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Okay here we go…

Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela declare war against the United States due to the death of the dollar, which lead to a complete collapse of the global fiat money system. They blame the U.S. government for ruining the global financial markets and are using propaganda to get the support of their own people. Your country’s President has gone on TV and declared that there are rough times ahead, and that all citizens need to prepare for World War Three. What would you do after hearing that?

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  1. Encourager says:

    The first thing I would do would be move my oldest back here with all his stuff. He got me started prepping.
    2nd. Send oldest son and dh to bring home youngest son and all his stuff. Hopefully he will not be traveling for work overseas.
    3rd. While they are gone, I would hire a fencing company to get fencing up.
    4th. I would buy two pregnant Dexter cows and a Dexter bull, not related to either cow.
    5th. Would stock the chicken coop with chickens.
    6th. Would fill barn with alfalfa hay and straw. Buy chicken feed, dog food, enough for two years. And grain seed to grow own chicken food and alfalfa field.
    7th. Would buy and set up indoor growing tubs.
    8th. Would buy yards and yards of blackout material and get started sewing.
    9th. Would hire local farmer to plow up back field and plant alfalfa.

    That is a lot to get done! Hopefully I will have started a lot of it, other than moving sons back, before SHTF.

  2. Tophatman says:

    Nice question.

    Immediately stock up on perishables, fresh milk, vegetables, meats assuming we can and it’s safe to do so. (Yes we have dehydrated, freeze dried, canned and bulk goods that will get the immediate group through 18 months (give or take) at 2800kcals a day.)

    But if the end of the world is coming, then I’m going to have a few ‘last meals’ out of fresh before I start breaking out the EOTW foods.

    Top off the gas containers. Put the cover on the pool. Change the water in the water drums (one at a time).

    Freshen up the perishable items (MRE’s, snack bars, candies) in the GO bags, lay in some extra supplies in the vehicles that we don’t normally keep in there for space reasons.

    Go over the ways out of the city with everyone, get in touch with everyone and have them make sure their short range and HAM radio gear is operational. Make sure everyone knows the current rally points and the order to try them in. Make sure everyone has the current phrase/code book printed out.

    Hold a group council and do a ‘group think’ to hash out what we’re hearing and reading.

    Load magazines and stripper clips, don’t normally keep everything loaded, springs losing their tension may or may not be ‘real’ but why take unnecessary risks.

    Use the ‘in case of expected search and seizure’ cache tubes to get spare items out of the house and out of easy reach of searchers.

    Update all the thumbdrives/memory sticks with the current data.

    Most of the above would be to just get ‘current’ on everything and to keep everyone to busy to worry. If you’re not already ready for general disasters then hours before the balloon goes up is not the time to start getting ready.

  3. patientmomma says:

    I would get out a message to all the kids and grandkids to be on their way to the mountain BOL. I would immediately head for the mountains to a tiny town full of patriots where my small BOL of last resort is located. It would take me a few days to get there but once there, it is almost fully stocked. These people have been hunted by predators before so they don’t take kindly to perverts or foreigners.

  4. k. fields says:

    Countries declare war against the US due to the death of the dollar? Well, maybe our European allies would feel like doing that, but China and Russia? No, I can’t see it. They’ve been wanting a collapse of the dollar backed markets and preparing for it for years – why risk a global war when they have finally achieved what they have desired? The US would become a third world power with the same problems all countries before us have had when their currency collapsed. Rather than declare war, I imagine China and Russia would be sending aid and slowly setting up a different political system here like we have attempted to do in the past to so many other countries. No war, just smiles and chocolate bars. “You poor people, your government was corrupt and deceived you for all these years, but don’t worry, we’re here to help.”

    But anyway, in the scenario listed here it’s time for WWIII – what would I do?

    Well, not much. In the early 1970’s I moved to this location specifically because I feared a global nuclear exchange – so now 40+ years later after spending my whole life preparing (no career, etc. other than preparing this homestead), if I’m not ready, there would be nothing I could do last minute to get myself there.

    Power grid failures? No problem. This place has never been on the grid and the homestead I grew up on in TN wasn’t either. In fact, the only time I’ve ever lived on the grid is when I’ve worked for the DOD.

