The Survival Pyramid : How to Survive The Coming Economic Collapse

As many of us who are preparing for an uncertain future have discovered, trying to prepare to become self-sufficient for an infinite number of scenarios is overwhelming as best. More often it becomes a sort of anxiety provoking undertaking with no end in sight.

It is easy to become so overwhelmed that you just run around buying things you know you will need at some point in the future. A box of bullets here, some canned veggies there, and so it goes.

Mental Health After TEOTWAWKI

Mental health, like physical health is not always stable. There is a great deal of mental illness in our society. A friend of mine said to me that we don’t have to worry about the ones who take the medication – we have to worry about the ones who don’t. So if we are stable prior to SHFT but soon run out of medication, how will that affect our ability to survive. When there are no more happy pills, will we just curl up in a ball and wish for it all to be over? Now’s the time to be looking into reducing our dependence on drugs.

A Blast from the Past – Ten Blog Posts that you Should Read Now

Ten blog posts that you may have missed, skipped over or just didn’t read for whatever reason. But today, I’m giving you another chance – please read and tell us what you think…

Think on your FEET!

As preppers we have to prepare ahead. We have to look ahead and notice any potential problems and deal with those problems. Foot problems are one such area. That is my goal today, to have you merely recognize your feet for the next few minutes. This is about taking care of your FEET now, not later, and some downright simple solutions that will keep you walking for the long haul. Read along and learn how to save your feet for only $20.

Where to go and what to Avoid When Food has Disappeared off of the Grocery Shelves

You have your “bug out / get home” bag, lying next to your desk in your “cage” cubicle; the breath has just been knocked out of you like a sucker punch from Hell! You say a quick prayer and then leap into action. Your are doing all types of mental gymnastics in order to try and remember what to take with your or what you will need to hunker down and you realize, there are 3 diapers in the house, the last pint of “Simalac” has just been tapped, and your know you are out of Ritz crackers and Oreo’s, and you do not see yourself faring well if you return home without these life sustaining staples.

Prepping BIG in SMALL Spaces

  Today’s non-fiction writing contest entry was written by Deb S “We live in a small house. As soon as we can afford to buy land, we’ll start prepping.” I’ve heard that excuse and similar remarks from people who incorrectly believe disaster preparedness requires owning ten acres in a remote location. I use the word […]

The Lights Went Out in Texas

So, it’s 5:55pm and since it is late November it is already dark. The power goes off while I’m on the computer in the front part of the house. My wife is in the living room in the back part of the house. I don’t know why this came as a surprise to me but, it did…. it is pitch black in my house with no lights! For the first few seconds I just sat there waiting to see if the power would come back on. After about a minute I decided it wasn’t coming back real soon and I figured I needed to do something to get some light in the house. The problem was I could hardly see to get out of my chair much less out of the room and down the hall to the living room. Luckily I had my cell phone with me and I used it as a flash light to get to the living room to make sure my wife was alright.

The Survival Plan Done Right!

Remember the number one rule of survival: When the disaster occurs, the time for preparation is over. Those who fail to plan have planned to fail. Planning and training allow you to overcome fear; both yours and others’ around you. Survival is not “water cooler politics” – where everyone runs their mouth about things they know nothing of – where they repeat endlessly what others told them while never thinking about it themselves. Survival requires thought, a plan. And that means writing it down.

My Wife is Finally On-board But it Took an Earthquake to do it!

It’s strange how a person’s attitude and perception about an issue can change in the time frame of a minute. A few months ago I was reading on several “Prepper” blogs about the reluctant spouse. For me it was my wife who thought that having a food and water storage for an emergency would clutter up her house and was unnecessary after all Costco and Sam’s as well as Carrs / Safeway, Freddie’s (Fred Meyer) are all just down the street.

If You Find Yourself Becoming Overwhelmed With Being Prepared

The time came for me to take a serious look at my personal readiness. I wanted to be prepared for any scenario my mind could conceive and some circumstances I hadn’t thought about. After considering myself to be a frugal person most of my life, then realizing I had been a prepper for most of that life, I took it upon myself to really get involved in my survival. After all, living day to day in today’s world can certainly be considered a measure of survival.

I took the first step and did my due diligence. I researched what it meant to become a prepper and read numerous articles on the subject. I, searched various websites, trying to find the one website that offered the most amount of information, moral support, ideas and conversations with like minded people, without having to continually surf from one site to another.

I made my lists, checked them twice and three times, and started getting what I thought was better organized. I performed several small tasks around my home that made me begin to feel more prepared, more secure and safer. And I started feeling like I was actually doing something to ensure my survival in the event of some unforeseen emergency.