What is the single most important firearm type for TEOTWAWKI: Reviewing four modern semi-automatic 22lr caliber rifles.


by Jesse Mathewson

In these United States, we have seen hundreds if not thousands of 22lr caliber rifles come and go over the years. Arguably the Ruger 10/22 is the most well known and oldest version of the semi-automatic 22lr rifles still in production today, originally coming onto the scene in 1964 with a rotary style magazine, as compared to the other rifles in today’s review, which all utilize stick style magazines. This rifle was ahead of its time and served to make Ruger a household name, along with the further innovations in the Mini (14, 30 etc.,) series rifles and a variety of handguns.

It is important to understand that my choice personally for 22lr caliber rifle; for the purposes of this article, is not based on anything other than testing, function, weight, price and overall effective efficiency in filling the role as meat provider for the table in a grid down situation, or even as a defensive tool. (And all arguments aside, 22lr is a deadly round, this has been proven time and again over the years, I will attach links to several factual stories of defense against BG’s with the lowly 22lr, not too mention its use as a premier fly swatter for individuals intent on fulfilling pest control of a two-legged variety of varmint.)** On a personal note I have used it quite actively over the years for varmint control, freezer filling and more, sadly the caliber .22 being banned for hunting in many states now, though this is not a serious issue in a grid down situation. After all, some laws are simply not moral or necessary.

The following four rifles include four of the top brand names and are modern, still in production, semi-automatic magazine fed 22lr caliber rifles. The specifics for each are listed below for your perusal. I am not including bolt action .22lr or tube fed, I am not including any 22lr caliber clones of AR, AK or other military variants. I am also not including conversion kits for AR styled rifles as these have their own set of issues and costs.

Marlin Model 795

  • .22 long rifle
  • 10 round stick magazine, 1 in chamber
  • 18” barrel
  • Sights, adjustable open rear, ramp front sight with grooves in receiver for scope mounting
  • 1: 16 rh twist
  • 4.5lbs unloaded
  • 37” overall length
  • Suggested retail is 239.99

Relatively new, not many aftermarket parts, somewhat based on the Marlin 60 which was a truly fine 22lr and shone in many areas. Very accurate rifle and for the cost is extremely nice. Only ammunition issues were Remington flat tips, otherwise, shoots everything.

I had one, and loved it, however, as the cost is more than the Mossberg 702 which follows, I haven’t invested more in additional copies. And as I am a KISS proponent and fan, it is essential that those within my core group are armed in a similar fashion so as to reduce the number of possible problems when arming, rearming etc.,

Mossberg 702 Plinkster

  • .22 long rifle
  • 10 round stick magazine/ 25 round factory extended magazines available
  • 18” barrel
  • Adjustable sights (replace with Tech Sights) grooved for scopes, not milspec, you will need to get a 3/8” scope mount or adapter, which is easily found on Amazon for milspec additions and rails.
  • This is not abnormal with non AR styled .22lr firearms, to be more pointed, many hunting rifles come with this mount approach. So it is in fact a standard mounting for hunters.
  • 1:16 twist rh
  • Synthetic Stock, Wood Stock and or additional colors available if needed. However, the standard black synthetic stock works effectively.
  • 4lb’s
  • 37” overall length
  • Suggested price 176.00

Based on an older model, several companies make aftermarket parts, however, magazines are still only available from the factory. It is not as popular as the 10/22 and as such suffers from a lack of aftermarket parts availability. Extremely reliable and accurate. Only ammunition issues were Remington flat tips, otherwise, shoots everything.

This is my top choice, they can be found for around $100 at most Wal-Marts, or used for even less depending on location, rarely have I seen them over $160. Pinned barrel, simple action blowback action. A bit of sandpaper and a philips head screwdriver will have the barrel free floated in under 15 minutes. I currently own several, with 10 magazines for each one. An inexpensive one-inch nylon sling, $79 on Tech Sights (Amazon), and you will have a rifle that will easily get you a rifleman badge at the local Appleseed shoot, keep it clean and you will never have an issue with it.

Ruger 10/22

  • .22 long rifle
  • 10 round cyclical magazine/ 25 round factory extended magazines available
  • gold bead front sight (replace with Tech Sights)
  • 1:16 twist rh
  • 18.5” barrel
  • 5.75lb’s
  • 37” overall length
  • Suggested price 379.00

Extremely popular there is no shortage of aftermarket kits, parts, and the bells and whistles you may require to make your survival gun both pretty and relatively functional. Have owned 4 from the mid 80’s through 2009, all were ammunition specific firearms, or finicky. Accuracy was decent, however, magazine issues (factory magazines) and some ammunition feed issues had me selling them all.

After spending two years helping out with local Appleseed shoots in Arizona, I witnessed two or three failures every shooting day of every Appleseed from the Ruger 10/22. Now, this does not mean you wont find solid shooting 10/22s, it just means that during that two year time, my Mossberg 702s never failed, not once, and the 10/22 in multiple configurations from factory basic through $2000 plus add on configured did.

