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Okay here we go…

You are at a business convention 1200 miles away from your family when an EMP goes off and stops the entire civilization in it’s tracks. None of the means of communications or transportation work, the banking system and all the comforts of modern civilization are broken, setting the entire country back hundreds of years. Infrastructure won’t be fixed anytime soon and you aren’t ready for this. You have $300 in your pocket and a few hours before all shelves are empty. Would you stay local or head for home? Whatever your decision is, what would you buy with the money and why?

Looking forward to the discussion in the comments below…

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  1. Backwoods Prepper says:

    This question really hits home. I travel to Houston Texas often. I drive tractor trailer. It is 1160 miles from southern WV. I have a GHB that has almost everything you could possibly need. (That’s a great idea for a post MD ask everyone that wants to list everything in their GHB). I have a Mountian bike strapped to the rear of my tractor cab/sleeper. I don’t ride it as much as I used to but in this situation it would be handy. As for the three hundred dollars, I would probably stop at a mom and pop shop and buy as much jerky pain reliever and candy bars/energy bars to keep my energy level high long as possible. I would be expecting a scenario like Going home by A. American.

    • Desert Fox says:

      What’s a GHB? House Boat? Some of us don’t know all the abbreviations that people use here…so please explain first. Thanks!

  2. snakehawk says:

    Get every thing thats need to survive, head out and leave the rest in Christs hands.and I’d make.

  3. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Another thought came to mind. If an EMP is released over North America, what comes next? Invasion? I don’t know if I would want to be out in the elements if war breaks out.
    1200 miles is like New York City to Fort Lauderdale or Seattle to Rapid City. Huge difference in the terrain. What if you have to cross desert in the middle of summer or the Rockies in the dead of winter?

    • Tomthetinker says:

      Toledo, Ohio to Fort Myers Beach Florida is 1282 miles ala Interstate 75 .. or 7 and 3/16th in. on my Atlas page. 9″ (1200 miles) puts me on the North coast of Cuba.. Medicine Hat, Alberta.. Lewis & Clark N.F. Montana.. Kemmerer, Wyoming.. Canyon Lands, Utah.. Socorro, N.M.. McAllen, Texas. Challenge .. ‘Tinker’ .. answer .. ‘Tac G-Ma’ .. visaversa

  4. Michael G Marriam says:

    Pardon me if this has already been posted but a lot of people are going to buy water filters, ammo and such: where? Most business meetings are near an airport or in a city center and unless you are really lucky I don’t see you finding too many places to get supplies nearby.

  5. riverrider says:

    well, A) i never go anywhere without a plan and my ghb. b) when i go farther its by truck, which is loaded w/ enough to get me back. c) 1200 miles of food would be tough to tote, so i’d run down to the backpack store(or most wally marts) and grab all the fd meals in stock and a gym bag to carry them. d)since i have the rest with me, i haul a$$ home. figure on 3 months plus or minus……F) we might be about to find out, for real.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Wasn’t there a line from Heartbreak Ridge that the Gunny didn’t take a s–t without a plan? That’s the most important prep!

      • axelsteve says:

        I think many people will take an unplanned s_t after an emp.

      • riverrider says:

        great minds think alike. i stole the gunny’s motto too. improvise,adapt,overcome. oh and, “i come in peace, but i have a plan to kill everybody in sight.”

        • RR,
          My favorite quote. I taught it to my son when he became a first class scout. The version I heard was, ‘be polite and professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet’.
          Words to live by.

          • riverrider says:

            yeah i kinda merged two quotes. “i come in peace, but i brought artillery.” and yours.

  6. mom of three says:

    We travel about 865 miles, into California. If it were my husband, I know he would stay he has family and friends. I would try to get to my parents, VW Bus, groovy ride down and stay with them. This is a good topic I’m thinking of staying home at spring break, and him going he has a moter to pick up in California. Me thinks we need to think this trip over. GREAT QUESTION! I don’t think EMP will effect the 1970’s cars, or older if you had to go a short way I would drive.

  7. hvaczach says:

    I have not parussed all the replies yet so hope I am not repeating someone’s thoughts but here it goes: 0-90 seconds HOLY CRAP ITS AN EMP AND I AM 1200 MILES FROM HOME! 90 sec to 30 minutes find closest Walmart, grab largest back packing pack they have, grab as much foil envolop spam, tuna etc i can, grab nuts and dried fruit, beef jerky, and empty water vessals and purification tablets, see what the most readily available ammo is, ask for the ammo case to be opened find a rifle that shoots said ammo, spare boots, several pairs of socks clean undies and new jeans. The best rain gear they have and several bic lighters. A bike, and as many packs as it can carry. I know 300 bucks will not come close but if it is an EMP they can’t call the cops! and I am not raiding a prepper or anything else less moral than staying alive! On the way out explain to guy at gun counter and the checkers they should FILL BAGS GRAB GUNS AND GO HOME! Then haul ass outta town. If I know it is an EMP then society and it’s rules no longer apply, I may give the kid at the gunb counter the 300 dollars of worthless paper if it makes any difference.

