The Truth About Trump’s Air Strike on Syria

Once again Paul Watson is spot on…

What did you do to prep this week?

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Now what did I do to prep this week…

This week, I ordered two dwarf pear trees, three Fuji Dwarf Apple Trees, two Red Haven Dwarf Peach Trees, and two Gala Dwarf Apple Trees.

I also ordered and received a copy of The Backyard Homestead Book of Kitchen Know-How: Field-to-Table Cooking Skills.

And I planted two blackberry bushes, and two Raspberry Bushes as well as added a pile of compost to my new garden area that I will till into the existing soil next week to get ready for planting in the next couple of weeks.

Well, that’s it for me this week… What about you? What did you do to prep this week?

Warning: Do You Recognize these Five Common Piles of Prepper BS

I wrote this article in 2013 and first published it on then, however, the five piles of prepper B.S. that I list are still relevant. What prepper B.S. does the article go into – The Golden Horde, WROL, Shoot First, Bugging Out to The Woods and Being “Squared Away” in the Wilderness… Read it. Comment on it.

What did you do to prep this week?

Well folks, here we are again, another week of prepping and another week closer to TEOTWAWKI. The warning signs are all over the place but you’re a survivalist aka a “prepper” so you’ll be ready and have a far better chance of surviving and even thriving after the balloon goes up…

You are prepping right… doing something every week to get ready for the big fall over the cliff that we are heading for. We are in a slow collapse now and it’s just going to get worse no matter who is sleeping in the White House.

5 Signs We’re Living in an Orwellian Police State (Now More Than Ever)

Have you lightened up on your prepping: Why the election results cannot change what is and will be

“The debt limits have to come down. The whole world of debt has to be changed as far as this country is concerned. We have to create jobs and we have to create them rapidly because if we don’t things are just going to head in a direction that’s going to be almost impossible to recover from.” Donald Trump

An idea was presented and followed through upon, “what if we break from tradition and put someone in as president that has no real political background. Someone fresh, new and someone who will both divide the country further as well as galvanize others.” The follow through occurred and Trump was elected, The problems that plague this country still remain, our debt to income level is so high as a nation that if we were people they would have hung us decades ago. We have more troops abroad than any other nation and spend easily 4 times what others do for this policing, but at what cost and benefit? Our prison system turns out more hardened criminals daily than it takes in and it is several times larger than China, Russia, and Great Britain combined. The majority of these people having gone in for extended sentences for smoking or possessing a plant, not a violent legitimate crime.

Madonna Threatens to Blow up the White House

Women are marching all over the U.S. and in some other parts of the world as well. Why they are marching and throwing such a childish hissy fit I don’t really know or understand, I mean what rights are they going to lose because Trump is president? What rights did Donald J Trump say that he wants to take away from women?

I’ve looked at their signs and that doesn’t tell me anything really, but I did notice the vulgarness of many of the signs that the protesters are holding. I mean, I thought that these protesters were protesting in part about something Trump said years ago about touching “private parts” of women.

Isn’t that a double standard?

Protesting Donald J Trumps election while stating his vulgarness from a private conversation that he had years ago as a rallying point by showing your own vulgarness and objectifying yourself while you’re doing it doesn’t make sense to me…

But that’s not really important now that Madona has come out and said that she has been thinking a lot about blowing up the White House! And dropping a lot of F-bombs while doing it. Sad that this used up skank is the poster girl for women and a role model for young girls.

My question is why hasn’t she been arrested for terroristic threatening at the least? Or inciting violence or something… arrest her now!

Each day is a chance to do something great.

Each day is a chance to do something great.

If you woke up and were able to get out of your bed this morning then you’ve been blessed, and with each day that you are blessed with you also have a chance to do something great that day! But the first step to doing something great is to have the proper mindset.
Negativity is the killer of great things. Get your mind right.

You have to keep an open mind and look for opportunities to do something great. Another key point for doing something great today (and everyday going forward) is to realize that not every great thing has to be big or make the nightly news.

It can be something much smaller and personal, like helping a stranger, visiting a friend that you’ve not seen in a long time, saying a kind word or maybe offering good advice that could change someone’s life for the better.

Every day is a chance to do something great. Now go do it.

President Trump – The Trap is Set

I was looking at Youtube and just came across this video – lots of good points – a must watch.

Will Martial Law Be Declared before Trumps Inauguration to Stop Him from Being Sworn in as the 45th President of the United States?

Well, folks, it’s almost here… the day that Obama and his family are supposed to leave the White House and a new president is sworn in and takes over as the top political figure in the country, however, it may all be brought to a halt via martial law.

Today, Hollywood has been Rosie O’Donnell calls for martial law to stop Donald J Trump from being sworn in on January 20th, 2017 and why most of us could not care any less about what this washed-up “celebrity” has to say about anything, she is still seen as “the Trump nemesis” in Hollywood and in far left liberal circles, and I’m thinking that she might be “spilling the beans” regarding the plans of the far left and the powers that be.