controls the people. Soviet Union ~ 1930s. Stalin committed genocide, wiping out the small, land-owning farmers in the Ukraine, and stealing their land. If you don’t thing this bunch in DC right now won’t do the same thing to the people here….where have you been?

      • R of R
        you are one hundred per cent correct.
        but there are none so blind as they who will not see.
        don’t you feel like a cassandra?

  24. Exclusive: Sources Inside The BLM and Las Vegas Metro Say Feds Are Planning A Raid On Bundy Home


  25. Encourager says:

    What I hope and pray will happen:

    The Bundys will retain their ranch and work out an agreement with Nevada regarding the back fees and the grazing rights they have held since forever. They will be held in esteem for standing up to the bully government and make the history books.

    Harry Reid will be brought before a Congressional Hearing to explain why/how he was behind the Bundy Ranch terrorist attack, using Government monies and organizations for his personal profit. Then he will be drummed out of Congress, brought up on charges along with his other family members involved as well as his cronies that were involved and all serve a stiff prison sentence. The head of the BLM and those under him/her will be forced to resign as well as the National Park Service head honcho and every other federal agency that was involved.

    What I am afraid will happen:

    After a lull, where those still there protecting the Bundys become bored and realize they need to get back to their lives and leave, Homeland Security will show up, attempt to arrest the adult Bundys; but in the mayhem the Bundys will all die, as planned. The property and animals will be confiscated for back fees. Outrage will run throughout the entire country but as usual, in a few weeks, another ‘disaster’ will catch the attention of the nation and the Bundys will be forgotten; just like the Ruby Ridge family and the families involved in the Waco disaster. For those of us who will never forget, we will become more cynical, more depressed, and more fearful to make waves. And we will realize that the America we wish for and hoped for and miss…was only a dream.

    I apologize that I am not living up to my name. Perhaps I should change it to Discouraged.

    • seeuncourt says:

      Encourager, the truth, albeit discouraging, is still appreciated. I believe like you, that this will eventually be another Waco. Later, they will find flight 370 in Pakistan, and everyone’s attention will shift…

  26. Sorry to say but, “it’s all over but the crying”. By that I mean, the feds will be back and I will be surprised if any of the Bundy family makes it out alive. Doesn’t matter whether Harry Reid is involved or solar plants or whatever. The feds want him and his cattle off that range, for whatever reason, and they are going to see that it happens.
    This brings me to another “fact” I noticed from the different articles and pictures I’ve seen over the past few days. That “fact” is this…
    If anyone thinks that the vast majority of local, state or federal law enforcement men and women will not fire upon their fellow American citizens when given the order to do so, then you did not see the armed to the hilt officers that I saw in this standoff. I saw officers who looked like they were ready, willing and able to do anything their leaders told them to do and more. No matter the legality or constitutional constraints involved.
    IMHO This is the mindset of the vast majority of any law enforcement agency. When the shtf, yes there will be some who side with the masses but, they will be few and far between and not enough to make much of a difference for us. Just saying.

    • kerdasi amaq says:

      They won’t fire on their fellow Americans, as long as they risk receiving return fire.

      That’s the reason for the 2d amendment; to keep the minions of the bolshie beltway morons(Rethuglicans and Dummicrats) at bay.

    • Mike Hoskins says:

      As this has become a major distraction for Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Fast/Furious…on an on…Watch out folks!

  27. whoisbiggles says:

    In 6 months time, he will be picked at a bs traffic stop. VIPR maybe.
    And then while he is languishing in prison, because there will be no bail, bye-bye cattle. And all his other assets will be used fighting his way out of prison.
    Once he is caged everything is changed.
    I would suggest that he effectively can’t leave his property.

    It’s bs but the feds have form for this type of crap.

  28. Texanadian says:

    Bundy should set up an RV park on his land with real cheap rates for retired seniors. That area is a great vacation spot with all kinds of hiking and access to other areas. Put a couple of hundred old farts in there and the feds hands are tied… until winter. When the snow comes nobody is going to want to stand the line. They cut off the power, wait a few days and then move in.

    Game over and the MSM won’t cover it because they wiil have to go out in the cold.

    My thoughts.