    • Desert Fox says:

      How would you know at first (90 sec) if it’s an emp? It would take a lot of minutes at least for you to look onto the street and see that vehicles aren’t moving…that would be a positive sign…and more that 30 minutes for you to walk to a Wall Mart even if you knew where one was. The chaos at the store (darkness) would not let you to do the purchases you’re planning without incidents and by prematurely (of your purchases) alerting anyone would only cause panic.
      …Just saying…

      • hvaczach says:

        Point’s are valid my mistake is assuming it was a day time strike, thus the sky-lights providing at least some light in the store, I am one of those who alway’s doesn’t pack enough underwear or forgets the tooth brush so likely will know where a wally-world is by proxy ( my hurried packing is my curse unless I do it on purpose wiothout knowing myself). I always wear a wrist watch and always have my phone on me so if both died in there tracks and a complete lack of traffic it is a strong hint something is up.

        • I always carry at least one flashlight, because a total lights out like this scenario would be a situation where you really need one. They are also often more handy in normal situations than one might think.

  8. I love the way people hedge their answers with assumptions that are clearly outside the information on the card. The scenario is laid out, no communication, no transportation, no banking, and the two questions asked are, will you stay or head for home? And what would you buy with your $300?
    My only assumption is that I am dressed for what ever the weather is at the time.
    My first answer. I am getting out of what ever town or city I am in when the EMP event happens. However, I would head to family. I have kids in Colorado and Illinois and 2 bothers in Tennessee. I live in Houston so my kids will be half way home. I also have no reason to think I could ever make it all the way back to Houston. I’ll try when things settle down but first I will go to kids.

    For the 2nd question… I would address my purchases this way. Food, water, shelter, and defense.
    I figure if I need another shirt or pants I will find them on the way so I’d take all the socks and shorts I had with me on the trip and
    pilfer the hotel room for blanket, plastic bags, toiletries, food out of vending machines, and a pillow case to carry it in, I will get out of city as quick as possible. First stop is the first quickie mart I find. Ha Pu will be open and taking cash. Shopping list will be lots of Jerky, peanut butter, trail mix, and 4 Bic lighters, Two 1 liter bottles of soda. Bottles to be used later for water. If Ha Pu has them, 2 knives. One Buck and the other pocket. If at all possible, at the next quickie mart I find, I would repeat this except for the bottles, knives, and lighters.
    IF I come across a wally world, academy, or other like stores, I would try to get a cook set, an air rifle or pistol, pellets, rice and or beans. A poncho, cordage, a hatchet, and a large backpack.
    If I find a shopping cart or bicycle unattended it will be seen as a gift of fate and confiscated.
    I would find a long walking stick and sharpen one end for a spear.

    As I said earlier, I don’t think I would actually ever make it home. But I would feel good inside knowing that I left behind all that I could for JoJo, my beautiful bride.

    • Forgot about the air rifle nice quite squirrel and bunny killer, for a long walk home.

  9. Tomthetinker says:

    I read over the ‘card’. Measured off the 1200 miles on my Atlas. I’m someplace ‘IN’ the continental divide. I don’t care how much of my EDC, GHB, guns and ammo I decided to ‘check through’ with the TSA. As a newly minted ‘REFUGEE’, I am not welcome anyplace but home. I cannot do anything about what may be happening at home. The Card states that ‘we’ are now back in the say….. early 1700s. First, get out of the Dodge I find myself in as well as I can… why not .. just as soon as I empty every mini-bar in the hotel of any food item and a fair portion of the ‘shots’ or what I know I can carry and eat at the same time. Make the best bedroll I can out of the whats in the hotel. Get to the kitchen and see what kind of edged equipment is available as a ‘Machete’ / word / spear head .. and protein .. foul weather gear / jumbo trash bags / doorman’s rain gear .. find a few of the best large laundry sacks I can and put together a expedient back pack. The rest … yeah right. I’m taking what I brought and what I can find at the hotel and … off.

