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Okay here we go…

Your son or daughter died because someone who had a lot of food didn’t want to share. they refused every attempt to barter with you, and you feel they did it out of selfish greed more than anything. Would you plot revenge against them? Or do they have the right to do as they please with their resources?

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  1. wolfwalker says:

    I agree pretty much with most of the people here. Its my reponsibility to take care of me and my own not someone else.
    Me and my brother took care of our mother, father, and grandmother(victims of diabetes, strokes and dementia for 20+years). We did not get much help from friends or family, didnt ask for or recieve government assistance. We made due with what we had. Now thanks to those last 20+ years my brother has had three strokes, lost half a foot, and is on disability after fighting for two years and now I take care of him and I’m dealing with my own health problems. But no matter what, family comes first.

    There are two things I wish were explained in this scenario:
    1. How do you know how much food this person had? Did he wave some beans and rice in your face and say”Your starving and I’m not”.? Plus how big is the guys family he’s taking care of.

    2. Are there other people around you can barter with? Certainly there should be someone else in the area that isnt a major d-bag.
    I hate to say it, if you have gotten so far down to this point and you hadnt come up with some solution before your kid starved, you probably wont live that long to begin with.

    Me and my brother were discuss this scenario between us. We live on 27 acres with a thicket in back, a creek runs through it, there are deer, squirrel, rabbits, pheasant, fish and god knows what else. Plus we are willing to pick up and learn the skills we need to survive. I know not everyone is able or willing to learn the same or they’ll try to take what we or someone else has, but at least I know I wont be the one that starts it.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Wolfwalker, Don’t you know that every Morman has at least enough food for their family for one year? (sarcasm)
      If they are good Christians, then they will feed us, right? It’s their duty, right?
      Why don’t all us Baptists go get what the Mormans have?
      What about people with gardens, livestock, and water? They should provide for the masses.

      The problem is I would be gone somewhere else if my family’s needs can’t be met, at the first hunger pang. If I had to beg, grovel, sell my body to feed my child, that’s what I would do. But taking another’s property or blaming others for my hardship or loss just isn’t my way. But truth is, I haven’t walked a mile in those shoes.

      • wolfwalker says:

        Tactical G-ma
        To tell the truth, I’ve blamed people and God for being put in the situation I’ve been put in, but I’ve learned a couple of things too.

        1. Unlike some people I work with, I stayed, took care of my own, and I’d do it again.

        2. No matter the situation, I need to learn from others so I dont make the same mistakes they did.

        3. Things will always get better eventually. You just have to fight through.

        Sorry if sound like I’m rambling.

        • Short of total destruction The human race will most likely survive we always have and always will fight to live. Things will get better after SHTF .

  2. No Brainer. They were looking out for themselves, which is what we are all called to do. How come I didn’t have enough food to feed my kids? As a Christian, I know my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak. I think BECKY has it right, but my inclination is to mourn my own poor preparations and vow to do better for my family that is still alive. If it comes to this, everyone that is “prepared’ will probably face this scenario. God help us if it comes down to this.

    • Harry
      Thank you, I would worry that the worst side of me would come out in a situation where I failed to my best and prevent the family from going hungry.
      You see, we have been through a total loss of all preps for survival, an it was an eye opening situation. Even through it has been almost ten years from total devastation back to somewhat of a stable self reliance….I have never forgotten what caused it or who caused it. One was a deviant from the bottoms of society that we all supported via welfare, and the fire he started while high on drugs.
      He was so full of himself that he actually bragged about starting the fire in the local grocery store and said nothing and no one could do anything to him……..he spent 4 years in prison. Personally I wish they had thrown away the key.

  3. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Umpty ump years ago, a USAF Sgt. stationed in England went TDY for a month. Upon his return, he found his young wife had died shortly after he left England and beside her was the dead body of their toddler.
    This week in Decatur, Alabama. A 78 yo woman suffering with advanced Alzheimer’s was found in her home barely clinging to life. The 75 yo husband had been dead for about a month from natural causes. Both of their dogs had starved to death.
    If we are people of faith and are good neighbors, how do these things happen?

    • TGMa,
      They happen because we are prideful and don’t ask for help and don’t accept it when offered. They happen because when you check on the old couple next door and they find it annoying, you finally stop. They happen because we go too long without speaking to family members in others states due to our busy schedules.
      We need to step up our game, especially with our neighbors.

