Canning 101 – The Basics for Beginners

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  1. This is us. DW just got a water bath canner she can use on her glass top stove this week. I think this weekend is the trial period.

  2. Oldalaskan says:

    Last year I started canning. I got the “Ball Blue Book guide” and other canning books and taught myself how to can. This year with bumper crops of Cauliflower, Zucchini, Raspberries and other veggies we now have over 40 jars put up and many more coming. I just hope that when I do the red beets we don’t have another earthquake like last year. I expect close to 100 jars by summer’s end. 7 – ½ Pint jars Raspberry Jam (syrup, I’m still learning how to do jam), 28 Pint jars Giardiniera, 7 Quart jars Pickled Garden Melody coming Green & Yellow String Beans, Red Beets more Zuk’s I will can some of my potatoes since they won’t keep all winter I guess I must look into a root cellar. But to get back to the story it’s easy to can and get a pressure cooker for fresh pack canning.

  3. Chuck Findlay says:

    Canning and it’s ability to save your food without refrigeration is an incredibly powerful survival skill. it with gardening lets us take control of our food supply like nothing else can.

    And once you do a bit of canning you see how easy it is.

    I see all the canned food in the basement and I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside…

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