    Do I have any reason the think I’ll make it out of the Rockies .. Cascades .. Sandia de Cristos .. the Saw Tooth .. across the great planes .. or the SouthWest .. the Dakotas .. and to the Mississppi .. not a question really. Say I make it across the big muddy and how many major and minor and small population concentrations .. Gadzook .. I’m half way home! give er take a few hundred miles. How many choke points have I had to make it through .. Missouri River .. the Ohio .. the Maumee .. back across the Detriot River or .. Lake Erie .. Canada EHhh .. Now Gringos and Gringettes I am trying to put a humorous twist on this trek but …

    Is it ‘Hollywood’ or just ‘hope’ that makes this getting home thing … real? I love my family. I know what they may try in this situation and if they were to succeed .. that is what I would ‘hope’ for. I figure to be lucky to make 8 miles a day on foot while trying not to become part of the die off this ‘card’ portends. If I’m lucky .. stealthy.. and my extra set of boots holds out … 5 months minimum. All this assumes a lot. I do assume that should I run into any of youz guys that … Well we should work up some sort o hand signal before to much longer ….. don’t ya think?

  10. Tomthetinker says:

    Hey Tac-Momma … Didn’t the Gunny also give us the “Cluster F – – K” This ‘Cards’ situation is what life will become, good luck or good preps.

  11. Hunker-Down says:

    On the business trips I made (years ago) when I walked out the front door of the hotel I was lost. It happened in every city, on every trip. I had no idea how far the airport was from the hotel.
    I would have no clue as to where to find a Walmart or place to buy a bike or gun or lifestraw. It would take me10 minutes to figure out which way North is; probably a lot of hi-rise buildings in the way when trying to find the sun. If it was dark, then what?

    I have an idea from other posters that I would need to get an atlas, one page per state. Before leaving home I would need to print out several preplanned MapQuest walking maps, avoiding big cities and major highways. I would need to bring along a pound of junk silver.

    As soon as I found out which direction home is in, I would start walking in that direction. If I found a store to buy travel safe food, shoes, gun, Lifestraw, or water I would stop. But I would not waste time looking for those stores as I tried to walk out into open country as I consider getting out of any area where gangs will be forming is imperative.
    On the way, if I found an abandoned bicycle, or horse at an abandoned farm I would incorporate it into the journey.

    I think it would be a minimum of 6 months to get home but if mountains or desert were in the way, maybe double that estimate, and maybe double the distance trying to skirt them.
    I would expect to wear out whatever footwear I had in 3-4 weeks. I would expect to stop every day for food scavenging for me and the horse or the bike tires to go flat. I would expect to face problems of disease in various locations and have no way of identifying it.
    I would hope to join with others traveling in the direction I needed to go, and expect each one of them to have the same problems.

    • You make it sound hopeless, but you are not wrong. We flock to movies to watch someone struggle against impossible odds (life of pi) but the truth is EMP makes it impossible odds for us all. The survivors are determined, preparred, tough, but above all lucky. No matter how big a badass you are a simple cold can kill you (see Napolian Bonaparte) so post EMP world is scary.

    • Tomthetinker says:

      I expect you are absolutely correct Hunker … If we run into each other you challenge word is Tinker .. counter is Hunker .. visaversa.

  12. Rider of Rohan says:

    After reading through the comments I thought about a couple of things. I’m from Texas, we have lots of horses here, maybe more than any other state. Bottom line, if you tried to steal someone’s horse here, you’re a dead man/woman. I don’t know a single horse owner, and I know a lot, who doesn’t think about as much of their horse as they do their children. They are highly unlikely to sell their horse during good times, much less when the value of a horse would go up 10-fold after an EMP strike. There is a reason a horse thief was hung in Texas not that many years ago.

    Now, if you did somehow find a horse, you would be sitting on a gold mine. To think a single person could ride a horse any distance, much less 1200 miles, after an EMP event as described is just not rational. The horse will make you a target of every looter/pillager/scavenger between you and home. Horses make noise, horses leave fresh evidence of their presence, horses eat a lot, and require a lot of browse if they aren’t fed high-energy feed. And a horse will be a dinner bell to hungry and starving people(remember last week, you will do anything to survive, others will as well, so your horse is salvation to the hungry).

    You are more likely to walk the 1200+ miles than ride. Same with a bicycle. Riding a bike down a road will make you a target. Again, a bike would be invaluable after an EMP. To think you could ride it across the country is not rational. It will be sought after by all. And unlike a horse, a bike could not be ridden cross country, so you would no choice but to stick to a road of some kind.

    In other words, there is only one way to make it, and that would be on foot. There are obviously a few resourceful people in this country who can live off the land, are familiar with the edible plants of the entire country, and not just locally, have craft and primitive weapons skillsets, possess knowledge of herbal medicine and remedies, etc. But they are few and far between, maybe one in a million. The best bet for 99.9% of people is to get out of the city and try to throw in with someone, anyone, as quickly as possible, and come to the realization that you aren’t going to make it home. Unless and until things get somewhat back to normal.