  29. BLM an Harry R are like cockroaches they hide when someone puts the spotlight on them, an only show up when no one is looking.
    Now down to the serious response on this matter. The Bundy’s need to contact the Pacific Peace & Justice Law firm in Sacramento CA. They take on cases against the government when the government elitists over step their boundaries.
    This law firm was the one that took on the EPA in Colorado for the family(Sackett’s) who were kicked off their land because a neighbor whined it was a wet land parcel(it was not). Oh, they won the case, the supreme court told EPA, you have over step your authority. Of course they(EPA) took it to the courts in Colorado, have not heard what that outcome is as of this date. This law firm survives through it’s major donors and donations from people like you and us. The do assume work.

  30. It became too filmed,too quick………Kinda got the feeling that nothing will happen for a month or so.then the feds will “fine” the rancher a few million$,, which he doesnt have, and then take the ranch anyway. One of his visits to town would likely find him in “custody”, and unbondable. Gotta believe that sat photos/intel is getting really collected now. Damn field mouse couldnt move without notice. Wouldnt be surprised if a “false-flag” event would provide “justification” for a drone strike at night(blamed on swamp gas, weapons caches, or some other fantasy). Feds know how to burn evidence….ask the Waco folks, or Chris Dorners supporters, or???? You cant even get a “Im sorry” from those folks(even if they are clearly wrong)……too many egos and willing murderers on the payroll. Someday,somebody is gonna….well…………

  31. Northernwolf says:

    Comment to Rohan,writing this on my IPad and also have an iPod touch and a nano they are the easiest things to use,don’t miss my laptop at all.
    Back to the rancher, this is not over,problem I can see is there is going to be a march on DC in May and I see the Feds using this as reason to come back even harder than before possibly cutting cell phones, blocking roads in for those trying to come in,they already have airspace blocked.and anything else I have not thought of.
    So anyone already there don’t leave get backup and have those with Ham radios and CBs start planning,I wonder how good dog whistles work to distract k9s. Pit bulls to counter just an idea.

  32. Jersey Drifter says:

    Photos of BLM folks, when the last stand was made by the cow pens, sure don’t make them look anything like park rangers or Fish and Game people. More like fully outfitted military units.

    I am thinking they WILL be back. Better prepared and in larger numbers. And when they make their move it will be fast and hard. They will over run the ranch and arrest everyone on the site. It will be over in about 15 min. and local supporters won’t have time to get there.

    They can’t let it last long, because every hour that goes by more support will be pouring in. If it lasts days, you will see a bigger gathering with more out of state support arriving to help.

    GOD help the Bundy family. I am thinking they will need it.

    • Finn Mahone says:

      I agree. The Feds will be back armed heavier and better organized. Maybe Seal Team 6 will go in and take the Bundys out in no time flat. I just hope that the Feds leave well enough alone but that’s not how Libturds operate.

  33. Federal Goons never give up. Expect the worst.

  34. Found this interesting picture of Clark County Sheriff Gillespie receiving Congressional Proclamation for sheriff of the year…from Harry Reid, just 3 weeks ago.


  35. Their mercenary murderers are going to kill Cliven,and several of his family.Those thugs are psychopaths,they live to murder.

    • the same at ruby ridge.
      the sniper who murdered the wife was on Today show with his handler.
      was interviewed by matt lauer.
      the handler did all the talking.
      soviets had, probably still have, trained murderers who are not normally human–no empathy. born that way and used by the unscrupulous.
      Judgement Day will be a real eye-opener when we finally learn what is really going on behind the scenes all these centuries.

  36. MamaBear says:

    I am new to this site, a friend who loves your site told me about it and I have been trying to read all the topics on here, and I’m still behind. But this topic made me stop to comment. I have been following the Bundy story and this is catastrophe in the making. This saddens me to my very core. Unfortunately for the Bundys and others involved, Reid is not going to take kindly to being embarrassed or called out on things he wants to remain secret. There is already an interview with him released earlier today.

    Senator Reid: “Well, it’s not over. We can’t have an American people that violate the law and then just walk away from it. So it’s not over,” (I guess you have to be a politician to violate the law.. )

    The link is here:

    I believe the worst is yet to come. I will be praying for these people and those willing to make a stand for what is right.

