You are all comment moderators…!

Update : just came back about 4 hours after posting this and BAM the trolls are already on patrol so it’s back to my having to first moderate every comment…


You’ve probably noticed new the “Report comment” link beside the reply button in the comments section of every post. This will allow other comment posters to flag any comment as inappropriate, when a comment gets flagged by 3 different readers it will be sent to moderation where I will take a look at it and make a final decision as to whether it violates our Comments Policy.

Also comments with links and those posting for the first time will automatically be sent to moderation and will not be posted until I decide if it is a troll or spam comment.

This change will allow users to post their comments instantly, this will make things easier for everyone and allow a quicker and more even flow and conversation in the comments sections, while at the same time allowing readers to become more involved by being comment moderators.

We will try this system for a few day to see how it goes – if it gets out of hand I’ll go back to moderating every comment…

Let me know what you think… ?:-)



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  1. I like the idea,but we know how liberals behave. If they don’t like an opinion that is contrary to their own agenda,they don’t want you to have it.i predict it will be the same with comments that are not supporting the liberal/socialist worldview.

    • Then why not let them hang themselves with their own rope?

      Respond to idiocy in a calm, logical manner with verifiable facts.

      If they go off on emotionally charged idiotic tangents, that just goes far to show how they are nothing more than toddlers throwing tantrums.

      And for those who are completely abusive, I’m sure at least 3 people will flag their comments and then they’ll be removed.

      • Mike,

        Yes sir that is what the report comment system is meant to do – we will see how well it works out over the next couple of days…

        • geogeislearning says:

          So no more waiting when people post a comment? I will se in a second I guess.

          • geogeislearning says:

            well it says comment awaiting moderation on my end. So if it gets moderated before it gets posted whats the use? Oh I see now you wont have to actually read the comments you just like click ok and then it getes posted I guess.

            Were you getting a lot of tards before and you had to read every comment and weed em out? If so this will save you some time I rekon.

            So now if I post a coment about boobs or pooping I’ll get flagged ut oh. I better be a good boy else the comment police will come for my enter key 🙂

      • Michael M. Bystrzycki, Sr. says:

        A fine addition; the feature, sadly, is needed.

      • I agree. A good trade off of ideas is a good thing – remember, one of the main freedoms we have is the freedom of speech. Once it starts getting censored – whether you argree with it or not – it means everyone will be able to be censured. The Wolfpack, for the most part, is comprised of mature, responsible idividuals who can conduct themselves properly in the course of a disussion of opposing viewpoints.

      • OTOH,
        What’s to stop the trolls from working together and three of them attacking any comment with which they disagree.

        Don’t know if the system supports this, but do you have a “white list” where you can place the ID’s of long time “trusted” posters? As you fill this in, work for moderation would eventually get less and less, and if one of the lapses into a “bad” post, I’m sure you’ll hear about it, pronto.

    • I’m not sure if this is what Betruck meant, but what I see the potential for is that people could abuse the system by reporting every comment they don’t agree with. All you need are 3 people doing that and the system breaks down. I don’t know that it can work anonymously. If people have to be logged in to report comments, then it would be possible to identify those who abuse the comment reporting system.

      But hopefully the Wolf Pack is decent enough that that won’t be necessary.

      • wicked props says:

        John W, its not the pack that wont be decent. It will be the trolls and the paid disinfo shills. although I have seen the pack flame a couple shills,and that always gives me a warn fuzzy feeling!

    • True , but doing battle with trolls can be entertaining . I’ll take it as far as they want to take it …………..thing to remember is NEVER back down , even if you are wrong ……….keep fighting lol ………..its called attrition , sooner or later they WILL fold . Remember that , and you will have no problem with trolls .

  2. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Like this idea MD. Should give you a bit of a break time wise (I’d hope).

  3. Just thought Id let you know that every time I come to this site or move around on it my anti virus says a threat has been detected.

    • geogeislearning says:

      hmm Ive not recieved that yet but I came here about an hour and 1/2 ago and i got redirected to some adult site. I wasn’t sure what happened. I went to lunch and came back tried again and all was well.

      If you are getting that error could be one of the ad’s is remote hosted and is doing a drive by download attempt or somewhere there has been an addon added to wordpress that has a exploit. or the other option would be its your systems browser. Not sure. to be sure debbieo download a totally different antivirus program using one of the trials or something like AVG free antivirus and run a scan with the new antivirus. The reason you would need a new antivirus to test is as soon as a virus or such gets to your system it goes right for your exisiting AV software and tells it to not check the viri files. So that way it is hidden from them. By downloading a new AV program you can verify your exisitng program is not avoiding the viri program. least thats a way to check. good luck post your results if you get any

      • I also got redirected to this adult web site jusst now. I cancelled before it finished and then instead of using my favorites to link, I did a web search to get through.

