Wandering The Wasteland After The Collapse – Are You Just Fooling Yourself?

Let’s see we have what I call the “Book of Eli” and “The Road” mentality what I call the fantasy survivalist. They assume they can put on their backpack grabbed their SKS and wandered the land like young Grasshopper Cain from the 70’s Kung Fu TV series. A little reality needs to be brought up. One point is the standard carry load for the SKS/ AR is around 200 rounds. I know you think wow I would carry a thousand rounds right. Sure you would for about 100 yards. Then sweating like a stuff pig huffing and puffing you would realize the fact that 200 rounds plus the rest of the survival gear in your Bug out Back Pack is about all you can carry.

How To Start a Fire in the Woods

No discover since the beginning of time has been more important to the development of mankind, then the discovery of Fire. The simple presence of a fire added to the routinely “normal” day in the outdoors instantly adds the feeling of safety to any situation. In any severe or extreme condition, the presence of fire, literally means life. There are many ways to start a fire. They all have the same effect. The Boy Scout Handbook states, “A fire can warm you, cook your meals, and dry your clothes. Bright flames lift your spirits on rainy mornings.

How To Stockpile Animal Traps and Related Gear To Supplement Your Survival Food Storage Now And Post Collapse

Harvesting wild game for the stewpot is excellent long-term survival strategy as long as you don’t plan to live off of harvested wild game exclusively. Wild game should be considered as only one link, in your food resupply chain, and not as the whole chain.

You must have variable and independent sources of resupply, lined up and ready to go. I’ve seen too many preppers, who plan to rely 100% on their stored foods. They have no resupply chain, and if the crisis lasts longer than their food stockpile, then they are out of luck.

Benefits of Harvesting & Eating Venison

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The $10 Fire Kit For Your Bug Out Bag

It all began this past winter while watching the national news. Apparently an older couple decided to try an untested short cut home from a nearby casino. This short cut happened to be through a lightly traveled mountain pass. Did I mention there was a blizzard going on at the time? Well, there was. You know what happens next. The folks got lost and their car became stuck in the snow and they weren’t going anywhere. They must not have believed in being prepared for situations like this because they had no useful supplies with them, not even a bit of food, water or matches.

Weapons and tools for foraging and self-defense

In this article I’ll be talking about choosing the right firearms for self-defense, and for foraging. I’ll try to keep this as short and to the point as possible while still covering everything that you really need to know, in order to make an informed decision when buying and learning how-to use those tools to […]

Survivalize your gear with survival cord

by Jim Ballou – Author of –  Long-Term Survival in the Coming Dark Age – Preparing to Live after Society Crumbles We visited this basic idea in a prior article describing how it might be utilized with a survival carbine, but here we will consider a broader application that involves wrapping other suitable survival gear […]

Bird Feeders and Trapping Birds for Self Reliance Post SHTF

Today’s non-fiction writing contest entry was written by Brian F Resources for this article: Tomahawk Tomahawk Double Door Rigid Live Bird Trap Nature House ST1 Trio Sparrow Trap Over the last couple of weeks due to the severe winter weather I felt badly for the wild birds. I did not have any store-bought feed for […]

How to Make A Campfire Last All Night

How to make a campfire that will last all night with little or no further maintenance beyond the initial phase. This fire lay (or a variation) was a traditional fire used in the Scandinavian countries of Finland, Norway and Sweden. It was and is used as an all night fire lay for traditional type camping while using open front shelters. It is known there as “Rakovalkea” or “Nying”. In english it would be known as possibly “gap fire” or “long fire”

A Quick Primer on Silent Weapons and Why You Need Them

Silent Weapons – well maybe not completely silent but silent enough to not draw attention to yourself… The value of silence under certain survival conditions could literally mean the difference between life and death for the survivor. Taking game silently could be essential in keeping your location secret and avoiding potential threats, or frightening away […]