Savage 64 F

  • 22 long rifle
  • 10 round stick magazine
  • open sights, drilled and tapped for scope mounting
  • 1:16 rh twist
  • 21” barrel length (slightly better accuracy and ballistics should result)
  • weight is 5lbs.
  • Suggested price $140.00

True free floated barrel, several variations available, generally considered to be most accurate out of the box and having shot one or two, I would tend to agree. It is an extremely accurate, ammunition picky, but VERY accurate. It has also been out since 1964, though the first model met with bad reception due to using plastic magazines. Its following is not nearly as large as the base for the Ruger 10/22. Less market share, less possibility for parts being made by companies other than Savage.

I really enjoy this gun, and you will as well. Make sure you can get magazines for it, and check ammunition reliability in it. Otherwise, it’s a great firearm.

22-riflesRemember, in a TEOTWAWKI situation, .22lr is going to be a very important caliber. Local harvesting laws will not matter with regards to game, they are relatively quiet, and with an accurate (sandbagged and properly sighted in) version of one of the above models you will do fine. Personally, I prefer Mossberg 702’s and will gladly submit to competition between any one of the several owned and any .22lr you choose. I do not like the AR styled, AK styled or kits that allow shooting of .22lr in regular firearms. Though I can understand the desire for some people to keep things as similar as possible, in most cases, practice is severely lacking in individuals preaching this approach.

If you need to practice with your AR then, practice with the AR. Recoil, noise and all the accompanying parts of shooting the .223 or 5.56 round is essential to solid practice. If you want to practice fundamentals of shooting and accuracy, the type of firearm will not matter nearly as much as the fundamentals themselves. If you are able to “run and gun” than do so, but make sure you practice and train with legitimate trainers in these areas. In my strict opinion as a lifetime shooter, who does okay for himself when shooting, rifleman basics are not stylistic or reliant on type of rifle, but rather on the approach used and fundamentals practiced.

This is why I do not have, recommend or use three point slings, single point slings or any number of special “tactical” attachments that so often take a 6lb AR and make it a 15lb monstrosity. KISS, always, for the sake of those reading, this is a very easy word to decipher. Keep It Simple Silly. A solid two point sling, understanding why laying down is more stable than seated and seated is more stable than standing and resting the rifle is more stable than standing without resting the rifle is essential to accuracy. Hollywood does a great job of making gun owners stupid, its up to us to ensure we don’t reinforce the ridiculous notions regarding gun owners in the media, politics and Hollywood.

So now you have four choices for a TEOTWAWKI rifle, remember, even in “gun free” nations, .22lr is used and owned in most cases by people interested in hunting, target practice and simply having for self-defense. A .22lr firearm must be cleaned every 300 rounds on average or after every practice session, I clean all my firearms every two weeks with a basic rubdown and lube, in depth twice a year, and after every range session. The sole exception being cached and or stored firearms- which are stored soaked in lubricants and in ZCORR storage bags, review to follow. These .22lr firearms also work very well to introduce non-shooters and or non-preppers to the world of prepping/ shooting without hurting their shoulders, ears and easily showing them the benefits and sheer pleasure of hitting a target where you want too.

Shoot on fellow Wolf Pack members, be safe, smart and above all, be free!

**Links follow, some are graphic in nature, please be aware.

http://www.activeresponsetraining.net/using-the-22-for-self-defense (statistics regarding various calibers used for defense of self)
http://bangordailynews.com/2012/02/20/news/bangor/man-who-shot-home-invaders-in-hermon-i-had-to-protect-myself/ (self-defense with .22lr handgun)
http://www.wlwt.com/news/local-news/news-northern-kentucky/Boone-County-homeowner-shoots-kills-intruder/16463942?item=0 (92-year-old man shoots and kills home intruder with .22lr rifle)
https://www.learnaboutguns.com/2010/04/29/elderly-iowa-woman-uses-her-22-handgun-in-self-defense/ (89-year-old woman uses 22lr handgun to defend herself)
http://gunssavelives.net/self-defense/13-year-old-armed-with-ruger-1022-saves-his-mother-from-intruder-thought-to-be-on-drugs/ (13 year old uses 10/22 to defend family)

There are many, many more verifiable stories, and I am sure if any of us has spent time in the woods, we all know someone who has harvested game with a .22lr, legal or not. (Though I do not openly recommend doing anything that will bring you in contact with authorities, eg., don’t do illegal things. Understand there is always consequences to every action, always.)

Free the mind and the body will follow.

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.22 Rifles for home Defense?

Understanding Kidnappings

by Orlando Wilson – International Defense Strategies LLC

Kidnapping Over the past decade kidnapping for ransom and hostage taking have become a booming multi-million-dollar business. These days you do not need to be a high roller to be kidnapped or involved in a hostage situation, it can happen to anyone. If you are an international traveler you need to be especially aware of the threat from kidnapping even if you’re not going to one of the worlds kidnapping hotspots like Haiti, Mexico, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Nigeria, Columbia or the Philippines. The fact you are a foreigner can make you a target especially in poor countries, where the contents of the luggage, watch and jewelry of most travelers from the U.S. or Western Europe will at least match, if not far exceed the average monthly earnings of most citizens.