    Food? No problem either (well, except for coffee, some spices, chocolate and good wine – all of which I’ll miss dearly). After 5 years of living here, I was growing and raising enough food to support my family with a limited, though nutritious, diet. All the years since then have been spent simply refining everything. Crops are now acclimated to this specific environment (weather patterns, growing season, rain fall, salt-laden air) through saving and replanting the seeds every year of the most healthy specimens. I have enough of my own products stored to get through 2 failed planting cycles and an additional year of “long term” commercially packed food stuffs. The local coffee roasting company would be able to supply coffee for a good while if they stopped exporting their product from the local area, same with the local wineries, the micro-brewery and the local fishing industry. As an individual, I’m surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of forest rich in game and wild foods and the Pacific Ocean is on my back door. The ocean alone in this area can provide all the nutrition a person might need.

    Water? Three wells, large storage tanks and a small spring fed pond – none of which have ever failed through CA’s on and off cycles of drought. Crops are chosen and irrigation designed for minimal water use. Distillation of the ocean water? Possible. Although I’ve never done it on a large scale, there is plenty of fuel available if there was a will and need.

    Nuclear fall-out? First thing I did upon moving here was to build a hidden fall-out shelter – even before I build my family’s home. That was, of course, my whole reason for being here. It can theoretically house 4 people for a year, has it’s own well inside the shelter and septic system, and contains the necessary seeds to restart all my current crops on a limited scale. The seeds are rotated every year to assure they are viable. My only regret there is that I have no way to protect the livestock long term. They could survive for a while in the barn where they are used to staying at night anyway due to the amount of feed stored and the spring fed water troughs, but the barn doesn’t provide any significant radioactive protection.

    What if I must “bug-out” for some reason? Large caches are in place, 1 a day’s mule ride north, 1 a day’s ride east and 1 to the south (ocean is on the west). Each contains about a month’s worth of supplies and weapons for 2 people which hopefully will give me enough time and materials to get back into my homestead.

    But bugging-out does bring up one point – on hearing a declaration of war, I’d be sure the sailboat gets moved closer to home. Plans are that if anything were to happen, a friend that lives further south will bring the boat up and shelter herself here, but I’d want to be sure that happens as she spends a lot of time traveling and may be unavailable. We’ve made a couple of trips to Hawaii on it and numerous trips down to Baja so if I had to really get away and hide, that’s how I would do it.

    But would I just hide out? Probably not at first. I’ve worked for the Coast Guard as an auxiliary member for years (yes, I have a certificate on my wall saying I’m a “founding member of the Department of Homeland Security”), so I’d continue that role and also do what I could to help the local coastal community deal with whatever came up. A number of the local militia groups already have plans in place to close the few roads that provide access to this area of the coast if a scenario like this was to occur (an easy task as the roads would close themselves almost every winter from slides without constant work by county and state road crews to keep them open) so the area would have to rely on local resources which would take a lot of coordination.

    It’s funny, it seems all my life I’ve prepared for such a scenario. I must admit there’s a little part of me that would almost like to see a collapse so I’d finally be able to find out if I’ve simply been bullshitting myself as to my abilities and preps all these years – but then I sit and enjoy the sunset and hope that things will never ever change.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Wow, k.!

      You have resources most only dream of! The only bad thing is you are on the west coast! 🙂

      You might want to consider making room for some small beasties. You know like Noah.

      If anything happens, as many of my critters are coming inside with me as possible

      I just pray all our prepping is just an exercise in futility!

  5. When the USD dies, there’s going to be a whole lot of financial/economic hurt in the US & also in the whole world to some extent.
    Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela -I can see how all these nations would be mad on the US, but one question is: Would their mutual hate of the US be enough to get them to cooperate in fighting a war vs US? Maybe, & maybe they wouldn’t have to coordinate that much, to all go at the US in different ways/directions.

    What would I do? Tell my wife that we need to increase our food stocks, & use credit card if needed. Order some more non GMO seeds asap. -hopefully b/4 prices go up too much. Go around to talk to neighbors, find out which have weapons for self-def if needed, & guage their ethics & if we want to cooperate w/ them on a neighborhood watch/security system. Pray for wisdom about this.
    Get 2 more rain barrels. Offer to send our daughter in a big city a pepper spray & $$$ after I express my concern for her safety (she”s a pacifist), & encourage her to get some extra food & water. Tell our son in a big city to stock up on water & food asap; he already has a bunch of guns & ammo.

    Expand the garden & plan a way to secure it.
    To be honest, this gives me a bit of anxiety… b/c I’ve been thinking we had at least 2 yrs from war or attack on US. & altho we’re better prepared than most, our preps are still not where I’d like us to be. However, I do think having some preps & being in the “prepper mentality/way of thinking” gives me/us a headstart.

