Best Survival Guns: Handguns, Shotguns and Rifles for the Survivalist

What is the best prepper weapon or survival gun? Here we go into great detail regarding all subjects that are related to survival guns, accessories and their use. Scroll down to learn more and avoid making mistakes when selecting survival guns…

Product Review – Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle (New Model)

by M.D. Creekmore - May 14, 2013 • 58 comments

Ruger mini14

I guess I should start with why I got a Mini 14 in the first place. There are several reasons for me. I wanted something in the .223 caliber because it’s a common round, because I wanted something I could coyote hunt with, and because all you AR owners in the states seem to be having so much fun with the .223! For me though, an AR-15 was out. We have a class of weapons known as ‘restricted’ in Canada, and the AR-15 is on that list. That means I couldn’t take my AR out in the field and hunt with. I could only double lock it while transporting it to an approved range and only with something called an ATT, or authorization to transport. Not to mention that we still have a registry for restricted weapons, but out long gun registry was scrapped. I got my gun license and my first rifle just after the long gun registry was scrapped so my name appears on none of the old copies, and I want it to stay that way.

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Product review: Smith and Wesson 686

by M.D. Creekmore - May 8, 2013 • 105 comments

Smith and Wesson 686 Photo 1
This gun seems like a perfect second handgun (after a Glock, perhaps) for a survival situation. The ability to fire .357 Mags or .38 Specials makes it a versatile gun, capable of taking lots of game in North America (if you have to do any hunting with it) and it’s more than capable of taking care of human adversaries, I’d imagine (though I have no experience with that aspect of it, thank God). It is heavy and large, so I don’t know that it would be good for a BOB and it certainly isn’t CCW material, but in an OC state or post-SHTF, it would be quite intimidating in a hip holster.

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Why are Americans buying so many guns?

by M.D. Creekmore - May 1, 2013 • 131 comments

Even after the failed passage of “expanded background checks” in the U.S. senate people are still buying guns and ammo by massive numbers, with Sturm, Ruger reporting sales of 500,000 each in one quarter and a backorder list of over 2 million according to a recent report at zerohedge. And ammo for many calibers is still unavailable in most areas.

pic of AR-15

The only logical answer is that folks are seeing the writing on the wall and know that the poop is about to hit the fan… I just hope that they’re also stockpiling food, grain mills, non-hybrid garden seed, water filters and other survival gear and aren’t just planning to use their new firepower to take what they want from others that have prepared with a well-rounded survival plan (YOU).

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How long will your stockpiles of ammunition last?

by M.D. Creekmore - April 30, 2013 • 56 comments

It’s a question many of us must ask ourselves, and while some have stocked more than others, it’s impossible for any of us to know, definitively, how many days, weeks, or months our ammunition will last. That can be unsettling.

Click for full-sized image...

For example, imagine a friendly neighbor who, today, would never dream of speaking ill of you, let alone harm you. Post-TEOTWAWKI, the same person, having never prepared tomorrow’s grocery list, let alone their own stockpiles of food and water, will suddenly become a real threat. So will several others.

But does each challenge for your resources require the use of a firearm to defend? Surely not. The sword (or blade) is perfectly suited for protecting yourself from the lesser threats you may encounter on a day-to-day basis: The unarmed, the physically weak, and the mentally unprepared.

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Firearms training when ammo is scarce!

by M.D. Creekmore - April 8, 2013 • 64 comments

This guest post by Blair and entry in our non-fiction writing contest. Looking at the empty ammo shelves at Wal-mart the other day, I was reminded that, while this ammo shortage is likely to be temporary, there will come a time when the shelves will be permanently bare. Ammo will be scarce resource, to be rationed and closely monitored. […]

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Armory consolidation a marriage of practicality and survival.

by M.D. Creekmore - March 13, 2013 • 55 comments

This guest post by Anthony M and entry in our non-fiction writing contest. I  know what everyone is thinking.  Oh great, another gun nut. Well  I am a gun nut, but I do not have an entire vault full of every weapon  ever used in a war.  I do not collect them just to show them […]

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More Bang For Your Buck–How to clean, lube, and protect your firearms easily and cheaply

by M.D. Creekmore - March 11, 2013 • 40 comments

This guest post by Mike R and entry in our non-fiction writing contest. The wise prepper knows that his guns are the most important part of his survival gear. Guns are not only a means of taking meat, pelts and hides, they can be used for varmint control around a farm site with crops or farm animals and poultry. […]

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Firearm Magazines: A Short Primer on Selection and Use…

by M.D. Creekmore - March 8, 2013 • 16 comments
Thumbnail image for Firearm Magazines: A Short Primer on Selection and Use…