It is very difficult to get accurate figures on kidnapping rates as a lot of incidents are not reported to the authorities or media, also governments keen to attract tourists and investors try to keep official crime rates favorable. You should do your research and a threat assessment on all locations you’ll be visiting and identify what the main threat is. If you identify a kidnapping threat look for patterns in how the kidnappers operate and work out procedures to avoid them.

These days it makes sense for everyone to understand how to behave if they are involved in a kidnapping or hostage situation. The main threat to most people in developed countries is being caught up in a small scale crime that’s gone wrong like a bank robbery that turns into a hostage situations, or being held hostage in their workplace due to the actions of a disgruntled or mentally ill employee. In the emerging markets targeted and express kidnappings for financial gain or favors may be your main threat.

There are five main reasons for kidnapping and the mindsets of criminals vary greatly from area to area and culture to culture, there is no profile that fits all kidnappers and all kidnapping situations tend to be unique. I tell my clients that their main concern if they are kidnapped or caught in a hostage situation is to just stay alive to be released or to escape.

Kidnapping for financial gain

When we talk about kidnapping most people immediately think of kidnapping for ransom, which is a very lucrative business in some countries. If someone is kidnapped for ransom or favors you need to remember that the person is a valuable commodity to be bargained for, they will be kept alive as long as the kidnappers believe that they are of value. The negotiation for this type of kidnapping is a business negotiation; you’re buying back an asset.

There are cases where people are kidnapped for favors not money. For example a son or daughter of an influential person would be kidnapped and released after the parents have done the criminals a favor. There was one incident in South America several years ago where a left wing terrorist group kidnapped a young woman, and for her release requested that her father shoot and kill one of his business associates, the father refused and his daughter was killed. This would be an extremely difficult situation to deal with as the terms were very rigid.

If the kidnappers are professionals there is a good chance that a hostage would be released when the ransom demands are met, it would be a bad business practice not to, as it would deter payments for future hostages. On the other side of the coin if the ransom demands are not met, it would be a good business practice to execute the hostage, to encourage future payments. The professionalism of kidnappers varies greatly from those that are highly skilled to Neanderthals; all, however, are capable of extreme violence.

Express kidnapping is a crime which has boomed over the last decade with incidents taking place globally, from Caracas to Vladivostok. Express kidnapping can be classed as a more comprehensive version of mugging. There have been cases in London where victims have been snatched from the street and kept in captivity for several days until their bank accounts have been emptied via ATM machines, online money transfers or checks etc.

One classic example of an express kidnapping that I know of happened to a businessman visiting a Central American country. When he arrived at the airport he went to the taxi rank and got a taxi to take him to his hotel, about 10 minutes into the drive the taxi pulled over and in jumped two men with guns. The victim was handcuffed, threatened and robbed to start with. He was driven to numerous ATM machines until he could not take out any more money on his bank cards. As he was being driven around one of the kidnappers was making phone calls trying to sell him to other groups, luckily for him no one wanted to buy him. The criminals had his passport and took his picture on a cell phone, then told him if he reported anything to the police they would find out, as they worked with the police, then they would come and kill him. The man went to his Embassy and they told him he was lucky, everything he lost could be replaced and not to report the incident to the police.

The chances are that the fact this man was a foreigner could have saved him from being sold on and into a ransom situation. These were not sophisticated criminals who had the skills and resources to be able to handle a high profile kidnapping. As I have stated before criminals don’t want attention and the kidnapping of foreigners usually brings attention from the international media and the Embassy of the victim, which means embarrassment for the government and pressure on local law enforcement to do something.

Express kidnappings are safer and more convenient for criminals, who do not need to be highly skilled and connected to pull them off. In a typical kidnapping the criminals will usually go to a wealthy area and look for a suitable target, someone who looks like they have some money and then snatch them. Once they have the victim they’ll be robbed, taken to ATM’s, sexually assaulted etc. If the victim has a cell phone the criminals may use it to contact their family for a ransom, the amounts requested in express kidnappings tend to be low. This is where locals make better targets than visitors; In say, Venezuela it would be easier and quicker for a resident businessman in Caracas to get and deliver a thirty-thousand-dollar ransom to kidnappers than it would be for the family of a kidnapped student who may live in Helsinki.

The main problems with express kidnappings are that the kidnappers are generally not what could be classed as high end criminals. This means they tend to be more violent and unpredictable than groups that target higher profile victims for large ransoms. As always, if ransoms are paid in express kidnappings there is no guarantee the victim will be released, especially if they can identify the criminals or have been sexually assaulted.

One tactic that criminals are using throughout South America is to contact the families of people who they have just stolen cell phones from or they know to be in places like cinemas etc. where cell phones are usually turned off. The criminals then claim to have kidnapped the owner of the cell phone or the person in the cinema and demand a ransom of a few thousand dollars, that the family needs to pay within a couple of hours. Now consider how you would react if you received a phone call from someone claiming to have kidnapped a close family member and telling you to drop off two thousand dollars at a location in two hours or they’ll be killed. You would want to contact your family member but if they don’t have or are not answering their cell phone, what are you going to do? In the U.S. or Western Europe you might want to call the police, but you might not want to call the police in a 3rd world country, anyway, what are they going to do in two hours? So, are you going to pay two thousand dollars or possibly have a family member killed?

