The best commercial Shatner ever made…

This has to be the best commercial William Shatner ever made and the funniest – I laughed so hard that it brought tears to my eyes and made my side hurt, I have it bookmarked so I can go back and watch it anytime that I feel down…

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  1. I looked in to this–it’s actually a segment from the TV show Boston Legal.

    • Bam Bam,

      I did not know where it came from – but it is still funny, no matter it originated. Don’t you think…

      • The source is correct. In the show, Shatner played a wealthy senior partner lawyer who was extremely conservative, opinionated and had an affinity for carrying concealed hand cannons. He commented on these types of criminals as being “scum” and certain prosecutors and judges as “douchebags.” I guess the character hit home too much as they sanitized him significantly in later seasons.

        But I agree, this is one of my favorite clips, ever.

      • MD

        that is great and one the libs would never laugh at or get the humor. But we know better.

    • WYO Ryder says:

      My sister originally sent it to me. She went to one of Shatner’s comedy acts and said he is hysterical.

      Like Bam-Bam said, “Captain Kirk is a bad ass!”

    • Yep, it’s a real commercial and a classic that I have to confess, also brings me a smile. I think it ranks right up there with Mickey Dundee’s, “Now that’s a knife” from the original Crocodile Dundee (

  2. YEA, BUDDY!!! Did ya notice….the perp wasn’t carrying an assault weapon!!!

    • Good point about the lack of assault weapon! I’d share this video and your comment with my state’s governor (not mine)…but he’d probably decide we better ban all guns.

  3. Mystery Guest says:

    Shatner is sure a great guy and I love his stuff.
    I wonder what would happen if Shatner and the Mayhem guy got together?????

  4. Still one of my favorites. And from a Canadian too.

  5. Petticoat Prepper says:

    I’ve seen this before and laugh every time! I just LOVE this clip.

  6. Thank you! I almosted choked on my lunch at work. Laughed out loud. I used to hate old star trek. I have a new respect for the guy & the show.

  7. Millie in KY says:

    I thought I knew which one it was and was pleased to see it was this one and also my favorite clip of Denny Crane! Love Shatner anyhow! thanks for cheering me up, I loved this!

  8. ROFLMAO!! That was HILARIOUS!! One of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing this, M.D.

  9. Absolutely the funniest Ad Shatner has ever done. Plus, it carried the rtight message about our right to defend ourselves.

  10. OH MAN !!!!!!!!!! I love it !!!!

  11. This was FUNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!!!! Thanks!

  12. New prepper says:


  13. wonderprepper says:

    i have always liked Shatner.

  14. Lake Lili says:

    Love it! Thanks for the laugh!

  15. Pineslayer says:

    Shatner for president, Nemoy as his running mate, all problems solved.

  16. private idaho says:

    pineslayer, my thoughts exactly, one funny video. best to replace a clown with a comedian any day

  17. Encourager says:

    Thanks, M.D. I REALLY needed a laugh today!!!

  18. SurvivorDan says:

    Only watched it 4 times…. Most amusing. Thanks for the laugh.

  19. Stealth Spaniel says:

    OMG!! That was the best pro-gun video that I have ever seen! I love it!!

  20. I watched the shatner video then I found this one!

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