Conflicted Wednesday – Financial Collapse Deck

We have worked out an exclusive deal with the publishers of the survival card game “Conflicted” where we will be posting one question per week from the deck for open discussion here on You can buy your own Conflicted Deck here and play it with your friends and family… Okay, here we go…

In the early 1990’s, the average inflation in Argentina was 30% per month . How would you survive this mass inflation, if it were to happen in your country?

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Conflicted Wednesday – Nuclear Fallout Deck

We have worked out an exclusive deal with the publishers of the survival card game “Conflicted” where we will be posting one question per week from the deck for open discussion here on You can buy your own Conflicted Deck here and play it with your friends and family… Okay, here we go…

World War Three broke out; and you’ve survives the inital nuclear attack and fallout effects. It’s time to move on with life. What would be your next steps?

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Hypothetical Wednesday February 8, 2017 – What Would You Do?

So today, you decide to go for a hike in “the woods” because you’ve been under a lot of stress and when you’re under stress you like to go for a hike to calm down get and a grip on life. So you get dressed and put on your best hiking shoes and off you go…

You get in your car and start out the driveway when you remember that you forgot to tell anyone where you were going and when to expect you back and you also forgot your kit that includes a Victorinox Hiker, waterproof matches, Small first-aid kit, string, signal mirror, whistle, compass, small flashlight, food, and water.

Okay, you’ve got your kit and told someone you trust where you’re going and when to expect you back and now you’re off and on the road heading to your favorite secluded hiking trail.

You arrive at your parking spot after 45 minutes of driving. You get out of the car and breath in the air and take a moment to listen to the quietness of nature. You stretch your legs and do a few warm-up exercises before hitting the trail.

Well, after hiking about an hour into the forest you set down on a fallen tree trunk to rest when you spot something off in the distance that looks like a small cave, so you being curious, get up and make your way over there to take a look, and sure enough, it’s the entrance to a small cave that’s mostly concealed by small pine trees along the front.

The cave is well hidden from view and you would have never spotted it if you had not sat down in that particular spot and at this exact time of day. You take out your flashlight and make your way through the cave entrance.

After going about 15-feet inside you spot something hidden against the back wall, you get closer for a better look and you see that it’s several five-gallon buckets with gamma lids. You can resist your curiosity and open one of the buckets to see what’s inside…

It’s full of survival gear including a handgun and ammo, generation 4 night vision, food and other cool stuff. You being a prepper know that what you’ve found is another prepper’s emergency cache. What would you do?

Hypothetical Wednesday January 18, 2017 – Poll

Over the past few years the choice for “prepper books” has exploded to the point that it seems that just about everyone with an interest in prepping has a book. Sometimes I think that there are more prepper books on the market than there are actual preppers.

Below are five of what I consider the best prepper books on the market – but I want to know what you think and why…

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Hypothetical Wednesday January 18, 2017 – What Would You Do?

It’s several months into the collapse and you’ve worked hard planting and tending your garden and it’s almost harvest time. In fact, you’ve already been harvesting and canning some early produce and it’s delightful.

It’s three o’clock in the morning when you hear your dogs barking near your garden area and you get up and use your Flir Scout II 240 Thermal Imager and discreetly view the area and you see three figures that look to be small children.

You have your wife/husband/partner watch your six from a secure location armed with a bolt action 308 while you arm up with an AR-15 and ease down to see what is going on and confront the trespassers.

You get close and speak and they drop the vegetables that they were planning to take and “freeze in their tracks” they all look to be less than 14 years old and you can tell that they have been starving.

You start talking to them and they tell you that their parents were killed by a gang of home invaders a few days before. Now you have two problems – you have three hungry children with no place to go and you also just found out that there are a gang of home invaders in the area and that you might be their next target.

What do and why?

Hypothetical Wednesday January 18, 2017 – What Would You Do?

Most preppers love books because books are seen as a store of knowledge that can be referred back to as needed, however, there are so many great books to choose from that the choices can be overwhelming.

Today’s question is this…

If you could only keep five books that you now own which would you choose? Why?

Hypothetical Wednesday January 10, 2017 – What Would You Do?

There has been a major event that has shut the power grid down resulting in a WROL (without rule of law) situation. It’s been three months and the power still hasn’t been restored and your supplies are running low and you and your family are having to do without basic necessities such as food and medicine.

You had just started prepping a few months before this disaster struck, and had been putting back food supplies and other essentials but had not yet managed to build up a sufficient stockpile to see you and your family through a prolonged disaster such as the one you’re now facing…

But you do have weapons and ammo… and you know that your neighbor is a prepper and has plenty of food, medications and other gear stockpiled for their family… Their group consists of three men, their wives, and several children including two teenagers.

Altogether they have eight shooters in their group and are well trained and well armed with each being armed with an M4 and Glock 19. Also, their property may be boobytrapped and they may have IE devices but you’re not sure.

What would you do?  Why?

Hypothetical Wednesday January, 4 2017 – What Would You Do?

A mass casualty event has taken place on the East, West, Gulf coasts and nearly the length of the Mississippi River Valley. There is little to do there but salvage. Mankind did not however collapse into mass hysteria as expected with the exception of the largest cities. Local FEMA and LEO have maintained order in general but lack the manpower to impose ‘Control’ over the population. City services are very spotty but the water pressure is low but steady. Only the sense of duty and right have kept some city workers on their jobs to maintain some EM and Fire services and such. Local government has vaporized over the weeks but the sense is that a new and workable ‘Normal’ is returning.

Hypothetical Wednesday December 28, 2016 – What Would You Do?

The assumed die off and flight from the city by the ‘Golden Hordes’ has not happened. FEMA / State and City relief efforts are slowing as surrounding resources are exhausted. New Federal Executive orders have been in effect for only a few days. There is the sporadic crackle of gunfire in the distance but that is coming from way downtown.. miles away. All in all, this major event has not panned out as most Hollywood zombie flicks and Doom blogs have pushed on the public.

Hypothetical Wednesday December 21, 2016 – What Would You Do?

This is the way it could have went…

After weeks of media coverage of anti-Trump rallies and ‘expert’ review of Constitutional Law and Electoral College mandate, December 19th has come and gone without a declared … President … Faithless Electors have thrown the fate of the executive office into the House of Representatives. None of the candidates on the 50 States ballots has been given the Electoral votes needed to assume the office. January 21st. passes with no declared ‘winner’ on the part of the Legislative branch. The current President declares that he will remain in office until such time as the “People decide” who is to lead them or the Congress acts.

Who are you? The City dweller who’s votes are in the majority but who’s Electors were in the minority … or are you in the majority of the nation that enjoys a minority of the popular vote … but expect a majority in the Electoral vote?

What is the Right? Do cities rule the nation? Should they? What is your reaction … AFTER you have taken the time to calm down and think things through?