Canadian Gun Laws – Or why Second Amendment Rights are Awesome

This guest post is by Mike M and entry in our non-fiction writing contest .

The other day M.D. mentioned some whiny American politics where they wanted to remove second amendment rights and destroy everyone’s firearms. It’s over something about how because law-abiding citizens with firearms are the sole cause of every single death in the country. What utter nonsense.

Drugs, alcohol and motor vehicles cause way more mayhem than guns ever will. The only reason the whiny people who have too much time on their hands prattle on about guns is because unlike motor vehicles and alcohol, guns are no longer in everyone’s lives everyday. There was a time when nothing was more valuable than a good rifle, and that time may come again.

But that’s not the reason I’m writing. Today, I want to share with you what it takes to get a gun in Canada. I’m not talking an assault rifle or handgun, I’m talking about long guns, rifles and shotguns.

I wanted a rifle and a shotgun, so I started the process on February 2, 2012. I finally got my long gun license on May 1st, 2012. Yes, almost 3 months before I was allowed to purchase a long gun.

So here it is in a nutshell. In order to purchase and keep a gun, you need a license. This is federally mandated so it applies to all parts of Canada. There are three classifications of license: Non-Restricted, Restricted and Prohibited. Explained as follows:


A non restricted license entitles you to a rifle or a shotgun. The barrel of this gun must be 18.5” or longer. The overall length must be 26” or longer. You cannot have a stock that can be folded and the gun can still be fired. Magazine capacity is limited to 5 rounds for semi-automatics, 10 rounds for bolt or other action, and 3 shells for shotguns. *Note – capacity restrictions for center fire only, rim fire have no restrictions. You must keep your gun trigger locked in your home and stored out of sight. You must keep your ammunition in a separate locked container in a separate room.


A restricted license entitles you to any gun as mentioned in the non-restricted plus a rifle or shotgun with a barrel length less than 18.5”, as well as handguns. The handgun must have a barrel length no less than 4.25”. Any caliber is acceptable except for .28 and .32 caliber guns. You may only fire handguns at licensed ranges. You must both have a trigger lock on the gun itself and it must be kept in a locked box or safe. The ammunition must be kept in a separate room, locked up. You may only transport your handgun from your home to another location after getting a specific ATT (authorization to transport) every single time you want to go somewhere with it.


NO ONE gets a prohibited license. These are for fully automatic weapons and certain hand guns, sub machine guns, etc. Certain law enforcement personnel can have one, as well as museums for the purposes of historical display.

So far, we’ve seen that the license levels themselves are fairly restrictive. But what it takes to even get a non-restricted license is pretty intensive as well.

Getting a Non-Restricted license, step by step:

  1. Find a certified instructor to take your mandatory two day gun safety course. They are not common and my city only has one. He only teaches this course 4 to 6 times a year.
  2. After the two day course, you must pass a written and practical test. You must score at least 80% on each test.
  3. Your instructor will fill out a form to be sent to a government agency which proves you passed both tests.
  4. Twiddle your thumbs for 5 weeks while you wait for a stamped form to come back to you.
  5. Get the government stamped form back in the mail. This form is the proof that you passed the course and must be sent in with the application. Because apparently right after the government agency stamps the form for you they completely forget they did that and you have to send them a reminder. Yes, this is a frustration tangent.
  6. Complete your license application. This involves getting two signed references, and a third reference to say the passport photo you include is actually you. Also, you need to have your current conjugal partner to sign it (if you have one), and if you have a previous conjugal partner within the last two years, you have to give them the address and contact info for them (if you have it). Also you have to certify that you’re not some sort of nut job and agree to a police background check and I believe give a sperm sample or something I don’t know it was like 8 pages long or something.
  7. Send all that off in the mail. DO NOT SEND A CHECK for the $60 payment because apparently it takes them an extra 10 days to process. Give them your credit card number.
  8. Wait another 8 weeks or so.
  9. All goes well, you’ve written neatly, your credit card wasn’t maxed, and you didn’t have a government worker who was just off the boat and doesn’t understand English that well yet and needs extra time with google translate, you will get your license in the mail.

Now you can go buy a rifle and/or a shotgun! But you can’t go hunting yet because you have a mandatory hunting course to take before you can repeat a similar process as above to get your hunting license.

