Five Reasons You Need a Dog on Your Security Team

In a world where terrorist acts, cyber hacks, and violent threats are becoming ever imminent, the challenges faced by security teams are becoming increasingly complex and difficult. Security dogs, detection dogs, and their handler trainer play an increasingly vital role in the multitude of security issues, ranging from deterring criminals from large infrastructure sites to fighting organized crime and terrorist acts. A security dog is vital to a team, as unlike any security camera or device, which can be disabled and cut off, a security dog is a constant physical presence, that can sense threats and act in real time. In the security sector, there are currently over 5,000 dogs in service, here are 5 of the reasons why so many companies choose to include a dog on their security team.

Low Cost Alarms and Early Warning Systems for Preppers

Alarms are usually one of two types, audio, or visual, although some can be a combination of the two. Alarms are also great resource if used effectively and acted upon when triggered. They allow an extra layer of protection/defense especially if one is short of personnel. Placed effectively alarms can enable a single person to monitor a much larger area than would normally be possible.

While there are many types of alarms and alarm systems available, many are expensive and often require a power source to run and operate. Some systems can even be custom designed and built for an individual’s specific situation and needs. If you have the resources to obtain one of these systems that’s great. I however do not. So I have found and/or made other less expensive, yet still reliable setups. Now please don’t assume these less expensive or homemade setups are useless. I have personally used these on my own property as well as using them in paintball and other more specific simulations, and I assure you they are reliable and effective.

Carry Firearms and Gear – What I Recommend and Why…

This is an article about how to choose a firearm for carry, why, how and when to carry as well as the opinions of several extremely solid shooters (well over 200+ years of experience in total shooting/ firearms instructors, 30+ year police veterans of large cities, former agents with federal agencies and contractors as well as lifetime military and at least two special forces people – they draw from life encounters and statistical information that with some searching is available) This article will take into consideration gender, caliber, reliability, longevity tests and user ability.

Watch: The Moment A Driver Shoots And Kills Gunman Who Randomly Attacked Him At Illinois Gas Station

The video proves once again that the Second Amendment saves lives, because determined criminals who intend to harm innocent people will absolutely get their hands on a weapon…

Some Thoughts on Handgun Training for Preppers (or ‘A Brief Synopsis of What Works for Me‘)

This is an article about learning to shoot firearms, also known as ‘guns’. Specifically, handguns. All firearms are dangerous. Handguns are especially dangerous. Do not attempt this while distracted by anything, including children (especially children) or spouse(s), radio, Tv, CD, DVD, dinner bells, bills, IRS audits… anything that distracts you can at least cause injury, at most, death, to self or another. Remember: the life you save may be dear to you. Also, any body parts you damage may have been useful at one time or another.

At all times, wear eye and hearing protection while training. Always. Especially eyes. Safety glasses are cheap insurance. Eyes are expensive losses. Always wear eye and hearing protection. Always. Do not deviate from this rule.


A good dog is a preppers best friend..

Recommended Book…

What kind of dog do you have?

Warning: Preppers Don’t Buy A Firearm for Self-Defense Until you Read This…

This article is going to buy me a lot of hate. I know that delving into this topic is controversial and some of my recommendations will go against the established dogma. I will not only make a recommendation, but give you my reasoning behind it. Perhaps I can save some reader a lot of money, hassle and disappointment. Before you continue reading, I want you to make a decision. I want you to visualize yourself killing another human being. Now visualize a loved one bleeding to death in your arms.

Make a choice which one would you prefer. The purpose of a firearm is to kill another being. Yes, I know, you are supposed to say that you are only trying to stop a threat. I know of no better way to stop a threat than to kill it. If you cannot make that decision now, in relative safety, you will not be able to make that decision in an emergency. The most important decision you must make when using a firearm to defend your life is to pull the trigger.

Doomsday Survival Guide: How your Trail Camera Can Save your Life

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and do you feel fine? Are you prepared to fight for your survival, as well as the survival of your love ones? Once we get to the ultimate end, everyone will be scrounging for household items to use to hunt, protect, and entertain their families. However, the best of us survivalist will already have our packs ready. You may have already packed your essentials from listening to other guides on the internet or in print, but one thing these sources fail to list is a trail camera. If you’re currently a hunter and a survivalist, you already have one of these to help catch your game, so here’s how you can transform it into an essential doomsday item.

What Happens When a Terrorist Drives an SUV into a Crowd? You Won’t Believe It!

Vehicular terrorism is not new, with Israel the scene of multiple attacks in past years. It’s becoming more and more common in the West, however, with attacks in Nice, France on Bastille Day and in Berlin at a Christmas market. In the United States, a Somali student used his car to run over several people at Ohio State University and then perpetrated a knife attack on those who, ironically, ran over to see if he was injured. Many similar events rarely make the news.

Terror attacks are often associated with bombs, but making a bomb requires some expertise to assemble safely. Guns, the other preferred weapon, are difficult to come by in most countries other than the U.S. Owning or renting a vehicle, however, is easy. Trucks and cars can cause mass casualties if wielded as a weapon; obtaining one isn’t an act that evokes suspicion.

Handgun Tactics For Preppers

Tactics, Part One Shooting from cover

Tactics Part Two: Shooting and Moving