Questions & Answers With The Wolf Pack : Communications…

Question from Terry,

Hi , looking for a good two way radio to use as walkie talkie but that can also be used to pick up esp. ham com. but other communications also. I have lots of the two way radios that everyone has but am looking for something with a little more distance and other options . I have no ham license. Theses would be used for when the poop hits the fan.

You Know What I’m Saying – Message Ciphers

James, I think your cover's blown!

By Wind Talker In a survival situation, secure communications between two friendly communities can be essential for both security and commerce. It would be ideal if external messages could always be carried by the most dependable people within the group, but those people are usually tied up with security planning, training, assignment of watch personnel, […]

Questions & Answers With The Wolf Pack : Question About Ham Radio?

I have enjoyed reading your blog and thank you for the information you have shared with our community. As much as I have learned while reading the posts of you and your contributors, one of the most important lessons has been that we should know our limitations and never expect to master each and every […]

Build Your Own Faraday Cage. Here’s How.

Faraday Cage box

by Arthur Bradley Introduction to Faraday Cages There is a great deal of confusion about Faraday cages. Not only about how to build them, but also what they actually protect against. In this article, Dr. Arthur Bradley, author of Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms, answers a few basic questions and perhaps debunks […]

Questions and Answers with The Wolf Pack : SW Radio Recommendations…

MD- Please list again the SW radio you recommend? I saw you post awhile back but forgot the name brand. Thanks Jeff B… I have several shortwave radios but the one I like the most is the Grundig Globe Traveler G3 Portable AM/FM/Shortwave Radio. Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below. M.D. Creekmore

My power source in the event of power failure or a SHTF scenario

power cart

By Mastertrooper I decided I wanted a readily available power source in the event of power failure or a SHTF scenario. My cart itself consists of 4 Goal Zero solar generators on top, and 3 Duracell 12V golf cart batteries linked in parallel on the bottom. The solar generators stay plugged into a circuit that […]

Letter Reply : Prepper Communications Primer – Antenna Tuning


By Salem Antenna efficiency is also a factor in figuring range. Chuck mentions in the article all CB antennas need to be tuned, and then in the comments expounds that ALL antennas need to be tuned. Natural tuning on any band is two quarter wavelength “elements,” with one being positive and the other negative at various […]

Prepper Communications Primer – What You Need to Know too Communicate and Receive Needed Information Now and After the SHTF

cb radio

Choosing a communications gear depends on what a person wants and how they qualify communications. Is it 2-way info, is it just getting info to be updated as to what is going on around your area, the world, how much money, how much time, how much knowledge are you willing to invest? Are you the kind of person that just buys things and plugs them in or putts batteries in? Or are you a builder / tinkerer that loves to know how and why something does what it does?

What is the best system/device for post collapse communications and news

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The Moral Imperative of Spending Your Time Wisely, and the First Small Step: Getting Rid of Cable TV

This is a guest post by SN in Florida and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. For each of us, the revelation is different. For many, September 11 woke us up to the threats to our civilization. For others, it was the economic crash that we are still in where many of us woke up to found that […]

Converting A Microwave Oven Into An EMP Resistant Enclosure


This is a guest post by Rod Z W0RVZ and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP as it is more commonly called, is a natural or manmade event causing over voltage conditions due to high power microwave electromagnetic radiation exposure in electrical and electronic equipment. This over voltage most commonly burns open semiconductor junctions […]

Power for Communications, Defense, and Entertainment


This is a guest post by Dan W and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. General: One of the more important things we’ve wanted to include with our other prepping supplies is a communication system. Something beyond two cans and a string! Should a catastrophic event occur we don’t expect help in the form of government assistance will be […]

Part II: Survival Communications on the Cheap…or…How I put together a HAM radio setup for less than $120.00 that allows me to talk with other HAMS hundreds of miles away.

This is a guest post by Old Hillbilly and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. Part II: The equipment-what it cost and where to get it. Frequencies and how to program your radio. How far can you transmit and receive? Read part one here… EQUIPMENT: If you have survived my rambling this far then you must be interested  […]

Survival Communications on the Cheap…or…How I put together a HAM radio setup for less than $120.00 that allows me to talk with other HAMS hundreds of miles away.

This is a guest post by  Old Hillbilly and entry for our non-fiction writing contest. Read part two of this article here… (Several weeks ago the  topic of the “Eastern Redoubt” came up and during that discussion,  someone asked how Wolf Pack members might communicate with each other both  within and outside of the “Redoubt”.  I responded briefly […]

Q & A with the Wolf Pack : Tips for putting together a survival binder

Question from Southern Wolf, How do you like to set up your information binder system? Do you separate the information… by subject, website, type? Do you dedicate a binder to a specific subject or use tabular inserts? What is the best way you have found to keep track of your physical data and to be […]

Q & A with The Wolf Pack : Goal Zero Yeti 1250 generator?

Question from – Linda S Is it possible to get an analysis on the solar generator Goal Zero Yeti 1250 generator? It is on sale now with free shipping and an extra solar panel worth $250.00 free. The whole package is AROUND $1600.00. We live in Florida so sun energy is abundant. We have a […]

The U.S. Government Has Been STEALING User Data From Major Internet Companies Without Their Permission

by Michael Economic Collapse Blog The U.S. government has been hacking in to the servers of Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple and has been taking their user data without their knowledge or consent.  According to the Washington Post, the information being stolen includes “audio and video chats, photographs, e-mails, documents, and […]