But you can go do some target shooting at a range. Or someone’s private property. As long as when you transport the gun it has a trigger lock, it’s not loaded and it’s out of sight (the last is not illegal but most police officers are ignorant of the law and will confiscate your weapon anyways. Then you’ll go to court 5 times, it’ll be thrown out but you’ll still have a $7,000 lawyer bill).

We won’t go into any more detail into getting a handgun because it’s just exhausting. Needless to say, do NOT let your whiny contingent of whiners take away your second amendment right! If you see anyone being irresponsible with their weapons, correct them. The whiners do not need more ammunition for their cause.

Good luck to you all and happy shooting!

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About M.D. Creekmore

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  1. As a fellow Canadian, I share a lot of your frustration with our gun laws. However, I would never support american style gun laws. There are, frankly, too many idiots.

    You know the kind, the ones that get the biggest guns they can because they’re “cool”. (Like my one brother) Then there’s people that are too hot headed to be trusted with any kind of weapon. (Like my other brother, who can go from disagreeing to screamin and brandishing a pitchfork in about 30 seconds.

    And from the preppers point of view, I’m willing to take the time to get my firearms license. Your average boob in Toronto, or Winnipeg won’t see the point in taking 3 months to get something that isn’t useful to them short term. Also, the non-presence of handguns means it’s unlikely that any postSHTF refugees can hide a gun and shoot us unexpectedly

    • That’s the one good thing about the laws – it’s tedious and frustrating and many who may want a gun will go without. The problem too though, is there are many who will just go get a gun from their Uncle Jim’s house and go shooting without any knowledge or safety at all…

      But when it does come to a SHTF, I’ll be as prepared as I can, I won’t use my gun to force others to give up food, and I won’t have to worry as much about the “idiots” you mentioned running around with assault rifles and high caliber handguns taking me for what Im worth!

    • charlie (NC) says:

      Dash, somewhere around 80 million US gun owners shot NO ONE yesterday, last week, last year or ever. Statistics from the US are clear. Locales where gun ownership is high have fewer gun crimes than those with more restrictive laws. The stricter the laws the higher the gun crime rate. You see, the gang bangers don’t care about the gun laws. They’ll get one somewhere, somehow and use it as long as they think the other guy doesn’t have one.

      Our nations capital, Washington DC, was forced by a law suit to allow hand gun ownership again recently. Gun crime rates have DROPPED drastically in DC since. Did I mention that punks and gang bangers are cowards?

      • charlie (NC) says:

        In a small town about 50 miles from here about two months ago 4 punks robbed a convenience store and after the young fellows running the store complied and gave the punks the money they were all exectuted (3 of them between 19 and 30). Fortunately the 4 punks have been arrested.

        Jump forward to 3 days ago in another small town about 120 miles north of here. Two punks tried to rob a store. They beat the store owner down onto the floor behind the counter and would probably have killed him except that he had a gun hidden below that counter. He grabbed his gun, fired over his shoulder at point blank range killing the guy that was beating the crap out of him. Then he jumped up to see the other punk running out the door. The second punk turned and fired at him. He returned fire and got that one two. They found him a block or two away a few minutes later…. DEAD. That’s two punks that won’t rob any more stores, won’t require the expense of a trial or years of incarceration at tax payers expense.

        I keep a police scanner turned on all the time in my house. Almost ALL crime in this area is committed by folks hooked on prescription drugs stealing drugs or stealing to support their habit. The rest is domestic violence and it also is drug or alcohol most all of the time. If we could figure out how to end the drug addiction problems this place would be almost completely peaceful. Guns have nothing to do with the problem. They are for the most part the solution.

        • Charlie (NC), Canadian doctor Abram Hoffer actually discovered a real cure for alcoholism, tobbacco, and drug other addiction! Of course the irony is it’s affordable vitamin therapy. Cures schizophrenia too. Dr. Hoffer published his program in The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism: Orthomolecular Treatment of Addicitions. It’s basically taking Vitamin B complex, 50mg 6X daily, plus 1,500 to 3,000mg niacin a day. I think there have only been 4 deaths from people taking 10,000+ mg niacin a day over a ten year time. Niacin helps depression too. I think Prozac kills more than ten people an hour, every day. The Weston A. Price Foundation claims that drinking lacto-fermented soft drinks also helps treat alcoholism. They give you major energy too. Plus they avocate eating real food. NOT that dry tasteless low-fat stuff Dr. Hoffer recommended. Though he did live to 92. He earned a doctorate in biochemistry, before attending med school and a residency in psychiatry. How to get them to take it? I think a lot more people should be in mental hospitals, but the hospitals don’t give them that since they follow the disease maintainence model of so called health care.