    • TGMa;
      We have been slowly taught it is not nice to spy/pry into a neighbors living style.
      We live in a country setting, and although I have not been able to visit with other neighbors those that are close by I notice a change in their day to day comings and goings.
      It was how I knew the gentleman who had a lung transplant was home or down south, and needed someone to stop by every so often and visit for awhile, when his wife was at work. There were days I would drop off groceries “we had to many of–fresh veges-homegrown beef”. They have since moved into town he is declining, yet I still try to find time to call and check on them. One just has to be observant of their surroundings…..unplug from those awful electronic contraptions called cell phones, m3players or whatever new gadgets they have come up with.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        I think that’s being a good neighbor. Know what vehicles belong in your neighborhood. Who lives in what house. If a car alarm goes off show up. If there’s smoke or an ambulance show up. And don’t be afraid of sitting on your front porch. Be available to kill a spider or a snake or light a pilot for the widow/er down the road. Add an extra potato to the pot for the old couple or the young couple a few houses or apartments down. We don’t snoop but are informed and gratefully our neighbors are too.

  4. I don’t have a minor child, but if I did, I would do almost anything to feed them including…..beg, borrow, steal, starve, or cook the family dog and cat to keep them alive. This is why I prep. (I have a live trap and we could live a while on possums, skunks and raccoons in our neighborhood!)
    After they passed, I would not go and kill others. I would lay down and die of a broken heart.

  5. Hunker-Down says:

    I don’t know the future, so I don’t know how long we must survive on our stores, so I would do what they did. Maybe the people who didn’t want to share have the same mindset. My problems are not their fault. I don’t know what pressures are on him/her. He doesn’t know my pressures.
    How crazy/selfish is it for me to plot revenge against them if both of us have the same mindset? We might not, but I wouldn’t know that.
    It’s not my decision if those people are destined to outlive us. I’m not in charge, God is.

  6. k. fields says:

    I don’t see this as I didn’t plan well enough and I’m simply upset that someone else did. I never asked for handouts or charity here. There had to be a reason I felt the people were acting out of “selfish greed”, rather than just worry over their own children – I’m not a person to make quick judgements of others simply because our opinions of a situation may differ. I think most here will agree that no one will be able to survive long term totally alone – it will take a cooperative effort.

    When I read this scenario, the first thought that came to my mind was the French Revolution. Although the statement, “Let them eat cake” was never actually said, the perceived attitude here is the same. Obviously a lot of people in France wanted revenge for that perceived attitude, correct or not.
    During that period of French history, much of the land was barren, even the grass in the pastures was being eaten directly by people as there was nothing available – the idea that everyone could simply play “batman in the boondocks” to survive is patently absurd.
    And yet so many here are saying, “I hold no one responsible other than myself” – I wonder…

    When my own daughter died, I know I wanted revenge – there was, in fact, no one to blame but I still wanted revenge for her life. If there had been 1 single person that I could identify who could have unquestionably saved her life but didn’t, I’m not sure I would have been able contain those feelings.

    Would I plot revenge against the person in this scenario if I felt they could have helped without endangering themselves or their family? Probably, but that doesn’t mean I would attack them and steal their stuff. I would simply remember. And watch. Some day, at some point, that person would need help – and I would assure that help was not forthcoming. What’s that old saying? you reap what you sow? Their actions would not be forgotten. There would, someday, be consequences.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Yep, the French Revolution, which led to a merry band of Jacobins touring the countryside with their guillotines, killing their neighbors by the tens of thousands, many for not “sharing” what they had, which was close to nothing. Reminds me of that bunch in charge of DC right now.

    • Sagewolf says:

      I agree their would be consequences. He may need help protecting his stuff some day. It could cost him dearly for your help where if he had helped you You may have helped for less compensation. I would do this assuming he was truly a bad person. I

  7. I would not try to get revenge. I don’t need to get into any battles. & if I try to get revenge, it could lead to them trying to get revenge on me/us. I’d focus on getting or growing food for my family & me. Gardening, trading w/ others, trapping, snares, hunting, fishing, foraging are all possibilities. There are weeds to forage in our neighborhood & yard, & we’re not far from a woods. Could offer to filter water, to trade for food. Could trade matches for food. Could trade ammo or a gun for good, as a last resort.