  6. In a WW 3, it’s practically impossible for us to know it’d affect each of our locations. But a few things in common for all Americans if the USD hits the dirt – higher food prices, more demand & higher prices for guns & ammo esp if US is attacked on Amer soil. I think the collapse of the USD would cause severe financial/economic problems for all US residents -inflation, stock market bear or collapse, would likely trigger US govt to take a % of retirement acct’s. Banks, credit unions, & credit card com’s would die when the USD becomes worthless. Bartering/trading would explode, along w/ flea markets, etc. U’ll find great deals on large flat screen TVs, but hard to find any kind of radio, unless the cell ph com’s find a way to keep their systems going. Would the elect com’s be able to keep the electricity flowing? (I’d guess this would be a huge govt priority, to assuage the masses.)

  7. I don’t think I would do much of anything. If they start tossing nukes at us, I would head downtown, open a nice single malt scotch and invite the prettiest woman I see to sit and have drink with me. I don’t want to live in a nuclear wasteland. And if the big boys on the block start trading nukes, that what the world would be.
    As far as a conventional war, not even a concern. All those countries together don’t have the sea/air lift capability to sustain a military invasion of CONUS. And even if they made it across the ocean, then got a foot hold some where, Americans would be shooting at them from every angle. Liberals, conservatives, hippies, rednecks, KKK, Crips and Bloods. We’d all put aside our differences and kick the S**T out of the invaders. Nothing brings people together faster than a common enemy.

    • We can only hope your right. I could go the other way to.

    • They don’t need to invade, just drop a few miles in LA and San Francisco from the west coast, the chaos that will come will take care of the rest.

      Look at pictures of Damascus today and 10 years ago, you’ll see what I mean.

    • Survivor says:

      Not happening in Syria and didn’t happen in Libia. Each group fighting for control of the government and fighting each other for power. Sadly, I would expect the same thing here.

  8. When the invaders arrive, play recordings of BO’s speeches. They’ll die laughing.

  9. I can’t see doing much more than I’ve already done. I have prepared commodity wise and also spiritually, so either way I should be fine, (2Cor_5:8) I think I would probably just look up, because I think my redemption is about to draw nigh. (Luk_21:28)

  10. Take the fight to them, they will not win, if we go take them with us. Long live the republic!

  11. THis Conflicted scenario makes it seem like the USD dies all at once, like from a heart attack. I’m among those who think there’s more than a 50% chance it’s more of a longer process… of at least several yrs. It’s going to take those 5 US-hating nations 5-8 mths to gear up to attack the US in a coordinated attack.

    & I suspect that the NSA has made very difficult to have secret conversations. As Jimmy Carter just said, if he wanted to communicate confidentially to a foreign leader, he’d write a letter & mail it. So how exactly are the leaders of those 5 nations going to communicate w/o the NSA eavesdropping?

    • I think that there would be no direct attack in most cases. With the dollar dead and our military stretched thin, N Korea attack the south, Iran attacks Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and some of the other middle east states to secure their oil resources. Argentina would probably do nothing; but Russia could move east into Poland and other former Soviet holdings, while China attacks Taiwan, and at least a portion of the Japanese islands. In that case it’s a non nuclear proxy war, against which we probably would have little or no defense, especially under the current administration. The only wild card might be Israel who would most likely use the nuclear option if they were about to be driven into the sea.

      • Survivor says:

        Israel would be crushed in hours from a coordinated attack of its neighbors and groups bent on her destruction. Syria and Egypt are not a threat at the moment, but I wonder how quick they’d jump in once the shooting started. They’d be like a hungry pack on a limping dog. Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran and every almost every muslim would be happy to destroy Israel. Iran is building an aircraft carrier and seeking nuclear weapons.
        Saudi would have to make a choice:
        1. defend Israel who they suspect have nuclear capability and don’t want Iran to have. This is doubtful. No muslim would kill another to save a Jew.
        2. make peace with Iran and let them rule the gulf states (oil) with an iron fist of shia islam. This would be unacceptable.
        If Iran controls the oil they control what currency they will take for it.
        I don’t think our current leadership is capable of handling anything of this magnitude.