      • interesting, however Canada has much lower rates of gun crime evenn with its more restrictive laws. Its almost as though there are multiplt ways to reach a solution

        • Charlie (NC) says:

          Canada has a different culture to a degree and a different demographic makeup. It’s probably kind of an apples Vs. oranges thing or at least oranges vs. tangerines. The vast majority of gun violence and violence in general in the USA is in the big cities which interestingly enough are the places with the strick gun laws and the liberal social laws and courts.

    • There was a similar sentiment in the U.S. when concealed carry laws were relaxed. Lots of folks thought, “Oh, now all these idiots will carry guns around with them and there will be accidental discharges and people brandishing weapons all the time.” It has not worked out that way at all. In my state, after a decade of the new concealed carry law, they demonstrated no increased rate of gun-related accidents, almost no instances of people inappropriately using their concealed weapons (no higher than before the law). It is easy to think of a single person you do not trust, and overgeneralize. People who will be irresponsible tend to ignore the laws anyway.

    • axelsteve says:

      Kinda funny how libtard nutjobs want you to justify your choice of firearm. Ever ask someone why the steroe in there car can be heard 4 miles away? Ever ask someone to wear a belt? How come they got that tattoo?Someone may just want to buy a certian firearm for the hell of it or maybe there dad had one or a relative carried one in the war.A friend of mine had a 458 win mag elephant rifle.He never hunted elephants,not many in Komradfornia except for the pink ones.I don`t give people the power over me to justify what firearm I own,they are usaly the ear ringed halfe caf Prius driving loons anyway.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Axel, when Gov. Terminator-nagger banned any firearm from being sold in Kalifornia because they may rob a bank or be used in a drive by I seriously believe he thought he was a T800 series robot and afraid it may take him down. Those owning them were grandfathered and the rest went to the .416 Barrett, 338 Lapua or something else that has a better trajectory and slightly cheaper round. I carried an M82A1 for a year and don’t see anyone trying to use it in the commission of a drive by or robbing an armored car.

        • axelsteve says:

          Yep Jarhead. I do not think that the red and blue crowd used many Barret 50 cals for drive bys before Ahnold banned them.

  2. Ezekiel Marshall says:

    Hello M.D.

    I just wanted to clear up one of the items mentioned in the Canadian
    Gun laws – Or why Second Amendment Rights are Awesome.

    I am a Gunsmith in Ontario Canada and I have done a rather large
    amount of conversions of SKS Rifles to the ATI Folding 6 position
    stocks. It is legal to hunt and shoot with these stocks as long as
    the overall gun length is 26″ or Longer with a folding stock.

    Folding stocks are not illegal and they do not classify a firearm as
    Restricted. If you buy a standard Russian, Chinese or Yugo SKS (Not
    The Paratrooper Model) then these stocks folded still meet the
    requirements. When I measured the one I am Recently working on which is Chinese SKS, with it folded from tip of Barrel to the Folded piece it is a little over 28” making it legal even when folded.

    I will attach the statement from the RCMP below.

    Thank you


    Definition of a Restricted Firearm
    According to the Criminal Code, a restricted firearm is:

    a handgun that is not a prohibited firearm;
    a semi-automatic, centre-fire rifle or shotgun with a barrel length
    less than 470 mm (18.5 inches) that is not prohibited;
    a rifle or shotgun that can fire when its overall length is reduced by
    folding, telescoping or some other means to less than 660 mm (26
    any firearm prescribed as restricted (including some long guns).

  3. Wowzer, quite a bit different north of the border. Great introduction to the mechanics of Canadian firearm laws. I’ve got some friends and business contacts up there that might be interested. Thanks.