Another take on this same tactic is being used by criminals in Latin American prisons, they make cold calls on cell phones to people and claim to have kidnapped their wife, daughter or son etc. The criminals request the ransom to be paid within an hour in the form of cell phone credits, which can be done over the phone or online with bank cards. Again think about what you would do if you could not confirm if you’re relative was free or kidnapped? These criminals are in prison, they have nothing better to do but make calls, if they can get one or two people a week to pay, and they are making a good living.

Kidnapping for Publicity

The groups or individuals who can fall into this category can be anything from animal rights or environmental protesters to hard core terrorists. As you can expect there would be a big difference between having to deal with Green Peace and Al-Quada Iraq.

If you are caught up in a situation involving an environmental group protesting oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico who have taken over a local government building there is a very good chance you would be released after a few hours when the media has turned up and the police have arrested them all, their cause would have been satisfactorily publicized. Violence is generally not in the nature of their cause and would not do them any good but always remember they are still are very capable of it.

On the other hand, if you’re a westerner taken hostage by Islamic extremists, you better hope that security forces get to you pretty quickly. There have been numerous examples of westerners being kidnapped and publicly executed, you can count on these people to be professional, focused, prepared to kill and die for their cause. For example look at the case of the Nord-Ost theater siege in Moscow, October 2002, all of the forty Chechen terrorists expected to die for their cause. The leaders of this group were all experienced combat veterans, who were well-prepared and armed for the task. If you are caught up in this type of incident you have big problems and should be constantly looking for the opportunity to escape.

Crimes gone wrong

The one of the most common cause for hostage situations in developed countries is where crimes go wrong and end up turning into hostage situations. For example, the police respond to a bank robber in progress and get to the bank before the robbers can escape. The robbers could then possibly hold out in the bank and try to negotiate for a car etc. so they can escape or negotiate with the police for favorable terms of surrender.

It is unlikely in this type of situation that the hostage takers will be trained and professionals, this does not make them any less dangerous; they may be more dangerous, due to panic, lack of discipline and any drugs they may be under the influence of. These days you can expect criminals to be well armed and if they are looking at lengthy prison sentences be prepared to resort to extreme violence. In this situations are going to have to rely on the police to negotiate with the criminals, but as always, you should be looking for ways to escape when safely possible.

Mental illness & domestic disputes

People suffering from mental illnesses or involved in domestic disputes account for the majority of hostage situations, especially in the U.S and Western Europe. With mental illness the most common situation tends to be that of disgruntled or sacked employee returning to a business to confront former bosses and escalating the situation into a standoff with police. If a corporation suspects a former employee may be mentally unstable it’s their responsibility to take the necessary precautions to protect their other staff members.

The reasons for domestic disputes and crimes of passion are endless but can also end up developing in to hostage situations; for example, what are you going to do if one of you employee’s ex-boyfriends turns up at your office and threatens to shoot himself and wants everyone to watch? These days if you own a business this is the type of thing you need to have procedures for dealing with, for liability reasons if nothing else.

Both of these situations are extremely dangerous due to the mental state of the hostage taker, who needs to be dealt with very carefully. As with crimes gone wrong, try to escape and leave these situations to the police negotiators.

Another type of domestic kidnapping is where an estranged parent will take a child they do not have legal custody for. These situations can become very complicated if the child is taken to or is in another country, as the local laws usually take precedence. The Hague Child Abduction Convention is the international law that tends to be used for child custody disputes but how this is interpreted at local levels is another thing. A single parent may have custody of their child in U.S. or Western Europe, but if their ex-partner is a citizen of a Middle Eastern country and manages to get the child there, the local courts will most probably give them custody.

I have been asked quite a few times if I could go to various countries to recover children who have been taken by estranged parents. I am happy to provide advice and highlight the fact that if the parent I am talking too has legal custody in U.S. this might not apply in the country the child is in. Also, if the child was snatched back, those doing so would have committed the crime of kidnapping, which in most places has a lengthy prison term attached. Combine the risk of being arrest and the child being harmed during the snatch, things are better left to embassy staff and trusted local attorneys.

Sex Trafficking

I am asked regularly about this threat, usually by parents who have a daughter going on holiday overseas. I cannot recall any incidents of where a tourists has been kidnapped and sold into slavery. Incidents of female tourist’s being kidnapped, raped and killed, sure, that happens; this crime is about sex and control, sex trafficking is about business.

The human traffickers that kidnap girls for the sex industry tend to target those from poor and developing countries, where the police and government response if one of their citizens disappears will be minimal, if any. The traffickers usually lure the girls from their native countries with adverts for decent jobs in Western Europe or the Middle East. When the girls arrive at meeting points where they believe they’ll be taken to their final destination they are kidnapped. The kidnappers take the girls passports, travel papers and traffic them to illegal brothels where they are usually drugged and forced to work as prostitutes.

If the families of these girls report them missing to their countries law enforcement there is not much they can do, the girls left home at their own will, they are young and maybe they don’t want to call their families, there is no evidence to launch an investigation. This scenario is a lot different than a tourist being snatched off the street to be used in the sex trade. Professional criminals are not stupid and do not want unnecessary attention from law enforcement, it’s bad for business. So why take the risk to kidnap a tourist when you can promise a girl a job and she’ll turn up at your door.

