The Coming Economic Collapse


  1. Happy Camper says:

    Just my 2c chipping in… I cant watch videos as living off grid and relying on patchy mobile internet, not sure if anyone else has this issue but a brief transcript would be welcomed if warranted.

    • patientmomma says:

      I also have satellite internet, which is expensive and limited, so I have to choose carefully the videos I watch. If I can read an article it is better as it saves on data usage.

  2. $1 trillion each year just for the interest on our debt by 2020!? The tax and spend junkies in D.C. will likely be looking to sell the oil on federal land. Hopefully we have 5 years to prepare.

  3. Chuck Findlay says:

    The world falls apart when it falls apart. I can’t do much about it.

    But I can and do something at the personal level. I prepare, practice old skills, learn new skills, buy preps I know to be useful if it stays OK or falls apart. And I enjoy my life. I don’t see it as productive to get all panicked over something I can’t change or have any input in hopes of changing it.

    Prep for tomorrow, but don’t forget to enjoy today…

    • Bwhntr59 says:


      100% my philosophy also. I prep and learn, but frankly I enjoy a movie and a pizza, hanging out with my hunting buddies, watching Packer games ( here insert your favorite football team of course ) and having a couple drinks for laughs. If the SHTF, I am ore prepared than anyone else I know, and am prepared to help all family and friends, if they are willing to work and help also. God Bless all Pack and like minded preppers.

      • JP in MT says:


        I have to agree! And I feel the same as you and Chuck. Nothing I can do about the national problem, it’s gotten bigger than the individual. What I can do is work on preparing my “personal little universe”. I do enjoy the modern conveniences, but am working toward a goal of having many of them make as little an impact as possible. That way WHEN they go away or are no longer affordable (really the same thing) my life will be as little impacted as possible.

  4. Chuck Findlay says:

    Just noticed Google puts up cute pictures as part of it’s logo. And right now it has one with The Statue of Liberty falling over.

    If it ever does get attacked by terrorist some conspiracy theorist will point this out and say it’s an inside job and Google had inside forewarning. After all instead of having a real life, that is what they do.

    • I don’t think it is falling over, I think that is France bringing it to the US.

    • Chuck,
      Who decides if something is a “conspiracy theory” the local news, mainstream media, the government? If you look back a lot of the stuff that they were calling a “conspiracy theory” a few years ago has been proven as fact now.

      One could say that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the fact that what’s in it has been a top secret is now a “conspiracy theory” regarding what’s in it. But it’s real, and if it was good and they thought people would support it then they would make it all transparent. But like everything else in this “country” it’s top secret.

      Or the top secret 28 pages that reveal the Saudis involvement in 911 according to Congressman Walter Jones.

      Or the fact that the U.S. is responsible for the rise of ISIS for the purpose of regime change and destabilization in the middle east. And as an extra bonus they are (ISIS) works as a great boogie man to give credence to the U.S. spy and police state…

      Everything is not being told to us via CNN or Fox news in fact most of what we are being spoon fed is total BS.

  5. couple tidbits…..’give me your tired, your…..’ the plaque bearing this (in)famous statement did not appear on Lady Liberty (placed in late 1870’s) until early 1900’s……the pledge of allegiance was written by a socialist promoting nationalism & his flag sales business- after The War of Northern Aggression the statement: ‘the United States are…. morphed into ‘the United States is’….note the incrementalist technique? Another gem, do you celebrate or commemorate Independence Day or the 4th of July? Who refers to young’uns as kids or are the terms children or sons or daughters more respective of life’s value. I ain’t got no baby goats! Are Americans of today responsible, in general, for wrongs done to Native Americans b4 & after the reservation concept became a reality? Or were brigands & profiteers in BOTH the public & private sectors responsible? Are not their leaders bribed to continue this treatment? Much like politicians off the reservation? Are the Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, 22 cabinet positions/bureaucracies, FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS constitutional? (Please note I did not ask if are they necessary). If you can find where the US Constitution sanctions any of the above, please point out where & reply here….after having read the 9th & 10th amendments please. Again I did not ask if they were necessary, but I see here the US Navy is allowed & MILITIAS are also, but the rest are not… next question is shouldn’t the militias be under state control (anti-federalist) & not under federal control? Shouldn’t militias likewise be comprised of standing armies, Coast Guard, the Marines, Air Force? These checks & balances may well have kept us out of Korea, Viet Nam, the middle east, etc (giving us the Marx’s perpetual war) & the loss of American lives, values, monies, etc. The PTSD, physical injuries, suicides, depressions, rapes of female enlistees, loss of moms, dads, sons, brothers, sisters, daughters, friends, grandsons & granddaughters so the fat cats can get richer? My point is theyfederalizr to get the good life & the non connected get the misery/shaft & tab….

  6. whoops, forgot to check the box…..we had N Korea beaten, MacArthur given the order to pull back? Why start it if we aren’t going to win it? Why all these bureaucracies & national police forces? Haven’t we forgotten the tools of tyrants?

  7. Axelsteve says:

    I think shtf can happen any day. All that it would take is a false flag or bad earnings rate report on the kardashians or some government snafu and it will be riots in the street. We are to close to a a collapsed ecenomy and all it may take is something insignificant,what started ww1 as an example.

  8. Could someone please help me, anyone in the know…been reading about the economic collapse for months now, know the Bible prediction for the American dollar collapse is 9/13/15. I keep trying to find someone to ask but it seems these sites don’t offer e-mailing questions. We are very bad off financially, using credit cards to pay bills etc-never did this before. Always paid our bills. Husband is a self employed electrical contractor, all his life, nearing retirement soon…we have nothing really. our house is still mortgaged because it was used as collateral for a couple of lines of credit with the bank. 3 years ago they closed our loan, about $80,000.00 owed because we couldn’t support it. so now it is in mortgage form, we pay just under $600.00 a month for the rest of our lives….with work so very very slow now, I’m so scared of losing the roof over our head. I have some mental issues, cannot lose my security of home….I have been making the payments so far but it’s getting bleaker & bleaker….so I cancelled a few life insurance policies that gave us about $3800.00 in the bank now, I planned if couldn’t make the house payments from money earned to use this money, which is about 6 payments. Now I’m scared that on 9/13/15 the money will vanish due to the American dollar collapsing. I have no idea what to do, do I take this money out & put it under my mattress-then what? if the dollar collapses won’t it still be useless. Leave it there, pray for the best….what do I do with this meager amount? please help.

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