Five Things to Have for Concealed Carry


  1. Will Fehlow says:

    Paul’s youtube videos are uniformly awesome: thoughtful, friendly, and entertaining, offering his unique and uber-practical perspective backed by well reasoned and seasoned experience, all perfectly spiced with a deliciously wry sense of humor. This clip stands out as one of the most crucial for us who edc, and is worth repeat watching for review and reminders. Two thumbs up!!

  2. Tim Johnson says:
    • I also wish I could find a group of Patriots in Southern coastal Oregon. It’s time! No matter who gets elected, we are facing a different America. With Hillary, we will be launched into a very dangerous America.

    • Ely area here. Well, kind of Ely area… same region.

      Not sure what ‘community’ means, but am willing to discuss in Meat Space, will not commit anything more than a meet set-up to electronic media of any kind.

      Lemme know here. JSW

  3. Axelsteve says:

    Very good I likes it. I never thought of the attorney business card

  4. William Fagan says:

    Thanks Paul very much for this valuable advise. Att. card and flashlight I did not think of. I will from now on. Have you heard good or bad things about these attorneys that solicit on facebook offering there services for $125.00 as a retainer and a reduced fee if you get into a shootout. Any advise on this would be appreciated….William

  5. Chuck Findlay says:

    One take away from Paul’s video is how easily the system can roll over you and crush you into the ground.

  6. Thomas The Tinker says:

    State Farm Insurance Co. is our blanket coverage firm. WE (Momma has her CCW too) maintain a rider on our home owners policy that covers the use.. of our CCWs (“Personal Umrella). Liability, bail, court costs and a ( 7 ) figure retainer for representation. In the event that we have to use our CCWs… we call our insurance agent.

    Cost! $13.oo a month.

    Check with your agent!

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