New look and update on comment moderation

After reading all of the comments and suggestions on comment moderation, I’ve decided to go back to a self-moderated forum in the comments after all we are all adults here (most of us anyways).

If the whining starts, after someone gets offended because someone (or me) does not agree with their view, and they start causing too much trouble via personal attacks, bothering me or general stupidity, I’ll just ban them from commenting here period, end of story. Problem solved…

Also you’ll notice that we have a new look and a new header image – Joe at took the best features from all of the other header designs plus your suggestions and made us a new awesome look. This is the one that we are going to keep… Thanks Joe for all of your hard work on this…

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  1. Hmm rustic / woodsy and the old boy is remembering to check his 6. I like it.

  2. Fixit,

    Plus he is looking back and “saying” join us…

    • The DW came to that conclusion as we were looking at it last night. Good choice.

    • My lab gives me that same look when she sees me grab the keys.. “which drive thrus we going to today, mom?” 😉 she knows that treats come from that noisy tube thing at the bank, the pharmacy and when the ups guy shows up.
      MD, you are the alpha dog here, you make the decisions. The rest of us should let him take care of the naysayers. I remember back in the days of AOhell when I would get annoyed with people in some of the chat rooms, just clicked on that handy little ignore button and after a while, they would just go away because no one was acknowledging their presence. Made some really good friends there back in the 90’s that I still keep in touch with and have met in person!

  3. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Thank you. There are so few places we find unbiased resources.

  4. Love the header. Love the decision not to moderate comments.

  5. Nice look, to bad we can’t be a Pit Bull pack! 😉
    I have always told salesman,JW’s and anyone else attempting to knock on my door uninvited that my Pits are my sissy dogs….
    Never had a wolf, a good friend had a wolf-hybrid(German Shepard) once, nice dog, but it did not like you looking it in the eyes, thought you were challenging her, then I had to mess her up a little, and then all was fine. I never met a dog that I could not like, it was the owners that p!ssed me off.
    Rambling again, anyway I like the new look a lot, and if we can not act civil here ban us to Heck, the place that is uncomfortably warm, as apposed to the place of unforgiving flames.(apologies to Will Rogers and Scott Adams)

    • RJArena,

      That wolf-hybrid was like any strong woman… You should have known how to look her in the eyes. It disturbs me that you “messed her up a little”. What does that say about you?

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        I have two Chihuahuas so ferocious that we call them mini pit bulls. They sleep with us but their hearing is so keen they can tell when animals or anything else gets near our house.

      • Sirius, have you every watched a momma dog and her puppies? When we sell a puppy, I always show the people the momma dog settle down trick. If your puppy is getting out of hand, just flip them on their backs and rub their tummies. You get two things from that, dog will chill out, and it shows them you are the alpha. I also don’t let the dog go out of the door first, they have to follow me. Dogs can be totally schizoid for the first couple of years, if you have one try to challenge you, just get down on their level and literally growl them down. Sometimes, you just have to let them know who’s the boss. DD has a 6 month old lab in the pen right now, she got grounded because she was getting too rambunctious in the house and forgot her house training. Shes about to the point where its i’ll be good mom! I promise stage.Kids, dogs and horses can smell fear. It’s very true. My credentials are having at least 20 dogs for the last 30 years… I’m the kennel slave 90% of the time. DH guides quail hunters, so we have some really focused dogs. I’ve had to staple them up, break up fights(never, ever put your hands in there, get a hose and a helper.), and have helped vets do c-sections on dogs in the middle of the night. I’ve got the alpha female vibes, I guess, because strange dogs will treat me as an alpha at first meeting.

      • Shai,

        I’ve been training dogs since 1986. There’s a HUGE difference between “correcting” a dog and “messing her up a little”. I could tell you stories about dogs wanting to attack, and the fact that they can smell fear. Believe it or not, if you hang around dogs long enough you can learn to smell it too, It’s kind of like a pungent sweat.

        I’ve had my share of dog fights too. A bucket of water or a hose was always my best friend. Had a few where I was by myself. It gives new meaning to “thinking on your feet”.