      • HomeINsteader says:

        interesting you should mention wordpress here, gil – this happened to me a few days ago when I signing up on another site (not prepper site) to receive emails; it flipped to an adult content page, but I killed it before it fully loaded.

    • Debbieo,

      Your anti virus is sending you a false positive for some reason. Mine shows that it is clean, plus I pay for protection of this site to insure that there are no threats.

    • Lots of thinks can cause antivirus to flag a site you could have gotten a virus from another site that is causing it. I’ve checked this blog with my security software, in three different browsers, and on two different computers and can find nothing and everything is working as it should…

      You can check sites for threats before you visit by scanning the site address… I check this site with several online scanners including the one below and they all come back listed the site as clean with no threats found….

      • I also ended up at that adult site. Reinstituted my anti-virus and restarted the computer and now all is well at least for the time being.

        • sarahy,

          I don’t know it could have been the plugin that I had installed to report comments – because of trolls posting deactivated and I deleted it several hours ago. I never could get the links or blog to redirect or find anything…

        • Sarahy and others…

          Just recived this via email from another reader that had the same problem…

          “Talked with my local tech support and they said something about a Norton virus that mimics the real Norton and can be a recall problem to get off the system if your computer has it.”

          Are you all using Norton? If so your antivirus could have a virus of its own that is causing the problem…

          • geogeislearning says:

            I’m not using norton. Norton had its source code stolen not long ago and never got it back . A redirect is caused by the plugin you mentioned most likely. Plugins are sometimes weak and open up backdoors. I always used to run a pretty bare site to avoid em. Its one of the reason I hate ad’s so much as they open a door for driveby downloaders.

            I’m not sure what debio had happen.
            I got a redirect then something tried to load. I grabbed my trusty hammer and beat it to death 🙂

  4. Well, let’s see how it works and if it lessens M.D.’s workload then I’m all for it. I will admit that I saw the same problem that John saw.

  5. Seems like a great idea. I don’t see an issue since it only goes to mederation after the 3 reports… it doesn’t just automatically get removed. Does this mean that comments will auto post without moderation or just a skimming and if you miss anything we will catch it?

    • Nevermind – i got my answer when the above comment auto posted. Cool stuff. I guess I only might be concerned with how this might affect the frequency of emails when we subscribe.

  6. Encourager says:

    Good idea, M.D.! Hopefully, this will give you a break from having to monitor every single comment. I would have to say the majority of the Wolf Pack posting here don’t do much flaming. If someone is constantly complaining about what has been posted, that is a heads up for you, too.

    And it should alert you to any trolls that are determined to cause problems, hopefully.

    Think I will go read the Comments Policy…I mean, re-read…=o)

  7. Santa Walt says:

    Sounds good to me. Like the new banner.

  8. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I like the idea as well. I learn more from people I don’t agree with than the ‘me too’ (unless they add more to original content). Perspective does that. 8^)

    • HomeINsteader says:

      I agree with you, j.r. – we learn from people who don’t think like us; we already know what the rest are thinking, don’t we?!!! : )

  9. I think this is a great idea and look forward to seeing how it works out…

  10. BlueCaribDreams says:


    I think it is a great idea. It gives you a much deserved break and gives the pack faster feed-back to our comments. I don’t see it getting out of hand much because the pack doesn’t really argue with each other (just the occasional troll). That’s one reason that I love everyone in the pack and this site so much!


  11. If trolls start manipulating the system by flagging all posts, you can always set who has permission to flag–only longtime posters get the right to flag. M.D. could then decide when a new person is trustworthy, and so has permission to flag.

  12. Backwoods Prepper says:

    Well MD I just got to know how did it fall apart so fast lol

  13. Texanadian says:

    Too bad it had to stop. Perhaps you could flag frequent proven not to be idiot posters to automatically post but new or infrequent posters get moderated. Must be a pain to have to check every post. I like the new banner, very sharp.

  14. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Are certain words automatically filtered? Just want to know if we are going to see some disgusting stuff from time to time. If I know to expect it, I am ready to send them into the ether.

  15. M.D.
    When I get your e-mail, I usually click on your site name to get into the blog. Just now, I tried 3 times and each time I was taken to a link about sex tapes !

    • A few nights ago I closed out and had a full page sex ad appear with very large print. I was on Facebook and this site that evening. Not sure how I got something like that to appear.

      • Cheyenne,

        Are you having any problems now? If so what? What was the site link that popped up?

        I have been all over this and can not find anything wrong despite a number of scans with different software and I have vised the site from search, direct links, from the email and rss feed and everything seems to be working as it should. I even checked my .htaccess file and everything is the way it should be.

        • So far it has only happened that one time. I was so shocked at the large print, bright red color of the writing that I clicked off my computer immediately. The words were very graffic. I didn’t take the time to see what site it was. If it happens again I will take a second to write down the site info.