  8. I am always a person of a third path.
    I too find the scenario hard to visualize reaching that point.
    I would have found SOME way of keeping the child fed. I might be walking on stumps, there might not be a scrap of leather left in the house, the neighborhood strays might be mysteriously vanished, but I would feed my child. This drive is natural and given to all parents (why it is going to be so dangerous during the die off).
    IF there was some specific item food or medicinal that my child needs but wasn’t stocked (sufficiently) by myself- the person hoarding it and refusing to trade would likely find their stocks as mysteriously depleting as the neighborhood strays in a starvation scenario – only if alternatives could not be found of course.
    Which is why I will NOT turn away completely empty handed any families that manage to find their way to my door- it wont be much but should be enough to get them started toward a better place and to have the skills of foraging for their own foods.
    It is also why I intend my BOL to be so far from others. (10 miles to the nearest town of 1k pop., over 100 miles to the next town with more than 1k pop.)
    I have plans to give handouts even with such a distance, but if anyone ever comes back for third handouts or _demands_ the handout or more- well that’s where things get tricky and unpleasant. And I have plans for the ‘tricky and unpleasant’ too.

  9. One question for those who say they would rob, steal, and kill, or ‘do anything necessary’ to ensure the survival of their families; Why didn’t you do those things BEFORE your child died?
    If you would truly do those things, then the man who had plenty and refused to trade would already be killed and robbed for his food to feed your starving child.

    • Sagewolf says:

      Good point. It would have to be a Pride thing I think. Pride goes before a fall in this case the death of your child.

  10. Riverwood says:

    For those that will do whatever it takes to feed their own and will murder over “perceived greed”, how long will your ill gotten goods last? A week?, a month?- then what? What will it take for you to murder a second and a third and a fourth time? What perceived injustice will the next one be? “he gave me a dirty look” or “he’s a smug SOB”. Once you cross that line you will rationalize anything at any time to take what you feel you’re owed, how are you any different from the Obama “Freefors” – except that you’re better armed?
    That man you killed that you perceived as greedy may belong to a larger, more well armed group and you will learn the meaning of Karma very quickly while getting you and yours all killed – instead of just 1 child dead, you’ll all be dead. If not this time then maybe the next one you target for murder will do you in, or maybe other neighbors will band together to hunt you down like a murdering rabid dog. They will have to before they are at the top of your kill list.

  11. patientmomma says:

    I am not a revengeful person right now. I would like to think my character would stay in tact, but until I get there, I won’t know for sure. In the book One Second After, people died because they could not get medicines or could not keep them stabilized or refrigerated. Would I kill the pharmacist because of that? No.

    Like everyone on this site, I have been trying to prepare with sufficient needs for my family and a few of my elderly neighbors. If somehow it was taken from me and I found myself without food or medicine for those I love, I would try to get something, from anywhere I could. At this point I don’t think I could kill someone for not sharing; but later ???

  12. Fortunately those who did not prepare the majority of them will be dead already. If they did not prepare for SHTF with food they did not prepare by storing water. 3 days and a lot of them will be dead including those killed in the initial caos. The water systems will be contaminated by whatever disaster there is occurring. One important prep we are forgetting a lot about and I never see it posted anywhere. The time to get ready for this is now. We need to educate our friends and family members now. Even if they get started late they can still do something right up to the point of catastrophe. Help them get started. Maybe get a small bag of preps together and give it to them. Who knows you might just win over your neighbor when they see you care. That way you don’t have to worry about them slitting your throat taking your stuff.

  13. TR from CA says:

    My child, my responsibility. I would not seek revenge as it would have been my failure. However, that is why I prep and learned skills to survive. The one thing that bothers me is the entitlement culture that is going on. These people believe that what you have, they should have. It is a sad state. And regarding some of the comments regarding what God would want, I don’t think God would want me to lay down and let someone kill me and do who knows what to my wife and child because it is the Christian thing to do. I do not bend over for anyone. So I would not look for trouble. I would not steal or kill to grow my own wealth of supplies. But I will defend my family and my property until my last breath. And if that means putting someone between the sights, then I pray for the strength to do the unthinkable, and that my aim is true.

  14. Tomthetinker says:

    MD .. Gawd bless you. Ya musta stuck a hot poker in every nerve the Pack … Had. Then … that would be one point o the exercise. I gotta go soak some of my parts now .. its late.