        I’ll bet you’ve got some dog bite scars. No offense, but I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. 😉 I’m joking.

      • It disturbs me as well, Sirius.

  6. Nice!! that solves the problem nicely!

  7. Jersey Drifter says:

    Like the header. And like the decision on the moderation question.
    Now it’s time to get back to prepping and helping each other. 🙂

  8. Kermit5575 says:

    Glad you will not moderate comments, like this site as is.

  9. I love the woodcut & paw print & nice choice of wolf. Job well done Joe!

  10. I think your decision on moderation and “problem children” is sound. We are adults. Running to the “teacher” because we got our “feel bad’s” hurt is something to be avoided.

    Thanks for what you do.

  11. Love the new header!!!!!

  12. OwlCreekObserver says:

    Double kudos x100+

  13. i didn’t vote for that header but i like it, and we are adults good choice.

  14. otterridge says:


  15. good idea MD. people here need to grow up and stop acting like babies on here. if they fall apart on here, what will they do in a shtf situation?

  16. Teresa Farrow says:

    I really like the new header. Plain and simple…to the point. Back to basics.

  17. Country Vet says:

    Header came out beautifully! Good choice- it is actually much nicer than the others and is very good from the “advertiing” point of view.

  18. Lauri no e says:

    Really like the new header.

  19. But thats not the header I voted for waaaaaa! Lol. I love it! Great job Joe!

    I am really glad you decided that people who come here should get over themselves and be adults.

  20. Old USAF Nurse says:

    MD, this remains a premier site. It would likely be shocking to know how much trouble on these type of sites is being caused by people who are paid to do so. As contractors, of course.

  21. MD, thanks for providing this site & ongoing improvements like the new header. & thanks for the quality articles. the Survivalist Blog is one of the best prepper sites in my brief experience.

    As shai mentioned above, an ignore button is a way to reduce the negative feelings/bickering between posters. But I realize that the software may not have that option, or maybe u don’t want it used for another reason.

  22. New header looks great. Now, maybe things will settle down and get back to normal.

  23. Nancy V. says:

    I really like the new header. Very nice imagery.

    I am glad you made your decision about the blog’s comments, and took action. As they say: “Once you make the decision, the rest is easy.”

    Well done, MD.

  24. JeffintheWest says:

    I like it. Good job M.D. and Joe!

  25. Donna in MN says:

    I like the header. That’s the way my dogs pose at me when they stood at the frig for dog cookies on top.

    I posted a comment on another Friday article that is in moderation now. So when will it take effect?….

    and just in case any of you won’t read it, will we have a “Walking Dead Tribute” for those who left the blog?

  26. Ohio Surveyor says:

    noooooo….I is a grageate from public skool…..I is needed to be moderated…..please …please continue to moderates us…wes cant be trusted to axed like adults….;)…love the site and the new header….keep up the good work M.D.

  27. Bwhntr59 says:


    That is a very good decision. For cryin out loud people have to realize not every prepper/survivalist thinks along the same lines all the time. Why preppers and readers of this Blog can even be democrats, LOL. ( c’mon now don’t get your undies in a bundle you Dems ).

  28. Love the new header. Love your decision about the moderation too.

  29. Love the new header! Has the best of everything. Great choice on both counts M. D. Keep up the great work!

  30. Love the new look. I like it better than the other choices.

  31. Soggy Prepper says:

    Love the header and love the no whiner nonsense approach.

    I really do like this header. The colors are more “promising” too, not dull, dismal and ‘apocalyptic’. Love wolves. So family oriented.

  32. NICE!!!!

  33. Texanadian says:

    Like the new header and your decision.

  34. Curley Bull says:

    What can I say? You’re the man and this is the site!!

  35. Babycatcher says:

    Beautiful work, MD and Joe! I love it! This is my second favorite site, but I visit at least twice a day to see what’s new. Blessings to you all, pack!