  16. M.D.; If you think the “trolls” on this site are bad, check out a few pro-Israel sites. This is nothing.

  17. I’m not getting adult stuff but maybe it’s only hijacking certain browsers. I use firefox. Or maybe the email got hijacked and the links in it are to that adult site.

    • Penny Pincher,

      I’ve been on this for two hours and can find nothing wrong nor have I seen anything out of the ordinary. And I’ve tried it on two different computers and a number of browsers including firefox. I’m thinking that some of these folks may have had their email accounts hacked…

  18. HomeINsteader says:

    MD, perhaps you should just go back to “Plan A”, and anyone who doesn’t like it is free to move on.

  19. Rider of Rohan says:

    MD, I like the look of the new blog, and I like the idea of less moderation if it gives you more time to prep. As for the trolls, they can’t handle the knowledge and information base here. They will only show how truly stupid they are and do their cause more harm than good. Not that a troll can figure that out. That’s why they’re trolls. LOL.

  20. MountainSurvivor says:

    M.D., sounds good.

  21. The report comment link is a great idea, if I could see the thing. All I see is the Reply button. What am I doing wrong? OK, that’s a loaded question but I still don’t see it.

    • M.D. took it down. Too much spam too soon. How sad that there are people out there that can’t stand a different opinion. Someone has to play teacher and in this case that person is M.D.

  22. Grumpy Vermonter says:

    M.D, I like the new banner as well – compared to this one, the last one was a bit confusing with too much maybe going on.
    I don’t mind waiting for my comments to be moderated, but agree it’s too bad you have to take so much time to do so.

  23. M.D., glad it will save you time. Moderating this site has to be time-consuming.

    However, I will miss battling trolls. That’s half the fun of the internet: working them into a frenzy and showing how insane they really are.

    On my old blog I had an actual “Troll Trophy Room” where I posted the best “debates” between the trolls and me. People used to be amazed at the loons that I attracted. Unfortunately, most of them disappeared into the ether for some reason.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      It would be “useful” if we had a link we could click and be reminded who the past troll posters were! Kind of a “Hall of Dishonor”?

  24. MD, not sure if you want to do this or not…. but what about re-installing the report button and then allowing only the regular posters to post unmoderated. I remember back when I had my blog I could choose to allow some folks to post unmoderated vs everyone else.

    Just a thought to help on your work load.

    • This goes back to my original thought. People will have to log in to show their identity. On the user side, it can be a barely noticeable change. The “Name” can be the username and the “E-mail” can be the password. However, this will require keeping a user database. In the long run that will save MD time but it may take a long time to set it up.

      • That’s actually a feature of WordPress… so there really isn’t any setup to it. Just a couple of clicks and wordpress does the rest.

  25. Can’t remember when/how/why I found this site. When the hired help (politicians) started to talk of violating my/our rights, I began looking for opinions of others. Somehow I found thesurvivalistblog and love the info and ‘banter’ back an forth.

    Anyway not long ago, I started checking it out, seem to return a lot, to see the new items, technics, opinions and plans of bugging out.

    M.D. if the 3 ‘strike’ helps, I’m for you. But, I like to see the befuddles ripped/shredded and thrown out as confetti. And some days I’m the befuddled!!

    Also, when I started my search, I renewed subscriptions and joined others, but I don’t know if I donated here! So, M.D., if I haven’t please e-mail.

    And, I will challenge all ‘playing’ in here to pledge!

    I like this site, and consider myself as a member of the Wolf Pack. one of the survivalistblog weirdoes ! 🙂

  26. Annie Nonymous says:

    Guess the experiment didn’t work… I’m still awaiting moderation. — shrug —

  27. It was 13 years ago when I belonged to several dog forums and trolls frequented my comments on responsible breeding/ tractability on training with certain dogs that presented problems in that area. These trolls were very destructive, ruining reputaions of good people smearing them with lies and false accusations. The trolls were leaders in the dog world who lost their organizations. Their nasty comments were left for 12 years on line, and some can still be viewed, even though the forums are inactive.

    This shut me down for 12 years ever discussing things on-line in a forum again because it hurt me deep, not just from their attacks on my reputation, but the dogs in question which still have a bad rap because of these leaders who took over as trolls.

    If their abusive comments were removed, I and others may have helped the dogs in question, advance it with a better reputation.

    I found here a place where my comments are welcome, first time in 12 years on line, and I do like the idea of deleting abusive trolls. But, if someone questions our ideas in a mature honest way without hurling insults and hate, They should be able to post here.

  28. MissouriGrandma says:

    I don’t know how the system really works but could you add a “like” button. That way you can look at the “reports” versus the “likes” and know which ones were a problem. The wolfpack will surely ” like” the comments that are being targeted and reported by the trolls.
    If you can’t do that – ask for volunteers to help and check into posts that your trusted volunteers report.
    Love reading your site!

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