Reader Photos of California Earthquake Damage

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  1. Not the wine, please tell me it not all gone!!!!

    • Its funny how different folks think somewhat alike. I dont drink and my first thought was THE PIZZA!!! SAVE THE PIZZA!!!

      • BC, I didn’t even know they made Bacon Pizza! Lol

        • WVMike
          Of course they do…….with lots of cheese, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, BACON, and ham.

        • Oh yeah they do. You can ask them to add it at any pizza place. Just specify brekfast bacon or you will most likely get Canadian bacon instead.

        • Oh yeah they do. You can ask them to add it at any pizza place. Just specify breakfast bacon or you will most likely get Canadian bacon instead.

    • OUCH! Plz ship all unbroken bottles to me, please, please!

      • worrisone says:

        BC it was the hiuse sitters dinner pizza. Cant confirm what was on it. By the time i saw it, it was covered in balsamic vinegar and glass

  2. Chuck Findlay says:

    Kalifornia is not a place I would want to live. Prepping takes a large commitment of time and money and to know that there is a certain disaster waiting to destroy lots of money and years of work is not something I’m willing to risk. Being in my 50s and a prepper for years I don’t want to have to start over. Yea we all can suffer losses, but living in an active earthquake zone seems like tempting fate too much.

    • Chuck,
      the eastern US, and especially the southeast, are due for a massive earthquake. One of the most damaging events ever in the mainland US occurred in New Madrid Missouri, in a series of quakes from December 1811 through February 1812. These quakes were felt throughout the entire eastern US, parts of Canada and Mexico. They caused damage in Nashville, Louisville, Charleston, Washington DC, and New York…New Madrid was completely destroyed. At least four major events of at least 7 to 8 on the Richter scale destroyed whole towns, caused landslides, ejected sand and water tens of feet into the air, fissures opened up so large that the course of the Mississippi River was changed, it even flowed backwards for several hours!
      Really anywhere you have potential for quakes, but in other parts of the country where the buildings are not made to quake resistant specs the damage will be much worse from even smaller events.
      Secure your home, tall furniture, lockable cabinets, shut offs for utilities, are a good start…just think of damage that can happen if your house is suddenly shaken, and then tossed in the air several feet…repeatedly!

      • Central & SW Okla have had literally way over 100 earthquakes in the last 12 mths, in the same general areas as oil/gas fracking became popular a few years ago. Makes me glad that no oil/gas has been discovered in our area.

  3. California isn’t on my list of places to see, but it is on my list of places to avoid just the earthquakes alone are enough, God warns and warns then wham!

  4. SoCalPrepper says:

    Well, I feel like if your furniture is properly strapped down and you live in a newer structure, the risk is minimal. To each their own, but I find the risk of hurricane, tornado, or flooding to be scarier than an earthquake.

    We’ve lived through several earthquakes and never had a problem. It is all about choosing your living situation accordingly! (And having good earthquake insurance)

    • Exactly! I’ve lived around tornadoes all my life and see no big deal with them. You just have to prepare for them and get on with the living. Same thing with each and every situation that Ma Nature has in her bag of tricks.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        A tornado is a surgical strike, a snipers bullet. It touches down in a few spots and moves on. Most homes (like 99% or more) are not touched by it. I live in the Toledo Ohio area and we have a few tornadoes go through every year and in 50+ years I only personally know of one person that had his auto ripped out of the police parking lot by a tornado.

        I know tornadoes scare people (The Wizard of OZ probably helped with this, along with other TV shows) but they are not that scary and if one is coming at you, you can turn at right angles and out-run them most times. But an Earthquake is an area-wide event. Everyone in Napa knows someone that is effected by this earthquake because it effects everyone.

        And as far as the New Madrid fault, it’s not an issue for me or even people in New York as feeling it and having it destroy a whole area is to drastically different things.

        • Every area you live in has natural disasters. If you are in New York you just had Sandy. I live about 60 miles from where the quake happened and felt a small amount of shaking and that’s it. Lots of area’s in California don’t get earthquakes. The worst in my county was over 100 years ago and was a 2.0 which is about what you would feel standing on a bridge when a heavy truck or train rolled by. The big fear where I live is fire since we have no worry’s about tornado’s,floods ect.

  5. “well it was time to reorganize anyway.”

  6. And here I was hoping for pictures of new beach front property in Nevada and Arizona. Oh well, maybe next time.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Maybe it was Lex Luther that caused this quake? But being that it didn’t work, Superman must have stepped in to save the day…

  7. mom of three says:

    The whole Pacific Northwest, is in earthquake zone. The last quake we had in Washington, that was a big one was in 2001, it shook us pretty good. We have had smaller ones
    all over the state since then but we don’t really get that many.
    I love California, it is a beautiful state if it weren’t so expensive. I would live their but only in the Northern part of the state.

  8. Preparing for disaster is what we are all about. I am able to prep for other things, but people think I do it ONLY for earthquake. Living in earthquake country has its good points. After the quake, which is normally under 30 seconds, it still a beautiful day and all your stuff is still pretty much in the same area. I personally would rather earthquakes than a tornado any day. I also rarely go in a tall building in CA. As SoCalPrepper said, strap the tall furniture to walls, cabinets with latches, open shelves with wood strips, house built to spec and you have done your due-diligence for living in this area.