  15. Benjammin says:

    It’d their stuff, they earned it, they can do with it as they please. If my kid dies from hunger, that’s on them and me. This person who refused to parlay with me owes me nothing, nor I him. He should be as free to live his life, make his preparations, and live with his decisions as I am.

  16. RB in Alabama says:

    I find it interesting that everyone assumes the person who has a lot of food has come by it honestly. What if it was a warlord, or crime boss, or your local community leaders deciding that your child wasn’tlikely to contribute and therefore shouldn’t eat? I’m betting the attitude would be quite different for most folks. Just saying…

    • hvaczach says:

      Well I would say if nothing else this card brought out some conversations. And I am glad for the most part we refrained from name calling. This scenario really evokes a emotional response because it challenges you spiritually, morally, and ethically. The really scary thing is if there is this much debate amongst preppers who for the most part carry a similar mindset how bad are the sheeple gonna be placed in the scenario!

  17. If my children cannot eat… it is my fault. If another man chooses not to shorten his family’s survival time in order to save my family… then he is smart… not greedy.

    Today… there are the Have’s and the Have-nots. Tomorrow… the Have’s will be the prepared and the Have-nots will be the unprepared.

    I will e prepared… and I will defend what I have from the un-prepared.

  18. Lee from La says:

    The answer, in my opinion, is yes and yes. I’d like to think better of myself. I’m also certain action would have been taken before my child starved to death.
    We stand prepared and hope this would never happen. But, given the scenario, yes and yes.

  19. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Just dawned on me, screaming Sam Kennison, rip, had a skit about the starving people in the awful drought in Africa. “Send em money? Hell, send em luggage!”
    I can’t imagine just hanging around watching my child die then blaming someone else for it. And yes, children are more apt to die from poor nutrition than starvation.
    I do believe in compassion and caring for the weak but I also know that the stronger of the species must survive for the species to survive.
    Would I seek revenge on someone else for not feeding my child?
    There are many who will. Prepare for that.
    Many rely on someone else to feed their children now.

    • TGMa,
      Isn’t that the truth…then the kids think that it is normal to rely on someone else and we have multiple generations of families who never took care of themselves or their own. It is a sad state commentary.

  20. Tomthetinker says:

    CorpseKiller63: Sir. This indeed should not have turned into a “pissing match”. Taken in context and even in the context of the card / rhetorical question for the week, this week brought out the Dark Side of the lot of us. My comment on an unreadable tattoo on a clenched bicep was out of place. For that sort of short sightedness and rudness you have my apologies. That ‘we’ have both paid our dues in the same growing club is another matter that should not raise either of our opinions, as more valid, above the others.

    I believe … we can all dwell in the dark thoughts that this weeks ‘card’ brought up. I believe that if .. I .. have done my job, my preps, my skills training and maintained a fair degree of situational awareness that gives me a true perspective … that I and mine will stand with better odds of avoiding this Hobbson’s choice. Odds … odds are that few of us will be the ones building that ‘shinning new village’ after TEOTWAWKI. I believe the conclusions many of us have expressed, is a subtle surrender of our collective God granted free will and ‘rights’ to life, liberty and pursuit of any hope of happyness.

    It is accepting the Dark Side as a back up plan and if we decide to de-evolve to that level then the Dark Ages is what we have earned … again. I believe .. it is the loss of Hope.

