Ideas for SHTF transporta​tion

Alright, we’ve got our Bug Out Bag (BOB) filled with all the essentials of getting from here to there safely. Flashlights, food, bullets and fire makers are all stashed in their own special place in the hopes we never have to use them. We have publications, tools and weapons we want to bring with us. It’s all been calculated and planned down to the last ounce. We’ve drilled and practiced until its second nature to grab the BOB and jump into our predefined spot in the vehicle.

A Road Trip with BOB

My sister called me last year concerned about getting to our retreat. She was one of the many motorists who got caught out in a snowstorm and had to overnight in her car. Fortunately, she had put her BOB (bug out bag) in the car just a day earlier.

It had been sitting in the ready near her front door for months. She had water, a blanket, and food enough to be comfortable throughout the ordeal, but she realized this was just a one-night stand out in the world and the real event was most likely going to be much worse.

Our retreat is 360 miles from her home/work in the city but she has other options that are closer to her location, just in a different direction. I have always put pen to paper to figure out the facts and did so for her as well.

Understanding Kidnappings

Kidnapping Over the past decade kidnapping for ransom and hostage taking have become a booming multi-million-dollar business. These days you do not need to be a high roller to be kidnapped or involved in a hostage situation, it can happen to anyone. If you are an international traveler you need to be especially aware of the threat from kidnapping even if you’re not going to one of the worlds kidnapping hotspots like Haiti, Mexico, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Nigeria, Columbia or the Philippines. The fact you are a foreigner can make you a target especially in poor countries, where the contents of the luggage, watch and jewelry of most travelers from the U.S. or Western Europe will at least match, if not far exceed the average monthly earnings of most citizens.

It is very difficult to get accurate figures on kidnapping rates as a lot of incidents are not reported to the authorities or media, also governments keen to attract tourists and investors try to keep official crime rates favorable. You should do your research and a threat assessment on all locations you’ll be visiting and identify what the main threat is. If you identify a kidnapping threat look for patterns in how the kidnappers operate and work out procedures to avoid them.

Strategic Relocation, Geopolitics & Donald Trump – with Fabrizio Poli & Joel Skousen

Strategic Relocation The Film FULL VERSION

And if you want the book – Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places.

How to pick a lock

Bicycles: The Ultimate SHTF Ground Transportation

Think about it. What other machine is hugely inexpensive, human-propelled, can move sizeable weight over long distances, on multiple road conditions and varying terrains, at reasonably good speed? The title gave it away but a bicycle is a remarkably efficient form of transportation and very relevant to prepping plans.

I thought I’d offer my thoughts because even though there are several references to bicycles as SHTF transportation but there isn’t much detail in which bike would be optimal for most people. Not only can a bike be simple and dependable transportation, but the right kind of bike can carry a lot of stuff. In my case, full disclosure…I’m a bike technician, I have several suitable bikes ready to head for the hills and I wanted to share a few guidelines on what may be appropriate for your prepping.

Six or Seven EDC Lessons You May Not Have Seen In Print Until Now

Preparedness began for me with Hurricanes. I am slow, but after several severe storms struck Houston, followed by many weeks of power outages and food shortages etc., I finally got with it and started to prepare.

Bugout Bike Essentials

Bikes in a TEOTWAWKI situation may be the standard form of transportation and highly valued. I’m speaking more about mountain bikes (MB) than the traditional multi-speed road bike. Mountain bikes are a great utility vehicle. They can traverse rough terrain, are rugged, and geared to make pulling a small trailer much easier…

A Prepper’s Guide to Preparing a Get Home Bag

Have you ever imagined being stranded far from home with no transportation available to carry you back quickly? What would you do if you were at work and something prevented you from getting back home the normal way? Or your car got stuck during a blizzard and you had to stay in a stranger’s house while you waited for the plows to clear the roads? Would you have what you needed to walk home or stay in place for a few days?

These are the questions that get you thinking about the concept of a Get Home Bag (GHB).