    • Hi MamaBear. Welcome to the Pack.
      I agree…Reid, as well as other politicians who believe the laws don’t apply to them, won’t be very happy about this. He’ll stop at nothing to get his way, then count on the media to “prove” to the sheeple that Bundy supporters are home-grown terrorists or law-breakers…and if they “see something, say something”. I’m sure the “conspiracy theorist” card will also be played regarding his involvement with the land grab. After all this, expect them to sneak something into a bill that will protect them from future instances of taxpayers standing up to them.

  37. I think they will be back. It’s not over, they will get what is “owed” one way or another.
    My wife told me she read that TDL confiscated the helicopters from all 50 states guard.

  38. I have to agree with the themes most folks have laid out. The Leviathan does not give up, only does strategic retreats. They’ll come in with FBI, DEA, DHS, and the whole fetid scum covered herd of alphabet agencies attacking on multiple fronts. Perhaps even a judgment of insanity will be leveled against family members sending them to institutions where they will receive the dubious benefits of chemical therapy.

    In my fantasy the ghosts of Tom Paine, Ethan Allen & Francis Marion descend from the clouds leading a platoon of Playboy Bunnies armed with paint ball guns. The splat of the paintballs on the foreheads of the government operatives leaves an indelible mark “Government Goon Keep Back 25 Feet” . Then all retire to the Ranch House for a Barbeque and adult beverages. I am surrounded by adoring armed bunnies who want me to tell stories of my adventures.
    No Really It could happen

  39. riverrider says:

    foxnews is reporting harry reid says its not over……there’s your sugn.

  40. Donna in MN says:

    I think the Feds will be in stealth mode, make him pay the gov’t by when he takes his beef to market, the rancher’s accounts will be confiscated. Next maybe a court order to take his home. I am surprised this hasn’t been done already over 20 years of losing court battles.

  41. I admire bundy for standing up, but this is far from over. It will probably get real ugly, and Bundy will lose. Sad, sad times we live in, but it’s already been predicted.

  42. wonderprepper says:

    I think the feds will pick the family off one by one. A car accident, robbery, fire, etc.

  43. Of course they are returning. Why else would they implement a no fly zone over the area the same day the announce they are withdrawing? It’s one of two reason. One they don’t want arial photos of the destruction they caused or they don’t want arial observation of their next covert raid on the family farm.
    Every time the feds implement a no fly zone someone dies. They say that they don’t want intelligence getting to the target via media outlets and social media sites. RIGHT
    they don’t want witnesses to their brutality.
    I also believe this event is being staged for another reason. It’s a staw man practice to see the response and to record who was involved.

    • exactly. by drawing out their opposition a few hundred at a time it is easier to pick them off in subtle ways–faked suicides, one car accidents and the like.
      cull the herd and what’s left can be mopped up with no public knowledge. no one the wiser.

  44. Should remember he was grazing 900 cattle on a lot that had a much smaller carrying capacity. If it is
    State land, why hasnt the state weighed in. Is it okay for bundy to completrly destroy a resource by bad management? Overgrazing does that. What about unbranded feral cattle? Do they belong to bundy by fiat? We could just let anyine do whatever they want, maybe your neighbor upstream would like to make money by charging companies to dump benzene on his land which would get into your water. Shoukd the feds stop them. Might spark a range war. I would think that most cattle ranchers are mindful if carrying capacities. They protect the range from the damages of overgrazing or they suffer consequences. Thus is public land so bundy msy not care. I dont buy the 3 million in graxing fees tho.thats justvsilly.

    • the benzene is there from the ‘saline’ used by fracking companies who have the feds blessings. they can go sideways under your land, steal your resources, pollute your well water with cancer-causing benzene and you have no recourse.
      wake up and smell the corruption.

    • Jane, on the unbranded cattle question, yes, Bundy claims he owns them:

      “Defendant also admits that he grazes unbranded cattle on the New Trespass Lands, that approximately 40 percent of his livestock are unbranded, and that one way of determining
      whether unbranded cattle are owned by him is whether they are with his branded cattle. Ex. 4, Bundy Depo. at 64:17- 65:20.”