    And so end the Homely for today…………… TTT

  21. I don’t generally like the way the “christian” comes out of people during these scenarios!
    What everyone who uses the “christian” card forgets is PEOPLE,In the most basic form, ARE ANIMALS, like any other mammal and will do what it takes to survive when the TSHTF, just as we do now. Do I like my job-NO, but I have to do it to survive and provide food, shelter and clothing for my family. If TSHTF then I would do what I had to then as well.
    Some one stated above “how long would your ill gotten gains last?” Well, How long would your preps last? 6 months? a year? two years? Well, then what- You are forced to forage, steal or a little of both to continue feeding yourself and your children. Unless you are so godly as to have 40 or 50 years worth of preps put away!. No matter how much you prep IT WILL RUN OUT or maybe be stolen from you by a mindless violent mob.
    If you play the “christian” card and say it is “god’s will” if the child dies Then you are a fool following a fool. ANY GOD whose plan involves a child dying is NOT a god I would place my undying faith and devotion in. We had a case here in Pennsylvania a little while back where a newborn, just hours old, was crushed to death with a cinderblock BY HIS FATHER because they “couldn’t afford” another baby- A GOD THAT ALLOWS THIS IS AS GUILTY AS THE FATHE RIN THIS CHILDS DEATH!! Oh, I know here it comes, “That was the devils fault” Right? That “everything good taht happens is gods fault and the bad things are the devil’s fault” excuse does NOT hold water. Too one sided. God is supposed to be all knowing, loving and all powerful right, well there ya go champ, could’ve stopped it and didn’t!!! God allows child rapists- He/She is just as guilty. God allows child murderers- Just as guilty.
    It is not about whether I believe a god exists or doesn’t, that point is irrelevant. I simply refuse to put blind faith in child rapists and murderers ( Not to mention the whoile pedophile priest thing)
    Bottom line here is – In a SHTF scenario, If you do not do all you can (whether you’ve prepped or not) to ensure the survival and prosperity of your children then you are at fault for their death. That may mean to rob, steal, kill, forage, hunt ETC. Those who refuse to accept these very real possibilities will not survive.
    Someone also mentioned “charity bags”, Yea, how many million of those are you willing to make to hand out to the mass hoardes wandering around??? NOT FEASIBLE!!

    • Plus remember, “Christianity” has only been around for about 2,000 years. People have been killing, stealing, foraging and surviving for a lot longer than that! Were they all wrong and in hell now? Didn’t your “god” provide them with the skills and tools to do that and thrive? Organized religion is the most Hypocritical bunch of people I ever saw!!

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Religion dates back to the time of self-awareness. In every society there are rules. The society rules in my neighborhood are Judeo-Christian in origin. Even the Muslim, Buddhists, and Hindus in my neighborhood have adopted the rules of this society.
        For many of us who were raised in a religious environment we are programmed that way and find great comfort in believe in Divine Existence.
        You have the right to not believe. If I didn’t have my Family in Heaven, I would feel very alone and vulnerable.

        • Encourager says:

          Troll alert.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Did you catch Matilda Morgan under Q and A?

          • Because I disagree with hiding behind religion I’m a troll?? I agree MORALS and VALUES must be basis for rules But all major religions seem completely hypocritical to me. Christianity being the worst! The Spanish inquisitions, where you were burned at the stake for not believing enough?!? Really? The Crusades and It’s ‘convert to our religion or die’ attitude?! Really? Not to mention the genocide committed by “Missionaries” upon so many Native tribes I can’t even list them all here? Rapes of little children by priests then covered up and allowed to continue by the Vatican?! YOU are OK WITH ALL THAT, but wouldn’t kill in a SHTF scenario to ensure the survival of your children?? THAT is hypocrisy! So Judge me as a troll if you must (Judge not lest ye be judged? Guess not) because I state historical fact. Just stop hiding behind hypocrisy!!

            • Rider of Rohan says:

              Yeah, you say that MORALS and VALUES must be basis for rules, after you’ve advocated robbing, stealing, and killing. Yeah, you’re a troll, the worst of trolls. That hypocrite word you like using so much, look in the mirror, there’s one of the worst staring right back at you.

            • Encourager says:

              Yes, you are a troll, Spudweb. Why? Because you come on this site and cause trouble, mocking people, insulting people, being a real jerk. To you, it is your way or the highway.

              Have a nice trip.

              Time is too short to waste time reading garbage you write. We are here to share ideas on how to prep, how to survive while holding onto our morals and beliefs, supporting each other, helping each other.

            • Spud web,
              Believe it or not, I am a Christian and I am not personally responsible for any atrocities. I draw great strength from my faith in God, as do many of the Wolf Pack. When I do make a mistake, I find comfort in my faith. I am sorry if you don’t have that in your life.
              What makes the pack special is that we care about one another. We enjoy the discussion, often learning from one another. Many of us also have a strong faith in God, but never excuse awful things that Christians may have done.
              If you find Christians so abhorrent, this might not be a happy place for you to hang out.
              Take care.