This guest post by Robert M and entry in our non-fiction writing contest. Traditionally magazines are made of metal. Their basic function is a spring pushes a follower upward to place rounds where the bolt can engage then feed them. Old school is an internal magazine that is unloaded one bullet at a time, an upgrade to this […]

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Is It Reliable? Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 Review

by M.D. Creekmore - March 5, 2013 • 55 comments

Update: After several hundred rounds the Smith and Wesson .380 bodyguard started to malfunction on about every second or third shot. No longer recommended. Most discussions of survival guns leads to talk of battle rifles and door to door combat. But the truth is, you are more likely to need a small, light weight concealable handgun to […]

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Product review of the Remington Model R-25 semi auto, cal. 308 win. rifle

by M.D. Creekmore - February 18, 2013 • 15 comments

An opinion of the Remington Model R-25 semi auto, cal. 308win. Rifle: by Thomas T. Tinker Offered by a none.. sniper, super human, wannabe operator, Ramboesque, hiding in a spider hole, nutcase, doomsday paranoid … I just own one.. I mean the rifle. Thomas T. Tinker. I thought about buying one of several big bores… I […]

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A shotgun just for me…

by M.D. Creekmore - September 26, 2012 • 73 comments

This guest post is By Tactical G-Ma  and entry in our non-fiction writing contest . For the past thirty + years my life consisted of 40 hours per week on the job and the remaining waking hours were dedicated to kids, housework, shopping, being wife and mommy, and making sure everyone else got what they needed. Don’t get me […]

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A .22 caliber ammo primer

by M.D. Creekmore - July 12, 2012 • 31 comments

This guest post is by Jeff P and entry in our non-fiction writing contest . Many of us have .22 caliber ammo and firearms in their “survival” battery. I am no exception and have more than I probably need, but each has a special place in my safe. But this article is about something I think is even […]

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Don’t buy a Ruger LCP 380 without reading this!

by M.D. Creekmore - July 12, 2012 • 30 comments

by P Not being an impulse buyer, I spent quite a bit of time reading up before buying my little pocket rocket. I wanted to make sure my $$$ got what I expected. I did, and then some. I am pleased and not sorry I bought this gem. The Ruger LCP 380 is a quality weapon. Not showy–just my style. She does […]

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Children And Firearms: Prepare, Teach, And Apply

by M.D. Creekmore - July 10, 2012 • 22 comments

This guest post is by Z.H. Former USAF Combat Arms Instructor (AFSC 3P0X1B) and entry in our non-fiction writing contest . There remains a fair amount of hesitation among some in the wider survivalist community about teaching their children about firearms (especially those making the transition from urban areas where the very idea of addressing firearms with children […]

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How to make your own Diy blowgun in a few easy steps

by M.D. Creekmore - June 28, 2012 • 15 comments

This guest post was written by Hunter Because I am in the 6th grade I am not allowed to purchase firearms or any other means of self-defense. But then I realize that not all lethal weapons are composed of a metal frame and do damage with a bullet. So I decided to make a blow gun. Take […]

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Tips for non-gun country

by M.D. Creekmore - June 26, 2012 • 14 comments

Letter from Valter in Brazil Hi, I live in Brazil and here the gun laws are pretty much restrictive. We have no powerful rifles, and acquiring a simple .410 single shot is the same price or paperwork of a powerful 12 gauge pump (ok, almost… like R$ 800,00 (less taxes & paperwork) for the .410 […]

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Open Carry of loaded handguns by state map

by M.D. Creekmore - June 15, 2012 •

Open Carry of loaded handguns by state map…

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Need a backup hand gun : then try the Ruger LCP.

by M.D. Creekmore - June 5, 2012 • 60 comments

This guest post is by John B and entry in our non-fiction writing contest . This is a topic often discussed, yet there is no clear answer as to what is best. While I was in a local gun store I happened to hear a conversation between a customer and a sales associate on which hand gun to […]

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How to Sight in your scoped rifle with a single shot

by M.D. Creekmore - June 1, 2012 • 10 comments
Thumbnail image for How to Sight in your scoped rifle with a single shot

This guest post is by Glenn and entry in our non-fiction writing contest . I remember getting my .30-06 as a present for my 18th birthday. Well, what I got was an unfinished stock, a barreled action, and a fixed 4x scope. After finishing the stock (I use that term loosely since I never wanted a fancy […]

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Buying your first gun. Here’s How.

by M.D. Creekmore - May 24, 2012 • 52 comments
Thumbnail image for Buying your first gun. Here’s How.

This guest post is by Joe I and entry in our non-fiction writing contest . What are you going to do? Are you going to rush out and buy one? And will you buy some ammo when you get the gun? Are you just going to head out to the range and start shooting? Figure it […]

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