    My family have been in CA for generations and I refuse to be chased out by these left leaning nut jobs. Fight from within, calmly and coolly.

    Now….you do see that earthquakes are normally San Francisco / Los Angeles area. There does seem to be a pattern. 🙂

  9. My sister lives in that area, a bit closer to SF. I woke to a text from her that all was well with them, no damage other than their sleep. She did say the dogs and cats woke them a few seconds before the shaking started. I am thinking that I’d rather be awake when something like that starts, rather than being jolted awake in a literal sense! I’m literally living on top of the Balcones fault line, which is “supposedly” dormant, stable whatever, but with all of the voids in the limestone from water erosion making caverns and the disappearing ground water… Well, when the horses are having a frolic, you can hear a deep drumming when they’re over certain parts of the pasture. Same with the next door neighbor’s Arabs except it has a different “tone”. Anything is possible. And pay attention to what your pets are trying to tell you!

  10. Chuck Findlay says:

    Question about the picture of all the wine on the floor. Being that good wine takes years to produce is somewhat expensive and an investment of time, money and love for the product, why would you store it in such a careless way when you KNOW you are sitting in the center of an earthquake zone?

    It seems like (it is) a poor way to do it.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      And looking at that picture, it looks like more then a home storage area, it looks like it’s a business being that there are so many bottles that all look the same. A business should be smarter then to foolishly store them on those shelves.

      • k. fields says:

        Yeah, that picture was Silver Oak Winery – those were some good wines and yes, expensive. I’m sure everyone in CA is rethinking their storage facilities today.

    • worrisone says:

      The picture of the wine at Silver Oak is 2010 to 2012 vintage single grape small field private collection wines. Stored separately and not for sale. And a lot of those bottles did not break.

      The eq shook Napa from east to west. Anything stored on a west wall to the brunt of the shock and went flying. After that it was just reaction.

      At the house The whole prep stoarage and canned jars was on a south wall and nothing was tossed, fell over or broken.

  11. worrisone says:

    Welcome to my world. I emailed an article about this lil quakie. I am in Napa helping DD1 ckean up. A 6.0 is mostly messy and lets ta know about where you have failed yourself. The article i wrote will tell ya how this family did. There was a bit of the “we need to fix that.” And such. So now there is a grand fall cleaning going on and a redecorating project in the works. The remarks are “i am glad this dishes broke, hated them” and “what was i thinking when i bought that.”

    We have the family room, kitchen, and pantry pristine. Dining room and office are still yuk. And what the hell, is the only thing i can say about the master bedroom closet!

    The boys are out in the garage. They arw sorting tools. The ice chest is out there. It has beer and wine in it. They are laughing a lot. They enjoy each other’s company. They could have a good time in a sandstorm in the middle of the sahara.

    Napa is used to floods. They have staged dump units at every school in the valley. Makes it easy to get rid if all the stuff. And it is all just stuff.

    Buildings have been red tagged. New Target store. Etc. But candidly. Glad it was not the big one. These are life lessons size quakes. And one that would not run me out of here, but the liberal controlling biased politicians have.

  12. worrisone says:

    Please forgivevthe typos. Doing this on cell phone.

  13. Chuck Findlay says:

    Glad you came through it without anyone being hurt.

  14. k. fields says:

    Greatest thing I’ve heard is although there were a lot of stores that were accessible due to broken windows, etc. there was no sign of anyone looting.
    Worrisome, do you know if that is true?

  15. Thomas The Tinker says:

    I am…. was a Native of Burbank, California. From childhood a kid simply watched the reaction of the adults around us and learned to ignore the minor rumblings and rattles. Ahhhh but we learned to take note of that moment when we ‘Knew’ it was time to hug the door jam.. sit down in the parking lot.. find an open spot to keep our balance in.

    In the Valencia Quake I was at work and got beaten half to death by a swinging shop door in whos ‘jam’ I was bracing myself. The Verdugo Mountains lifted 3 feet and moved North around 6 feet along with parts of the Los Angeles National Forest. Olive View Hospital tipped over. The Face of the Sepulvada dam slide down onto Balboa blvd. My Honda was on its hard stand and danced across the garage but I only lost a bottle of wine that popped outta the fridge. A small Prieta Loma rumble made us drink out of a sparklets bottle for 3 weeks until the L.A. water system pipe sludge settled. Cracks in all the window and door jams. The Balboa Quake dropped the parking garage at the Mall. Dropped our apartment building on its butt. Dropped the Havenhurst off ramp bridge on the ground. Dropped the L.A. freeway system all over the place and dropped our plans to move to Pear blossom, Ca. to plans of our move to Winston-Salem, NC.

    Ya can’t bolt or strap everything down Wine is best stored on its side. Glass breaks. No amount of Preps are useful until the earth stops moving. I’ve never had a better time with my family and friends as I have .. After .. a nice earthquake. Adversity is the spice O life……… jus my 2 cents.

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