    • riverrider says:

      ror, i was surprised by the negativity on this post. settlers went 3000 miles routinely in the old days. until 1940 there was no road that traversed the u.s., yet people managed to get back n forth. before technology man got around quite well, just slowly. i don’t think in the time it takes me to get out of the built up areas people will go all zombie on me. with minor gear and knowledge i like my chances of making it. heck, beatniks and dropouts make it up the app every year. with a little prior training it should be little problem.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Riverrider, this is one thing I’ve thought about quite a bit, and the major reason I don’t travel long distances any more. I feel confident I can make it home within a 200 mile radius with what I have in my GHB, the additional supplies I always carry on trips(2 large buckets of MH food), and the 1st Aid Kit and medicine I store in my vehicle.

        But when I got to thinking about 1200+ miles, with only $300 to buy supplies, no weapon, and no sure transportation other than my feet, I just couldn’t think of how I could do it. When the settlers left they had horses, a covered wagon full of supplies, traveled with LMI who also had ample supplies, and were heavily armed. There were also stops along the wagon-train routes with additional supplies available.

        And I realize some hike the AT every year, but a couple of things. They don’t live off the land, help is only a phone call or so away, and they don’t face hostiles after a SHTF scenario. Now, I was thinking worse case, not best case, and some of my thoughts would be mitigated depending on how the country responded. That is the key. Unfortunately, I’m afraid the worst will come out in the FSA, and ruin any chance of recovery for the rest of us.

        • riverrider says:

          true. it won’t easy or a sure thing, but lewis n clark did it with muskets, n injuns. and like i said, if hippies can thru hike the a.t. i think i can even w/out modern resupply. the fsa are too lazy to venture out into the woods and frankly they are scared shitless of it, lol. my worry is the other “survivalist” w/ a gun n not much else. i also worry my family won’t last long enough for me to get there.

          • Rider of Rohan says:

            “my worry is the other “survivalist” w/ a gun n not much else.”

            Yep, that’s my main worry too, riverrider, especially after what I read here a couple of weeks ago on Conflicted Tuesday. A large number of prepper’s plans are taking other’s preps by force. A horse or bicycle would be a gift most of them wouldn’t turn down.

            • riverrider says:

              roger that. a horse is great as long as you have the support system to go along w/ it. the injuns didn’t, but they just rode em into the ground then ate em. most everybody else had to go to town eventually for horse shoes etc to keep them working. average age of a horse back then was a year or two. guy on a bike, easy money.

  13. I was thinking about this all day yesterday. Yesterday, I played by the card, I was alone and my family was 1200 miles away. Yes I would do everything in my power to get to my kids- never underestimate a determined mother.
    But the reason this stuck with me is that I have a family gathering coming up in November, in Minnesota(about 100 miles lesz than this scenerio). My kids and dogs will be with me, but I am unsure if my dh will be able to get the time off work.
    If this were to happen while there, my answer is completely different. I would NOT try to travel that far with my kids. Even though my dogs are being cart trained and can haul all my kids, that is just entirely too far for me to even contemplate taking them. I would definitely stay put. But then the question becomes would my dh try to get to us. Knowing him, the answer would be yes. But the probability of him making it that far in winter…..
    This discussion really got me to thinking of what I will take with me when I go. Of course all the usual stuff I keep in my car, and since I am heading into snow country, the extras to deal with that. I also already promised to bring things for the general food supply while our heard has gathered together, in which I will probably add quite a bit for security sake.

    But do I go with the thought that I may never see home again? Do I take my seeds and tinctures, herbs and essential oils? Do I take the first aid kit I have built or leave that for the dh? How much extra clothes do I take? What about all the preps I have put together for my family? I know what to do if we’re driving and get stuck in a snowstorm or such, been there, done that, but with this scenerio in mind… ugh! I hate traveling so far from home and wouldnt except that we are gathering for my grandma.

  14. LOL you guys are awesome.

  15. Patriot Dave says:

    1200 miles is driving distance for me. I would not have flown.
    I would try to find others who live in my region who would like to travel as a group. At least part way. We could share the burden of carrying stuff.
    However, If you are without your vehicle full of stuff, your GHB or other supplies, and starting from stratch; I think you can get a lot of stuff cheap or even free. Before you start spending the $300.00

    HOTEL: Scavenging the hotel is a given. The employees will abandon the place and go home to families. I would not stay long, because, I think that hotel/airport/other refugees will be the first to be rounded up for fema camps. Hotels are difficult to defend from looters. But you do have strength in numbers and could put up barricades. But, I would stay long enough to help eat the food going bad in the freezer.

    Your Room: You can make a backpack out of a pillow case with some cordage, small soaps and stuff, towels, washcloths. Take the blanket and comforter or bed spread if possible. Use the shower curtain as a tarp or ground cloth. Use the shower curtain rings for cheap carabineers, TP, cut off electric cords and phone cord for more cordage, Gideon Bible, coffee pot if you can’t find a metal one, Drapes? They are heavy but heavy duty and very well insulated. They could be good for a winter tent, curtain rod for tent pole or walking stick, batteries out of remote and smoke alarm if available. Now, what can you do with those stupid coat hangers that don’t have hooks?

