Carry Firearms and Gear – What I Recommend and Why…

This is an article about how to choose a firearm for carry, why, how and when to carry as well as the opinions of several extremely solid shooters (well over 200+ years of experience in total shooting/ firearms instructors, 30+ year police veterans of large cities, former agents with federal agencies and contractors as well as lifetime military and at least two special forces people – they draw from life encounters and statistical information that with some searching is available) This article will take into consideration gender, caliber, reliability, longevity tests and user ability.

Are Firearm Silencers Legal in Your State? The Truth About Firearm Sound Suppressors aka Silencers…

Firearm suppressors do not actually silence a gunshot, but they do suppress the sound of the gunshot drastically enough so you will not need hearing protection. Think of a firearm suppressor much like the muffler on your car. Silencers do suppress almost 100 % of the muzzle flash from your weapon. Subsonic ammunition MUST be used with silencers or you will still hear the crack of the bullet breaking the sound barrier a few feet out of the barrel. For 9mm ammo, look for 147 grain ammo. Any smaller grain 9mm round (124 grain, 115 grain, ect) will generally not be subsonic. It’s pretty easy to determine the speed of the ammo by researching it online. A good rule of thumb is ammo that is rated at 1050 feet per second or less. This goes for any caliber from .22 long rifle up to .45 caliber. The 300 Blackout Subsonic rifle round is probably the best rifle round as far as quietness while still maintaining knockdown power. I have fired AR-15 with standard .223 rounds. Sadly, it was still pretty loud and did require hearing protection.

Some Thoughts on Handgun Training for Preppers (or ‘A Brief Synopsis of What Works for Me‘)

This is an article about learning to shoot firearms, also known as ‘guns’. Specifically, handguns. All firearms are dangerous. Handguns are especially dangerous. Do not attempt this while distracted by anything, including children (especially children) or spouse(s), radio, Tv, CD, DVD, dinner bells, bills, IRS audits… anything that distracts you can at least cause injury, at most, death, to self or another. Remember: the life you save may be dear to you. Also, any body parts you damage may have been useful at one time or another.

At all times, wear eye and hearing protection while training. Always. Especially eyes. Safety glasses are cheap insurance. Eyes are expensive losses. Always wear eye and hearing protection. Always. Do not deviate from this rule.

M.D. Creekmore’s Top Five Handguns for Preppers

I love writing firearms related articles like this, because these types of articles always brings readers out of their silence because everyone who knows anything about guns (and some that don’t) has an opinion as to what “the best guns” are and they will argue and defend their beliefs relentlessly, so we get plenty of comments and ideas that will, hopefully help others make the best choices when purchasing firearms for self-defense and survival.

But, before we go farther I’d like to point out that even though this article is titled “Top 5 Handguns for Preppers” I’m not saying that you need all five handguns. No, of the five a combination of three is all that you really need…

Secure Home Gun Storage: The Prepper’s Essentials

Having a good collection of guns at home is one of the very best ways of making sure that you are ready to face whatever comes your way in the future. You can feel safe and well protected if you know that you can deal with anyone or anything that threatens your family.

However, if you currently store them under your bed or in a cupboard then it is time to get a good, secure safe. There are a few reasons why this is such a good idea.

The Top Seven Buzzwords That I’m Sick of Hearing in The Gun Control Debate…

We hear these seven buzz words from the media, liberals, and others who have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to guns, ammo, and magazines. Most are buzzwords that are put forth by the media and anti-gun groups and politicians wanting to persuade listeners to their point of view and that is that guns are bad, evil beasts with ill intent all their own.

4 Things to Know Before Building Your AR10

The AR10 is a powerhouse of a rifle. It is semi-automatic, magazine fed, and modular. Like an AR 15 you can build your own AR10. In fact, you can even build an AR10 from an 80 lower receiver. An AR10 is easy to build but there are a few critical things to know before you dive into it. Here are 4 things to know before building your own AR10.

M-CARBO Trigger Springs and parts: Weekly product review

“When the enemy is close at hand and remains quiet, he is relying on the natural strength of his position. When he keeps aloof and tries to provoke a battle, he is anxious for the other side to advance. If his place of encampment is easy of access, he is tendering a bait.” Sun Tsu

Understanding the intent of Sun Tsu and the various authors of the Art of War is not like understanding the modern legal system. It is more a matter of reading it as it is and taking it the same way. For all of the metaphor’s what is written is actually quite literal. I use Sun Tsu and the Art of War for most of my reviews simply because it applies to almost every area of life in some form or another.

In this case a solid set of springs or parts in a firearm allows it to be reliable as a firearm. This promotes the ability to remain quiet and better able to easily win in battle or hunting. I found M-Carbo as a result of looking for better trigger set-ups for my Mossberg 702’s. When the recoil and trigger springs arrived I installed them and immediately went shooting to test them out. After all, even though you can easily test springs by measuring their resistance with a scale, there is a better way.

Thinking of Reloading? Some reality on a fun hobby.

 by JSW There’ve been quite a few comments about doing bullet reloading as a form of employment when the crunch comes down. Here are some of my thoughts on the topic, given from a shooter-reloader perspective. The Legal Issue. Once the stinky hit’s the oscillator I think ’following the law’, or ’being law-abiding’, is going to take on […]

What Calibers and Brands of Ammunition are Best for Prepping: Weekly product review

Ammunition, something most of us have, the form of which depends entirely upon what is allowed where we live. For many of us, firearms are embraced and used. For others slingshots, archery equipment, and even blowguns. Many people have very different approaches to prepping, for myself it is a matter of balance, over the course of my lifetime I have learned to balance my approaches. As a child I was taught archery, firearms, trapping, tracking, stalking and even the use of slingshots. As I got older I continued to practice the use of all of these hunting tools.