  4. I suspect the British could tell you from past experience just why Americans are so dead set on keeping their second ammendment rights and why the politicians that come from our pond scum are so insistent on disarming us. History works both ways. Just look at what Hitler, Mussolini, and the other despots accomplished with first gun and owner registration then confiscation to further their own nefarious ends. Then compare that with Americans who still had their guns. One of the most telling indicators is what happened during WWII when the Germans were poised to invade, a lot of military supplies had been abandoned on the European mainland and Churchhill made the frantic appeal to the Americans to donate any type of firearm and ammunition they were willing to part with to arm the Home Guard to resist invasion. Funny thing, when the war was ended and we were still feeding England, they were busy rounding up all the donated firearms and chopping them up rather than returning them. Can’t say as I place a lot of trust in the British.

  5. Trapper from manitoba says:

    Lol, ya. I don’t remember it being that bad. I do remember when I applied to get my restrictive (handgun) licence that the questions and information was extremely intrusive,I just tell them what they want to hear and move along. Just be thankful the registry for long guns has been abolished. Now that was frightening and controlling !

  6. village idiot says:

    I had no idea the process was so tedious, Mike, and I appreciate you taking the time to inform us. Next time I blow-off our local NRA meeting, or forget to pay my yearly dues, I’m going to remember this article. That will give me the incentive I need to work that much harder against the gun-control freaks. Thanks for the informative article and good luck with your shooting.

  7. Isn’t Socialism a lighter form of Communism with similar laws and the same fear of an armed populace ?

    • Bonehedz says:

      “Socialism or Communism; the first is suicide, the second murder. In the end you have a dead body either way.”-Ayn Rand

  8. SurvivorDan says:

    Wow. That’s just abominably restrictive. Big Brother knows better, eh?
    As I live in AZ, I am most grateful for the gun laws here. For the moment….THEY are always waiting for the right excuse/political-advantage so THEY can swoop in and usurp our gun rights.
    Very informative article. I didn’t realize it was that bad up there.

    • I also live in AZ , Im grateful for the same reason . Thats why I keep voting for our governor .

  9. Harmony Hermit says:

    Ah! The difference between being a Citizen or a Subject. Citizens have rights, Subjects have privileges. One is a birthright, the other can be taken away on a whim. One is freedom, the other…is not.

    I will suffer the idiots and fools having guns, because it means I am not someone’s property. Some accept their chains, others resist.

  10. re: MikeM’s article Canadian Gun Laws – Or why Second Amendment Rights are Awesome

    Ok .. I am a Canadian and have Possession/Acquisition License (PAL) for non-restricted and restricted firearms… please beware the article contains numerous inaccuracies, mistakes, and downright misinformation.

    “Yes, almost 3 months before I was allowed to purchase a long gun.” – My son recently went through the process and because he is a minor (16) there was even an extra step of having to be interviewed by my local Chief Firearms Officer … the whole process only took 4 weeks.
    “There are three classifications of license: Non-Restricted, Restricted and Prohibited.” This is completely incorrect. There are three classifications of FIREARMS (as he listed) but only two types of licenses. A Possession/Acquisition License (PAL) and a Possession Only License (POL).

    “You must keep your gun trigger locked in your home and stored out of sight. You must keep your ammunition in a separate locked container in a separate room.” – This is not accurate …. Non-restricted firearms : Attach a secure locking device, such as a trigger lock or cable lock (or remove the bolt) so the firearms cannot be fired; or Lock the firearms in a container or room that is hard to break into. Store the ammunition separately or lock it up. It can be stored in the same locked container as the firearm.

    “You may only transport your handgun from your home to another location after getting a specific ATT (authorization to transport) every single time you want to go somewhere with it.” – This is only partially correct. To add the Restricted (most handguns) classification to your (PAL) license you do have to take a specific Restricted Firearms Safety Course and apply … realistically the only way you will get it is if you are a member of a handgun club. Again, no big deal. You will get an ATT allowing transport between the home and club and usually issued on a yearly basis.

    “Find a certified instructor to take your mandatory two day gun safety course.” – Every course I know of is only 1 day long which includes time to complete the exam and mark them …sounds like the instructor just wants to charge more money.

    “Your instructor will fill out a form to be sent to a government agency which proves you passed both tests. Twiddle your thumbs for 5 weeks while you wait for a stamped form to come back to you.” – The instructor can give the signed document to the student after the exams have been passed, so the student can go to the Canadian Firearms website and download the application that day.