        • I have no issue with your belief. Believe what you wish and I support that CHOICE fully. I am simply stating that the people who state here that they would let there children die in the name of a god, any god, when they could do something to prevent it Are way off center, lying to us and themselves.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Wow, what a screed. If you believe the things you just said, why do you even bother to prep is the question I ask of you? And maybe you don’t, but if you do, you just gave anyone who didn’t prep the moral right(since need is apparently a fundamental right in your mind) to kill you for your supplies. And if you don’t, you just said you have the right to kill them for theirs. As for Christians and God, you are very confused or misinformed, and I’ll leave it at that.

    • Spudweb,
      How long would my preps last? Hopefully long enough to get the small scale gardening and livestock converted to a larger scale farming operation. It’s the reason those of us who are serious about this, are trying to become as self reliant as possible. Once you no longer have to go to that job you hate (or in my case, like), then your job becomes a full time operation keeping the food production and security in place, which I suspect will be much harder (and more important) than anything you’ve done in life up to this point.
      If your plan is simply stockpiling all you need, then you are by definition going to fail, period.

    • Encourager says:

      Spudweb, your rabid hatred towards God stuns me. Why are you blaming God for what humans do? He gave us a free will, for good or for evil. It is a choice you make. For good or for evil. My faith is in God, not “child rapists and murderers…and pedophile priest(s)”.

      You are one deceived, angry person.

      • “You are one deceived, angry person”
        I could say the same regarding you fellow human. Christians and priests believe that “God has a plan” I’m simply stating that if your “god has a plan” and that plan involves the things that occur here (Child rapes, murders, inquisitions, genocides in the name of religion, ETC) THen that is not any type of entity I would place my blind faith and obedience in. People hide behind religion in many many ways ( Muslims to commit terror, Christians to commit genocide- IT HAS HAPPENED IN MANY CASES AND IS HISTORICAL FACT) and hiding behind religion is hypocrisy. I am a moral person with a strong set of values and beliefs and a good human. I have placed myself in work which involves service to mankind ( I may have spoke to hastily when I said I hated my job, Burned out a bit ma have been more appropriate) for the last 25 years. I did not need religion or blind faith to accomplish that. Morals and values are key and they were instilled by my parents. We all have the innate right and wrong we don’t need to hide behind religion or use it as a crutch or excuse. Those of organized religion ALWAYS tend to be the most judgemental while preaching ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’. If you cannot admit that GREAT atrocities haev been and continue to be committed in the name of most world organized religions then I’m sorry for your blindness. Have a great day sir or Ma’am

  22. Encourager says:

    If my child starved to death, the blame would be on me, not my neighbor. It I did not plan well and did not prep for my family, shame on me. Good luck living with THAT guilt! Each of us is responsible for providing for our own.

    If we lost all in a fire or were robbed of all we had, hopefully I would be able to go to where I have stashed more supplies. Putting all your “eggs” in one basket is foolish. But frankly, that is exactly where they are right now in my home…once it thaws out and we dig out from this latest storm (ice, slush then over 7 inches of fresh snow in the past 12 hours) I need to remedy that. I know that my son has already stashed stuff on our property when we were on vacation and he was staying here. But where it all is???

    If the situation were reversed and I had extra food to spare, I would help my neighbor. But that is just the way I am.

    Why would I plan revenge when it was my own fault? Sadly, that is what our society does. It is NEVER their fault, they ALWAYS find someone/something else to blame.

    • Encourager;
      You need a map to those hidden gems, an a back up map just in case you loose the original.

      • Encourager says:

        No kidding, Becky! You would think the kid would have TOLD us where he buried the goodies! He has them all under GPS spots. Sigh…

        • Encourager;
          Remind dear child…….ah what if the GPS is no longer working. Then how do we find the stores?? I like most think technology is great, but still believe in the old backup of paper and ink….yesssery.
          Hope all is well with you and yours.

    • Donna in MN says:

      I would recommend a big hollow tree or under brush pile. When we up north bury something in the ground, we have to wait until May to get it.

      • Encourager says:

        LOL, Donna! Yep, no way we can ‘dig’ anything out until the thaw. Buried under ice and a few feet of snow still.

  23. Why is your daughter dying of starvation? Can’t you hunt, trap or fish? Did you not prepare? How can you be mad at a person who prepared and used their supplies better than you did?

    You are responsible for your daughter, no one else. By the way why is she dying of starvation and your still able to fight with a neighbour about food? You should feed your daughter when you feed yourself.
    This is what is wrong with our country-take responsibility for your family and yourself.