      And something I don’t believe a lot of people realize is that he is NOT adhering to the rules of his old (pre-1993) grazing permit either, he’s expanded his grazing onto land now that he never had a permit to use:

      “In addition, he has expanded the size of his herd to over 900
      cattle, and in recent years has been grazing those cattle on other federal lands adjacent to the former Bunkerville Allotment in the Gold Butte Area (herein, the “New Trespass Lands,” and depicted on Exhibit 1). Defendant Bundy freely admits his livestock have continuously occupied both the former Bunkerville Allotment (in violation of the permanent injunction in Bundy I) as well as the New Trespass Lands since 2000.”.

      Personally, when I first heard about this case I felt bad for Bundy and thought he was probably getting a screwing from the Feds, but the more I read about it the less I sympathize with him.

    • Mike Hoskins says:

      His family has been their since the early 1800’s. Does that count? 🙂

  45. Owl Creek Observer says:

    There is simply no way the feds will back down. Their momentary departure is just a strategic withdrawal so they can figure out an alternative approach to get him off public land and then take everything he owns as repayment for his alleged debt. I fear that we’re facing another Ruby Ridge situation.

  46. Goatlover says:

    I say we buy bus tickets to all willing, but homeless, Vietnam Veterans, Desert Storm vets and others who’ve been forgotten by our government. Send them out to the Bundy’s place and arm them heavily…..anyone else who’s willing and able can join in….me thinks a few vets might have a bone or two to pick with the feds anyway…..others who have the ability to ship “provisions”, do so. Maybe some of those excellent military leaders who have been “displaced” by TPTB could join in….I dunno, maybe I’m just wishing…..

  47. To Rider of Rohan

    In 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed Executive Order #12548 to start charging fees for grazing on Federal Land. Other ranchers pay the fees to graze their cattle on Federal Land. It is only fair the Bundy family should pay their fees also. This is an example of the hypocrisy spewed out by some people. This Bundy group are Takers. They want free feed for their cattle while others are abiding by the law and paying for the grazing.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Actually, grazing fees, districts and permits were set up under the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934, as amended numerous time. The premise was to have the largest number of cattle possible produced on public open range. At that time, the range was deemed worthless for any other activity. Nat’l Parks, Monuments, Forests, and other public lands were excluded from the permitting process.

      Ranchers had been grazing cattle for generations on public range, and this act set up range districts and a permitting process. Many ranchers already had legal instruments granting them water rights, grazing, and other rights on public lands. Again, it was to maximize food production, specifically beef. This range was not considered useful for any other purpose at that time.

      During the 1970s the environmental movement made the decision to oppose ranching on public range in the West. And development on all public lands for that matter.The two sides had a pretty good little range war until Clinton was elected in 1992. The Department of the Interior then decided to use the BLM permitting process to significantly reduce or in some cases end open range ranching on public lands in the West. The main tool they used was limiting the number of cattle that would be permitted to graze, cutting the numbers to the point that people would no longer be able to make a living ranching. I believe it was at this time that Bundy quit paying fees. It wasn’t so much the fees, but the reduction in the numbers of permitted cattle that caused the problem. If I remember correctly, his permitted herd would be dropped from something like 1100 to 100. He couldn’t pay grazing fees and survive with that small number. The other 52 ranchers in his area were being put out of business by the BLM permit process as well. He is the last man standing, mainly because he didn’t comply with the herd reduction demands of the BLM.

      And don’t even mention the desert tortoise to me, the BLM has killed hundreds of them, and I know some here have tried to adopt them rather than see them killed, but have been told absolutely not by the BLM.

      This same permitting process was used to run many small ranchers out of business, leaving the politically connected and big corporations untouched. Some have said that Harry Reid is connected with this latest activity at the Bundy Ranch, and that he along with his son and others, want the land to mitigate other BLM land that would be used for solar energy projects. Reid is shady, no doubt, so I’m not saying this is wrong. I don’t really know, I would not put it past him as he is a politician, and one of the worst. Somehow he has become a multi-millionaire on a Senator’s salary.

      Myself, I prefer the small farmer and rancher to be the producer of my food supply, and not the big corporations and its gov’t allies. I think Monsanto, GMOs, etc. when I think of them. I’d much rather get my beef from the Cliven Bundy’s of the world. With HB meat now approaching $5.00 per lb., the government putting small farmers and ranchers out of business may be the SHTF event we have yet to recognize.