    “I believe give a sperm sample or something I don’t know it was like 8 pages long or something.” – No you do not need to give a sperm sample or even any DNA .. the entire application form is 7 pages long (the first 3 pages are INSTRUCTIONS on how to complete it correctly)

    “Wait another 8 weeks or so. …..needs extra time with google translate, you will get your license in the mail.” – Or you can follow the YOUR application process online and call if it seems stalled!

    “But you can’t go hunting yet because you have a mandatory hunting course to take before you can repeat a similar process as above to get your hunting license.” – WHAT is he talking about ….. You take the Hunter Safety Course … you pass the test at the end of the day and are given a temporary card with a permanent card mailed in 2 – 3 weeks! You can go hunting the next day AND you do NOT need to have a Firearms License if you are hunting with someone who has one. Every province in Canada and ever state in the US has different hunting requirements!

    “We won’t go into any more detail into getting a handgun because it’s just exhausting.” – Nothing exhausting about it … just do the paperwork correctly and it is a breeze BUT there are very few reasons why they will issue a Restricted Permit. The primary reason is being a target shooter and a member of a gun club.

    • Charlie (NC) says:

      You fellows up north need to just get a locker at the gun club and leave them there. They serve you very little if any home protection purpose if they are unloaded and locked up in any means. What are you going to do when your door is kicked in.. ask the punk to wait and let you get your gun? You might as well ask him to wait for the Mounties to get there at the same time.

      • axelsteve says:

        Maybe ask the punk to set up an appointment.

      • Lake Lili says:

        No Charlie – thats what we ask the bears to do. I had this discussion with an OPP officer regarding the loaded shot gun at my backdoor (this was pre Monkey) and he agreed that barrell bolted and locked in the safe was not going to stop the 3rd bear in my yard that week. No more said.

        At the Small Smoke near us the PAL course is run in conjunction with the hunting course. Takes a weekend. Great fun. And as for requiring 80% to pass, not an issue. I’d like the people carrying to know what they are doing. And buracracy is the same everywhere and delays happen in the summer (Canadians don’t work much in the summer unless you live in cottage country) and during hunting season.

    • axelsteve says:

      When I was 15 my dad gave me my fist gun. The process was here Steve take this o3a3 springfield.Be careful with it and never let anyone take it from you.Also live your life in a way that no one can.(Be a man not a stupid man).

      • Charlie (NC) is right. Leave you guns at the range, you can’t really use them for defense-unless you have a steel door the gansters have to kick down. Then you might be able to get you gun ready in time.

        I’d suggest you learn Systema from Vladimir Vasiliev in Toronto. Unless you would rather not be able to fight like an assassin. (He was in Russian Spetnaz for 10 years.)

  11. Captain Canuck says:

    The US has the highest rate of civilian gun ownership in the world — something like 9 guns per 10 people. The #2 country is Yemen, whose rate still is only half that of America. I’m all for freedom, but when a country has twice as many guns per capita than a place like Yemen, you know something is out of balance.

    The gun laws of other countries may seem overly restrictive compared to just walking into Walmart to pick up some guns and ammo along with your groceries. And there is nothing wrong with survivalists acquiring weapons only to be used in a worst-case scenario of total societal collapse. But in general, if one were to imagine a utopian society, it would not be one where every citizen carried a lethal weapon. The ideal would be for no one to carry one. We should be moving forward in that direction, not backward to the Wild West of 220 years ago when the Second Amendment was conceived.

    • charlie (NC) says:

      That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it but my response is simply……… bull crap. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject. The right to carry weapons for protection and defense comes from God. Read your bible…….. if you have one.
      Not many who believe in Utopia do. Oh sure some sort of utopia would be nice but it isn’t going to happen…….. not in this life.

    • axelsteve says:

      Well if we actually secured our borders much of the gun crimes would go down.If the goverment really cared about our health and safty they would outlaw tobacco not firearms.

