Strategic Relocation Briefing—Kentucky and the Daniel Boone National Forest

Kentucky and Tennessee are a couple of my favorite states for relocation for those already in the East looking for safety. They are both in or beyond the Appalachian chain of mountains which will channel refugee flows coming from the east into known highway corridors, which can be strategically avoided. First, let me offer some general comments about Kentucky, which is a very diverse state, with 13 distinct geographic regions, each with their good points and bad.

Prepping works as planned. Until it doesn’t

Robert Burns once wrote, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a’gley.”. Translated—no matter how well we plan, things often fail, turn out wrong, or go awry. Humans have limitations. We possess only fragments of knowledge and limited experience. Pride and emotions cloud our thinking. Only God plans perfectly. We mortals are left to hope we have planned well enough to survive what comes. And learn from our mistakes early in the game.

My baby steps as a prepper began in 1991. Talk radio exposed me to the teachings of Larry Burkett, a Christian financial advisor and author of the book, The Coming Economic Earthquake. The truths in that book still apply 23 years later—governments with huge levels of debt eventually fall victim to money printing and hyperinflation. America becomes another Zimbabwe. He inspired me to forsake debt and avoid risky investments. We got seriously frugal and paid off our home. Got our small nest egg out of the stock market. Maximized our savings. Withdrew everything from our IRA to avoid government seizure in the future.

Strategic Relocation The Film FULL VERSION – Joel Skousen

Very good video on threats and relocation by Joel Skousen

Choosing a Country Homestead in Tennessee

Where to go? I read the recommended books, considered the options, including moving west where my husband’s family is located. But, I like the state where I live. Tennessee is listed as one of the top 5 “freedom” states and the state legislature, while not perfect, thinks about preserving the people’s rights more than other states I have visited.

Prepping in an Apartment with an Eye to the Future

Circumstances have drastically changed in my life. From living in a five bedroom home that could easily be off the grid and located on four acres, I now live in a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment on the first floor of a large complex in a nearby city.

It’s not too bad…I have a wooded area in back of me with lots of wildlife, quiet neighbors, and easy accessibility for my 94-year-old mother. I can honestly say that I miss only two things, my garden and my dog. It would have been cruel to bring her, a farm dog, to the city, so she is living with dear friends who live in the country. Enough on that subject as I tear up when thinking of her. However, she will be with me as soon as I can implement my plan (more on that later).

An Expanded Western Relocation Zone

by contributing author Joel M. Skousen, Author Strategic Relocation

I have often been asked to comment on Jim Rawles’ concept of the Redoubt for survival relocation.  Rawles’ criteria of distance from population threats, defendability, and agricultural suitability focus upon a fairly limited area of the Western US, centered around Idaho, and includes Western Montana and parts of Eastern Washington and Oregon.

In reality, it’s a fine area and certainly matches my core recommendations in Strategic Relocation for security, safety and livability, but it may be too limiting for most people. However, having consulted with people and designed high security residences for the last 40 years around North America, I realize all too well that most people have financial, distance from family, weather and other personal limitations that simply won’t allow for relocation to an area so far north and remote from their needs as the Redoubt.

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