CHEAP Dollar Tree Medical Supplies – Prepping Low on Cash


  1. Stay away from the “store” brand bandaids. The adhesive does not last long, and causes me a skin rash – something I have never had before.

    • You have to stock the types you know work for your family. Some of our family members have reactions to the adhesives on some of the plastic tapes and bandages, so we buy the fabric version. Vet wrap is a great thing to have in the first aid kit, the fabric sticks to itself, but not to you.

      • Athletic tape and pre wrap are good to keep on hand also. The tape sticks well and is really flexible, you can use the pre wrap to keep from the tape contacting the skin.

        • Yep. The coadhesive tapes are awesome for securing bandages or wrapping strains and sprains, they also work well to secure ice packs (as does saran wrap types). They are really nice for livestock as they can be a hassle to bandage at times.

          We don’t use as much pre wrap as we used to with the kids out of sports, but we still have alot on hand along with chemical ice packs.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            I have been using the Assure brand (The Dollar Store’s house brand) for a few years and I find they stick well. The waterproof ones are the only ones that don’t stick well.

            But The Dollar Tree also sells Curad (a name brand) bandages so you can also buy them there.

            I didn’t expect the Assure brand to work so I bought one-box and tried them and they worked well.

            I am always getting a scrape or cut in my home repair work and need bandages to work.

  2. I was just there the other day. Our store isn’t that large, but I still got more than I could carry. Will go back when the rain stops. My van is like a rolling store which I need to find space for all the stuff. Yes, I do like to shop there.

  3. Geez, not interested in watching videos. None.

  4. Im glad there is a video on this…wasn’t sure the Dollar Tree was far spread throughout the US. But this place is great for FOOD/CANNED/SNACK prepping. Canned meat, PB, meds, snacks, shelf stable milk, canned soups… This is one place Ive been prepping for cheep. Start cheep and work your way up. Happy Prepping!

  5. mom of three says:

    We have two dollar tree stores, we have quite a bit but I am always wondering if it’s worth picking up the assured brand. I only buy USA, or Canada, brands of medicine. I did notice that the dollar tree, is carrying more name brand item’s which is great.

  6. Babycatcher says:

    I absolutely love Patriot Nurse’ vids. I always learn something! So many things I didn’t know might be in DT! The big bottles of powder above the mouse traps were boric acid canisters. I swear by that stuff! I have lived in some pretty funky places that had roaches when I moved in, but they were gone well before I moved out! It lasts a long time, too. I will have to make another trip there soon! Thanks PN!

  7. I use Dollar Tree for meds for my GHB. She has given me a whole lot of more ideas in this video. I need to make another Dollar Tree run now. Thanks MD for posting this video!

  8. Be VERY careful of the cheaper medical supplies in the Dollar Tree. I have purchased quite a few things from the DT only to discover they are not even worth a buck. Plus a lot of the products are made in China. If you shop carefully, many things are cheaper in WM or Big Lots.

  9. There are few things I will buy from DT. I bought a hand mirror there which held up well. When I needed a broom to sweep a yucky place, I got one at DT. It lasted for a few jobs and promptly broke. But, it save my good straw broom for indoors from becoming yucky.

    Even good bandaids lose their stickiness. Cheap or off brand ones go faster! I cannot use many brands because of allergic dermatitis.

  10. This was an entertaining video to watch.
    My wife laughed at how spazz’ed-out P.N. was getting over finding various things.
    She says the same thing that you’ve got to be careful with what you find there……… may not be such a great deal in the long run.

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