    • Mike Hoskins says:

      I believe….’Executive Orders’ only apply to government employees, not the general public. A President cannot ‘executive’ on us…..dumb a$$

  48. Rob in Ontario says:

    I think the Fed’s will come in fast and loud, with bigger guns and armour and some Bundy’s will be shot , Harry Reid will walk away scot free as would the AG Holder dare investigate one of his own??

  49. zartanyon says:

    The Feds Mistake vs. An Armed Citizenry:
    The Fed made a grave mistake that won’t happen again.
    The fact that the events against Cliven Bundy was an ongoing battle with slow applied pressuring which brought about a recognisable threat to others that a great wrong was being committed, and reaction was required by freedom loving American patriots.
    This is a lesson to the Feds, who won’t make this same protracted mistake in the near future when we are all taken down suddenly and with great prejudice.
    The Ruby Ridge and Waco Standoff and a few others have shown these mistakes in procedure that rallied an outcry; but no reaction was displayed as has happened in the Cliven Bundy case.
    In the next series of quick and repetitive events the alphabet soup of Federal incursions into the era of False Flag confusions by Gestaps tactics as DHS, FBI, NSA, FEMA, BLM, Military, and State and local action, etc. will be by degrees.
    First and foremost to confiscate and remove weapons from the populous which has the ability of self defense! But if they succeed in this task, we are lef with the following!
    The succeeding events will follow an ominous patern of organized uses of terror on the citizenry, that will rival the earlier Soviet communism death squads, Nazi Germany’s Kristol Nacht, Mao’s Chinese purges of mass murder and reeducation labor camps.
    Did not the populations of the above countries have fair warning of the ever tightening of government control?
    Yes they all did!
    Did they stem the tide or stopped the slide into national slavery?
    No they did not!
    Is the nature of evil men and the nature of a lemming citizenry different than in the past.
    No it is not!
    History will repeat itself in our case.
    But if we see it as it is and patriots take the initiative to take punitive action; an American Holocaust can be avoided.
    Take out legally immediately the domestic treason within by existing Constitutional Laws on the books.
    But do not be fooled.
    Blood will be shed!
    Citizen Militias get organized and be ever ready to take the initiative if necessary!
    A little blood now will prevent rivers of blood later.
    The choice is yours mine and ours.
    And to think, it all started by our turning our backs on our national Judeo Christian Heritage!

  50. Pineslayer says:

    Just have to chime in on the Government vs Private ownership of land. The Federal government is supposed to be working for us in our best interests. That seems to be the real problem most of the time. They “own” a lot of land to preserve it for future generations and to create a buffer. A buffer for what? We need clean lands to filter water and air, if we developed everything it would be a very sad planet to live on. How many of you would like to see your favorite trails and woods get plowed up so someone else can make a buck? History has proven that if you open up the land to anyone/everyone it gets inhabited or raped and left to someone else to clean up. We all need food and mined minerals to have our current lifestyle, but we need to remember that clean air and water are the most important things going. In my neck of the woods it doesn’t take much walking to find evidence of reckless and greedy behavior. Mines secreting toxic waste, trash left to rot, etc.

    So, who do you trust more to protect the vacant lands? Trust is not my strong point, but I trust me to do the right thing. I would trust a honest person who has proven themselves. I just hope they start running for office, because I do not trust big corporations. I wish I could, but they have betrayed us. Just like the Feds. My last opinion is that cows do not belong in the desert. I have hiked many arid climates and it is sheer lunacy running cattle through them. It makes as much sense as transplanting gators to North Dakota.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      “I have hiked many arid climates and it is sheer lunacy running cattle through them. It makes as much sense as transplanting gators to North Dakota.”

      I’d have to disagree with you on this one. My family raised cattle in W. Texas, and they can survive in pretty arid conditions. And cattle have been raised in large numbers throughout the West for generations. Granted, we did have to use windmills to get water to their tanks, but this benefitted other wildlife as well. I know that cattle are also raised in the Sahara desert in Africa, and they are pretty hardy creatures, though dumb as a rock. Millions of head of buffalo roamed the open range in the past, as did other animals. Cattle have replaced them in most instances. And as for trust, I’d go with Cliven Bundy over Harry Reid every day, and twice on Sunday.