    Kitchen and Banquet: Lots of knives, Butcher knives, silverware, butter knife to sharpen, can goods (mostly #10 and heavy, but I would still take some, make one into a hobo stove), can opener!, some perishable foods, fruit, cooking oil, spices, sugar, coffee filters, coffee, plastic baggies, aluminum foil, sternos, butane torch they use for burning food at tables, matches, lighters, a cook pot, water bottles, soda bottles, black large trashbags,

    Bar: bottle of vodka for wounds, another for barter, Scotch for me, Bar tools.

    Maintenance: duct tape, superglue, electrical tape, flashlight, batteries, rope, hammer, 2 wheel hand truck, and hand tools and who knows what. Even a scrounged piece of metal or plastic could be sharpened.

    Landscaping: possibly a hatchet, pruners, other hand tools?, blade off a mower, garden cart or even a broadcast spreader, just break off the spinner to carry stuff.

    Lost and found: anything useful.

    Front office & admin offices: scissors, letter opener, arm off the paper cutter, pepto, first aid kit, oversized stapler for fixing things. Pens, pencils, markers and notebooks for taking notes, starting fires, Paperclips, binder clips, tacks, utility blades, Magnifying glass, scotch tape, masking tape.

    Laundry and housekeeping: dryer lint, vaseline, clorox, Tear sheets for bandages, more TP.

    Pool: shock. Dip net? More towels, Rope dividing deep end from shallow,

    Hallways and elsewhere: Do building still have fire axes next to the fire hoses anymore? throw rug for insulated ground pad. The housekeeping carts and bell hop carts are too clumsy for road travel, much less for cross country.

    This is probably more than you can carry, and you have not even gone shopping yet. You need a group.

    THRIFT STORES: Thrift stores, like pawn shops, vary in inventory. But they will have winter clothes, shoes, wide brim hat, boots, pots, back packs, dufflebags, books to read, baseball bats, sometimes hand tools, flashlights, hard hat.

  16. Going with the imformation given on the situation I would empty all my dead electronics from my computer bag which also doubles as an EDC bag. From the hotel room I would take the fleece blanket and TP if it was a good brand. I’m going to assume since it’s a convention center that it is located near an airport. I’m also going to assume that I flew into the same airport which would be a mess if everything was knocked out by an EMP as stated. Hopefully it will be night. I will then go to the cargo shipping terminal which is usually located on a less used part of the airport. On my way I will look for a piece of metal I can use as a prybar / weapon. Once I gain access into the airport I will start going through the USPS, UPS packages. Hundreds of thousands of packages go through USPS, UPS everyday. Often those packages are from places like Emergency Essentials, Gunbroker, Lucky Gunner, you get the idea. So while others are navigating the looters. I will be keeping a low profile obtaining gun(s), ammo, fixed blade knife, food and anything else that is light enough to carry and keep me alive for a very long journey. And another tip is that there is usually a bicycle or tricycle in these warehouses that workers use to get from the cargo terminal to the main parts of the airport. Paper money? I would keep it for firestarting material.

    • You are right their could be real gold or silver in a USPS shipping box. The only problem is all the boxes you would have to go through for Good stuff. The shipping label may help narrow the boxes down to what you actually want. Just make sure no one with the airport sees you if they are inclined to defend it or help you and get some goodies as well.

      One last thing the people dealing with the packages may do what you want to do, since they may now what will be good boxes.

      • Agreed. I woud want to be as quick as possible. My main focus in metals would be in steel and lead. Those packages have markings that cannot be mistaken. I will avoid the military or law enforcement parts of the airport because they may be all to happy to give me bullets.

  17. I have taken all day to read through all the posts. There is (to me) one glaring omission throughout.

    Let me preface my experiwnce with a question. How many of you have experienced severe weight loss?

    In 2010 I weighed in at a hefty 325 pounds. Today, I weigh in at a lesser 238. I am over 6 feet tall. Have you ever tried to walk just 1mile with that much loss? I have no butt to keep my pants up. I must constantly keep hitching up not only my pants but also my drawers as they both keep sliding down every 50 or so feet traveled.

    The point of this is simple. How much weight are you going to lose on this little trek, and how is your hiking ability going to impacted? Admittedly I solved the issue by now wearing suspenders as well as a belt. What are you going to do?

    Best as always.

    • JP in MT says:


      Great point. It is one of the reasons why I wear a belt (to hold my gear) and suspenders (to hold up my pants). But I didn’t think to mention it in regards to this “trek”.