    • SharonAnne says:

      when you have a society where no one has a firearm you are right back to ‘might makes right’. The old west saying was ‘God created Man, Colonel Colt made them equal’. What does this mean? If you have a firearm, no matter how small or weak you are, you are the equal of anyone no matter how large or strong. Without guns the strong or the gang takes what they wish. Without guns the rest are victims or slaves

  12. The Canadian law on gun seems quite hard.. untill like me you are na Italian gun lover..
    As in Canada, to be allowed to purchase a weapon, you must first have your license. Which License? We have “sport” “hunting” “self defense”.
    Self defense is more an idea than an actual license that you can have.. there are only 40.000 self defense permit issued atm in Italy so it is more a myth. Hunting: you have to be an hunter and since I am not really into hunting I have not gone trough this, I didn’t do that also because if you don’t get the permit to actualy hit the field and shoot some animal the license will be taken away and you will have some time (3 months iirc) to sell your weapon or they will be confiscated.
    Sport: this will let you purchase 3 “common” handgun, 6 sport weapon (we had a Gov agency deciding that my HK Mr-223 is a sport weapon and not a hunting rifle.. now this agency have been dismantled so we stopped to import new gun or allow Italian gunmaker to register new model.. no kidding here.. we are loosing 15million Euro of revenue a month.. in the industry I mean) and you can own as much hunting rifle (yes even if it is not an hunting license..) as you want (interesting enough an Accuracy International AWM in .338LM is a hunting weapon.. no idea what you will be hunting with that tough..).
    To have this sporting license it took me 7 months.. 4 of those months was for my background check.. interesting enough the biggest crime I have ever made is speed ticket (not a criminal record in Italy) so probably they just decided I had to wait..
    Ammo: you can own no more than 200 handgun ammo and you have to declare those to the Police and no more than 1500 rifle (including .22LR) ammo. If you are a reloader (most shooter in Italy are) you can own no more than 3Kg of gunpowder or the same quantity “divided” into the ammo you already made (this is why the evening before going to shoot we just make the ammo and then we go and use it the day after..), obviously the gunpowder must be declared to the Police.
    What is very nice is that, according to what alredy happened (even if it is not mentioned in the Law) when you become the owner of one or more weapon they can come to your house and check how you store them, they can check how much ammo you have etc etc..
    And don’t even think of using it in case of home invasion.. if the invader is not armed you will be charged of “difesa colposa” that means “guilty to defend yourself” or “too much defense”.. yes like I invited the invader to invade.. Castle Doctrine? Stand your ground law? Yes sure..
    To all the American: please defend the Second Emendament.
    Plese you all forgive me for my poor english and take care



    • Lake Lili says:

      Really interesting Cris! Thanks for sharing. Your English is far better than most our our Italian, so good job.

  13. Wow. I thought I would never feel lucky to live under California’s restrictive gun laws. I guess it could be worse.

    • Jarhead 03 says:

      Sandy, there are worse places than here in California like Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

  14. Phil in L.A. says:

    I laugh at you Captain Canuck, I have seen the crime in Vancouver and Toronto, Canadians have been brow beaten into Submission on thier guns rights And Just like Mexico as Gun Violence heats up they Blame it on “U.S. Culture”. I call B.S. The vietnemesse street Gangs in Vancouver and the Jamaican ones in Toronto as well as MS 13 in both cities run Rough shod on your Citizens and Weak Police forces.

    It it not Law enforcement job to protect you, they are thier to clean up the bodies and investigate the crime. Maybe the USA has the highest ammount of gun ownership rate in the world, but 99.9 percent of us are law abidding citizens and responsible with out firearms.

    I own 100 guns, I carry one every day and I have commited Zero crimes with it. Most people who die from true gun crime are usually Criminals, We call that NHI No humans Involved. The Liberal politicians, cities, courts and social welfare programs have created these problems and will never admit that they have created the crime problem.

    When all of this blows up, i will lay low and wait for it too blow over. I am guessing Many of my neighbors will be killed or run for protection. I am good, Because I have taken the time and allocated the resources to make sure my Family and I will Survive.

    I will support the second ammendament until my last bullet is fired and than I will draw my Knife. We as Americans love our rights and freedoms, we will Never Become Subjects of the U.N. or any other power hungry tyrants.

    • axelsteve says:

      Canada also has quiet a problem with angels, more specificaly hells angels.

      • Jarhead 03 says:

        Axel and Phil in L.A. I grew up in Los Angeles and had my fare share of growing up in and around gang barrios.

