The Only Trap You’ll Ever Need: The Havahart Live Traps an Ideal Choice for Preppers

I would highly recommend the Havahart live trap to anyone. If you are new to trapping or live in an urban or suburban environment, there is nothing easier to employ than the Havahart trap. It’s safe to use, extremely effective, quietly works for you 24 hours a day and gives you options on releasing or dispatching your catch. They’re so user-friendly, anyone can operate these traps. Providing meat for your pot while simultaneously solving your nuisance animal issues has never been easier!

Dakotaline Survival Snare Package: Weekly Product Review

Trapping is one of the oldest methods of hunting and gathering food in the world. Some of the first traps have been found and or noted in cave paintings and Chinese manuscripts dating back before 5000 BC (Chinese manuscripts dated 500 bc). Snares have long been the go-to choice for many trappers due to their simplicity and relative ease with which they can be used, setup and harvested.

As someone raised trapping Muskrat and Beaver for pelt money during the winter months by a sharecropping father, for myself trapping is second nature. The reality is a successful trap line has more to do with understanding animal habits than with any other single piece of knowledge. For instance, water loving, fur-bearing animals such as beaver and muskrat will always dive deep when snagged, in an attempt to “lose the creature” attached. By doing this they drown themselves if you set the trap properly, using a simple slip joint/knot that goes down and doesn’t allow them back up.

The Prepper’s Do It Yourself Fishing Kit

In a survival situation being able to consume calories may mean the difference between life and death. The vast majority of survival situations end with a self-rescue, so the most crucial person involved is you.

Being able to gather food from the wild is a skill that needs many years to perfect. Hunting and trapping, identifying edible plants and fungus, knowing what to do in a variety of situations; this all makes up the constitution of a good survivalist. However, fishing is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to gather food from the wild. Depending on your location, this skill can provide you with enough calories to hike back to civilization, keep warm through the night, and eventually rescue yourself!

Compound vs Recurve Bow, Which One is Best for Survival?

If you’re in a survival situation or planning to live off the grid, you are probably interested in weapons. Specifically, what weapon should you take with you. Guns are a logical choice, but they’re hard to maintain over long periods of time because they require ammunition. Once you run out of ammo, the gun will be useless. A better choice for survivalists is a bow. But, there’s choices there as well. Here, we will compare a compound vs. recurve bow, which one is best for survival?

The Most Important Hunting Gear for The Prepper / Wild Game Forager

According to the United States Fish & Wildlife Service an estimated 90 million US citizens aged 16 and above participate in some form of wildlife-related recreational activities. 13.7 million of these are hunters, 12.7 million of whom use rifles, shotguns or handguns for hunting. This means that the remaining 1 million hunters use bows. With such a huge number of hunters, it is no wonder that an estimated $ 70.4 million is used on hunting gear annually. From this statistics, it is clear that hunters invest heavily on their hunting equipment. As a novice or beginner hunter figuring out what hunting gear to invest in can be a daunting task, especially given the wide selection of hunting gear available. While this can be challenging there are certain equipment that you should prioritize over others. If you want to make the transition from rookie to advanced hunter these are the hunting gear, you should buy.

Archery as a necessary part of prepping: Reviewing two inexpensive bows for the WolfPack

For thousands of years, archery has been utilized as a tool for hunting, defense and waging war. It is the one tool that has seen the littlest real advancements and yet remains solidly on the forefront for sports related sales and use around the world. Sure, we now have mechanically driven bows, special wheels and different styles of shooting, however, the basics remain the same. A “stick” a “string” and another “stick” combined create one of the most historically terrifying and relevant tools of all time. Obviously, I am simplifying things to say the above, however, using pure reasoning, one can see this being a true statement in a general way.

Best Camo Patterns for Every Season

When shopping for camouflage, it’s hard to resist the bargain area where camos are sold for less than retail. Usually, the camos featured in the clearance section are out of season. However, some hunters will jump at the chance to save on camouflage and wear it in the woods – regardless of season. Some hunters will even go as far as mismatching their camos with many different seasons in one outfit. While they may have saved a few dollars, they might have ruined their chance to catch a buck, which can be a much bigger loss in the big scheme of things. Why, you ask? Despite what people will try to tell you, camo patterns matter, especially when hunting whitetail deer.

What Everybody Ought To Know About Bow Hunting For Survival

Let’s clear the air first. I’m not a professional archer or survival bow hunter. I’ve never published an article in BowHunter or Archery magazine, nor have I ever competed in the Olympics in any venue, let alone archery. (Regardless what you may have heard to the contrary.) Nor have I ever traveled out-of-state to hunt any animal with a bow (and only did it once with a rifle, so am no expert there, either). Nor have I any formal education beyond what a college phy-ed class attempted to teach me after I’d been shooting and studying archery for twenty years. When push comes to shove, I am a ‘purist’ but I don’t let that stop me from using modern materials or style of bow.

Cold Weather Clothing A Prepper’s Guide to Staying Warm in Harsh Conditions

Every year people die during the cold and storms of winter because of lack of preparation. Motorists get stuck in blizzards and succumb to the cold when their fuel runs out and old people freeze when their furnace stops working during a power outage. These kinds of deaths will be much more prevalent if war and/or an EMP strike brings down the national power grid for a time (a few months if we’re lucky, a year if the establishment doesn’t get their act together).

Hunter Gatherer Skills That Every Survivalist Should Have

As a survivalist, you will be hunting and maybe raising your own food. With that comes the responsibility of knowing how to do these things and how to store them effectively. You will need to know how to hunt, raise, preserve, and how to prepare it.