  51. Good Video

    Bundy Ranch – What You’re Not Being Told

    • MamaBear says:

      Harry, That was a good video. Take it out of the Left and Right hand and realize we are all Americans and we’re about to get hosed. I think one of the main reasons there is so much Left and Right talk going on is to keep us divided. You can’t fight the true enemy if you are busy fighting each other.

      And thank you NANN! for the welcome!

  52. Rider of Rohan says:

    Nothing has happened in the past year or so that has given me more pause than the recent siege at the Bundy Ranch. That the US Gov’t, through it’s agency the BLM, would spend the resources they did to crush this one man out of existence is almost unbelievable to me. Except it’s not.

    Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan came to life right in front of my eyes. Crush this man for daring to resist tyranny, do whatever it takes to make it happen. Kill the cattle by running them to death with helicopters, separating the new calves from their mothers and leaving them to die. If Bundy had done these things, people would be calling for his head. PETA would be screaming from the rooftops at the animal cruelty, yet all we hear from them and their usual clique in this instance is crickets. They will be running around LA and NYC in their fake furs calling out people for animal cruelty, but nothing on this. Their hypocrisy makes me want to puke.

    The Federal Gov’t has taken up the mantra of the Agenda 21 globalists, and is driving people out of business and off the land. Many of these folks have worked this land for generations, including the Bundys. This is not by accident that the gov’t would spend $3 million dollars to collect $1.1 million. That’s insane, and a waste of taxpayer’s money. What kind of management is that? Even if one agrees with the $1 million figure the BLM claims, which I don’t as they are liars.

    The BLM itself has instituted a crooked and flawed process of issuing permits to those who have political pull like Reid, and refusing or reducing permits to people who don’t, thereby favoring the politically connected over the average person. Corrupt courts and judges have upheld and in some instances enhanced the penalties on ranchers. The entire political and judicial system in southern Nevada is corrupt.

    Right now, as I write this, large sections of the United States, thousands of square miles on the southern border, are in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. BLM signs warn citizens to stay away. Yeah, BLM signs, the very agency with hundreds of armed agents on the Bundy Ranch this past weekend. While drug cartels have set up shop on BLM land to smuggle drugs, weapons, illegal aliens, terrorists, and who knows what into these United States. If anyone thinks the best use of BLM resources is the roundup of cattle, the crushing of dissent, and ending cattle ranching at Bundy Ranch, then you have a different thought process than I do. What we saw this past weekend was tyranny.

    That some brave Americans stood up to it, stared it down, and won a reprieve, is a testament to their courage and character, and I salute them. The rest of us will soon get our chance.

  53. rebecca davis says:

    remember Waco? The government get what the government wants

  54. Dirty Harry Reid wants his son to get the commie solar pant going and get the Bundy’s out. Lets not forget the oil & gas leases around Gold Butte. Last but not least the “WATER” that the Bundty family has the rights to. Vagas wants that and it will be worth millions. Just a note, one of my friend who was there spotted a small drone flying about 30 ft. of the ground. Next it will be the big one with Hell Fire Missiles. Nice guys the “FEDS”. No doubt they will pull a midnight raid and arrest the Bundy family members. We better watch our 6. Luck to all. G-man .

  55. All these comments are interesting with some valid points, however why is the GOP fighting so hard to get the XL Pipeline built which affects PRIVATE land owners who do not want it on their property. They have been threatend as well that even if they do not sign legal documents for the pipeline to go thru, XL will claim eminent domain even though they are from Canada, not the USA. Once again, this is double speak hypocrisy from the Right. You can’t have it both ways.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      Yeah! Because jobs and lowered oil prices and things like that are so much less important than a desert tortoise that has gotten along just fine for a hundred years or more with those cows….

      And this is a perfect example of double-speak hypocrisy from the left. You want to protect the tortoises, YOU pay for it.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      In the interest of your education, there are over 2.5 MILLION miles of oil and gas pipelines in the United States, which is enough to circle the world 100 times. The entire length of the XL is something like 2500 miles, most of which has already been built. Pipelines are in all 50 states, and are the safest way to transport oil and gas.

      My spidey sense is telling me that you are against oil and gas production, and that private property rights are something you have little real interest in, or you would be coming to the defense of Cliven Bundy.