    • We All should put suspenders in our bug out bag since we are likely to lose a lot of weight and you are right holding your pants up Will get old fast. Besides if your pants keep falling down you may get eaten by the equivalent of a bear.

  18. Doubt you would be able to buy a pistol so if did not have one with you I would buy these things on my way out of town post haste. 1.). A camelback water container. 2.) back pack filled with as much food as I could carry, including matches, tarp and rope. 3.). Compass. Might have to travel by foot overland. 4. A machete and a good knife. If I am going to get taken out somebody is going to pay before I go down 5.) a bike. The food of course would be high protein and carbs. Going to need it. Tarp for shelter.6.). Some type of water purifier or bleach to disinfect it. Of course would not filter out radiation so would try to stick with bottled water if could find it. You would also need an atlas or maps of each state you would have to walk thru to get home. Nothing is going to look the same. Of course along the way the closer you would get to the blast if you had to walk in that direction you will come across the dead. Scavenge anything you can from them. Hopefully in your travels you can find a surplus store along the way but I would not bank on it. The whole object would be to have preplanned for this before traveling and put some of the stuff in your check on luggage before traveling. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure

  19. Northern wolf says:

    I would look for the nearest big 5 type store to get the basic for water and camping any mountain house food bow/arrows then hit a reg store for a few canned food, start out of town where I could find horses and get one of them along with tack, then head back home.

  20. I’d hit up Wal art immediately:
    Swiss Tech Multi-Tool $7.07
    Fieldline 1,249 Cui Tactical Patrol Backpack, Coyote Camo – $12.97
    SecureLine 5/32″ x 50′ Green 550-Nylon Paracord, Military Grade – $2.57
    Dorcy 41-2510 4 LED Carabiner Waterproof Flashlight – $7.24
    Everest Mummy +5F/-15C Degree Sleeping Bag – $24
    Barska 10×25 Lucid View Monocular, Black – $11.10
    Stevens MDL 320 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun – $199

    That leaves me $36.05 for some slugs and gameshot, since Wal Mart’s (at least here in the WV/OH/KY tristate) don’t carry buckshot.
    I know I don’t have a water source on here, but they’ll be plenty of plastic bottles around.

    As for getting home… that’s a pipe dream, at least in the beginning. Hopefully find somewhere to whole up, maybe band together with a few of the non-sheeple at the convention.

    If I had to take to the road, I’d strip my hotel room of a blanket, shower curtain, soap, shampoo, etc to fill my bag.

  21. Soggy Prepper says:

    Well, 1200 miles. I’m pretty much screwed. No store is going to be selling anything. It will be looting. So after taking everything I felt would help from the hotel (weapons/knives being high on the list, food stuffs). I would look to get out of town while looking to “get” a bike.
    I just can’t foresee people looking to sell items such as food or a bike at a time like this. Not sure where other people are going to be buying a horse in town for under 300$, I’m just going for a bike as I walk through a neighborhood. Maybe I can see a kid and offer him a 50$ that he’d take for the bike. If he says no I could probably throw it at him as I shove him out of the way and take it and ride off before I cause too much of a commotion.
    Let’s pretend I have a map and a bike. I am not out of shape nor am I in shape for traveling 1200 miles, 200? sure. I have to stay on the roads or I’m lost because I’m directionally challenged. I’m female without a gun. I’m pretty much dead.
    The plus side is I never go 1200 miles away from home because I don’t have to. 1200 miles, phew. I’d try, but seriously, that’s a long way with a LOT of variables in between and I’m not Mad Max.

  22. Thisall H says:

    This scenario is almost the situation that I’m currently in. the only difference is I’m 1400m away to walk home would mean covering at least 500 miles of the Sahara desert with potentially hostile and well armed locals to reach the coast and then hope I could get a boat to cross the sea the rest of the way.

    So for me it would almost certainly be hunker down and hope that aid/rescue from the ROW comes within the next 6 months, this would mean relying on the good will and promises of future payment from the company of the locals to feed us in the mean time. We have a camp local goodwill and a biggish USA company name behind us.

    If it did come to walking out that would be tough, in the past I’ve done

    Three times whilst in the forces so I at least in my twenty’s I could walk 25 miles a day with kit for 4 days. But even then we’d train every other weekend for the 6 months before hand. We’d have a expat security guy with us who are either ex-SAS or SF so hopefully they’d still be around to lead.
    we’d likely try to buy/barter for camels/firearms for the group which could be interesting but make it more feasible.

    We all have Go bags in case the need to go quickly. But these are for use for normal evacuation with transport in case there is a security issue locally (this happened 2months ago and all are normal escape routes where cut off, the plan at the time if needed was to drive 300m across the desert to the nearest foreign border. Hence I’ve added a couple of things since then) Between my EDC and my go bag I have Leatherman, LED torch; head lamp; Lighters; sawyer filter and 2 collapsible water bags and a Compass; small 1st aid kit with quickclot and Israeli bandage and a few hundred in cash.

