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Remember the more people that we can get to prepping the better off we will all be when the balloon goes pop.

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Gardening articles and product reviews given top priority

For the next two or three weeks articles about gardening and related issues will be given top priority in our posting scheduled. If you have tips, thoughts and advice on how to raise a better garden then now is the time to send those in.

Product and book reviews will also be given top priority by being bumped up our “to publish list”…

Well get to it…

We are out of articles!

As you’ve probably noticed, over the past few days I’ve been re-posting past articles to keep the content and the blog going on scheduled,  I’ve been re-posting those articles because we are out of new content. Yep it’s that simple, reads have not sent in new material for us to publish, in fact it’s been […]

Email from one of our advertisers


Thanks a lot for spreading the word about We had to increase our server capacity based on the number of requests coming from your site. We appreciate all your help.
please let us know. Adrian.

A Thank You to The Wolf Pack


I just wanted to take a moment to say, thank you. Thank you for your comments, support and the guest posts that you provide. You are a great bunch and even-though some of us might disagree on some points, sometimes, we are all still family and a great community, a community, that I’m personally, thankful […]

Articles needed! New non-fiction writing contest starts March 24 ends May 24 2014

Our readers have a variety of skills and backgrounds and our non-fiction writing contest gives each a chance to share their skills and unique knowledge with other members of “The Wolf Pack“, and the world. Prizes for this round (ends August 11 2014) in our non fiction writing contest include… First place winner will […]

New look and update on comment moderation

After reading all of the comments and suggestions on comment moderation, I’ve decided to go back to a self-moderated forum in the comments after all we are all adults here (most of us anyways). If the whining starts, after someone gets offended because someone (or me) does not agree with their view, and they start […]

Comment moderation

I’ve published this blog for eight years, and I’m still shocked and amazed at how touchy and sensitive some readers can be… I mean here we are supposedly, prepared for the worse that TEOTWAWKI can throw our way, but can’t even deal with another commenter who happens to post a comment that disagrees with them […]

Please look these over and vote for the one you like best


Below are a few blog headers that Joe from has been working on for the blog, plus two headers we have used in the past. Take a look at each (click on each to see a full-sized image) and then use the poll to “vote” for the one that you like best. Also please […]

And the winners in our latest non-fiction writing contest are…

Below are the top three entries in our most recent non-fiction writing contest as judged by readers via the number or comments, Facebook likes, back links from other blogs, author interaction in the comments and overall usefulness to the largest number of readers… Congratulations to you and a big thank you to everyone who entered […]

A couple of small corrections to my recent article – M.D. Creekmore’s Defensive Strategies for Home and Retreat Defense after the SHTF

It seems that once again my fingers refused to type what my brain was telling them… In my recent article “M.D. Creekmore’s Defensive Strategies for Home and Retreat Defense after the SHTF“,  I made two minor typos, or brain farts if you will, that should be corrected  - Number one: I typed OKOKA when the correct abbreviation is OCOKA […]

New advertiser Seed For Security

We have a new advertiser : Seed for Security – they carry a full assortment of non-hybrid open-pollinated, non GMO garden seed. Get ready for spring planting now!

Save $80 off of the purchase of a Sun Oven


Sun Oven coupon special offer for readers of  The save up to $80 with the coupon code “Thesurvivalist”. Expires February 28th, 2014 – click here for details and discount.

Should I Start a YouTube Prepping Channel?

The main reason I’m hesitate to do this is because there are already 100′s of such channels on YouTube and I’m not sure if another one would matter or help… I would still be publishing this blog on the same scheduled… Please let me know your thoughts and concerns in the comments below…

New thumbs up and thumbs down rating system

If you will look at the end of each post you’ll notice that we have a new “thumbs up and thumbs down rating system” what this does is, it lets, me know which posts you like and which ones that you don’t so we can have more of what you like and less of what you […]

Prize list for our current non-fiction writing contest

Prizes for this round in our non fiction writing contest include…

  1. First place winner will receive – A $150 gift certificate for Hornady Ammo courtesy of LuckyGunner, a Wonder Junior Deluxe grain mill courtesy of Kitchen Neads, a one year subscription to the Personal VPN service courtesy of unspyable and 1 Case of Survival Cave Food Chicken with 12 14.5 oz. Cans courtesy of LPC Survival.
  2. Second place winner will receive – $100 off of your next order of Fish Antibiotics courtesy of, a Survival Puck courtesy of and a Coffee Mug courtesy of Horton Design.
  3. Third place winner will receive – a copy of my book ”31 Days to Survival: A Complete Plan for Emergency Preparedness“ and “Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat” courtesy of and a copy of “The Survival Medicine Handbook” courtesy of

Email your entries to me here – Be sure to read the rules before entering… This contest will end on March 17 2014

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