Being kidnapped

If you are caught in a kidnapping or hostage situation the most dangerous time will be is the first ten to fifteen minutes as the kidnappers will be very nervous and will have to let everyone know they are in control. If you’re being kidnapped you can expect to get hurt, pain makes people comply. In a group kidnapping or hostage taking it would be a good professional practice for the criminals to identify any group leaders or potential trouble-makers and execute them in front of the other hostages, as would give them the clear message of who was in control. There is also a high risk to those who have health problems such as high blood pressure or heart conditions; you need to keep calm, I have heard numerous stories of people dying from heart attacks and suffering strokes whilst being kidnapped.

Once it is clear that the kidnapping has been successful and you cannot safely escape you do not want to offer any resistance, just do as you are told. You can now expect to be blind-folded, bound and searched for cellular phones, identification, weapons and valuables. If you have a weapon, you should have a good excuse ready for having it. It is possible to conceal weapons and escape equipment from a searcher, which we’ll talk about in a later chapter. You should not carry any security, police, military ID cards or related items as these will draw attention to you and could lead to you being made an example of. I have told clients who are going to the Middle East to join a couple of Muslim associations and carry the association membership cards and literature with them, hopefully if they are kidnapped this will lead to more favorable treatment. This tactic can be applied in most places, pretend to have sympathies with the local bad guys, it’s all about you staying alive!

When you are being moved try to establish which direction you’re being taken. When you are living or visiting an area you should identify all prominent geographical features and objects, then if your kidnapped the incline of the terrain, speed your travelling or any noises such as rivers or trains etc. could give an indication to your location, When you can start to get the descriptions of the kidnappers; if they are masked, remember things like any jewelry they may be wearing, descriptions of their hands, like scars, or nail lengths, what they smell like, anything which could help identify them. Never look at the kidnappers faces as this can be taken as sign of over confidence on your part and overt attempt of you trying to identify them.

If the kidnappers are professional after the violence of the abduction, they will remain silent and assign one of their group members to speak to you when absolutely necessary, if at all. Now you can expect to be kept bound in isolation, which for a lot of people is more psychologically difficult to deal with than physical violence.
You never want to appear to be a threat to your kidnappers and should comply with what they want you to do. This may be the opposite advice you would expect when you’re in a life threatening situation but suffering from broken ribs or a fractured skull will severely limit your ability to successfully escape. Think about it, who are the kidnappers going to put more security on, someone who is putting up a fight or someone who is having a nervous breakdown, you need to preserve your energy, look after your health to able to survive or escape.

If you don’t cause any problems for the kidnappers they should start to relax, this is when you should try creating personal relationships with them without overstepping any boundaries and always being aware of Stockholm Syndrome.

Hostage Negotiations

Hostage negotiations should be left to a professional but, who actually qualifies as a professional negotiator is another matter. Every police department will have qualified negotiators, who will be experienced police personnel who have done a one or two week negotiation course for dealing with crimes gone wrong, mental illness and domestic hostage situations, not kidnapping for ransom. I personally, would want someone with more than two weeks’ training for dealing with psychos and failed Romeos, negotiating with professional kidnappers for my release.

Most federal and government agencies will have highly qualified negotiators, the trouble is when dealing with professional kidnappers they most probably have ex-military and law enforcement people working with them who have been trained by these government agencies and will know their procedures and tactics. Also, the official stance of most governments is that they will not negotiate with criminals, terrorists and pay ransoms.
If you or an associate is kidnapped, it will be up to the authorities of that country to negotiate your release; your own government will have no legal authority within that country. If it is a high profile case your government may someone to assist a co-operative local police, that’s about all you can expect, forget about Special Forces rescue teams, that’s Hollywood. The attitude of most Embassy staff will be that if you had paid attention to the government warnings and stayed away from the country, you would not have been kidnapped in the first place! In countries where kidnapping is common, your case will most likely go to the bottom of the pile.

On the commercial market, there are negotiators for hire. If you need to hire one make sure they have real world experience and understand that how things are done in different countries and cultures can vary greatly from the U.S. and Western Europe. Anyone can be given or make a certificate stating that they are a certified negotiator and the standards of negotiators you can expect to encounter range from excellent to being in league with the kidnappers. As with hiring any security staff you need to make sure they can be trusted and will work in your interests.

If you or an associate does not have the money or don’t want to hire an outsider, it could be up to you to deal with the negotiations, here are some very basic guidelines.