        That said I have been to Canada and seen violence commited just as horrific as here. I traveled the world and been to places with rules like Canada, UK, Australia and Japan. Criminals have access to guns where law abiding citizens don’t. In Torranto I seen multiple stabbings, attacks with baseball bats and brass knuckle attacks. I had someone try to stick me with a knife. Last Mapleleafs game I ever went to all because I was wearing a Devils Jersey. They don’t even do that here in LA when I wear it to a Kings game.

        • axelsteve says:

          I know Jarhead,All over the uk they have more violence with thugs because they know that the general population is unarmed and they have a crime problem in Australia with the muslims raping white girls at the beaches.They are to pc to say anything about the Muslim problems while the general population is brutalized by them.

  15. BullDogBeau says:

    I see it clearly… Canadians feel comfortable with their lives being ran by poloticians. The freedom that you have in Canada can be taken in mere minutes. You can’t defend yourself or your own families let alone your freedoms.
    Without your RIGHT to bear arms, you rely on somebody else (police) for your well being and lives. The opposite of free!
    As Phil talked about, criminals don’t care if there are laws prohibiting them from having or using a gun…. THEY COMMIT CRIMES. It’s as ridiculous as having a LAW prohibiting somebody carrying a gun into a bank. Do you honestly think a bank robber stops at the door of the bank, sees the sign and says “Awe Man, I was going to rob this bank but it clearly says no guns!” Really? I myself would NEVER do such therefore should be able to excercise my right be capable to defend myself anywhere, by all means necessary!

    If Canadians believe that post SHTF is going to be safer due to the strict gun laws there… Think again. Your average person will not have the ability to combat the criminals that already have them. You’re outgunned, so sorry. Myself living here in Michigan have seriously considered heading north with all I have depending on the situation. The borders will be unmanned in some scenarios.

    These God given rights, protected by our Constitution we will fight to the death for!

    • Well, good luck. But if you come north and plan to use your superior firepower to steal from others, just remember there’s still a gun for every 3 people (roughly). Don’t get yourself shot because you got cocky. If the borders aren’t guarded then people won’t be worrying about the mounties catching them with their gun unsecured

  16. There’s a lot of froth in this thread abot “FFFFRRREEEDDDDOOOOMMMM!!!!!” Most Canadians are comfortable with gun laws because they live in a low crime country. Don’t believe it? In 2007 Toronto had was 3.3 per 100,000 people, yet for Detroit (33.8), Atlanta (19.7), Chicago (15.5), San Francisco (13.6), Boston (10.3) and New York City (6.3) it was higher, while it was only marginally lower in Vancouver (3.1), San Jose (2.9) and Montreal (2.6). Toronto’s robbery rate also ranks low, with 207.1 robberies per 100,000 people, compared to Detroit (675.1), Chicago (588.6), Los Angeles (348.5), Vancouver (266.2), New York City (265.9), Montreal (235.3). Notice that the Canadian cities generally have the lower crime raes.

    Now, I’m not saying that I particularily like the current laws. In fact, I’m in favour of liberalizing them. (in the proper use of the term liberal). However, I admantly oppose the idea that Canadians are somehow lesser than americans. If most are ok with gun laws, perhaps its because we have greater faith in our democratic process.

    In absolute terms, every society is a surrender of rights. By taking part in a group, you surrender you right to murder, to rape, to steal. Those are the obvious ones. But you also surrender your right to drive as fast as you want. To sell drugs. To buy prostitites (depending on your jurisdiction.) To say that Canadians are less free because they don’t have easy access to guns is like saying Americans are less free than the Dutch because they don’t have legal access too hookers and pot. Every democratic society makes their own judgement on what to allow.

    It is democracy that determines freedom, not access to firearms.
    Here’s the rate of gun ownership/100 people
    United States 88.8
    Serbia 58.2
    Yemen 54.8
    Switzerland 45.7
    Cyprus 36.4
    Saudi Arabia 35.0
    Iraq 34.2
    Finland 32.0
    Uruguay 31.8
    Sweden 31.6
    Norway 31.3
    France 31.2
    Canada 30.8
    Austria 30.4
    Iceland 30.3

    Now, some of those countries are very peaceful and democratic. Others are fairly brutal dictatorships. Is anyone going to claim that Saudi Arabia is a more free country than France? That they would rather live in Iraq than Austria?

