Shortwave Ham Radio Communications with the Grid Down — Will Your Inverter Drown Out All Signals?

Today we present another article for this round in our non-fiction writing contest – by PrepperDoc In a grid-down scenario, many will turn to radio for strategic information and advance warning of coming adversaries.  Hand-held VHF walkie-talkies will be quite range-limited if their usual repeaters go down also.   CB radio may allow 5-10 mile range, and […]

Introduction to EMP and Faraday Cages

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Understanding the RadioShack SWR & Power Meter

By PrepperDoc Many new hams, CB operators, and even boaters with a marine radio get their first standing wave ratio (SWR) meter from a convenient RadioShack. An antenna with an SWR greater than 2:1 may be in need of work! If you use an antenna tuner to match a “long-wire” antenna, then this device is […]

Reliable Ham Radio Post-Disaster Security Communications

Many preppers’ post-disaster communications plans are built upon low power (“QRP,” typically 1-5 watts output power) ham radio equipment, able to easily obtain power from small battery or low-power solar sources. They may believe that after a disaster, interference from higher-powered stations, noisy power lines, electric motors, and a host of computers will be squashed, and their 5-watt level signals will easily make all the necessary communications. Depending on their communications requirements, they may be badly disappointed in the real event!

Two-WAY Radio Communications Basics for Preppers

There are no hand held radios that will ever cover any kind of range (beyond LOS (Line of Sight)) without some kind of special circumstances or a repeater. The laws of physics, solid matter and the curvature of the Earth simply get in the way. So, here are your realistic options for achieving long (er) range.

Amateur Radio (Ham) can offer coverage from a few miles to thousands of miles, depending on the band and equipment used. Portable VHF/UHF (Very High Frequency/Ultra High Frequency) radios will have a range by themselves of a few miles, usually less than 10, but can increase that range dramatically through the use of a repeater. HF (High Frequency) radios with good antennas can offer ranges of hundreds or thousands of miles depending on the band, time of day and atmospheric conditions. Repeater sites can fail and atmospheric conditions can be severely disrupted by solar activity, so depending on this is still a gamble, but it is by far the best option for reliable communications range.

EMP Trash Can Faraday Cage Testing in Lab

Tests are conducted to measure how effective metal garbage cans are at blocking high-frequency energy, such as that released by an high-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Tips are provided on how to greatly improve the shielding effectiveness.

Question About Survival Radios for Monitoring and Two-Way Comunications

From Terry:

Hi , I’m looking for a good two-way radio to use as “walkie-talkie” but that can also be used to pick up esp, ham communications. I have lots of the two way radios that everyone has but am looking for something with a little more distance and other options . I have no ham license. Theses would be used for when the shit hits the fan…

Terry, the one that I use and recommend is the “Wouxun KG-UV6D Two Way Radio“, it’s programmable (there is a slight learning curve) for VHF: 136-174 MHz; UHF: 400-480 MHz; FM: 76-108 MHz, which covers everything you’ll need. For example, I can program my radios to Ham, Murs, Local Police, Fire and Rescue etc.   And while it might not be legal to talk on all of these with this radio it is legal to listen in most states… M.D. Creekmore

Questions & Answers With The Wolf Pack : Communications…

Question from Terry,

Hi , looking for a good two way radio to use as walkie talkie but that can also be used to pick up esp. ham com. but other communications also. I have lots of the two way radios that everyone has but am looking for something with a little more distance and other options . I have no ham license. Theses would be used for when the poop hits the fan.

You Know What I’m Saying – Message Ciphers

By Wind Talker In a survival situation, secure communications between two friendly communities can be essential for both security and commerce. It would be ideal if external messages could always be carried by the most dependable people within the group, but those people are usually tied up with security planning, training, assignment of watch personnel, […]

Questions & Answers With The Wolf Pack : Question About Ham Radio?

I have enjoyed reading your blog and thank you for the information you have shared with our community. As much as I have learned while reading the posts of you and your contributors, one of the most important lessons has been that we should know our limitations and never expect to master each and every […]