The Big Berkey / Doulton Filtration System Hybrid for Those Who Live in California

This is a review for my Big Berkey/Doulton water filtration system. I live in California and was informed by Berkey that they can only ship the smaller units to California due to a lead-free certification that Berkey did not yet have. They could only ship the travel size or the plastic one because those were supposed to be for travel/outdoor use.

Disinfecting Water and Food Supplies

Many households prepare for emergency cases such as disasters and earthquakes by organizing food and storage supplies that they will use for their survival. The power of the nature is impressive and we have passed through many hurricanes, snow storms and tornadoes to be aware of the fact that we need to take precautions if we want to protect our families and pets when use this food and water supplies.

Securing The Home Water Supply With A Simple Rain Barrel Collection System

Water has always been an afterthought for me and my prepping. It’s so easy for me to take it for granted when all I need to do is turn a faucet handle and fresh, clean water is made available. But what if power goes down for a significant amount of time and eventually the water stations with it? So I finally decided to store some water for just such an occasion. The most efficient way I could find to do this was by rain collection in rain barrels. For OPSEC reasons I tell the neighbors it’s for watering the garden and yes we use it for that as well. But if the SHTF I have 220 gallons of water available for my family to use.

Is there such a thing as a Water Hoarder?

I don’t live near any kind of water. The water we receive comes from the city water system but because of the drought conditions we have been given water restrictions for the last three to four years. I don’t have means to dig a well either. My rain collection system installed just weeks ago is now full of rain water and I have plans to install another 225 gallon storage tank on the opposite side of the house.

Question about water collection and storage from Red C

MD, thanks for all you do on this site, as you’ve made it a very valuable one, IMHO. I have a question for the Pack, related to water. I’ve been increasing our water storage. We live in a small town & depend on city water. If we lost that, our primary resupply would be rain […]

Questions and Answers with The Wolf Pack : Choosing a Water Pump…

I have a question that might be a good one to pose to the pack. I’ve been looking at 55 gallon water barrel pumps on Amazon and Ebay and reading details and reviews. The price ranges are fairly wide. I want something that will last, and do the job with ease of use. I am […]

How to Carry 200 Gallons of Water or More

Today’s non-fiction writing contest entry, “How to Carry 200 Gallons of Water or More” was written by Donald T I would like to start off by letting all of you know that, I too have been lurking for the past two years. I have learned more from this site than I have from all of the others combined. […]

Questions & Answers with The Wolf Pack – Rain Water Collection

Question from Red C

MD, thanks for all u do on this site, as you’ve made it a very valuable one, IMHO.

I have a question for the Pack, related to water.  I’ve been increasing our water storage.  We live in a small town & depend on city water.  If we lost that, our primary resupply would be rain water.  Our area rec’s about 40 inches of rain/year.

I’m curious about what types of water resupply systems (rain, well, creek, lake, etc) other Pack members depend on, & if some pack members have advice for me.  We’re in the process of setting up a couple rain barrels.

I have some tarps I could use to increase rain catchment in an emergency.  We have 3-4 pools & a hot tub within a 2 block radius.

M.D. Adds : Red, I have two of these “100 Gallon Rain Harvesting Tanks” from Prepper Water Storage, and a 55 gallon tank that I use to collect water off the roof of my chicken coop, that I use to water the chickens. I also have a farm pond that is about one acre in size and located about 200 yards from my property line, that I can use if needed.

Questions and Answers With The Wolf Pack : Storing Water?

Question from Mountain Fever

I have a question I’d like to post; I don’t know what day of the week you post questions from members… but my question is: I have (4) 7-gallon water storage containers in my garage; and I hope to change out the water only every 6 months.

Do I need to use any “water preserves” or something else to kill bacteria growth? I found this “Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen Water Preserver” but am not familiar with it; has anyone used it? I also heard of some people using a little bit of bleach or baking soda; but would like advice.

Questions and answers with The Wolf Pack : How do I get to my well water after the electric goes out?

Question from Robbin W I’ve seen where people can write in and get advice from the pack, that is what I need!! My husband works out of town a lot. He takes good care of things and keeps most everything in working order but I have this fear of him being gone when the SHTF […]