    • ahem, “Toronto’s murder rate was 3.3 per 100”

      • I also heard that while Canada has a low murder rate …………..they have a very high rate of ” hunting accidents “

      • axelsteve says:

        WOW!!! That is over 3 percent.

        • crap, now I have to correct my correction.

          “Toronto’s murder rate was 3.3 per 100 000″

          Proofread, Dash. Proofread

    • axelsteve says:

      Dash. America is not a democracy, It is a constitutional republic.

      • The words aren’t mutually exclusive. Both Canada and the USA are democracies. A democracy is a form of government where citizens elect their leaders. A republic is a government headed by a common citizen rather than the member of ruling family like a principality. You can have undemocratic republics, (Egypy up til the recent revolution) and you can have democratic republics (the US, Germany, France, etc)

        • axelsteve says:

          We are a constitutional republic well at least we started out as one. The process has been bastardized and the bastards have been bastardizing it the last 40 years or so.

  17. You also have to remember that the United States had to fight a revolution to get away from England . That fundamental is why the 2nd amendment was put into place . Canada on the other hand loved the Brits and thats where some of the Tories were forced to relocate after the revolution . One group of people love the government , the other distrusts it ……….I’ll stay with the ones that distrust it .

  18. Pineslayer says:

    I sent this post to a Canadian friend, his response was puzzling. Americans are paranoid and everything is going to be OK. His American wife feels very different.

    Easy to think this way when your neighbor is one of the few to have the guts and resources to take on evil around the world.

    Had to renew my drivers license, sat next to idiot family who were carrying on a conversation with an idiot ex-con. Luckily a grad student from Lebanon sat down next to me, she was smart and stoked to be in America. Conversation turned to Syria and how it was affecting her country. Things are scary and she fears for her family. When I asked how she would feel if someone were to take out Assad, she said that it shouldn’t be an outside force. Fair enough. When asked who in the region would stop the killing of innocent people seeking freedom, she shrugged her shoulders. Where do we draw the line in helping regions that won’t help themselves? Sorry to get off topic, started with the best of intentions. Hats off to our government for keeping us out of Egypt, Libya, …

  19. I’m sure glad my Irish and English ancestors who emmigrated to America through Canada didn’t stay in New Brunswick! (I think the rest of ’em emmigrated directly. I’m ethnically a European mut if your wondering. Not just British islander.) Though it seems easier to get residency in America than buying a gun legally in Canada. Of course I’m just guessing on the residency. I know FERFAL had to emmigrate to Northern Ireland, so maybe it is difficult to move here legally.
    If you missed my other comment before and live in Canada you really ought to check out Systema. I know some of it doesn’t look real but why are most instructors life long martial artsist (of other stlyes) before adpting Systema? No need for me to force you to learn it, I just love it, and Canada has bad laws like Britian, etc.
    As an aside I really need to thank Mr. Creekmore for recommending Joel Skousen’s Strategic Relocation. I plan on moving to the Rockies by next spring if isn’t right and the dollar hasn’t collasped. If that’s the case, I might be stuck near Canada. My paternal Grandparents vacationed in Vancouver several times and love it! Really.

  20. is selling Cossack whips 250CD. They are made by real Cossacks in southern Russia for Mikhail Ryabko, or that’s what they claim. I have seen a few short video demonstrations. Good defense against knives. Easy controling attacker IF you can use it well. I figure they are legal in Canada. Not sure if Tops Knives Back Bite is legal there, but you should get two if they are. IF you get the correct training. They look funny because they are only designed for Systema knife fighting. Costs less from Colin Despins, the designers website than from TOPS. Faster shipping too. 120USD.

  21. I know I’ve commented quite a bit on this already, and this post is kind of old now. Of course we should be greatful for our Second Amendment rights, but I think we should also be more sympathetic to our Canidian neighbors. They have some bad gun laws and when TEOTWAWKI occurs it will take too long to change them for law abiding Canadians to buy and legally carry defensive pistols, etc. Plus criminal helping “people” in America can get ideas for gun regulation here. Though if I was Canadian it’s not like I’d be living in Toronto or Vancouver. I hope I would be able to live in southwestern Alberta. I’m not planning on relocating to Miami, or NYC so prepping in Canada might be one of the best places to live in the world. Better than Britian or the rest of Europe to me.

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