• Confirm, confirm, confirm! You need to confirm that the victim has actually been kidnapped and not just decided to go away without telling anyone and has no communications. A lot of situations that are initially believed to be kidnappings turn out to be false alarms or hoaxes.
• You will need to determine who has kidnapped the victim, criminals, terrorists and for what reason. A kidnap for ransom case will be dealt with a lot differently than a case of a child being taken by an estranged parent.
• Where safe to do so you will need to investigate the victim’s movements to try and determine when and where they were kidnapped. You will want to try finding any witnesses to the kidnapping that may be able to give you any information about the kidnappers.
• If the kidnapping was in public, the police may have been informed, so try to get copies of their incident reports, chances are you will not get any help from local police. If you get any leads, you should inform the local authorities, as long as you believe they are trustworthy and not working with the kidnappers.
• If there are no leads or it’s too dangerous to investigate you will have to wait to be contacted by the kidnappers. How this will happen will vary greatly but you will want to try to record or document all communications with the kidnappers, as this will help law enforcement with any possible follow up investigations, especially if the hostage turns up dead. Always cover your ass!
• When you communicate with the kidnappers, be firm but polite; remember, this is a business negotiation, you are buying an asset.
• If a ransom has been requested and you intend to pay, you will have to buy time, while it is put together and also try to bring the fee down to something which is realistic. In my experience I have seen ransoms drop from $3,000,000 to $30,000. Make the kidnappers’ demands seem unreasonable, but also indicate that you will do what you can to meet them, but make no promises.
• Whether you pay a ransom or not will depend on what your threat assessment indicates about the kidnappers; do they have a history of releasing hostages after a ransom payment or not.
• You will need to establish whether the hostage is still alive before you go any further, if you are dealing with professional kidnappers they will already have a system for this, usually this takes the form of personal questions and answers. You should try to speak to the hostage but if you’re dealing with professionals this will not happen, so don’t push it.
• If the kidnappers offer a voice recording or video tell them that you want the hostage referring to a recent incident or saying something you requested them to say. This will insure the recording was not made before the hostage was killed. These days forget photos with a recent newspapers, bodies can and have been frozen and brought out for photos.
• If you receive any of the hostage’s body parts, you may have problems as this is an indication they may kill the hostage. How you deal with this situation will have to depend on the feeling you get from the kidnappers, but be sure to confirm the hostage is alive at regular intervals.
• If you believe that the kidnappers can be trusted and you can come up with the ransom money, you will have to make arrangements for picking up, securing and the ransom drop off. This phase can be extremely problematic.
• The kidnappers will already have a plan for the ransom drop off; if you have time you will need to study the plan in-depth and prepare for all eventualities. The ransom drop off will need to be treated as a high risk operation as you need to consider that it could be a set up to kidnap or hit you.
• After the ransom is paid, hopefully, the hostage will be released. If they are not, there is little that you can do about it. If they are released, your follow up action will depend on where you are and the attitude of the authorities.

Hopefully you can see from these very basic guidelines that dealing with kidnappings for ransom can be extremely complicated and is something that cannot be covered in a manual. When you were reading through these guidelines I doubt you were thinking about the emotional state of the victim’s families; how would you feel if a close family member was kidnapped and you had to come up with and drop off a ransom?

The first guideline is to confirm that the kidnapping is an actual kidnapping not a misunderstanding or a hoax. I have been approached by several men who have been lead to believe that their girlfriends, who they have usually met online, have been kidnapped, usually by an ex-gangster boyfriend. On one case I investigated the girl friend was known to the local police as a prostitute, and had even got the boyfriend, who was madly in love with her, to send her money to buy a house that did not exist. She had then told this poor guy that she had been kidnapped and needed fifty thousand dollars to be released, he was trying to get the funds together when he called me. She’d never been kidnapped; it was just a scam to get more money from the guy. Needless to say, the wedding was off and I hope he stopped trying to meet Russian girlfriends online.

Kidnap and ransom services are not cheap and the actual tasks involved are not glamorous. If most investigators or security companies are ever contacted to deal with a suspected kidnapping there is going to be thing one thing on their minds, big money! I consulted for one client who was quoted an exorbitant amount to retain the services of a security company who had apparently rescued an associate of his from a potential Russian mafia threat in Central Asia. This client had received reports that a close friend of his had been kidnapped and the first company he approached were straight away talking about rescue and extraction operations and had the client very scared for their friend’s safety. We started by getting local assets to confirm if the kidnapping had actually taken place, what we found was an amateur scheme to try an extort money from our client by a third party, no kidnapping.

After talking with this client about his associates potential Russian mafia threat we strongly expect what was in reality a couple of strong words exchange with some thug was turned into a big pay day for the first security company he approached. By playing on this person’s fears they blew the incident out of proportion, good business for them and gave him something exiting to talk about at his dinner parties. In reality, if a serious Russian mafia group had wanted him dead he would not have made it out of the country he was in or be living care free and giving dinner parties!

Another thing you may need to do is investigate what happened, but only when it is clearly safe to do so. I have been contacted numerous times by “investigators” who wanted our assistance in going into locations to investigate kidnappings. On nearly all these occasions the investigators never spoke the local language, did not know the culture and would not have blended in with the environments, but wanted to go to the areas where the kidnappings took place and try to resolve things. I always turn down such requests unless my associates and I are given full control, as we do not want to get involved in potential fiascos that could lead to someone’s death.

These investigators motives are clearly to make money but they do not comprehend what they are getting into. All they would be doing by going to the kidnapping locations and asking questions would be pressuring the kidnappers. Who in return could kill the hostage because they had become too much of a risk or just kidnap and make the investigator disappear as a warning anyone else who may want to be a hero. I know of one incident on a Caribbean island where a hostage was being told real time by his kidnappers what his family was telling the police about his kidnapping, the kidnappers were working with the police. There is a big difference between Hollywood and the real world!