        • Survivor,
          If “Israel would be crushed in hours” then I suspect the Middle East would go nuclear in those same hours. As for “No Muslim would kill another to save a Jew” there are some issues to consider. The Muslims have two major sects: Sunni and Shea, and they are often killing each other over interpretation of the Koran. Add to that that Iran is not an Arab state, and is historically Persia, over which there are yet other issues with the Saudis. In the end, pragmatism and survival instinct of some of the Arab countries may well go in Israel’s favor.

          • Survivor says:

            It kinda depends on when that pragmatism and instinct kicks in. I think, in this case only, all of them will want to take a swipe at Israel. After she’s down then they’ll start fighting amongst themselves.

            Don’t overlook what muslim jihadists are willing to sacrifice and what/who they’re willing to do to go to paradise having died for islam. Once the attack is launched on Israel and she lets the arab world know she’s about to collapse by going nuclear the folks at home will gladly die in that big, hot mushroom knowing Israel will be done. You can bet the Arabs know, or at least have a good idea. what cities will be targeted.

            Allah better kick up that Virginity Restoration program up a notch or two…

  12. 3rdgen4wars says:

    My wife and i both have decent careers but i still feel our generation should ve been calledd the “day late dollar short” ggeneration.(we’re early 40’s)…so i say lets get it on & may the spoils go the victor! Aren’t you all tired of our govts lies & greed? I mean we need a serious reset.

  13. There are rough times ahead all the same as a result of this clown and the three ring circus he and the leadership in both parties. Potus is still trying to re-set us just like he re-set our relationship with Russia. The results will be the same. There are fools then there are damn fools. When our economy crashes so goes China and the EU. When they fail so goes Russia. There are no win scenarios for anyone, especially the bourgeoisie.

  14. CountryVet says:

    At this point I would just have to pray that I already had everything in place and RTG. My DD would immediatley head here wiht he kids. Several others would follow suit. Our DL would have already frozen all accounts, taken over the internet and other communications.Grocery stores would empty immediately and become a mob scene that I want nothing to do with. My last prep would be to bolster feed supplies. I would take the cash that I am holding, hook up the first trailer and go to the feed store and buy every bag of dog food in stock 20# and larger ( have already discussed with him.that if TSHTF I would want everybag of feed that he had and would pay CASH.) Since I know the manager well I would also prepay for additional loads of livestock feed to the extent of cash that I am holding. I would then get feed picked up and elocated as fast as humanly possible. I would then “blend into the terrain” and disappear as much as possible. PRAY that I have done everthing right, dotted all of the i’s and crossed all of the t’s.

  15. If time allowed I would bug out towards the west and hope to make it to friends west of the Pecos river. Otherwise we are pretty much stuck here in west Houston.
    If we hunker down here I can just hope to be far enough west of ground zero and the prevailing winds are to the east that day. If not then it does not matter anymore.
    On the other hand, If we survive long enough I’d organize the RV park the best I can and see what happens next. I have already checked local resources and threats. Defensive positions and such.

  16. China and Russia have already been attacking us. A military effort is way in the future if at all. They will have us beaten by economics, political corruption, (treason within our own government) and the complacency/ ignorance of the majority of the American population. China already owns 40% of our economy. The United States is falling right now, crumbling down before our eyes. We may not make it to 2016. Our military is exhausted and being neutered by the current ‘administration’. China and Russia know that America no longer has the backbone we once had. We are being infiltrated by the thousands. Muslims are going to do their dirty work, the FED and the world economy will take care of the rest. I believe we are being taken over by a silent coup. Designed by Russia and China, Iran, and probably half the other countries in the world. I believe that is one reason B.O. was -selected- to be the “President” and the ACLU began preaching mass tolerance for muslims before the smoke even cleared on 9/11. I know… sounds crazy, but is it really?

  17. expose_the_devils says:

    p.s…. the dollar is never going to crash…may devalue some, but dollars are the peg currency for drugs worldwide…..drugs, illegal and some legal was a 100 billion dollar business in america last year…..when people stop getting high, then its time to worry………..drug revenue worldwide is bigger than oil…….and meth and heroine production is higher than ever……………the dollar is safe for now.

  18. TDL wouldn’t have the guts to go on TV in the first place. His plan is to bug out long before he has to deal with any fallout. All the politicians have the same plan. Like Tac G said so well, they’ll be rats jumping ship. Texas? Texas will become The Republic of Texas once again if we can get Austin out of the hands of the traitors.

  19. I love the website, and the comments. Excuse my lack of knowledge, but it’s seems to me that no one would be able to mount an invasion if their enconomy is in the toilet. How could they while dealing with all of the chaos at home? Most men won’t join the military if they are desperate to feed their families, right.???