  23. That’s a hard one.

    Since I couldn’t ride a bike even if my life depended on it, I’d spend the 300$ on a good pair of walking boots, dehydrated food (legumes, veggies and rice) and another couple water filters for my GHB, because 20 gallons won’t let me reach home from THAT far eh!

    Then I guess I would try to barter my way into a working car (yes, that would still exist!) to cover a couple hundred miles.

    Oh, and if it’s winter, I’m SO going to buy snowshows. You have no idea how impossible it is to walk when you have snow to the shoulders (and I’m 6’3!) so snowshoes/skis FTW!

    Oh and I need some ibuprofen and a tarp for the GHB. I should work on this this week, even though I don’t plan to HILE 1200 miles. I never get that far from home : 160 miles is like my greatest distance and it so never happens, maybe once every two years.

  24. I like the idea of the horse and the shotgun but I’m not sure WHERE you can buy a horse or a shotgun for $300. I guess if I had my checkbook and they would accept it I would use that or talk them into running my credit card the old fashioned way. I would buy a horse if I can locate one, weapon of some sorts (gun with a box of ammo, knife, frying pan) a multi-tool, pot with a lid, rope, several bottles of water and a fishing kit. If I can’t acquire the horse I’ll find a 10 speed and head to the house.

  25. Northern wolf says:

    After thinking this over wanted to add a little more. On horses they are not really that hard, if you are going to use one to travel I would go to a barn that plainly has western saddles as (no slight on English riders) in my experience those are horses that have more experience with getting out of the barn for trail rides.the English horses are a little more scared of new things.the type of horse I would look for Arabian my first choice for their stamina but other wise a good pick would be one that looks in good weight a large pony or draft cross that can carry a lot of weight older in age a dark color so to blend In better pintos and whites stand out.saddle and halter plus bridle so you can carry things and have something to tie up with check to see if there are any hoof nippers and files to trim feet.oh grab a brush hoof pick and comb. Most horses can go with out grain as long as you have good grass in route depending on time of year.
    I would also pick up several of those reusable shopping bags to carry the things I need to bring you can hang 1 or 2 off the saddle horn and tie more on the back of the saddle.
    I would have my small portable short wave (sw radio from the c Crain co.) it takes 2 AA batteries,along with my iPod and IPad,with my solar charger and recharge able batteries.i take this with me no matter where I go.the iPod and IPad have several apps that are important ,the apps are med. Plants, army survival manual,Us parks,camping locations and my music and games to have some fun as well as audio books just to name a few.
    I would also look to places not thought to be able to
    Ick up supplies such as say a fitness center for bottled water as an example.i can add more but short on time

  26. Buy a shotgun, 100 rounds of cheap bird shot, head for home. try to buy, trade for, etc a bicycle. I can shoot birds for food, and am relatively secure in my abilities to find food out there. I know what I have at home, and there is where my family will be.

    • Something that no one has mentioned about purchasing firearms for the trip home. Even if they will take checks or you have more than the stated $300 in cash. You may not legally purchase a handgun from another state, and may not legally purchase a long gun except in contiguous states, and at 1200 miles, that most likely means you’re not in a contiguous state.
      The only caveat to this is if you are an FFL dealer.

  27. Northern wolf says:

    It really would not matter if you had a FFL if things are as stated,I would think the only thing you would have to worry about would be those who still wanted to enforce the law that was no longer enforce able and if that was the case I would travel well around those areas that could have a lot of people and a bow/arrows will not give away your location you could have that as back up in addition to a gun.

    • Sagewolf says:

      Your are right about a bow if you got one that was similar to what you have used in the past you could be very effective Very quickly and deadly accurate.

      Also even with a FFL you are still limited by $300 as stated in the senario it would only be useful when the SHTF is not happening only when times are good.