  56. I cannot predict with certainly what will happen to the Bundy’s, but I don’t think it’s over. Speaking more long-term, however, I think we’re going to see many more similar uprisings elsewhere. It only takes one to prove something can be done and then others are inspired to try it for themselves in a variety of different scenarios. Some will try and fail, unfortunately, but try they will.

  57. Oh, the feds aren’t defeated. Methinks Obummer isn’t ready yet for all the embarrassment and trouble.

  58. Very interesting how the feds continue to raise “save the tortoise” until money is involved. Example: Enduros were banned in areas that didn’t even have tortoises, but then feds virtually gave land to developers. Bounties were offered for each tortoise brought in. Money talks. It’s all BS, just follow the money trail.

  59. The has been interviews with ranchers in others states that are paying the grazing fees and the Cattle Mens’ Association is NOT with Bundy on this issue. They are abiding by the law. Bundy is a TAKER!!!! This is not over. It costs approx $1.35 per month per head of cattle to graze on federal lands. It costs approx. 12.00 per month per head of cattle to graze on private lands. Bundy himself has professed on Fraud News (Fox) that he does not believe he has to abide by the Federal government. Well, then get the HELL out the the U.S. I have to abide by lots of laws that I DON’T like. We all do. Bundy should not be an exception. I wonder how some of you would feel if YOUR land was compromised or used unjustly by someone. You would be screaming your little heads off if you were owed that much money. And all Sean Hannity from Fraud News is doing is stirring up this issue and creating a very dangerous and vol-ital situation. I saw the news footage of all these militia men coming in from other states to back Bundy up. There was a sniper from the out of state Militia shown in position on a bridge ready to shoot at the BLM agents. They are acting very irresponsibly and are going to bet somebody killed. Then of course, they will blame government. The crazy right wingers who I don’t accept as the Republican Party are way over the top on this one. They WILL lose.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      The Dept. of the Interior, through the BLM, is putting cattle ranchers out of business. That’s what they are trying to do, and they have been very successful. The permitting process is being used to make ranching so costly that small ranchers can’t survive. That’s what is called tyranny, and I don’t blame Bundy for not accepting it. No American should, but some Americans are braver and nobler than others. I don’t put you in either category for wanting to crush a man’s way of life out of existence using the brute force of government.

    • JeffintheWest says:

      @Markiah — it’s a pity you feel you have to shill for the lefty statists this much. Seems like you think if you yell your little talking points loud enough and long enough, we’ll just buy into all the lies. My suggestion is that if you feel that strongly about it, you should suit up and go out to support our brave BLM thugs in khaki.

  60. It’s high profile now , they will go back to legal bickering ……it should have never gotten as far as it did . Now I’m hoping that people start to understand that we the people do have power if we choose to use it . I always said , that the next true liberty movement and people taking a real stand will happen in the west ….the south , birthplace of the Confederacy doesnt have the will………but in the Western states …different story , we WILL use arms if we are forced to do it , I pray Texas leads the way and secedes , if it does , there will be a chain reaction of other states following her lead , all it takes is one !!!!!
    Deo Vindis

  61. i believe they will come at night and i believe that many will die on both sides, very sorry to say.

  62. All you have to do is look at what happened in Waco to know the answer to that question. 17 children were killed. Those people will die if they don’t surrender.

  63. I think the fed, Cowboys with all there equipment got scared when the bully tactics didn’t work just cause you dress up a blm, agent like Gi, Joe doesn’t mean he is. As a vet I don’t want things to get violent but the good people who stood by Bundy side known you have to stand up for the constitution I think the fed, bullys, are going to wait and raid when they think no one is paying attention any more we as fellow Americans need to stay alert god bless and hope things end peacefully

  64. I do want a peaceful out come but I do know that sometimes you do have to go there I also took the oath I will defend if I have to I pray it never has to go to that I never though this day would come god help us its not like in the movies it for real,

  65. I think that we should make a flag to represent our support of the Bundys.
    I was thinking of the Bundy’s cattle brand in place of the 50 stars in the American flag.

  66. IF they were smart, and not wanting to make a scene… they would issue a warrant for his arrest. Since he has broken a few laws, and pick him up next time he goes into town for groceries. There is no reason for a special task force… think simple, act rational, live with less worries.

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