  20. The most vulnerable in the US are likely going to be the elderly, children, disabled, & those w/ chronic diseases such as diabetes, breathing disorders, etc. I encourage all of us to adopt 1 to 2 to 3 of those, depending on our resources, or arrange to help them anonymously. They will be the first to suffer & die. A limited amount of charity can make a bit difference in an EOTWAWKI situation.

    • Ug…need to edit: a bit difference was supposed to be a biG difference.

      • Sagewolf says:

        When the SHTF happens the strongest will survive what would come after. The weak in any way will be the first to die for example anyone who needs anti rejection drugs because of a transplant of some kind.

        • Sagewolf says:

          Another thing is this if a person is GOING to die no matter what we may do is it worth the food and or medicine we would use for them. I am not heartless , but a child would give more back than an elder that can not move or has Alzheimer’s. I guess the options you would take would depend if the event was obviously going to be years instead of just days. I know if a choice had to be made between a healthy child and me if I was in very bad health I would vote for the child to live. It would be hell to me if I lived at the cost of a child ( children are our future ) and still knew I was going to die anyway.

          Do all of you want to know what would happen if humanity had no Hope. We would destroy ourselves. So when you see a child laugh or play thank God. If we had no future what would be the point of living.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            Tough decisions will need to be made when TSHTF.

          • Watchdog says:

            Life is the reason to live without question. Every life is a complete world onto it’s own. Essentially we have no future, in the true sense, because we will all eventually die anyway. Young or old, it makes no difference.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      It will be good to take care of the infirm when SHTF but we sentient beings have gone against a biological imperative that the strongest of our species will be the ones to propagate and continue. I feels all we could possibly do is make the elderly and sick as comfortable as possible but the resources must go to the strong and the children. I know that my DH only has so many days of insulin and if you have read One Second After, insulin dependent people will die without insulin. Mentally ill without meds may have to be neutralized. People who are unable to care for themselves will die. It’s a painful thought but look at history. Even healthy children were turned out of their homes at very early ages because their families could not provide for them. It seems that the thought of such horror is totally inhumane but in fact our lifestyles today is unhuman. Dogs and cats wear jeweled collars and eat gourmet foods while our children are growing up in squalor and without hope for a future.
      I believe when the time comes and our life expectancy goes from 75 to 45 overnight and one in 10 babies will not survive childbirth we will become hardened to reality the way our grandparents were.

  21. Barney Fife says:

    Any supplies that cannot be relocated to bug out are distributed to trusted neighbors who will not be bugging out.
    Stock up on perishables, fuel, double check the inventory and top up.
    Stock up on fresh batteries if there are any left in the stores.
    Empty the accounts if they’ll let you.
    Gather Intel on route to BOL. Alter plan as needed. Avoid major cities en route, also military bases, major industrial centers, power plants, dams, etc.
    Monitor for traffic jams and government roadblocks.
    Communicate with the rest of the team to schedule convoy to bug out location. Plan for any extrication’s needed.
    Get out of Dodge. If you’re still in the city get out. Relocate to the BOL.
    Check the Geiger counters,
    Radio checks on all equipment.

  22. Draq Wraith says:

    Great now amazon has added code to their ad that makes it so it covers your text.
    OK for this event credit cards would be useless (remember what happened during the world trade center? The net was useless so the same thing would happen again due to credit cards being transfered over the net.)
    Second the there is no where to run in this scenario the amount of nuclear material thrown in the air if they use nukes would poison the land for all our forseeable future. 500 years or more.
    Collapses usually are caused by lack of resources, greed, oppression, and too many laws. Three countries teaming up against us would mean we have something they want. Repayment now would be our best defense.

  23. Mr. Bill says:

    I guess pretty much same things I’m doing now, given my resources and abilities. Keep on gardening, stocking up on food, and learning to be self-sufficient in as many ways as possible. And pray that it will be enough to get my family through.

  24. The last thing a lot of invaders would hear would be a resounding “oh, HELL, no” in female voices, because its too late once a Texas woman says that particular phrase. After all, Texas women kill their own snakes.

  25. I’d get with my “contacts” and we’d start preparing for WW3 and the aftermath…in case anything would be left. Try to establish ‘our’ communications and logistics(food, water, weapons, ammo medicines, transportation, etc). and make plans to evacuate the area, if necessary.

  26. Gee!! I missed that Presidential announcement.
    When & on what station did it appear?