  24. 19Pinky67 says:

    I can see where the urge to take revenge would be mighty tempting to many people. But, no, I would not plot revenge. The responsibility to provide for my family lies with me, not some random stranger who refused to barter. If I have dropped the ball badly enough that my family starts dying off, I deserve to be griefstricken and miserable.

  25. Riverwood says:

    Ohio Prepper

    I totally agree, my “preps” are to last just long enough for the violent “golden hoards” to die off so I can plant & harvest my gardens, fish the river and hunt the back country in a semblance of peace. Stored food is only tier 1 and only a short term solution. Tier 2 is farming and aquaculture.
    I’m not a religious man, but I sure am a spiritual man – it has given me strength and fortitude in some very dark and trying times. I believe that the base roots of all religions have common threads that are innate to all human beings – going back to the earliest cavemen and that murder has always been taboo in every society.
    There will be times when killing will be necessary to save you and yours, but murder will never be acceptable and will always be followed by retribution of some sort – at some time.
    We are all headed for some very dark times that may last a generation or more, it’s important to plan now how we will come out the other side and what kind of a world we will rebuild for our children’s children’s children and most importantly who will populate it. (tier 3)

  26. hvaczach says:

    WOW, just read the entire thread and I am still swirling! this one really seemed to spark some enthusiastic commentary! Well I hope we can all keep it in perspective and continue the great dialogue, idea sharing, and terrible jokes we usually pass along. Until tomorrow then keep it real pack.

    • Encourager says:

      And it has brought back the trolls…

      • hvaczach & Encourager;
        I must have overlooked something……..who is Waltzing Matilda?? Can you direct me to where I missed this comment that called out the “troll alert”? thanks

        • Becky,
          You didn’t direct the question to me but look at the Q&A about compatiable spouse.

  27. Sagewolf says:

    The scenario does not say is the person or group were bad people, but if they were I would not have a problem removing an evil Warlord. If all they have is stolen from someone else by force they don’t get any mercy.

    If they are good people then I hope I would be able to accept their decision and focus on keeping the rest of my family alive.

    Someone mentioned the Dark Ages earlier .When SHTF happens I fear we will make that dark age seem like a speed bump. Their are so many more people alive now then Then. I think man will become like a swarm of locusts eating everything in sight or wasting it because they don’t have the knowledge to use it right.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Certainly part of grief is hate. And there are a great many people being provided for by our government who will feel entitled to anything the rest of us have. We will “owe” them.

      I have no qualms about taking up arms against evil forces. I have always believed it our duty to fight those who threaten a healthy society. Of course, to fight in vain, to seek revenge, to let emotions over power good sense, will do no good.

      And yes, the dark ages, covered a smaller population. But, the plague reduced the European population by half. So immediately we will see the die off of those being kept alive by technology, diabetics for example. Disease and pestilence will co-exist with mal-nutrition and starvation. Accidental death will soar as people attempt projects they are new to. Someone brought up how dangerous farming is.
      Then of course comes childbirth and the dangers we have forgotten because they are rare except in the worst of the undeveloped countries. And eventually, an epidemic. Unless planes and/or trade routes are still active, they will be contained. But just like smallpox, even blankets can carry death. The evolution of the new normal, I think, will go very fast the first year then settle into whatever habitable routine possible.
      My point is that the populations of metropolitan areas already far exceed sustainability. Die off will go pretty fast. The days of the locusts will be relatively short. I’ve read and believe that living within 200 mi. of an interstate hwy will be the worst effected because scavengers will follow the path of least resistance. But so many from the cities won’t make it far. The first few months some of us will be wishing zombies were the problem.
      Deer in places like the Poconos and Long Island will probably disappear farely quickly. The waters around the coastal areas will initially be picked cleaned.
      Of course, it’s only my opinion.

      • Tactical G-Ma,
        I could not have said it any better. There will be a quick die off as there are many people being kept alive because of meds and technology. Unfortunately there will also be many who because they are off of their meds will become extremely violent! I am thinking that after 12 to 18 months we will come to a new normal and a more stable civilization.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Seems like a lot of the non-fiction books I’ve read agree with your estimation

      • I agree if they were bad people it would be best to wait until you have other people to help you. Rushing in to get revenge will most likely cause your death. Only attack when your odds of survival are good.