  36. ON the moderation, I concur. We need to think before we click submit, and not have skin that’s too thin. Also, the best moderation for trolls is to simply ignore them, so pleace, everyone act like adults.
    As for the new header, this synthesis of the others was very well done. Had this been on the original list, it would most likely have been my choice. Good colors, nice wolf, and for these old eyes, very good contrast.

  37. Texanadian says:

    The header also says – to me – are you coming or not? I will leave you behind if you won’t help yourself.

  38. Survivor says:

    Well done on both decisions!

  39. I love the new header, and also the moderation decision, altho’ I really wasn’t bothered by having my comments “in moderation”. I’m sorry people were emailing you MD. I really appreciate having a place to speak. If I ever upset anyone, I hope they’ll reply to me directly, ’cause either I didn’t put my comment very well, or maybe there’s something else I need to think on some. Who knows, maybe we’ll just have differing perspectives. After reading One Second After and the first 4 books in the 299 Days series, it’s clear to me that our high tech, interdependent culture is very fragile. I really need the rest of you folks and ALL of your ideas to learn more, FAST.

    • Jeanne, You said it so well! I love everything about this site. When, at first, I don’t agree with someone’s point of view, I keep reading and most of the time I can see where they are coming from. MD, you do a wonderful job! Thank you.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I agree with Aunt B. Well said.
      These are troubled times. Haven’t you noticed how little respect people have for one another and that there are so many angry and unhappy people?

  40. New Header is excellent! Best yet! Hope it lasts a long time.

  41. Encourager says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!! LOVE the new header! It is perfect – gets my vote! Congrats Jim and M.D. for the great choice!

    I like the woodsiness of it. And love the ‘come hither’ look on the wolf. Nice balance, like the touch of greenery on the left with a hint of it on the right. The wolf is not front and center, but your eye goes right to him.

  42. MD & Joe
    Love the combinations used to create the header for your site.
    On the moderation, thank you.

  43. Re the dog comments…..I have had several dogs over the past years. I have also regarded them as “partners”. Never ever had a problem, and one of them was a hybrid wolf. This thing about not letting a dog get ahead of you on leaving or entering…..That is something I never did, nor will I ever. I *want* that dog going first. Why? Well for one thing their powers of obervation and smell are far better than mine. Now, I will grant you that in most households that would not work. I live alone and I think that over the last five years I have only has one visitor that I did not know. With family and friends my “system” was never a problem. This thing about being the alpha…..I dunno….never had a problem and never had to assume an “attitude”. The way I see it… do your part in the partnership and the dog will do his. Perhaps the trick is to allow the dog to become a real partner….not some trained pet. But then, perhaps it is because I get along with animals better than with most humans.

  44. patientmomma says:

    Just got back from a weekend at the farm; love the new header.

    About dogs, well, I currently have 13-1/2 dogs. The half is a 2.5 pd tea cup poodle. Since I rescued all of them or some were born in my house I am the queen mother- lol!

  45. We have had 3 pit bulls, one male and 2 females. From the time we got the male, I used to put him on his back and put my neck across his. He would have a fit and growl like crazy. I did this everyday until he quit growling at me and submitted. He was just 6 weeks old when we got him so his size was not yet a problem. This works! I never had any problem with him and he grew to be over 60 lbs. I could even take food out of his mouth.

  46. “If the whining starts, after someone gets offended because someone (or me) does not agree with their view, and they start causing too much trouble via personal attacks, bothering me or general stupidity, I’ll just ban them from commenting here period, end of story. Problem solved…”
    Kudos…. Good on ya man

  47. Joe and MD,

    What a GREAT header. Great incorporation of different headers from the comments. Attractive, eyes are drawn to all areas of the header, blog name, wolf (come and join us), interested parties, strategy for survival. Colors are good for eyes too.
    Just an extra note, I thought #1 and #6 were stunningly gorgeous Joe!

  48. Your website sir you make the rules. There is always that long walk on a short dock they can take. Probably NSA goons anyway

  49. Santa Walt says:

    Lookin’ good. Keep up the good work.

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