Hunger Season (Siege of New Hampshire) : Weekly Review of author Mic Roland’s 3 part series

Hunger Season is a trilogy (hopefully with more to come) by Mic Roland that looks at a very real potential situation having occurred (complete failure of electrical grid) in the United States. Instead of the “hero” being a former navy seal who was also a ranger and in the gsg9, you have a man who is overweight, out of shape and above all, not really ready for what happens. From the very beginning, it drags you in and definitely appeals to my desire for reality-based fiction.

CrossBreed® Holsters and accessories: Weekly product review

Anyone with an electric oven and a few bucks can make holsters these days. There is of course a difference in holsters made to last, and those made for looks. As someone who carries concealed daily; and has for over two decades, there is a difference in manufacturers. Some manufacturers build holsters for looks, they will match the specialty painted 1911 or other artistic looking handgun. And than, there are the holsters for users. Now, understand this, I absolutely believe you can have form/beauty and function. However, I also have seen far too much sacrificing of function for form recently.

Raven Rock, a book review: Review of the week

(The following review is going to ruffle feathers, I do not expect it to be positively popular, rather I expect it will cause some rather abrupt comments. For this, I do not apologize, my goal here has always been to offer reviews that are honest and based in fact, I think to date I have done a decent job of this. I refuse to lie to you, the reader, I have come to respect far too many of you regular wolf packers to start now/ it is not vulgar it is controversial, just understand that.)

The Only Trap You’ll Ever Need: The Havahart Live Traps an Ideal Choice for Preppers

I would highly recommend the Havahart live trap to anyone. If you are new to trapping or live in an urban or suburban environment, there is nothing easier to employ than the Havahart trap. It’s safe to use, extremely effective, quietly works for you 24 hours a day and gives you options on releasing or dispatching your catch. They’re so user-friendly, anyone can operate these traps. Providing meat for your pot while simultaneously solving your nuisance animal issues has never been easier!

Trayvax® wallets and belts: Weekly Product Review

Trayvax® is another really solid American made company, two weeks back I wrote a review on the Indestructibelt® I honestly and firmly believe that they have the best all around daily wear, use and gun belt available today. However, upon receiving the Trayvax® belt for review I realized quickly that it would be a great stand alone belt as well, or would work well as the belt you put on to keep your pants up, while placing the Indestructibelt® outside the loops etc., as a carry belt for additional gear.

SHTF Club: Weekly Review, a subscription service you may be interested in

Subscription services are a uniquely American idea. From Avon through Fuller brushes and more, subscribing to save originated in the United States, now we have our Costco’s, Sams Club’s, Amazon’s and more. It seems only right that this should make its way into the Prepping community. Remembering that I for one am a lifetime prepper, eg., not a doomsday prepper, but someone who understands daily there is this little thing called Murphy’s Law and regardless your intent, prepared really is the only way to be.

As review editor for this fine resource website run by the ever humble and amazing M.D. Creekmore, I was approached by the owners of a subscription box service that offers three plans, for monthly boxes which include any number of really quite solid products for prepping needs.

Dakotaline Survival Snare Package: Weekly Product Review

Trapping is one of the oldest methods of hunting and gathering food in the world. Some of the first traps have been found and or noted in cave paintings and Chinese manuscripts dating back before 5000 BC (Chinese manuscripts dated 500 bc). Snares have long been the go-to choice for many trappers due to their simplicity and relative ease with which they can be used, setup and harvested.

As someone raised trapping Muskrat and Beaver for pelt money during the winter months by a sharecropping father, for myself trapping is second nature. The reality is a successful trap line has more to do with understanding animal habits than with any other single piece of knowledge. For instance, water loving, fur-bearing animals such as beaver and muskrat will always dive deep when snagged, in an attempt to “lose the creature” attached. By doing this they drown themselves if you set the trap properly, using a simple slip joint/knot that goes down and doesn’t allow them back up.

Wiebe Knives survival on purpose: Weekly Product Review

“ A dull knife will hurt you more than it will help, a sharp knife will ensure quick clean cuts and a sure stroke.” Blades are somewhat of a specialty, I own several hundred, from low-end mass produced through high-end customs. Some of my favorite blades are Morakniv Companions which run between $12 and $30 […]

M-CARBO Trigger Springs and parts: Weekly product review

“When the enemy is close at hand and remains quiet, he is relying on the natural strength of his position. When he keeps aloof and tries to provoke a battle, he is anxious for the other side to advance. If his place of encampment is easy of access, he is tendering a bait.” Sun Tsu

Understanding the intent of Sun Tsu and the various authors of the Art of War is not like understanding the modern legal system. It is more a matter of reading it as it is and taking it the same way. For all of the metaphor’s what is written is actually quite literal. I use Sun Tsu and the Art of War for most of my reviews simply because it applies to almost every area of life in some form or another.

In this case a solid set of springs or parts in a firearm allows it to be reliable as a firearm. This promotes the ability to remain quiet and better able to easily win in battle or hunting. I found M-Carbo as a result of looking for better trigger set-ups for my Mossberg 702’s. When the recoil and trigger springs arrived I installed them and immediately went shooting to test them out. After all, even though you can easily test springs by measuring their resistance with a scale, there is a better way.

What Calibers and Brands of Ammunition are Best for Prepping: Weekly product review

Ammunition, something most of us have, the form of which depends entirely upon what is allowed where we live. For many of us, firearms are embraced and used. For others slingshots, archery equipment, and even blowguns. Many people have very different approaches to prepping, for myself it is a matter of balance, over the course of my lifetime I have learned to balance my approaches. As a child I was taught archery, firearms, trapping, tracking, stalking and even the use of slingshots. As I got older I continued to practice the use of all of these hunting tools.