If you have to deal with a kidnap and ransom situation you must remain aware that you’re personal security takes priority, especially when picking up, moving and dropping off cash or valuable assets. I know of one incident in the Caribbean where a woman had twenty thousand dollars sent to her through her bank so she could pay a ransom for a family member. She picked up the money from her bank and was robbed at gun point before she could make it to her car, now she needed to find another twenty thousand dollars for the ransom. Do you think the kidnappers would care that she had been robbed, not really, they want their ransom money, and chances are they were in on the robbery, but they’ll still wanted the ransom? There is a saying “if they pay once, they’ll pay again”.

In a lot of high risk countries kidnapping groups will look to employ people who work in banks and can tell them who has cash in their bank accounts to pay ransoms, I know of one case where a hostage was told by his kidnappers how much money he had in his several bank accounts and what they wanted, he paid. A friend of this person called me a few months after the kidnapping asking my advice as this man’s secretary had been kidnapped and the kidnappers had approached him to pay the ransom for her. I told him to tell his friend to tell the kidnappers that if they wanted to kill her it was up to them; he would find another secretary. Remember, the kidnappers will see it as you paid once, so you’ll pay again, in my opinion it has to stop somewhere.

Orlando Wilson – International Defense Strategies LLC

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Basic Home Security Security on a Budget – What You Should Know To Keep Your Family Safe

Guest post by Malcolm Robinson

In the United States, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds. That’s more than two million homes that are struck every year. Moreover, these break-ins are most likely to occur during the summer months, as families take vacations away from home.

Contrary to popular belief, most home break-ins are not performed by professionals. Eighty-five percent of home break-ins are carried out by opportunistic amateurs. In addition, home burglaries are most likely to happen during the day, when everyone is at work, not at night.

Here are 7 home security tips you can implement so that your house is less desireable to burglars.

Make it Look Like You’re Home

The National Burglary Institute estimates that 60% of break-ins happen when no one is in the home. Burglars are deterred when lights are on in the house when the TV is blaring, and when there is a car parked in the driveway. If you make your house look occupied when you’re gone, most burglars will simply pass it by.

Lock Up Windows and Doors

More than 40 percent of home break-ins occur without forced entry. This means many people are leaving their homes without locking the doors and windows. Double check windows and doors before you leave your house. In addition, remember windows have latches, not locks. They should have secondary devices such as wooden dowels or frame pins to prevent them sliding open from the outside. For your doors, use high-quality locks that resist twisting, prying, and lock-picking. For forced entry, upgrade your door with a heavy-duty, strike plate.They are available in most hardware stores and this upgrade alone will deter or prevent most through-the-door forced entries.

Secure the Patio Door with a Piece of Plywood

Sliding glass doors could be your home’s biggest weakness and most are secured by latches, not locks. Upgrade your sliding door with a locking mechanism or insert a blocking device in the door track. Take a piece of wood (or even a broomhandle) and place it in the track of your patio door. This will prevent door movement when you are out of the house.

Add Security System Signs on Your Lawn

Thieves will go out of their way to avoid homes with alarm systems because there is an increased chance of being caught. Place your security sign in a direction that faces high traffic and is easily noticed. This could make the difference in deterring intruders before they reach your door.

Beware of Dog!

A great solution to deter burglars is to own a dog. A dog’s sight, hearing and sense of smell are greater than their human owners. These senses allow dogs to notice an unwanted intruder long before we can. Once an intruder is detected, the dog will begin to bark as a warning to the intruder and as an alert to their owner. Knowing there is a dog on the property can help to deter potential burglars, and be an efficient alarm against intruders.

Install A Decoy Camera

If a home security system is not in your current budget, decoy camera can be a budget friendly burglar deterrent. They mimic the look and functionality of a video surveillance camera but they do not record. Install a decoy cameras near points of entry on your property. Criminals are less likely to burgularize your home if they think they will be caught on camera.

Upgrade To A Camera System

Upgrading from a decoy camera to a real camera is one of the best ways of securing your home. A camera will record daytime and nighttime activity, and when properly set up, can be viewed from a mobile device away from the property. For optimal results, safeguard all entrances to your property by installing a camera within line-of-sight of approaching intruders, and link them all back to a live video stream in the home. A camera system is more than a mere burglary deterrent. In the event that a burglary should happen to you, the video recordings can be used to identify intruders.

When you’re looking to protect your home from burglars you have a range of options to choose from. Securing your property is as simple as locking up entranceways and making it look like you’re home. Choose a low-cost solution like security system sign or a decoy camera to deter passersby, or get a dog and upgrade to a live streaming camera system and add a final layer of protection.

Meet the Author

Malcolm Robinson is a Public Relations Specialist at Night Owl Security Products. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Boynton Beach, FL, Night Owl is a leading innovator in the security technology industry providing surveillance equipment to homeowners, retailers and federal organizations across the globe. Find him on Facebook and Instagram.