  28. Purgatory says:

    Guys, You are missing the point. The only way you are getting home from 1200 miles away with $300 in your pocket is to recognize the situation before everyone else does and be ready to act without hesitation.
    If the power goes out, the internet disappears and terrestrial phone service fails all at once the SHTF for real. Don’t stand around with your co-workers wringing your hands and wondering who is going to save you. The answer is no one! You had better get moving.
    I travel frequently by air to large metropolitan areas. I am not allowed to carry weapons on company time , on company property or in company vehicles. I’ll be unarmed unless I am on personal business. That’s unlikely 1200 miles from home.
    I have thought about this scenario at some length. The problems I would face would be similar to the problems most air travelers will face. My corporate office is in a skyscraper. I would have to evacuate down 10 floors to leave the building. The hotel is within walking distance but once there I will have to find the hotel security man who has the tool they use to access the rooms when the power is out. That may be tough to do except immediately after the grid goes black.
    My travel clothes alway include sturdy walking shoes, comfortable jeans and coats, gloves, hat and several pairs of heavy socks. My work computer is carried in a fairly large backpack. I would sort out the useful clothes and ditch the computer and the dress shirts and slacks.
    I’d take every last bottle of water and complimentary snack, etc. that is in the room. I’ll bet as a guest of the hotel you could wheedle a bunch more water and food out of the staff even if the computer and cash registers were dark.
    I usually have a rental car and have made it a habit to park in covered parking garages at the lowest available level farthest from the open sides. I hope that might keep the car’s electronics from being toasted
    by an EMP. The other precaution I have taken is to keep the vehicle topped off with fuel. These sub-compacts I rent should have a cruising range of over 500 miles.
    I have 2 coworkers who travel with me. The trick would be to convince them both to bug out without delay. Traveling with people you can trust would be a decided advantage. Just being able to drive continuously without stopping to sleep could be a matter of life or death. Extra eyes to watch for hazards or developing situations could be critical.
    I really think the key to making it home is getting clear of the metro area ASAP. If the event happens during rush hour or during the business day the roads may be nearly impassable. Without some knowledge of the local roads and bottlenecks on those roads a person could spend lots of valuable time and fuel getting to the rural areas. The trick here would be to familiarize yourself with the roads less traveled and to be familiar with the traffic volumes and flows at various times of day. I know that’s going to be hard to do since a person is usually “conducting business” while on these trips. Maybe come in a day earlier or stay later to scout the routes.
    I’m saving my money to buy fuel or food once I reach the more remote areas. Every major interstate route has a corresponding state highway that shadows the newer interstate system. Good pavement, fewer people and vehicles and the possibility of finding sympathetic locals to help you on your way are all positives of a backroad route. I really think a person can talk a farmer out of 10 gallons of gas with some cash and the true story of how you are trying to get home to your family. Two tanks of gas after the initial tank is used should get us home.
    This is an all out sprint. Do not waste time or effort acting like you are going on a weekend camping trip. The timid, the faint of heart and the unprepared will not make the trip!

    • According to the Conflict card, “None of the means of communications or transportation work”. If, by chance, your rented car was protected from an EMP, the roads would be littered with other vehicles that were stopped in their tracks. I don’t think you’d get very far without getting stuck behind stopped vehicles, especially if you’re driving a sub-compact car. Something you could take off-road might work. In you’re in a city, I don’t think you’ll get a block.

    • Purgatory,
      Some very good points; however, you may not be able to count on your vehicle functioning. If by chance it still does, knowing the routes out of the city will be critical, as will knowing the shadow routes of the interstate system. The real problem will most likely be getting gasoline for the vehicle, unless of course you can find that friendly farmer. Our onsite gas tank is elevated and gravity fed; but, I’m not sure how willingly I would share it in this scenario, since replacing it could be problematic. In any case, a ¾ tank of gas in a compact would get you much closer than the original 1200 miles from home, making any other contingency much easier.
      Another resource to have with you in your luggage would be a flexible fold up water container. I’ve seen these in 1, 5, and 10 gallon varieties, and they could be filled with ice and perhaps tap water at the hotel if you act fast enough.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        When Atlanta froze up and traffic stalled, People abandoned their vehicles and walked to warmer places. My guess is there will be vehicles where gas can be siphoned. But I still believe there will be those willing to go to extreme measures to take possession of a running car. You will be in danger.

  29. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I agree with all you said.

    If all worked as you said and the car ran you could be home in 24 hrs. or less.

    The key to this scenario is, you have 48-72 hours before mass chaos breaks out. The initial shock and ignorance of the population will be the only window of some safety for travel.

    Whatever you do, do it fast.

  30. Purgatory says:

    You are correct, Nann! I didn’t read the card thoroughly. If there is truly not one single motorized vehicle to be had I’m screwed! I honestly doubt that no matter how complete the EMP event there wouldn’t be vehicles protected enough to run. The trick would be then to find one.
    So now I’m down to finding a sturdy mountain bike by hook or by crook and hoping I can ride it far enough to get away from population centers. If my friends are similarly mounted we might have a chance.
    Out in the country I’d start looking for an old ranch truck or beater car stored in a Quonset that might run. Three of us together with $900 might be able to score a ride home for that.

    • Purgatory,
      Should you come by my place and my 25 YO truck is still running, you might score some food, but attempting to score the truck would most likely be hazardous. Nothing personal, just a case of your bad planning does not constitute my emergency.

    • I’ve been keeping an eye out for an old decent running pickup or Jeep myself.