The Preppers Arsenal – Choosing The Best Survival Firearms For Your Needs Now and Post Collapse

Today we present another article in our non-fiction writing contest  Jeff C

Survival gunsI live in a small town in the Midwest, not on the outskirts but smack dab in the middle. There are about 5,000 people in my town, not a large town by any stretch of the imagination, but big enough for my tastes. A preppers mindset has to make a bit of a shift when living in town, versus a more rural area. Namely, your garden is smaller, you can’t keep chickens and your ability to maintain a watchful perimeter is greatly diminished. These are all challenges that we need to adapt to, and as such your firearm choices need to adapt as well.

The premise of keeping firearms for more than just sporting purposes has been around ever since the first flintlocks were invented. So it makes sense that we should keep that tradition going. I have read many articles from people who have boldly proclaimed that a .50 caliber muzzleloader is all you need as it can be used to take small game, big game, waterfowl and defend your home. And while that’s true to a certain extent, a 30-50 second reload time between shots, combined with a 200-yard maximum range doesn’t appeal that much to me. As such, here are my musings on what I consider a prepper’s arsenal should look like, along with my personal choices for each category.

The categories are

  • Sporting
  • Defensive
  • Handguns
  • Backups
  • Trade


Survival gunsFor Sporting firearms, you should have a .22 for small game, a shotgun for waterfowl, and a long gun powerful enough to legally take the largest animal in your region. Here in northern Indiana, that means a shotgun loaded with slugs.

My choices:

  • .22 Mossberg 42M with 1950’s era 1.5x Weaver scope.
  • 20ga Remington 11-87
  • 20ga Mossberg 500 with a 3-9×50 Optic.

Since I am a sportsman at heart and participate in all deer seasons possible around here, I also have a .50 Hawken and a .50 CVA Kodiak inline. The reason for two muzzleloaders, with the right tools and some training, casting your own rounds for a Hawken rifle is not only fun but immensely rewarding.


Survival gunsThis is the category that tends to be the hardest to fill. Mainly due to the huge (and always growing) variety of options out there. Primarily it should consist of a shotgun for home defense, optional rifle for inside the home/under 100-yard engagements, a rifle for 50-300 yards and a rifle for 200-500 yards. The ranges on the last two are adjustable based on your location. Since I live in Indiana, there is not a whole lot of areas one can safely practice/shoot longer than 500 yards. If one lived in a place such as Utah or Wyoming, a rifle capable of reaching 800-1,000 yards may be necessary.

My choices:

  • 12ga Mossberg 500 for home defense16″ DPMS Oracle with a red dot sight for under
  • 16″ DPMS Oracle with a red dot sight for under 100-yard engagements.
  • 20″ Del-Ton AR15 with a 3-9×42 Optic for 50-300 yards..308 Mossberg ATR Night Train with a 4-16×50 Optic for 200-500 yards.
  • .308 Mossberg ATR Night Train with a 4-16×50 Optic for 200-500 yards.


Survival gunsA solid selection of handguns should consist of the following, one for Every Day Carry, one for home defense and one for practice. Optional, nightstand gun. Any choice you make for a nightstand gun should be extremely simple to operate, as you would be using it in a state of half awake/ half asleep.My choices,

My choices:

  • Kahr CM9 for EDC.
  • Kahr CM9 for EDC.Glock 19 for home defense.
  • Glock 19 for home defense..38 Spcl S&W 10 for practice.
  • .38 Spcl S&W 10 for practice.
  • S&W 5906 for a nightstand gun.


Survival gunsThese should be firearms to compliment/ replace what you’ll be using. Ideally, they will be ones that will escape notice if the government decides to push confiscation of “assault rifles”. No magazines over 10 rounds, and in calibers other than your primary firearms. That way if the government confiscates your ” assault rifles”, “high capacity handguns” and “military grade ammunition”, you will still be armed. You should also have a holster for your backup handgun.My choices,

My choices:

  • Mosin M91-30
  • Romanian SKS
  • 30-06 Sears 53
  • .45 ACP Tisas 1911A1

Survival gunsThe premise of firearms for trade is that you should develop zero sentimental attachment to them, they should be in generic calibers and be simple enough that anyone can use it. That way, if you have to/ want to trade for something in a situation where the economy has gone belly-up, you have a very useful commodity on hand and ready. The second reason for keeping firearms for trade on hand is that they can turn a neighbor/local friend from someone to be viewed as a liability, into an asset.

I have two different friends across town who do not prep beyond a 72-hour kit due to the chance of tornados. And as such, they do not/aren’t able to invest in acquiring firearms and training for themselves. I have taken them to the range and both are competent, if not familiar with guns. And in a crisis, my ability to hand them firearms to defend themselves and their homes creates two new allies.

My choices:

  • 12ga Stevens double barrel
  • 12ga Ithaca 37
  • .22 Marlin 81
  • 20ga H&R Pardner

There you go. That’s just my two cents worth of opinion. Any criticism is welcome, and appreciated. I am always ready to update and improve my defenses, mindset and safety.

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First Prize:

Second Prize: 

Third Prize:

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The more original and helpful your article is, the deeply and less basic it is, the better the chance, that I will publish it, and you will win. Only non-fiction how-to-do-it type articles, please.